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Rescue Your Girlfriend Walkthrough

Rescue Your Girlfriend


Rescue Your Girlfriend is a new Chinese point and click type room escape game, the creator of Escape Baghdad. Your girlfriend was kidnapped by Blackface. You have to fight against Blackface to rescue her. Good luck and have fun!

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I am first? loading game

the translation of the pictures
--按下 [left button] = Yes
--取消 [right button]= No

Loading up... [=

Got a paper that has "12345" on front and tic-tac-toe and a key on back and a machete.

key (used), paper, a piece of corn? that changed into a stick, and a log

easy game~There are two endings

got what jaleesa said, plus drug, arrow, log... all used, and now only one item remaining in my inventory, a poison needle

Link is no working for me :S

New game! yay~

blow the needle and make the dragon sleep

use the poison needle on the dog!

Okay dragon... LoL I'm with you fab... I just have that paper left in the inventory...

needle? where do u find it???

OH... take flower from dragon and put in room over white hole get rocks?

       Anonymous  8/6/09, 9:07 PM  

I combined my machete with corn(?)...put log in fireplace, but can't light...opened last door, but can't read the questions....not so easy for me, lol

and out...

try IE if the FF doesnt work

rocks=coal. put coal on log in oven get button light green. go through door.

How do I answer the questions from the pictures, I don't know what it is asking me?

@Jaleesa haha, yes, that's a dragon
out with the girl... restarting to try get the treasure instead

Where is needle??? how do u get in last room???

i iz stuck~

i have needle, i think, i just need it to be poisonous

HELP MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im usually not stuck so easily...

you see paper with 1 2 3 4 5 with colors
in one of the room, you see pictures with animal/monster with same colors, select the picture in correct order, see post #2 for button yes

       Anonymous  8/6/09, 9:16 PM  

Could someone please help with the question the pictures are asking...I know they correspond with the statues in the second room, but can't seem to get it. Thanks in advance.

Thanks fab, i saw the note and colors, but couldn't understand what i was answering.

       Anonymous  8/6/09, 9:20 PM  

Thank you! Fab!

Out with both endings.

out... the guy screamed and the girl got angry...

Bad ending if you take gold treasure box, good ending if you leave it.

I cant find the key. where is it!

on the back of the paper Angell

Where is the room with the white hole to place the flower?

you put the arrow in the fish statue and it shoots a hole in the wall.

Thanks Jaleesa

Thanks Jaleesa. Forgot to look there...

You're welcome guys... Happy Escaping... [=

Good ending has a celebration with fireworks and dancing and kissing....Yay

what a cute game!!

I dont have a girlfriend im a girl Lol

where do you find those rock / coal ??

Erm...can someone help with the questions? With the little animals? Language seems to be a bit of a barrier for me here...

- Go right & get the sword from the water & paper
- Click on paper in the inventory see colored numbers
- Click again see yellow dots & get the key.
- Go left twice, open 1st room from right with key
- Notice picture's colour, click on them in the correct order, according to paper (Click on the following pictures and press the symbol to the left: green, pink, blue, yellow & black)
- Enter 2nd room from right now with green bulb
- Get arrow from statue
- Get bottle from the shelf right side
- Enter 3rd room
- Use arrow with fish statue & click on it to reveal a white rock on wall
- Enter the 4th room
- Get log on top right side
- Get yellow bamboo buttom right side
- Combine bamboo with sword get a stick
- Combine stick with the bottle to get it poisonous
- Click bamboo middle left side get green stick
- Go to left side room (where dragon is)
- Combine green stick with poisoned arrow
- Use it on dragon to make him a sleep
- Take his flower
- Go back to 3nd room
- Use flower on white rock,get stones.
- Go fireplace
- Put log & stones in fireplace
- click on green button on wall
Now 2 possible ending
Bad ending
- Enter new room & take white ball & chest
Good ending
- Enter new room take ball but NOT CHEST!
- Go back to where the dragon is
- Place ball in the middle & light up other ball according to dots on paper get code
- Go back to where your girlfriend is
- Impute code on lock & press red button

       Anonymous  8/7/09, 1:43 PM  

cant figure out code someone help me please

qual é a senha???? the password is???

Link goes to a data miner - ignore this game!

       Random Game  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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