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Small Tool Game: A Big Small Mind Game


A Big Small Mind Game is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. A Big Small Mind Game is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games: OK One More, A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

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Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!



@aaaasa thanks for your inspiration, I got it too!!

@Keeper, thank you! I've found 4 obvious ones with that hint so far, well, I can't make anything so there seems to be more?

@Namchokdef - you might find more than a hint in the pic, and then yes, there are still more

Intro 30.7 egg 3 - so far 3 different methods: Got the main message. Have what looks like maybe the start of another message (3 letter word) and have 4 letters that don't help at all. Any ideas for me?

@tialuisa - if you know where to look, then just pick letters accordingly.

@hugoke - for Intro 13, if you google the two words together you may be able to find out how "kik" is a t*** for another "word".

Intro 27: Need a hint here, if anyone can help

@Colmkilm - Has anything 'clicked' yet?

@tialuisa-thank you. Will work on that now

@Colmkilm - Have fun!
@aaaasa - Thank you! I usually consider myself to be the underthinker here but for once I was overthinking...

@tialuisa, is it related to the s**** or how the whole is structured, or just the differences? Managed to get one more with 2 differences, but still can't make a word.

@Namchokdef - My comment was to say that some (2) of what you are looking for are in the text. Your ultimate goal is 8 letters

intro 30.5 egg2, not sure what to do, tried with just the one it says, tried with just the others, tried with all, not getting a word at all, any hints please

@robin - check out the Wikipedia page. Scroll down.

@tialuisa thank you, got it

30.1 egg 2 - can somebody tell me how to use this big number, please?

@aaaasa for Intro 13. Yep I did that and found the other "word". But don't know what to do with it. Looking down doesn't ring a bell at all. Sorry

Intro 30.8 egg. I know I must be overthinking but I getting nowhere. I have 2 rotten eggs that have narrowed it down some but not enough for me to see. Help!!

@LinR Once you know what their f**** look like, the two c***** are all you need. Forget about everything else.

This comment has been removed by the author.

intro 30.6 egg2 not sure what i am looking for, saw the hint prior but not getting it, any hints please.... is it in the picture on the left or right? etc

@tialuisa, well, that hint ends up netting me the last one I've missed asides from those 2, so thanks! Now tackling 30.8!

Thank you KenKoh9801. I can't believe I missed that when I know I did that a couple of hours ago.

Hi All, so glad to be riddling again. Intro lvl 28, I think the rotten egg is telling me to focus just on the sign...changing one word...is that correct? I've tried modifying it in so many ways.

@Chael615 and @tialuisa Thanks for the tips but I'm still stuck at Lvl 27 Egg... 4 ways with a number of s**** each. Tried to turn these numbers into l*****s +1 and -1. Nothing.

@namchokdef intro 30.6 egg2 I am just not seeing the "different" word, tried finding word that go with P***********, or T******, etc and many other words, nothing is jumping out at me at all, anyother help please

Intro 30.1 and I think I am missing something obvious because I can't even get an egg!!!

@ditg its a basic riddle technique,

@robin how foolish of me. The most obvious!!!

intro 30.6 egg2 can anyone give me another hint please, just not seeing the obvious i guess

@robin, It is the difference in how the word is sp**l across two types. Oxford should know a thing or two.
(I use both types combined, but majorly one type, so it is very difficult for me to tell the differences, but the sentence is definitely weird, then I "realize" my mistake and realise what I need to do)

Intro Level 30.7 Egg 3 - I have the message and the 3 letters. I've tried picking but no joy. Can I have some help, please?

@hugoke - By looking down and seeing what was meant to be typed in relation to what was typed can you see the misplacement of the typist's fingers?

@pipi - To start you can do the same things you did on the last egg. Then there is a word you could likely use in describing what you see. Try doing something with that also.

@robin - What were you looking for on the level page and egg 1. Same thing here, Only if you live in a certain part of the world, everything looks fine to you. This Oxford guy seems to have a problem with some of them though.

@Hancock - The rotten egg is telling you that you forgot about the sign when making your alterations. So keep what you have done, but add to it.

