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Haluz 2

Haluz2 WalkthroughHaluz2 is a sequel to Haluz, a cute point and click type adventure game with really cute graphics, sounds and similar to Samorost and Wogger games. In this game you try to help the little hero in his rescue mission. Good luck and have fun!

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I love this style of game. It's not brain surgery, but the design is gorgeous, and it's a fun way to take a little break.

Supersize version of Wogger minis..needs a little thought to beat the levels...loved it.

What a beautiful little game. I enjoyed this.

Yep, very nice game. But what is with level TUKAN? Raspberry grows and bird eats it... and what's now?

when the fruit is out, bird is out, click on the flower with eye on top, it'll catch it; wait till bird shut it's mouth, click on the fruit & the bird will drop in the buckle.

thx mel! :)

Can anyone help me? I am stuck in RAFFLESIA - I think I have to catch the red ball in the jug but it seems really hard to get the timing right. Am I doing the right thing?

Thanks in advance

Yes....catch ball in jug...

Hi,need help wlevel next tukan!how does the chameleon catch the fly?or what else should i do?
I´m so stuck!


click on the fly so he flies around then when he lands on the plant click on the eye of the chameleon.

hope that helps

ug. Is there a trick or is it just something you have to tr over and over until you get it.

I think it just cut of the front of my question, I eant to say "I can't get the ball to fall into the jug. Is there a trick..."

nevermind. I got it in

Very enjoyable game. More like this and Bodilies please!

i dont know the level name, but i am there with the frog who drinks water. I cant click anything! And nothing happends, exept that the man was peeing in the "bottle"

i cant get the ball into the botle... is there a trick or something, or should i just try again and again?

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 10:11 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm sutck at DEDO , with the old guy snoring, the lift and the cane... any help??? I tought i could do it on my own but i guess not :(

Hey everyone..love these games..by these ppl...Hey Redroobar..!How was day at work..? good i hope..:) going to give this a go now..

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 10:30 AM  

In the lift-scene you must turn on light, så the little "linedancer" or whatever it is is going to the right. Click the hook and fasten it to the upper line. Click so light turns on on the left, and the cane will arrive to the little man

Sorry for my bad english

Nice game, hate the loading sign. I'm stuck at Dedo been here for a while could use some help.

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 10:35 AM  

In "Stromoded" - where do I put the Trolls mouth? The little man is sitting on the roof of the clock....


the troll mouth "pine cone" goes on the hook of the clock.

I'm still stuck at Dedo anyone help please.

stuck on vtak anyone got this?

I am out! Will help if needed. Cute game!

NVM I'm out, just needed a little pixel hunting.


Which one was vtak, describe it.

wooden looking bug thing with a yellow seat on it

I'm stuck at vytah. There looks to be a key hole in the trunk of the tree, but I don't see anything to click on. Any suggestions?

describe the ones you are stuck on i will help if i can remember.

If there is a bird in a nest with bug thing, you have to have the bird eat the butterfly as it passes over. Then the bird, ahem, poops and it raises the guy in the pot.

under where you land in the baby birds mouth

@tawanda, I think in vytah you can see an arrow pointing left under after clicking the keyhole. Not sure tough..

@jennamcd: I'm stuck in the level where there is a machine with two grabbing-arms at the wall in a cave. I can push two buttons, but the arms aren't long enough. Any suggestions?

tickled baby bird with grass, now i am under where that was on a green leaf looking at the blueand black dotted wooden bug. can't move or click anything.

Nice game..easy enough too..anyone doing a walkthrough...i can if anyone wants it..?..:)

noor: you need to push the button for the arm on the right when it comes out you click on your man and he will jump in the claw


push the lower arm when it reaches its limit click the guy and he'll jump into the arm.

I'm stuck at the level after it. I opened the door and now I'm stuck with the bottle and string.

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:02 AM  

How do you give the witch the mushroom in "Striga"?


just use the mushroom on the chimney.

red serpent: you need to have bottle full of water and then click on the crab and it will swing over and hit the guy in the door and then it will start to dry itself then click on bottle againa and it will swing and knock the dryer in the water then click on the crab.

Anyone I'm still stuck in RYBA can't figure out what to do with the bottle, fish and the guy standing at the door. Help please...

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:08 AM  

Thanks Red Serpent - now stuck at the Dedo....

can do a walkthrough but will take me a bit if anyone wants one done.


thx that was helpful.

