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Small Tool Game: A Big Small Mind Game Walkthrough

Small Tool Game: A Big Small Mind Game


A Big Small Mind Game is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. A Big Small Mind Game is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games: OK One More, A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

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Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!



Hi guys :)
I'm wishing you all a lot of fun playing :)
And I hope it will take you for ever to finish :P

Wow! Another small-tool game? Let's goooooooo

Thanks s-t!! And you can count on me. It will take me forever :)

My thoughts exactly Tialuisa.

Grateful for another s-t riddle I can grind away at. Thanks in advance for the upcoming headaches I will have for the next few weeks...months....whatever!!!

Just what I needed! Thanks s-t !! Am sure I will hate you in a minute or more but thanks anyway :-)

Thanks S-T! And I will hate you, too! Let's congratulate each other with this torture, brainiacs!

Yay, another one! Thank you s-t!!!

Here we go again . . . :)

A semi-related question: Is the Kill Your Darlings riddle on this website? I cannot find it on here and I am not sure if I completed that one.

Thank you so much, ST!
Don't worry, it will probably takes me for ever to finish, at least it's not infinite!

Thank you s-t ! looking forward to another great riddle

Intro 13, got the egg but cant get the answer what am i missing?

@Robin how did you get the egg? Still stuck at the beginning

@Robin & @ Chael same here. No egg so far

to get the egg on I13 looking down use the method he used to get kik on the other word below it

@ robin - "Using the hint on the hint" What does that mean?

@tialuisa that is where i am stuck, i thought i did that to get the egg

Looking down but I don't even find the method used to get "kik" ...

POP! I got the method now in Intro 13 egg ... oh my ...

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@Robin Got 13 -Use the hint on the egg page on the hint on the egg page.

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@chael615 i am just not getting it, tried everything except the right thing i guess

been ages ST LOL Im out of practice..

@Robin Remember what you did to get to the egg? The hint is telling you to go in a different direction.

Hey small-tool. Thanks for the new riddle - which of course I'll never finish. Why ruin a perfect record? We'll all be missing Mtatt. A great riddler and a good friend to you and many other riddlers. May he and Swiss Miss riddle on together.

@chael thank you, so much

@Janet What happened to Mtatt and Swiss Miss?

Still stuck on main page at 13...

swiss died yrs ago sadly... Knew her well..

@Leroy Sorry to hear that

Intro LVL 21- I have the egg but no clue how to apply it

Mtatt Im not sure.. I was member of riddling family long ago

Intro 23
Can't seems to gotten anything, even with the huge hint. The image checks out, and have tried some ideas, but have not gotten a result. Seems like I have gotten fooled.

Aaah read janet comment..

Mtatt - A fantastic riddler died in late June of this year. He was witty, helpful and, as far as I know, the only person that small-tool made a riddle for (as Mtatt's birthday present) Saw a few levels and, it was not easy.

ya may remember me from those days..

Leroy, but of course I remember you from cbox and the games.

I don't know anyone here personally but I do remember quite a few of the names from doing these over the years.

Ive also lost track of cleo and clee..

Intro Lvl 21 - Still stuck on the egg. Tried applying the previous method on anything and everything but nothing is working.

@chael how did you get the egg on intro 21? cant seem to find anything

@Chael : am joining you on the egg page

@Robin The pic name tells you what to do. The words on the sides (well, some of them) tell you which letters to apply the theme to. Please leave me a hint for Egg 21 after you figure this out!

thank you @chael onto 22 for the intro 21 egg read the word differently

weird.. still in intro.. says level 27 egg???

Thank you @Robin. So easy yet so difficult.

@Namchokdef - For Intro 23, just apply the huge hint on the level. Where can it be used except for the image?

@Chael615 - You can find links for all the Kill Your Darlings here: https://small-tool.wixsite.com/a-lot-of-my-riddles
as well as lots of help for them on the Riddle in Blue forum, starting with page 14: http://www.escapegames24.com/2020/02/small-tool-riddle-in-blue.html?commentPage=14
Search for KYD to find them.

I don't see the method for intro 13. I just reach numbers.

@Help - try googling the level text and pic text together

Now at Intro 26, was expecting a Pokemon related (rotten) egg but nope :/

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thank you aaaasa, i was walking the wrong way.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Intro 29 - I can see two ways of doing things but it's not helping me.