@minkie, maybe you're looking at those flags too much :)

@Puzzled - You need more than 3 letters for the answer. Just follow the message and pick.

@Esteban - Not really sure what to tell you. I said earlier that two of the paths are the same length. Is that the case with yours? Also, you know you'll need a vowel. Do you have one? Keep working working it and you'll get there.

@minkie - Heed the rotten egg but look somewhere else on the level page.

@aaasa - thanks but none of my picks work :P

Stuck with no bright idea in 30.8 Egg 1 too. I've found all the green things, but it seems to not be like the theme of the base 30.8 since one of them doesn't have it. Seems to not get what is obvious in this one.

@Namchokdef - Kenkoh have a very helpful hint about for 30.8 egg1. Also, if you’ve got all of the green things right, you should be able to find 2 rotten eggs that are also kinda helpful :)

@aaaasa, I couldn't find the second rotten egg, as one seems to not have it, then it does..... and everything clicks. Thank you!

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Intro 30.9 egg 3 - Have been picking numbers by a means that seems reasonable but unsuccessful so far. Don't think that I'm seeing the logic to which s-t refers.

@tialuisa - writing out the 3 n*****s might help :)

@aaaasa - Thank you. I've done that. However I do have a question about one of them. It's value seems to have changed somewhat since the time of its namesake. Should I use the modern value?

@tialuisa - not sure which one you're referring to but I just googled "first x d****s of x" and used the top results and I haven't encountered any problems.

Ok. Thank you so much aaaasa :)

Officially part of the 30.7 egg 3 "stuck" club. Have 3 different methods but clueless on how to apply them together :(

@Ditg - once you've read the message, you are done with all 'methods' except the very simplest. It's very straight forward.

just getting started and am embarrased to admit I am stuck on intro 12. Have tried multiple things without succes

@jpete - Did you see what is sometimes a hint? Well sometimes it is more than a hint...

Having no clear idea in 30.9 Egg 2. Not sure how to apply the theme in this. Is it related to the text in the pic hinting what to do, or just simple?

@Namchokdef - Keeping the theme of the level in mind googling a word or two in each thought bubble should get you started.

I'm guessing the big bright letters in the middle are important, but nothing there yet, then I though the shape of the pictures might be important. I'm missing the obvious, obviously.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@tialuisa is the simplest FTF because every combination I've tried isn't helping. I have a four letter word starting with L as one of my methods that is a complete mystery also....

I am stuck on Intro 30.7 egg 1. I have 2 rotten eggs. One says I missed something and the other is just rotten. I think I know what the 2 codes are, one is obvious and one is something you can hear. I get a word when I granny the results but it's not correct. What am I missing?

@tialuisa, Thank you again! Now onto 30.10 Egg 1 with the weakness of literally.....
I've found a rotten egg. I seems to have an obvious idea from that hint, but didn't get anything. A bit of a push, please.

@Puffin, I think you have everything, check granny again.

@Namchokdef - If you get the rotten egg that says the same thing as the egg text, then just do as it says to take away one from each group.

Thanks @Namchokdef! I tried that word but must have made a typo.

I dont see the logic in 30.9 egg3. I have written them out and tried to pick but get a 0 at some point.

@Help - try to start counting at the first d**** after the d****** p****

aaaasa, thx but i've done that too, and dont know how to use the result. Converting or picking gives nothing.

@Help - If you got all the numbers right, you should be able to pick letters to get a word. I can help to check the numbers if you need.

@aaaasa, Still not quite getting it. At first I thought it's similar to the base 30.10 in another way, tried that but that doesn't work. There are a lot of ideas, but it's probably overthinking the literally.

@Namchokdef - Did you have the rotten egg that says "l*** but not the l****"?

Hi, I am stuck on 30.10 egg 2 with one rotten egg. I split the pic n*** but don't know how it helps me advance.

@shahar - I wonder why the pic name is "i**********s" not "i**********" ...

@aaaasa, Yes, I did. Is this about am***t? The last word is confusing me.

@Namchokdef - for this egg the last word can also mean sm*****t, lo***t, li*****t, etc

thanks aaaasa, on to the T.E.O.T.E.Q

Thanks aaaasa, I accidentally had one letter wrong in my notes.