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:10 AM  

Jennamcd - yes, please! :-)

what does dedo look like


for dedo, grab the cane and attach it to the pole behind the sleeping guy, it might take a couple of shots to do it. then turn the valve to the left and rock the chair.

and now I'm out, thx guys for the help.

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:13 AM  

Little man arrives in house with sleeping witch in a rocking chair...the stick can be moved when he finish rocking her...dedo

This comment has been removed by the author.

Am i ever and idiot..here i thought i was done...screen went black and it stopped loading...lol...on level 5 now..how many are there...if anyone knows..?..just curious..:) this way if it happens again..ill know..lol.

I'm still stuck at vytah. There looks to be a key hole in the trunk of the tree, but when I click on it, nothing happens. I don't see an arrow pointing left...Help please

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:20 AM  

Stuck again with butterfly and flowers and key in plant - "Lenochod"

is that the same level as the guy with earphones..?

think the levels are named differently for everyone..

it's the same name, i'm stuck there too! with the butterfly and the other pink thing flying. I just can make the butterfly move!

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:29 AM  

Sugawuga - you must pick the other insect and let little man make it to a balloon....

what do you do after rocking the chair with the old man?

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:31 AM  

Ryba with plus/minus and power on off I don't get

there is no way to catch that stupid ball...#@$%


       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:33 AM  

Mercedes - click the ball first and quickly the vase after :-)

Thank YOU..escapegamer...i finally got it ..lol

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:36 AM  

Any help on Ryba? :-)

what level is that...? how man are there ..!

grndbaygal - thanks a lot!!!

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:42 AM  

Still stuck on Ryba...must make power to lift up the "submarine-thing"

ok here comes walkthrough give me a few secs to type it up.

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:44 AM  

Jennamcd - thanks! :-)

Wasn't bad at all got out pretty easily.

ODOMKNI had a bug in it for me.. When I put key in hole a door was supposed to open. Reloaded round and the door opened 2nd shot.

RYBA - Make sure battle has water in it is hanging 1 lever pull above the fish. click crab car and bottle will swing and get red man wet. he will grab a blow dryer...click crab car again to knock dryer out red man's hands and electrocuting fish

Finished! very cute!
Tnx red serpent and jennamcd for you help with the last two levels!

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:46 AM  

Dayhead - what about some help on Ryba? :-)

Do what Grant said

for the "dedo" lvl: note the kind of blurry wheel on the left (in the hut) - click on it after doing one thing and it's very simple from that point ;]

Only needs to be added I had the left side negative and the right side positive on the control panel. And it would only turn on after the big fish chased me out of the water

lots of loading scenes..cant believe i waited that long for the mushroom scene to load...lol..and it was that easy..good god..

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:54 AM  

Ryba - I am not seeing any red man - only the fish on the left and the crab car on the rock to the right...?!?

try clicking the door he should of came out on his own but...

Escape did you turn the power from the control panel to the left of the door?


Jaskyna- click on the koala then pull light chain look at the door and you will see a code. Click on panel and copy code from door by clicking on the symbols on the panel.

Lanokva- click on switch on the right of the guy. Then turn knob to the right. Turn knob to OFF Then to left. When bat gets back to you grab the hook and attach it to the top of the bat and turn the knob back to the right. Click basket when it gets to you.

Stromoded- click the pipe above the wooden bath. Click the guy watch him pee in tub. Frog will jump away. Click the pipe above again and watch flowers grow. Click on each flower from left to right. Take pinecone out of mountain mans mouth and put on the hook under the clock. Move clock hands to 4:00 watch guy jump on horse. Run mouse down and over and you will see man sitting with headphones on. Click the tablet in his hand and choose the d button. Turn the volume up as high as it will go and watch him raise up. Click the dark spot on the left in his beard. Key will fall. Get key and put in keyhole. Enter cave.

Masozravky- turn red knob on the right. Turn the wheel on the left. Click top center of machine. Turn wheel on right again. Then center again. Then turn wheel on left and click center again. When guy falls click the blades on back of boat.

Tukan- click bird on right plant. When berry grows click green plant above as the tukan throws the berry it will catch the berry. When tukan closes its mouth click green plant again and it will drop the berry and cause the tukan to fall in bucket.

Raftlesia- click dome with girl in it. Click the claw on the right and then quickly click the jug under it to catch the ball. Click the fly on the left wall and when it lands on the plant click the chameleon. Click guy.

