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Ultimate Riddle

Ultimate?Riddle is another brain teaser and challenging riddle game. You will have to solve a riddle to find the word that will grant you the access to the next level. Every level contains useful hints in the source code, in the picture, in the page itself etc. to find the answer. You'll have to search everywhere. Can you able to solve all levels? Good luck and have fun!

Warning: Please don't post exact answers. Just post hints for the levels!

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new game! awesome hi whoever's here!

i'm absolutely horrible at these, but i'll give it a go...

on level 4 hints helping a heck of a lot

me too...but I'm game!

I have never understood how to play these games...not for me, apparently...
maybe someone can explain it?

i personally think this kind of game is for someone with crazy amounts of computer knowledge....I'm not one of those people. can't get past lvl 4 and the forums aren't helping me either.

pop! got to lvl 5! hope i can keep it goin!

lol @jonive...I can't even read the red on black "hints"!

yeah its really wearing on my eyes!

i can't even get past lvl 3; i never know what the mac equivalent for "right click Show Properties" is. Going to play the new game

yeah cuz i really cant get past lvl 5....i didnt get far on the last one like this either...

Zoz... You "Get Info" is Mac Speak for "View Profile". You can also, in Safari, right click and select: View Element. There is a profile tab there.

I don't think I'll play this game for long, but for lvl 5, the answer is easy. You see the squares, need to count them (they are not many or any hidden ones).
Enter the answer at the end of the url, but not as a digit. Then add the last part of the url.

Great, another riddle where I'm stuck...on 10 right now.

I'm also stuck on 10. I've tried drawing on the map, but it's not working out...

I had drawing on level 9...just follow the tours

I just got to lvl 10. Starting :)

For lvl 10, open another file from the source and what you hear will tell you the answer.

I'm listening to this since forever and still have no idea

@george, the first set of sounds is long long short, then a break.

doh! that was the other hint in the source...Thx!

Did you get my mail?

Yes, thank you very much! Will go on there after I get tired of this :)

uggh...gotta go now, have a doctor's appointment early in the morning.
Good Luck with the next levels!

Thanks! Struggling with lvl 12.

For 12, the page is scrollable and I found something there, but idk what to listen to. Can't find any mp3 or other thing.

Well, I didn't listen to anything, but found the decoder to use and got a word. On 13 now.

anyone here - having trouble with the apple

shannon, follow the instructions literally, don't add the part you normally do.

I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track for level 11 (e********* p********) but nothing I got makes sense...any help out there?

@george, it seems you are on the right track. First letters matter. Google for the words you have, then go to the wiki page. Look a bit down below "standard model" to find a table. Apply the numbers there as columns and rows. First letters.

I need to work, and can't play more right now, but I stopped at lvl 19 last night. Will try to check in every now and then to see if you need further hints.

Wonderful Ellie! Thx to you I was able to solve it!
Just got back from my dr's appointment (a few more days off, yeah!)
I will tackle 14 as soon as I finished my second breakfast :)

I can't get past level 4!! Help?

Go to apple. I already googled apple and the result is always apple.com , I really need help. Anyone?

just go to /apple...nothing more

Can't believe I got as far as level 20 on my own...time for lunch :)

And now I'm waiting for Ellie to help me with 22 ;)

Is anyone still here? I'm stuck at level 13 with g***** r****. Don't know what to do next. Please help!

Stuck on 5. counted squares, but you say put end of url,... not sure what you meant: is it htm? because it is not working... I counted SPOILERfiveSPOILER

@millie, I don't have the URL anymore but I think you need to add ".htm" at the end.

I must have counted wrong then... alas, I will go pick up my daughter from school and hope someone spoils it for me by then. lol. :) Thanks,Ruff. :)

@millie, you're count is correct. Don't delete apple and add your count and .htm at the end.

@millie, I meant "your".

@Ruff, try to find something famous related to g***** r****

@george, I tried f*******i but didn't work.

use only the letters/digits given from the f*******i sequence

Thanks, Ruff! I would never have thought to leave apple! Ugh!! :)

@george, I'm just too thick for this level. I have tried many numbers of the f******i sequence already. Are they related to the B&W letters/digits? Please give me a brick to my head!