@aaaasa, Thank you again. Onto Egg 2 now, with same problem as @shahar did. Got one clue from the rotten egg, and I think I need one more (or more)? Can I get a bit more hint?

@Namchokdef yes you need one more. Try reading the egg text differently.

@aaaasa, Hmm..... not much luck. Whole seems contradicting, and playing around with second, I think I'm not getting something.

@Namchokdef - maybe playing around with the first a bit more?

I can't understand how to use the c****rs of the f**** on 30.8 egg 1. Can I have a hint, please?

Intro 30.8 Egg 3. Must be something easy because nobody had any problems. Can't see how to use the colors shown.

@pipi The easiest thing you can think of

Nevermind. My eyes were just deceiving me.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Intro 30.9 Egg 1. Again must be missing something easy. I know what the italicized words mean but not sure what to do with it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Chael615 - it seems I can't see the easiest thing to do. What is it? I tried counting, decoding, picking...

@aaaasa, OMG! I finally understand the other version and got the second rotten egg and it all click! Up to Egg 3 now. Almost got another prank at the end. That was good one. Thank you for the help!

@pipi what did you do in Intro LVL 2? Warning: You are really going to beat yourself up over this. I know I did.

level 2 egg 2 - I've counted like before but couldn't get a good word this time :/

@chael615, I have already done this and I got 2 rotten eggs. I was asking what to do with the f***s.

This comment has been removed by the author.

30.10 Egg 2 I have read the hints and I am stuck at a picture of a scantily clad male. No idea what to do here.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

@Chael615, thanks you. Got it.That was a little bit disappointing

Could you please delete your last two intro 30.8 comments, they're a bit too spoily, thanks :)

Congrats on reaching the real riddle, good luck :)

@pipi Now get to 30.10 Egg 2 so you can help me. Lol.

@Chael - what did you do with the word to get that rotten egg? Maybe there's another way to do it :)

@aaaasa I don’t even have a rotten egg.

@Chael - remember intro 21?

Thank you Tialuisa

Intro 30 TEOTEQ Eggs
My head shall explodes..... I don't have any idea for A side egg, or even starting A1, and side B seems........ very intimidating......

@Namchokdef - to get started on A1, it might be helpful to know that the first one isn’t orange :)
And you can forget about side B for now.

30.10 egg3
Got one rotten egg here
But still didn't understand what the huge hint is

30.10 - they say that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". That's the way I feel on this level. I don't even have sevenfar's rotten egg. I can't see how this page can be interpreted literaly.

@LinR and sevenfar - are you at egg2 or egg3? For egg3 I haven't found any rotten eggs either.

30.10 egg 3 for me.

@LinR in that case just apply the pic to each of eggs.

Thank you aaasa. I was way over complicating things.

Can I have some help on how to get the key for TEOTEQ egg A? I got the key for egg B but can't pick the right letters for egg A

@Keeper - you already have it. Look again:)

Ohhhh thank you!

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Oh I made a typo
I am on 30.10 egg 2 just now
Now reached the end of the exam TEOTEQ
But couldn't find the key

Thanks @tialuisa for the help. Now I seem to be the only one stuck at Lvl 30.1 Egg 3. Tried to granny previous answers or the image words. Nothing pops...

@Esteban - are you sure granny isn't helpful here? :)

@esteban, the first thing you tried should work.

Thanks. Such a big omelet...

30.7 egg3....is everything I need to advance on this screen or do I need to combine things from other 30.7 eggs?

lvl 30.6 egg3 I have tried counting, picking, changing n****** to l******, even tried picking using bold letters to tell me which ones to pick, am on the right track with anything? tried picking from answers from previous letters, just not getting anything useful, it must not be that hard because i dont see any comments on this one

Hi all, need help on Intro 21, got the egg but still don't understand what to do. Have read the hint above to understand it rather as an instruction but still no idea what that means.

Just had a POP moment, got it ...

Level 30 TEOTEQ egg A5. I have a rotten egg that gives more information. I can not find out much about these and one I can find nothing at all. What do I need to solve?

@LinR Googling all of them together should lead you to a good Wikipedia page.

