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Escape Game: Museum


[MOBILE] Escape Game: Museum is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by BrazenCat. In this game, you are trapped in an art museum with eight paintings. Each of them leads to a complete game of its own. Your aim is now to escape the rooms of all eight paintings by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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       Anonymous  8/11/18, 2:28 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

dear players
would you like to actively contribute to your favourite game site as an author for EG24?
we are looking for volunteers who would like to help with searching & posting games
for application or further info, click my nick
(to get my email address)
looking forward to get in touch with loads of candidates

ありがとう for creating this game, Tomoki ☺

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 2:32 AM  

now this will be epic to provide hints - 8 (!) separate games...! :-o

I really would like to have some help - anyone willing to provide hints with me plz - thx in advance

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 2:44 AM  

hopefully our internet connection won't be so wonky today...

ok, as I ♥ watching the stars, let's start with


wand is magic, but in another way that you may think

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:06 AM  

as soon as I spoke about our internet connection, I lost it & now it's again slow as molasses...! :-(
high time that they'll fix the house installation
(but they'll start only at Aug 20th...!)

will provide hints the best I can, but I think it will be with loads of interruptions...

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:25 AM  

plugged in rocket lights flashing fast



       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:26 AM  

& don't forget to pick up key there

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:32 AM  

you need a 2nd hint for moons

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:34 AM  

for number box

look on hangings

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:38 AM  

(still T)

smartphone puzzle from unlocked suitcase as per dart board hint

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:40 AM  

hint combo for book

books & mobile



       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:46 AM  

assembled step ladder to reach box

count at 2 places



       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:49 AM  

do I need to use my favourite search engine ecosia.org (they plant trees! ♥) to know which star for which constellation...?

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:51 AM  

nope - just missed pencil under pillow

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 3:54 AM  

combo keycard with hint from solved astro sign puzzle for letter puzzle

think positions



       Anonymous  8/11/18, 5:19 AM  

back for a bit

as I really need some vacation, I'll continue with


       Anonymous  8/11/18, 5:22 AM  

pillow parts not only decorations

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 5:25 AM  


(that particular way of drinking reminds me of my childhood)

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 9:09 AM  

back for a bit

there are 2 oranges on painting for corner combo

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 9:09 AM  

striped card is a scratch one

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 9:14 AM  

how to open pentagon door

dip straw for symbols

buttons 1-4
1 - 2 steps ccw
2 - 1 step ccw
3 - 1 step cw
4 - 2 steps cw

moved it already before while exploring what to do, so starting with # on top, push buttons



       Anonymous  8/11/18, 9:17 AM  

combo bedroom lamp & pool hint for roman numerals



       Anonymous  8/11/18, 9:42 AM  

letter hint on towel

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 9:43 AM  

stick from outside wasn't sufficient for under bed

use assembled tool

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 9:50 AM  

remote already works on TV
hence battery is for sth else...

combo shell grid with TV hint

note directions of some shells

right click to open link in a new tab

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 10:04 AM  

ah, the usual coin trick
(that never worked for me at home...! :-/ )

       Anonymous  8/11/18, 10:10 AM  

ah, another TV hint
(& even 1 more for later)

coloured symbols

right click to open link in a new tab

Hi AlphaOmega, despite the name.....it's Jonthewatch here. I'm willing to lend you a little time as you have been thrown under a bus somewhat but I cannot spare much. Email me and tell me what you'd like me to do to help.


That's better, Loki.....The Norse god of mischief....suits a riddle maker......

Hey Jon! Nice to see you again!

I'll leave some hints for "CHILDREN'S ROOM":

Green shapes CB below stove: Hint on flags above panda teddy.

Inside this CB: Horse and flower petals hint (for right lock).

Horse hint: Stars' height.

You can do more than 1 thing with toy car.

SD is used in conventional and unconventional ways.

R/Y/G hint: semaphore (place parts first).

Orange/Blue buttons: Carpet + hint outside the window (note where car is).

Gimme that key! (use scissors). Also, gimme that nice looking string.

Btw, there's something on the back of the panda.

Left lock: Words outside the window + crosswords in CB in the upper room.

Building blocks: note colors.

Memo with orange lines -> hint for stove dials.

Magnet + string: Use them on a tricky hotspot behind the dresser in the upper room

Clouds/Trees/Apples -> count

Combine key parts first them use glue.

