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Exmortis 2 Walkthrough

Exmortis 2

[REPLAY] Ex Mortis 2 is the second episode of scary point and click adventure Exmortis game. The hordes of Exmortis swept across the earth. A plague unlike anything humanity had ever encountered. In their final stand, a handful of mankind´s last survivors stood their ground - defiant of their inevitable fate. And in those last moments as death took these brave souls, a stranger passing in the distance put his plans in motion. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game is very scary and contains some bloody and creepy scenes. For this reason it is not suitable for young players!

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Exmortis 2 Walkthrough
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Lonely in here... maybe too frightening! lol

hi Millie, i'm gonna try but i'm a little scared! :P

Taking 5, then starting this one. Hope I can catch up!


I have a key and lighter and stuck. No idea of the code for the box in the closet.

Yep I'm joining you but a bit apprehensive re the spookiness.

emmm i'm in the church but i'm stuck :S

ok that kinda scared me in the crawlspace :P

This comment has been removed by the author.

found a diary thought maybe a code would be in it but can't find anything. btw anyone still here?

in crawlspace now

just starting. Reading parchment.

be back in a little while

key and a coathanger

the code is 831

@Marit I'm still here. Trying to catch up to you.

Hello,may I join?

thanks naminutku!

working on soduku

i'm playing with no sound but now i have to listen to the radio! i'm easily scared :)

@Marit youre welcome:), stuck with the gun

@naminutku Thanks! just got it on my own too. Guess I didn't have to.

@bubeskm Yes, please do!

Haven't been in crawlspace yet.

well i'm still stuck in the cellar and don't know what to do with the gun

Hi everyone.
Let me give a small hint:
Its NOT needed to read so many pages throughout the game. Just keep in mynte the last one.

@Marit: Check Radio channels 4 and 10. Check book on the left

Okay, I'm way behind. Don't have a gun or a radio.

Found zippo and key for now

find the knife in a bedside table in the first room left in a second flour

Oh, I get it. I went to the toolbox 1st and that's why I didn't get my SD. Particular order.

i can't hear anything anymore on channel 10.. the first time i heard something but my sound wasn't loud enough and now i hear nothing

got something on stations 6 and 10 but, couldn't understand them.

not what I expected :(

symbols from the first one in Xavier's diary. If you didn't play yesterday's, the symbols look like letters upside down. If you make the shape of a pentagram they will spell out "Vlaew".

thx again naminutku :P now in xaviers room with the portal

Whoa - I just shot myself to enter the portal.

hmm...got knife.

did I just off myself?

naminutku--yes I`ve been.Now I am in The some room and let we see what are we founded

@mgkanda - are you at the buoys now? I can only get 2 of them linked up at a time

WohoW First and GUN.Not bed

got it - but now there are 5 buoys to linked. I may be stuck here quite a while

Now in the cellar...

easier than I thought. New doorway nowo bak to earth realm

@annaby Just passed the boueys. The second one was tough but, it's the last one I think then you go to the portal.

I think I finally got it by unlinking and starting with the farthest one so that it had a wheel and connecting them in order from there. Does that make any sense? They need to all have wheels or whatever around them.

that's "now back"

@annaby: The second one is tricky.
Just clear them all (except the starting one) and click them in this order (distance wise - closest to furthest):
1-2-3-4-5-5-4-3-2-1 (if my memory is correct)

hmm...out. Oh that Vlaew, always causing a ruckus. That last bit with the creepy crawlie things we had to shoot gave me a start.

oops - dead for good now

wow @dkakos - how in the world did you remember the order? I got it, but thanks anyway.

i'm finally out! thanks everybody for the help

And out finaly

@annaby: whatever I do/see, I use a notepad :))

For these games the order in my desk is (from right to left):
Mouse, smokes and light, ashtray, cola/coffee, keyboard, notepad+pen..

lol @dkakosGR!

i keep dieing in the tunnel how do i shoot the thing crawling??

there's a box of ammunition on the left side - click on it to reload

Ex Mortis 2 Walkthrough:

Click church front door to go in
Click left confessional booth to go in
Click on window to listen conversation
Click the room next to confessional booth to read booklet
Inside the church on the left there is a door lead to church backyard.
Get aerial from car and click on the brick path to get car key
Click on the car to drive to Ranch
Go into the Ranch lobby and go up stairs
Go into the room on your right and read the book inside the drawer beside the bloody bed.
Enter the left room with three dead body to get a lighter on the floor
Go to the second left room to get key
Go downstairs again and to the right door that leads to downstairs corridoor.
There is a crawlspace on your left, go in and click on lighter
On your right there is a door lead to living room
There is a Sudoku puzzle on the table
If you don’t know anything about Sudoku then heres the answer: 8 3 1
Go back out to the Ranch lobby and open the closet in front of you
Open the box using the Sudoku code and take screw driver
You should know how you going to use the screw driver right?
Go to the crawlspace and open the screws
Take the gun on the table and open the door the leads to house rear
Use the key to open the cellar
Click on the pile of books on your left and read them
Go back upstairs to the room on your right and open the bible in the top drawer to get dagger
Click on Xavier and enter the room
Click on the gun
There are three light: biggest light:L1 smallest light:L3, Click sequence is L1-L2-L3-L3-L2-L1
There are five light: L1-L2-L3-L4-L5-L5-L4-L3-L2-L1
There is a box of bullets on the floor, click it
Go to the end of tunnel and start shooting whatever crap that run towards you
When the floating body comes very near to you, use the dagger to kill him
Keep going to the end of the tunnel, talk to guy and watch the ending

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Hint: The code for the tool box is 831 and you could use the tool there to open the vent !! After that you just opened a room.. and that's all I know for now.. and I found the code from the sudoku thing XD

How do you do the 2nd portal thing? It won't work for me ._.

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