@s-t -- just want to say that I am enjoying this riddle very much, but I am a little (OK, a LOT) worried. I am on Intro 30.8, and if these are intro levels, I may be in trouble. BTW, I appreciated the answer to Intro 30.4. I have used that word a LOT in my job.

30.10 egg 2 - so far I had 2 rotten eggs, but I am clueless how to read the image name correctly

any help on 30.6 egg 3 please, dont know what else to try

Glad you like it, Laurie :)
And don't worry, you will be in trouble for sure...
...but you won't be alone.
And all together you will get there in the end :)

And yes, every answer in this riddle is based on the job of a player :P

@robin, pay attention to the words in capitals. They show you where to pick from.

Thank you KenKoh9801. That worked better after finding the rotten egg. LOL

@pipi, i tried that but get nothing,

@robin, you should pick 10 pieces and then go visit granny.
I am still stuck on 30.10 egg 2

tried it again and granny came through, thank you pipi

30.1 Egg 1: I have converted the two new numbers in several different ways but not getting anything that makes sense

On Intro 30.10 with five confirmation eggs, but not sure what to do next. I tried literally doing what the text says to the egg words, but got nothing.

As soon as I posted, I got it. On to 30.10 Egg 1

Intro lvl 29, i see 4 numbers, 2 of one type and 2 of another...when I convert them I get gibberish....I converted the first one to f***. Can anyone nudge me in the right direction?

@Colmkilm - you are looking for 2 methods on each number

@Hancock it helps to write what you see up and down and then answer to the side of it.

@Ditg I wrote it out again and still get nine letters from my conversion (f***, * , o**, *). ftf doesn't work. thanks for helping me.

Joining the stuck crowd at 30.10 Egg 2.

@Ditg: I used P******* T**** and A******* giving me five letters

Still on 30.7 egg3....is it that obvious and I am missing something? Got obvious message on level page, 3 letter phrase and possible 4 letter jumble. Past hints aren't helping where to pick from....

@Colmkilm P******* T**** is not used here.

Intro Level 30.10 Egg 1 - I have tried to apply the text to the pics in different ways but I don't get one bit, not even a tiny rotten egg ... (sob)

intro lvl 29, are some items converting to full words? so stuck, sorry!

@Hancock: four items, each converted to a l***** using two methods but alternately

@Ditg - apply the message you got on the pevious eggs.
@Puzzled - take the last, but not from every picture.

Thanks @Colmklm and @ Ditg, i was using the wrong method on one set...doh. finally on intro 30

@pipi Thank you :) ... I understand what you mean but I still don't get the right picks. NVM, I will go rest and I'll solved it tomorrow for sure !!! (this level is literally puzzling me :P)

Finally passed the exam! (maybe with minimum grade for "Literally" subject.......)
Going to rest before tackling the real level, but,
Level 1 Egg 1 - Feels like it's a r**** (Just barely pass that in the exam.....)

Hi! Quite stuck at Level 2 at the moment. Got Egg 3a, but can't seem to find Egg 3b. Only a rotten Egg with no info.

I'm stuck on TEOTEQ egg A2. I don't understand the reward info. Do I need to go back to the previous egg? Is it math?

@Puffin, save the rewards.
No maths in A2. You probably need Google.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm probably missing something obvious, but I cannot make any progress on TEOTEQ. I got egg A1, but that is it. I thought I found something for A1, but it doesn't yield a meaningful work. I can't find the B's at all. I got A1 using V******e, but can get nothing meaningful from B*****t. I tried both RtoL and LtoR for both the gibberish and the key, thinking that the pic had a hint in that direction, but to no avail.

@Ellie I’m with you at level 2 egg 2 and I didn’t even have a rotten egg :/
@Laurie for the key to Part B you need to pick letters from somewhere else. There’s a confirmation egg for it also.

@aaaasa -- I found the key for part B, but now I am stuck there as well. I am guessing that I need something to use to convert the c****s into either l*****s or n*****s; is that right? And is it the same conversion system for both A and B, or are they different?