Tialuisa, you need to combine the two.

@tialuisa - you need to use both ways

Intro 30 - looking at the past doesn't seem to give a good word :/

intro 23 still stuck can only find the rotten egg, what am i missing?

Thank you LinR and aaaasa!!
@robin - Perhaps you are missing another meaning...

Still stuck at Intro 21 egg page and don't understand how to read "differently". Help someone?

@Eric - maybe don't read it as a word but rather ...?

@Robin Use the hint in a different location

Intro Lvl 26 - I am stuck at the main page. Trying to find something.

@Chael - the url is important here

@aaaasa Appreciate the hint but I cannot see what is *******

@Chael what does the level No. remind you of?

@aaaasa It reminds me of the a*******. Gonna see how to apply that. I think this means I have to go back through the levels.

@aaaasa thanks for your help but still stuck there. Tried to convert it in various ways but got no luck so far.

@Eric It is not a word but an instruction.

@Chael you've got the right ideas but you only need to stay in this level to find the answer.

@aaasa Thank you. Finally got it!

@Chael thanks! Finally got it. I now understand the "so easy yet so difficult" !

@Eric You are Welcome! Now get to 27 because it is a visual one and I struggle mightily on those.

Intro 30 - I've looked and picked and counted but none of them seems to work :/

Am doing my best Chael! But stuck now on egg 25. Trying to figure it out

@aaaasa Thank you! But now I seems to be stuck at the rotten egg like @robin.

Hello everybody! Lovely to see some familiar usernames. I got so excited to see s-t's email yesterday that I had to start the riddle while I was out. But I wasn't able to make any notes, so now I'm going to restart and make proper notes :)

I have gotten 2 rotten eggs on Intro 24, and stuck

pop!! got it, had one letter off

Got it! Definitely gotten fooled by Intro 23, twice.....
Onto 24 now.

Intro 30 - I have 2 rotten eggs.and I can't see what to try next. I seem to be misinterpreting the hints. Can some leave a hint please?

Stuck on Intro 30. A good night's sleep didn't help.

intro 25 egg, do i need to combine it with the main page or just use egg page? i am missing something, tried many ciphers on the 7 letters and on the ones from the pic but not making any progress

@robin - You have all you need on the egg page. URL can maybe jog your memory as to the 3rd cipher and combining all the green dots could help too.

@robin. Same point here. Got the green dots but no cipher seems to work.

Seems to be stuck at intro 30 too, with 2 rotten eggs.

For those who are stuck at Intro 30, do you remember what you did back in Intro 12? :P

Intro 25 egg - maybe try some googling with a name and type of cipher.

@Kenkoh - I tried that already but got like 3 vowels :/ Am I picking the wrong ones here?

Intro Lvl 27 - Am I going to have to visit granny here?

Hello all :)

@aaaasa Forget about picking letters at the moment. Just keep applying the exact same method from Intro 12 on the other levels you haven't done it on.

Intro lvl 29 tried taking them both ways and combining its not working, tried just reversing the ones there ,.... what am i missing
@ chael no visit needed

Intro 30
Do the same thing like what I did in intro 12
But this time go back
Letters I picked clhld not make a word

@sevenfar - you need to do in in the normal way first but keep doing it beyond 12 to spell a message first.

@robin - for intro 29, convert some in one way and some in the other.

@tialuisa already did that and I think I know what the 3rd is. Anyway I thought, cause nothing works

@Eric911 - did you get something sensible from those green dots?

thank you, aaaasa, onto 30

@tialuisa, yes and thanks granny. But don't know what to do with that. My google search gave nothing useful and my tries with what I think is the 3rd cipher neither.

@Eric611 - just to be sure, you are searching for ke*** ca**** ci**** and getting nothing. Try adding boxentriq to the search.

Thank you so much Tialuisa! Did not get this source with a different order in Google :-/

Wow on 30.1
Got egg1
But with two extra numbers couldn't find more

@sevenfar - try applying what you have learned on those two.

Hello, please help me on intro 13. I read the hints above, but I still can't understand where KIK comes from.

Intro Lvl 27 Egg - Finally got the word in 27. Not sure how to apply that word. Tried it on the Egg page to no avail. Then counted back on the level page and that didn't work either.

