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PG Little House Escape Walkthrough

PG Little House Escape


Palani Games - PG Little Frog Escape Game is another point and clicks escape game developed by Palani Games. In "Little House Escape," players awaken in a quaint cottage nestled in a serene countryside, ensnared by unknown forces. Amidst cozy interiors and rustic charm, participants must navigate through the modest abode and solve puzzles to escape. With each challenge conquered, the mystery deepens, unveiling the secrets hidden within the small house. Racing against time and the peaceful ambiance, players must use their wit and observation skills to find the exit before they become permanently trapped. Will you uncover the truth and escape the Little House?




Good game, and not a swastika in sight! ;)

I agree with Dean. Thanks PG.

Thank You @Dean O'C

Thank You @Mick

       Random Game  2/4/24 12:24 PM

You can play random game among thousands of escape games.

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