       Anonymous  8/12/18, 1:36 AM  

hi Jon ☺
thx - email sent

& thx Nini for your hints
much appreciated

       Anonymous  8/12/18, 5:22 AM  

JP room


- cushions for clock

- lit lamp (hard to see) for CB

- part of window grid for CB
(note thicker boards)

- above door for box

- it's a metal wire, not a string at cabinet

- flower pot needs cleaning

- combo pot hint, cushions & hanging for JP signs box
right click to open link in a new tab

- bun filled with a surprise inside
(for dials)

- blue pillows


       Anonymous  8/12/18, 5:53 AM  

new room

- there's also a corridor

- rocks d/matter which direction

- flower sliders
1 on top, 1 at bottom

- no need for a cutting tool for scroll
(just hang it up)

- JP sign puzzle
combo hanging & symbols on items
right click to open link in a new tab

- turn cat

- cheers!

- cup hint & GO stones for drawer

- crank beneath flower sliders

- fans & pic combo

And btw, this app contains 8+3 bonus games = 11 in total :)

       Anonymous  8/13/18, 6:17 AM  

some spare time available, hence will continue here

some hints for OFFICE ROOM

- follow the arrows for w/gy/b buttons

- combo folders with bin paper

- combo card suits with digged out paper

- think positions on business card

- pen drive to open door at the end

- chairs for up/down box (downstairs)

- hint for charged tablet from w/gy/b folder CB

- you need spray bottle to fill first

- unscrewed plant for red button

- roman numeral order as you would read the pull out tiles like an English book (combo with wet pic)

- go fishing

- only after activating printer, you can place paper

- form letters (combo wet pic & printed out paper)
right click to open link in a new tab

I don't understand the low rating for this game. I've done 5 out of the 8 rooms, thus far, and am enjoying it. It's not easy. Occasionally, I've gotten stuck...but it's because I've missed a vague hotspot. I'm playing on my Android phone, so that is easy to do.

       Anonymous  8/13/18, 9:47 AM  

11 games...!!! :-o
still many to go - let's continue with


- you can only hold max 6 items
(get rid of the balls temporarily)

- 10 hours difference

- as an eco freak I hate that when I can't close fridge again in a game...!

- use hotel name as per revealed paper hint

- pencil fits in bathroom

- flushed toilet hint for clock

- 12345 - small numbers for which one with the same first



- click on numbers or dots to move tap

- balls

make a path between them
(last empty button to click is the centre one)

       Anonymous  8/13/18, 9:51 AM  

unfortunately, there are some mobile games haters among EG24 players who rate these premium quality creations only 1* (without even playing it), just because it's a mobile game...! :-(

       Anonymous  8/13/18, 9:52 AM  

or they rate 1* because it's not easy & you have to think more than for the daily mass-produced find & place games...!

I will only rate a game low if the controls are difficult to deal with or the game just doesn't make any sense. If the game is too difficult for me, and I can't find any help somewhere, I generally don't rate it.

       Anonymous  8/16/18, 4:10 AM  

have some spare time to continue with


- nice plant pots

- 2 transparents to get number hint

- don't miss rod at shelf

- there's a(nother) side view of the bed

- the usual coin trick
(that never works in RL for me ☻)

- combo flower hint with pot colours

- erasing reveals l/m/r hint

- you don't need the clock battery for 5-digit-code (see also book)

- solve puzzle of charged mobile (place petals as per book hint) with the help of working clock

- 2 items from round button box

- don't miss another bottle from middle CB door

- spray at 2 places

- flower combo as direction hint

- 2 places for spanner

- applying dot paper with lines (directions) on bed board gives letter hint

right click to open link in a new tab

- b/w square buttons as per book & bottle hint



- spray & directional colour dot paper stay in inventory

       Anonymous  8/16/18, 5:03 AM  

breakfast is long over for me today, but let's continue with this one


- you can only have 6 items max in inventory...!
(set the table)

- do the coloured numbers maths

- combo armchair hint & flower grid

- multiple TV hints

- just a string at closet

- letters as per book & TV hint

- plate hint & flower grid for right side of box in closet

think number pad


- combo 2 hints in closet for colours

- juice box with hint for left side of closet box

revealed switch at right side of tomorrow scale box only works when you have sth to toast

- don't miss stick bottom of closet

- page 8 for table arrangement

- colourful table scene

How about help with bonus paintings... like the room with the ball tubes and 4 cabinets

       Random Game  2/4/24 12:24 PM

You can play random game among thousands of escape games.

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