@Chael615 - have you found a way or ways through on the egg?

@tialuisa, thank you!

@Tialuisa I have found a way through but the number of s**** doesn't get me anywhere

@Chael615 same here at lvl 27 Egg... 4 different ways and don't know what to do...

@Esteban Agreed. Nothing is making sense.

@Esteban Just got it! You need all 4 different ways

@Chael615 And I don't need to go back to the original lvl 27? Just the egg?

Intro 27 egg - the steps I counted turned out to be one more than I needed for each path. But their was consistency there. Maybe see what happens +1 or -1 on all numbers. Also, 2 of the paths should be the same length.

@Esteban Just the Egg

Intro Level 30.1 Egg1 - Cannot figure out how to use the two new numbers with anything to get a meaningful result. Saw the prior hint but that didn't pop anything.

Intro Level 30.1 Egg1 - Look at Intro Levels 6 and 10 for a reminder of things to do with numbers.

This comment has been removed by the author.

intro 30, at a total loss, not even finding an egg, went back and tried to use what i used in 12 but got nothing useful, tried urls got nothing, tried using the text ... what am i missing?

Intro 30 look above at 7:07, 7:42 and 7:51. You need to use them ALL.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Level 30.2 Egg 2 - Looking at a big orange number and nothing I do with this number is working.

@Chael - there're 4 different ways to convert or pick a letter from the number.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Intro 30.3 egg 2 - What should I look for here? Tried the numbers but doesn't seem to work :/

@aaaasa - Same deal as egg 1. The first time I tried it though, I'd forgotten that the 3rd one was 2 words...

@aaaasa I have tried FTF, the name of the number, the color, the name of the picture, the number of letters in the name of the number, the FTF of the level corresponding to the number but nothing.

@tialuisa - I've counted but doing it by paragraph gives 3-digit numbers and doint it by sentences gives some numbers over 30 :/ What am I missing here?

@Chael - some of your ideas are actually correct. The number itself gives 2 letters, the color gives 1 letter, and the number+color should give you another 1.

@aaaasa - I was looking at the wrong level. I think you are at 30.2 egg 2? If so, it's still counting but instead of w***s/s******e it's s*******s/p*******h.

Thank you! Now stuck at 30.1 Egg 3. Not much idea on what to do or what lessons I need to use.

@Namchokdef - Granny has the frying pan on the stove just waiting for you to bring her something.

@tialuisa, Oh, thank you! Now looking at 30.4 Egg 1. I think I got the theme, but have not found a idea to improve it forward.

@Nam Element(ary), my dear friend!

Intro Level 30.4 Egg 3. No clue how to apply the T**** here.

Intro Level 24 with one rotten egg (the one with the deadly mistake). I do see how the level text differs from the original, but have gotten nowhere with that. Do I need something from the original, or do I use the changed version?

@Laurie - the background of the pic should remind you of something commonly used in riddles. Find them in the level text.

Nevermind! 30.4 Egg 3 finally popped. Does anybody else need a hand on this level?

@Chael yup :/

@aaaasa Which one are you on now?

@Chael I’m now at 30.4 egg 3

@aaaasa the picture is very helpful. Notice the pieces in relation to each other?

When you get to 30.5 I am completely stuck.

@Chael should I focus on the egg pic only or do I need to apply the pic to the eggs somehow?

@aaaasa Apply it to the eggs but only the 30.4 eggs

Finally made it to the halfway(?) of the exam at the start of 30.6!
Have to leave for stuff now (and probably organize my notes, I put all 30.1 to 30.5 into one note.....)

@Nam How to start 30.5?

@Chael does the 30.4 egg 3 pic mean some sort of FTF here? I can’t see other reasons why the pieces are arranged like that :/

@aaaasa s_t was very careful about the number of tiles in that picture.

@Chael615, look down and just pick! You may need to find other ones to get all letters.

@aaaasa notice some separation in the pic?

@Chael got it. Thanks!

@aaaasa I am completely lost on 30.5, even with @Nam's hint

@Chael do you know what the words on the top of the level pic mean? Google is helpful here if you don’t :)

@aaaasa I knew the bottom one but not the others. Thanks aaaasa! Will follow this lead.

