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Escape Orange Room

Escape the Orange Room Walkthrough[REPLAY] Finally we have released our first sponsored point and click room escape game created by 2keys Games, who is also creator of Escape Library, Escape Pink Room, Escape Magenta Room and Escape Green Room games. In this game, again you are locked in a room and you need to escape the orange room by finding, using objects and solving puzzles. Make sure that you remember that you have a limited inventory space. So if you don't need something anymore, put it back where you found it to free up a slot in inventory. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Orange Room Escape

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gues..im not leaving yet..:)..so u have to colect chips..and put them in "safe"

Sweet! Another new 1. ;D

6 puzzle piece...wonder how many to go...

i think..when the guy breaks out of here..he ll reconsider that mariage..

..ok..got 6 of them..mel..u?

u got 6?..hmm..where did u get them?
-in the bed
-under the bed (in origami)
-in toaster
-one behind the table bed (dont get confuse by a condom :)))
-one was on the flor..in the begining i think
-and one..cant remember :D

o ya..one was on the self near the window

8 blocks & 4 numbers...still don't know where to put them. Can't access the safe (?) behind the wall.

click on the picture maaanyyy times it fil fal of eventualy..and u need 16 puzzles..

please..where did u get them :D

Thanks shade. Almost over look the 1 by the bed table.

Now have 9 pieces & can access the safe behind the wall. Seems like need to find 7 more pieces.

1 behind 1 of the coconut leaf and 1 by shaking the wine bottle or glass on the table lots...have to recall...

Oh, 1 is inside the light summer dress (hanging on wall light pink dress), turn it behind & unzip it. :>

1 is between the 2 purple tower hanging by the door.

i suspect there's 1 in 1 of the coconut but can't break open it. :(

use the small samuri sword on the coconuts. Small samuri sword is found under the bed by clicking the left leg

tnx jenni..but still six mising..and i have to go now..

:)..tnx for help and company

by by

Thanks Jenni. Got that 1. 6 more to go. Any1 manage to solve the TV thingy yet?

not yet mel... and I only have 5 to go... how frustrating

Theres a vibrator in the drawer with the hand cuffs use the nail file from the make up back to unscrew it and get a game chip thinggy.

make up bag*** sorry! :)

thanks Leah... I kind of thought the vibrator might be useful, lol

sorry but i dont understand that thing with the bottle! Can anybody help me, please?

This game is sooo dirty I wonder what we do out side the window i can open it and look out it but cant click anything and i tried every way with the tv bunny ears and just got the bars and fuzz as usual.

damn. its a puzzle that you have to solve when you got all pieces!
i dont like puzzle´s!

Think we need only 4 more as the blocks looks like a sliding puzzle.

Btw, i agree, should list this game as "not suitable for kidz; too many audit stuff. :p

@mel, how do you mean that with the bottle?

Typo error. adult stuff i meant. ;p

Ok, found another 1 on the shelve beside window. Got to click lots on the right bottom side (you can hear the sound) till you see inside of shelve. ;>

3 more to go. ;o

i suspect there's might be 1 in the vent, fan & window...still trying... :(

Ana... click the bottle, glass and candle... while they are above the table, click the table

There is one inside the table bed too:)

anyone know where the rope goes??? i need the room and cant figure it out... id really appreciate it.

where is the vibrator i only get cuffs dress and 3 bras

I suggest right clicking the screen a and zooming in to find the vibrator, move the pregnancy dress and there will be a little pink thing next to the red thong and thats the vibrator.

There is another tile in BETWEEN the two towels next to the window... Near the pole between them...PIXEL HUNT! ;)

got it i tks 4 to go

The vibrator is under the pregnant dress.

Any1 found the last 3 pieces yet?


also the picture on the puzzle changes with every game the other one was a bee and this one is a bird.

Another one in between the cushions of the tan foot rest next to the coat rack...Pixel hunt again

how can I open the safe???

Mine is a running man...sign...might need to give up... rather late here...Ok, another 15 mins. ;p

Thanks midnight! 2 more to go!!! ;D

rope location?? anyone? please?

rope is in the third drawer of the bedside table.
I can´t open the safe.HELP

thanks felfel!!

Found another number in the middle of the 4 red dot by the bed.