Vtak- tickle baby bird with weed by its head. When you fall you land on a lily pad you need to click the stick to your left and use it to get to the shore. Click on the red knob on left once you are on bug lift. Click on the big pot when you get back to top. Wait patiently and a butterfly will fly above you as it nears the baby bird click the birds head and it will eat the butterfly. After it eats the butterfly it will poo and send it to the bucket on the right. You will need it to do this twice to get the bucket your in high enough.

Huba- click the circle under the wheel and click the right arrow 2 times click the wheel on the tuba and after it fills jug with water click the left arrow on circle 1 time and then click the jug of water to water the mushroom. Guy will walk on his own.

Striga- click the red dot then the window see witch and notice the mushroom above the house. Pick it up and move it to the chimmney and drop it in. watch the witch and click the pot or her and when her hands are clapping and rubbing together click the lift swithc behind her. Then red dot on lift.

Dedo: grab the cane from the front of old man. Put it on the brown circle behind the old man. Click your guy and then click the wheel on the floor to the left when the chair stops rocking. Then click your guy again to make chair rock again. When he gets back to the lift click the wheel on the floor once more. Then button on lift to go down.

Vytah- click the keyhole in the cave wall and then notice a brown arrow in the bottom left corner. Click the arrow.

Lenochod-click the butterfly. Click the floating spider thing. Click the butterfly. Click the sloth once the flower grows. After he eats the flower click him again. He burps the key down. Guy gets key on his own.

Odomkni- click the keyhole and enter cave. Click the crab machine turn the power on the the panel that popped up. Click the right arm button and when arm extends click on your guy and he will jump in the arm. Click on the bar and raise it up and you will fall down to water and next level.

Ryba- click key pad by the cave door and turn the + on left and - on right then turn the red knobs above and below and watch it. Funny looking thing comes out of door. Click on the light under the water and quickly click on the crab machine to get out of water. Look above the crab machine and click the right red button twice and it will raise a bottle out of the water. Click on the left arm of the crab it will swing bottle of water over to funny guy. Guy will then dry his self and you must click the left arm of crab again to knock the dryer out of his hand. Once that is done it will get rid of the fish in the water.

Ending - just watch cute reunion.

Thanks for the walkthrough jennamcd

what happened to the Vtak level it finished after he got the girl?

This game was so cute! I had to go play the first one too. Not as good as wogger but very fun in its own way :)

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:47 PM  

Now this is just great, i´m not a big fan of downloading and paying for games but with Haluz 2 i did a couple of weeks ago after waiting for more than a year to do so, and now it´s online here..............typically
Full i guess.
Anyway, this game is fantastic, very beautiful and a pleasure to play. In the style of Samorost,Wogger,Gwen or Priscilla in the desert.

       Anonymous  2/19/08, 11:54 PM  

Thanks for the walkthrough! :-)

Only thing is that in Ryba no funny looking red thing is coming out of the door...

So I am not getting any further...

       Anonymous  2/20/08, 12:03 AM  

Finally - I had to push all 4 red knobs in the same time before the door opened.

Beautiful game - fantastic graphics - great fantasy!

Realy cute game!!! Enjoyed it a lot. Thanks jennamcd for the help.

what happened to the rest of the game it didn't load Vtak. Did you have to purchase that part?

im in the cave and all i can do is bring up the control from the crab it will only let me push 1 button at a time. all that does is extend his arm 1 ata time

       Anonymous  2/21/08, 9:36 PM  

wat am i supposd 2 do @ de third level? i ve been standn ovr that clock for 20mins not knwin wat 2 do!!

       Anonymous  2/21/08, 9:46 PM  

hey Mel ow did yu get off tat TUKAN level??

       Anonymous  2/28/08, 9:43 PM  

I love this game, is excellent!!!!! Really nice! Everybody should try it!

I have trouble w/ this: "Masozravky- turn red knob on the right. Turn the wheel on the left. Click top center of machine. Turn wheel on right again. Then center again. Then turn wheel on left and click center again. When guy falls click the blades on back of boat."!!!! After I turn the red knob, I am lost! Please help me w/ EXACTLY what I am supposed to do! I have the guy stuck in the dinosaur's mouth and I can't get him to fall out! :(

i'm stucked in level lenochod i don't know what to do

Look at @jennamcd's walkthrough in this page, posted 19/2/08 21:08

       Anonymous  5/8/10, 8:05 AM  

Yeah! Beat it! Anyone need help?

working link:


       Anonymous  5/13/18, 2:12 AM  

caught the first part from the random section & decided to play this one, too

thx for all your creations, SS ☺

thx for the working link, just1
& thx jenna for the WT

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