Intro 30.5 Egg 1. I know what to do but the letter from each isn't giving me anything. Feel like I am missing something simple.

@Chael maybe check your letters again?

@aaaasa I got three consonants (that are right next to each other alphabetically) and a vowel that is a couple of spots away.

@Chael - the vowel seems correct, but for consonants you should have 2 of the same and 1 that is close but not right next to the 2. Did you use the images from wikipedia to pick?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I used Wikipedia

@Chael615 The third one is incorrect. Try counting from the left side of the k*******.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks @aaaasa and @KenKoh. That helped to go from the left.

Currently at Intro 30.8 Egg 1. I've tried counting the r** and w**** areas (both separately and combined) on their f**** and using those numbers to index from either the c****** names or their c*******. I'm getting a few possible answers that all turned out to be wrong. I'm most probably overthinking this.

30.6 egg 2 - got 3 of the same consonants and 3 vowels but they don't form a good word :/

@aaaasa You're missing a couple more words hiding somewhere else.

@Kenkoh Thanks! onto 30.7 now

aaaand stuck at 30.7 egg 1 :/ tried to feel something but nope :/

@aaaasa, not feel, but hear (you might have missed something on those men)

@aaaasa No feeling this time (yet). Look at what else is different among those four figures.

also stuck at Intro 30.8 egg 1 with the f****

intro 30, still stuck, dont know what to do with the message, picking letters arent working have read all the above, but just missing that pop moment, any help please

@Robin Which part of Intro 30? This level is a monster!

I'm on Intro 30.7 Egg 1 also. Trying B****** but not sure how to get the correct letters. Those guys cover a lot of space.

@Robin If you are where I think you are then - Do what you did for Level 12 - Or, more specifically, carry on from Level 12.

@chael, yes at the very beginning, i did carry on from twelve but not sure the meaning, tried googling it and it gave me just one word L***, it didnt work, tried picking using number from 12 up but still got just gibberish

@Chael - the hints above from shahar and Kenkoh9801 are quite helpful for me.

@Robin If you only got one word you need to keep going. And don't forget the first 12. The message isn't finished yet!

@aaaasa So it seems you had the same idea too.

@chael, I have the full message, all the way to 30, just dont know what to do with it

@Robin You have coordinates?

@aaaasa I reviewed those hints. All I can see is that their f*** are in different positions. But not sure how to apply that anywhere

@chael615, not really position, more like l*** and s****

Hello, I have 2 rotten eggs on 24 and pop moment isn't coming. A hint would be welcome. Thanks !

Of course I got it the moment I posted

Intro 30.8 Egg 1 Are you guys still on the r** and w**** f****? This one is tricky. Anybody cracked it yet?

@chael , the numbers on the page yes, but i am not getting anywhere with them at all, i assume it is something simple i am overlooking but just cant get a word from any of it

30.6 Egg 1
Hmm, I feel like I have not found all of them. I found 5 that fits the theme, but that doesn't create a word. Am I missing more stuff?

@Namchokdef - I think 1 of the 5 does not quite fit the theme in some places :)

@Robin Maybe if you consider your phrase as seven different words instead of one sentence?

Despite all the hints for Intro13 I don't know what to do here. I don't get the relation between KIK and the other word.

@chael, I have already tried that, but the word i get h*** doesnt work either, i a have tried just about everything, its got to be something simple that i am just overlooking

@Robin Did you put the italicized word in front of it? I think that was in an egg.

@thank you chael, thats what i was missing, hopefully i wont get quite so stumped on the next one

@aaaasa, Thanks! Now stuck at 30.6 Egg 2, can't find the theme at all. The text seems a bit odd though, but I can't correlates that into a theme.

It looks like no one has solved 30.8 egg 1 yet :(

Almost 200 comments, meaning new comments will appear on the next page (same thing with 400, 600 etc)

Good to see you all again, guys, and you're doing great, keep on going :)
Btw, I love how you all help each other, but my fav. comments are the ones with things like;
So easy yet so difficult
Keep that in mind people; It's just the intro, it's all easy, but...
overthinking and making up your own hints are your worst enemies!

@Namchokdef the text in the pic hints you what to look for

Intro 30.8 egg 1 - turns out it was so easy that no counting or picking was necessary :)

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