YW @millie

yeah level 13 is where i am stuck too

use the sequence with the second picture...
take the digits/letters according to their positions...
I'm sorry, I'm not good in explaining stuff

Anyone recall what the shift was in 7? I tried 1. which makes SPOILERcanyonSPOILER but that is not right, the shift of 3 only makes gibberish! lol

@Millie, it is right as far as i remember, look if you entered it incorrectly.

Got it! Thanks. I needed apple still, AND htm. duh... kinda strange though... i mean i would have tried every combo. lol

I give up. I am stuck again with no hope and feel like it wont work even IF I find an answer to the James Bond one because I will not know whether to put apple or not, htm or not, or backslash.. etc.. this is a tough game. GLA! ;)

ty @george. Got 13 onto 14 now.

@millie, level 7 is not hard. You have a jpg in the source. Wiki all the others, use their lastname to find jpg. Check pro******s of each pic to find the answer.

@Ruff could you give me more hints about 13 im still stuck, although i substitute, nothing comes out

@elitsa, do as george suggested. Just ignore the zero from the sequence and start using the next one to pick the corresponding digits/letters from the B&W pic.

What is the secret for level 9 - the one with the 3 tours in Paris? I am just not seeing it.

im so stupid... thanks both Ruff and George

@graham, view source and download the zip.

@Graham, follow the tours with a pencil

@Ruff - Thanks, but I have done that and saw the map and traced the routes but I still don't see anything.

you should get 3 l******

@graham, what I did was opening the map with paint, then draw a thick line between destinations. Remember that the tours are independent, so don't connect any thing between two different tours.

@george, please teach me how to pay attention at 14.

just try it as answer

then look

Thanks guys!

Thanks george! Got 14. How stupid I was! It said "no more errors" and I did not even think about checking.

And now I'm back to play :) Starting with lvl 19.

Are we supposed to use a periodic table for 11?

No @graham. You need to google, for example the word in the title and the one in the url. I posted another comment at 12:06AM.

Would someone please help me on level 17. Got six lines (or seven if we include the title) from the s***** that are related to the h***. How could I read them v********y?

Oh - wow...nice find. Thank you Ellie!

@Ruff, all you need is in the source. Find the "black hole" and use the v********* hint there. Don't pay too much attention to the green thing.

Take a break now! Hope that someone would shed some light on my b**** h*** when I return.

@Ruff, if you compare the source to previous sources, there is an "extra" hole somewhere, that shouldn't be there.

@george, did you pass lvl 22? I ate the ones and got to another page, but now i have to read carefully again...

@ellie, not sure if I've found the right blk hole. I got something of the same colour as blk and they are on line 3, 20 to 25 of the s***ce. If I don't have the correct one, please email me bigger spoiler if you don't mind.

and line 7 but can't align it with others.

@Ruff, there is only one important hole in the source.
It's not far down on the page. It's a space that can't be seen on other sources. Email sent too.

Hey Ellie, I'm stuck where you are :)

@Ellie, thank you very much for your big help. Got it now. I have to take a break 'cause my eyes are crossed already staring at the hole. I'll be back soon.

This comment has been removed by the author.

yeah...found another egg for 22!
hmm...what now?

@george, great!! How did you find that one?

3rd egg found...

I stared at the source code!

@george, I have been staring at the source code for quite a long time, and I don't see how to get another egg from it.


I'll send you an email

Thanks a lot @george!! Great finding!! On 23 now :)

Btw, there was a 4th egg, saying "1st part" as well.

I need to take a short break for some food before I try lvl 23. Good luck!

Well, I got back, solved 23 but am immediately stuck on 24.

I solved the anagram in the source code but don't know what to do next

we need to find numbers, but how?

I tried something and it gave me a place...but I don't know if it's the right one..

scratch that...no place with my numbers

@george, did you put space between the numbers?
It gives you a capital.

what? what numbers do you have?

better asked, where did you get them from?