@Laurie - you want to complete A part first, and then you will know what to do with B part :)

Finally passed the exam
But stuck on the joke goes on page
Couldn't enter the real levels

Intro 30.1 egg 2, I made a start by doing what I did in last egg, but I can think of lots of words to describe the picture. Is the color important or size or both?

@Hancock -- the color is important. You need to get two letters from it.

Need a nudge for intro level 10. Not getting the red and green letters.

@trixie -- you don't actually need the red and green letters. They lead to another "secret" egg; sort of a bonus. To find it, think of the red letters and green letters as separate categories. To find the level answer, try a different technique on the level 10 pic.

Need help on real level 1
Found the egg1
And I didn't find how this is related to v************

Seems like there's a Level 2 Egg 2 stuck party I could join.......
@sevenfar, Look at the Egg 1 picture very closely, you have what you need to do.....

OK, now I'm stuck on Level 2. No eggs yet. I can see an obvious thing to do, but I get some numbers that seem too big (>30).

I think this is a good place to stop. Maybe by morning either my brain will have had an aha moment while I sleep, or some very helpful riddlers will have left some good hints.

Hi, Ya all! I see all the riddle genius brainiacs are well into the higher levels. I just got started and got stuck at Intro Lvl 12. I see that gur vzntr anzrf (ROT) has been hinted,
but I have gone through all back intro lvls 0-12 anzrf and nothing. Are the the big bright letters in the middle are important? That was asked earlier.

Have you compile that which was hinted? If so, you should be able to read something from that directly.
Welp, I'll rest, tried every possible ways I can think of to find 3b, but nothing so far. Could be missing something simple. Good luck, everyone!

ALSO stuck on level 2
Found egg 3a and a rotten egg
But couldn't count more to find egg3b

3a and a rotten one, same place

@aaaasa, for the rotten egg lvl 2 count on your way to the top, but this rotten place doesn't seem to help.

@Ellie - I've counted but the 7 letters didn't even give a word :/

Making very slow progress here. Missing something on intro 30.9. I must not be picking from the right place (s), as even with Granny's help, I'm not getting a word.

@aaaasa Count something on each of those la****s to get the rotten egg.

I meant intro 30.9 egg3

Hi! Now stuck at Lvl 30.4 Egg 3. Tried to pick from 3 eggs (thinking 1 line per egg word) but no correct word from that...

This comment has been removed by the author.

@kamchokdef Ty I think I did compile all (12) of the "hinted". Got nothing.

@esteban you're on the right track. Make sure you are picking correct amount

@aaaasa Forget about the b***d and look closely at what each individual la**** looks like. Remember you have to count something on each one.

I'm also stuck on Level 2 egg 2. I have the rotten egg and have counted the different things in so many different ways. There was an interesting 2 word granny for a particular counting but didn't work in the URL. Can't think of what else to do.

FTF of all 12?

@Suz, It should be 13, from the first pic to the last. Then it's just the most basic method of ftf. (If you put them in a list, it might be easier to read down.)

Oh-didn't think about anagramming that 2 word answer that wasn't working...

@tialuisa - is it important that the l*****s connect with each others all the way to the top?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@aaaasa - Count something else...again

Got it, had missed a clue

@Minkie I was seeing irrelevant colors. More importantly, this level is similar to the previous egg 3 levels in that you need to look to the past.

@minkie - I think the colors just reinforce which are in the same group, but the way the flag is folding makes that clear also. So it's business as usual on egg 3.

Into 30.10 Egg 2 Got the rotten egg but having trouble nonetheless. Cannot seems to figure out what the P** n*** is telling me to do.

@chael615 - the p** n*** is telling that there is more than 1 way of interpreting the words under the image

@pipi Thanks. That did it.

Real Level 2: Could someone please hold the ladder for me on real level 2. I can't even get a toe hold to begin climbing. Thanks!

30 TEOTEQ egg A5: I have the correct e******* but can't figure out what to do. Must be missing something obvious

Did you get the rotten egg? Use the real ones not the fakes.

FTF of the real ones gives me the 2nd rotten egg, that's why I'm lost

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi everyone, still not getting l13! I understand KIK, but stuck after that.

@keeper: you have what you need but use what we usually do with these levels

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