@george, sorry, I thought you got them already. Find them by manipulating the picture. I did it in PhotoScape by increasing exposure, but I guess many programs can do that. In fact, they are there, very faint, even in the original pic if you save it and look close.

oh no! not that again... 8-}

and I did it...thx Ellie! I never would've them without your help!!

ROFL..the egg on 25is so right!

LOL @george! You need to find the 21 other eggs and you'll have the answer easily.

what? 21 eggs? I'm tired...I'm going to bed now.

@george, you need to take the first step to dance.
Literally, but written a bit different. After the first step...

@george, I need to do something else now too. Getting a bit tired of this. Solved 26 (for that lvl you can get a small help from the way it was written in source in lvl 22). Good night!

Stuck at level 24. Used anagram and found X. Also found six n*****s from pic. Tried applying the n*****s to X, found some l*****s but can't make anything meaningful. Please help.

@ruff, if you found the correct X, it tells you the tool you need for using the numbers, I guess you try the right thing. Enter all the numbers at the same time, but leave spaces like on the picture. You will only end up with one place - a capital.

Thank you, Ellie. Got it, now on level 25.

Still on 25 with just 3 eggs. Many inputs yield nothing. Have to go now and will be back tomorrow to search for many more eggs.

@ruff, did you see my comment for george at 4:20PM? You need to literally take step one to learn to dance and after the first step there are 21 more.

Make that 20 more...

Ok... I know I have the right answer in level 5. But, I think I'm writing it the wrong way... Help?

Never Mind... Got past it...

any help with level 20?

Any help with 18?
I know what all the countries are, and I have the number code from the image source, but after that I'm completely lost....

Nevermind, as I was writing this, I finally got it.
For all who need a hint, the letter case of the image file might help.

never mind i passed mine too, on to 21:)

A clue on Level 6 will really help!

And How to Write It ...

@Psycho, read the source of the level and use the letter from there with a Caesar cipher.
As for how to write it? Keep the .htm at the end of your answers from now on.

sorry @Psycho, I meant *letters... the 6 of them.

@Ellie, re your comment at 10/29 7:50pm & 7:56pm. Thanks so much for your hints. Instead of s**** I typed s***o**. With your help, I have passed the level.

@Psycho829, for level 6, I did not even bother to use his cipher. Do what the hints say, apply the last line of his hint "o** s*** f******" to those letters. Then as Edgar mentioned, keep the .htm

Stuck at level 29. Please give me a nudge, anyone?

@Ellie @ george, where are you?

Hey @Ruff :)
I can't help you with 29. I wasn't in the mood to learn to dance today...so I'm still at 25 ;)

@ruff, I stopped at lvl 27, the pizza, last night and I'm not playing this right now, so sorry... can't help you either.
@george, if you want to dance, look again at the comment I wrote for ruff and remember that numbers can be written it two ways, with letters or digits.

@Ellie, thx! I just learned to dance...on 26 now.


@Ellie & george. I've forgotten that this is Halloween weekend, everyone must be busy. Catch up quickly and save me from this deadend.

No big Halloween here in Germany...I'm going to eat my pizza and be there in a bit ;)

Can anyone help with level 23? inner outer what?

@Elitsa. Hints say "o***r is b*****. Its o***s*** is bad". What's the o***s*** of o***r?
Since it's bad, so get rid of it. So "af*** d*****" becomes what?

Not much Halloween for me either, but unfortunately lots of other things to do. I still have my pizza left :)

@Elitsa, outer is good, inner is bad, so remove all "inner" you see. That leaves you with one word and a letter. Use that in the source.

@george, waiting for you!

that's what i'm doing since the past half hour.. ok i'll try a little more:) thanks

This pizza is giving me trouble...I assume there is a .z** file somewhere?

@george, the name of the .z** file is in the "pizza"

@Elitsa, if you still have problem, send me an email.

Do I have to do something with the image again?

Solved 29, on 30 now.

@george, no, you don't need the image anymore. Just think about "pizza". Apply the mi***r to "pizza". Ihere is a .z** in there, what else is left for the name of the file.

Gosh...sometimes I'm really stupid...found it.

This is not my day...I have no idea what to do with what I found...
And it made me hungry. So I'm going to eat something (no Pizza!) and be back later.

POP!!! Onto 28...

Now I'm back and need help on 28...What's missing?

@george, send me an email. The hint is too short to be typed without spoiling.

Heheh...thx @Ruff...that did it! Tried the long version of it..

I desperately need some caffeine. Will be back soon.

Are you back yet? Can't find the i******** r*** on 29.

@george, where do you normally look for r***s.

Depends on what they`re for...

@george, the r***s for this game. Go there first, then go to the i******* r*** from there.

Ahah...great! Thank you @Ruff...another egg.

YW george. Catch up quickly, need another brain to work on level 30 part 4.

OMG...what now? Stay, move...what should I do?

@george, open it and turn on word wrap.

What's word wrap? Never heard of that before.

@george, open it with notepad, then click format-word wrap.

Okay...so I'm trying to move my editor window this way and that way, wide and narrow, long and short...I haven't found the right movement yet...

Huh? Is it what's called in German "Zeilenumbruch"?
But that depends on how big my window is.

@george, you're on the right track. Just be patient and try moving it one character at a time. You may skip all digits.

Finally found it...

This comment has been removed by the author.

LOL, math on level 30 and my "Calcolatrice" is in pieces...looking for the 3rd part now

I need to ask Ellie if Ibuprofen affects the brain function...

@george, I've finished rebuilding my "calcolatrice" for ages and don't know what to do from there. I have lots of zeroes and ones floating in my head. Let me know when you've found the 4th piece and we could solve it together.

@george, to answer your comment at 2:19pm. Ibuprofen doesn't affect the brain function. The pizza and all the eggs we had were too high in cholesterol which virtually block our brain. lol.

I can't find the 3rd one...even with the hint from the image.

That must be it then @Ruff...all this stuff can't be healthy lol

@george, how did you get from the 1st to the 2nd. Do the same to the 2nd to get the 3rd. Remember both n*****s are variables, so change both.

I have no idea what you mean with variables, but I finally found the third pic...was adding instead of subtracting...doh

@george, not adding. remember the big X in 2nd jpg.

variableA X variableB = next

I can't find your email address, so send me an email so that I could reply you.

Uff...got the one's and zero's now

@george, you don't need those ones and zeros before you have all the parts of the "calcolatrice".

But I have all parts now...and I sent you an email how I got it.

@george, I've sent you another email. Check that tool and see if you can make something out of it.

Okay...going to read it. Haven't found anything so far.

@george, something is weird about that tool. Don't use it. Got to find another one.

LOL @george and @ruff! It seems you're having fun in there. I'll soon have some time to go on, but I'm way behind you. Still didn't eat my pizza. Will try to catch up :)

Hi Ellie.

@Ruff...I think it has to do something with the picture...my "on board" calculator doesn't look like that one on the picture...I don't have the letters at the bottom...

Oh hello there Ellie :)
Hurry and eat your Pizza!

@george, my calculator looks similar to the "calcolatrice". I'm having dinner now. I'll be back later.

I ate my pizza, but something is missing on lvl 28 lol. Will try to find out what.

Hm.. it seems I'm missing an email in 28 lol.

Nvm, I found the second part I was missing. Lvl 29 now.

My dinner was very fruitful. I was thinking about all the clues of level 30 when I was eating. The lightbulb was lit and I got it. Now on level 31.

@george, I'll email you

@george, please check your inbox.

Well, this doesn't seem to be my day for solving things. I'm so stuck on 29, and can't figure out anything. Maybe I need some coffee. Or some sleep...

@Ellie, have you found out what you are missing?

Nope @Ruff. No idea what I'm missing. On lvl 28, there was a lot missing, but on 29 I can't see what I need.

It's probably not the best idea to play this at 2AM...

@Ellie, would you like me sending you an email to share some of my findings?

Yes please @Ruff, that would be very nice of you to save my brain from this state of boiling.

Hey, you two!
Had to have a little break from all this confusing stuff.
Thank you very much for your email, Ruff!
But I'm still clueless about how to use it, I answered your mail :)

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