I still don't understand how you got the wine bottle to give a puzzle piece by shaking it....?

felfel, does that mean you already got all the puzzle pieces??

Btw, why you need the rope for, Heather?

midnight... you click on the glass, wine bottle and candle quickly so that they are all in the air at the same time then click the table

Sorry midnight, correction, think i got it by click all the object on the table, while they were up, click the table & got the pieces... i think, cos i click too many time till i forgot. Sorry. :p

There's another piece in the lining of the make-up bag. Open with the sword.

I have only 11 pieces but I need to put them in somewhere to continue, isn't it? I can't continue!!!:(

how is anyone getting more pieces when their inventory is full???

mel, i just needed to put it back bc i took it out on accident...dont need it for anything as far as i know

Are there any in the window? Cause that is one of the only other places that has nothing...

felfel, you need to put the pieces inside the black box on the safe.

but how can I open the safe?

       Anonymous  10/20/07, 10:05 AM  

mel... what did you mean 1 piece between the 2 purple tower hanging by the door?

Oh sorry!!I'm stupid. Thank mel

Thanks stienbabe!! 1 more to go!!! Power of forum. ;D

i need to find one more piece..

       Anonymous  10/20/07, 10:07 AM  

mel... never mind; i think you meant between the 2 purple towels hanging by the window? Just figured that out; sorry.

Sorry Sharron, i meant by the window...so many typo error, i must be losing my concentration...it's late anyway. ;D

1 more piece!!! so close & yet so far... Help~i wanna go to bed. ;p

I need 2 pieces.is there someone under the bed?I don't find nothing in the origami

You got to unfold the origami to get the piece.

Still missing two pieces...any help?

No Jenni, stuck here too. But i believe we miss only 1 piece, as need a blank space to do the final puzzle thingy.

benim oyun kapandı yaaaa:(

ive zoomed and clicked everywhere i think ill give give up now

I return. I need only 1 piece. something new???
I found 2 number. is there some more?

fel... where did you find the piece? I need two and I'm stuck.

..so i we got..

-bedside table, the second drawer..u get one chip
-behind bedside table..another chip
-on the bed..remove pilows and blanket..u get the 3 chip
-below bed..click on the beds left leg few times..u get a sword
-click on origami-get the 4 chip
-cut the coconat with sword..got the 5th one
-turn one palm branches..now u got 6 chips
-the 7th is in the pink dress..u have to turn it around and unzip it..
-the 8th is in makeup kit (cut it with the sword)
-and also get the nail file-use it on a vibrator and get the 9th one (the wibrator is in the drawer)
-10th is below the table..u have to clik on every item on it..and then on the table-it falls on the ground
-11th on the shlef near the window
-12 between to towels
-13 in the toaster
-14 in the cushins..

-one number in the "carpet" on the wall..between 4 red dots
-another one on the glass candle holder beside the bed
-number..on the knitting below the bed
-number..on the curling iron
-number..on powder
-dont know..if there is a number 0 on the snickers..or is it just a circle

..has anybody got anything difrent??..:)))

stuck at the same place...sleepy....

what is cushins? I'm spanish and i don´t understand.I have the same 14 pieces ,mel.

Where in the second Drawer..? (maybe that one i am missing...hmmm)

       Anonymous  10/20/07, 11:12 AM  

felfel... shade meant between the cushions of the footstool... ummmm... between the cojin of the escabel(?)

The foot stool right next to the coat rack. In between the cushions.

felfel..i ment sofa..near the exit door..u got that one..

midnight..dont think u re mising that one..the second/middle drawer in the bedside table

thanks sharron.then I've got the same piece.

There might also be a black number somewhere since there's a white 1...

have anyone opened vent?the last piece could be on it

Last piece is in sleeve of green jacket!!!! Right hand sleeve as you view it click on the little v-shaped bit and it will move.

Found the last piece!!!! Inside the left sleve of the green jacket!!! Got it from other website. ;D

last chip is in green jacket (right sleeve when You look on computer)


Found a safe but can't click to zoom in!!!!

use the rope in the drawer

what safe do u mean?

Which is the order of the numbers for the code?

The order of the number is from the TV screen color, now got magic wand!!! ;D

use the hammer in the wall near the palm and you find a safe

What to do with the magic wand???:S

Stuck at the same place, me no ferry god mother, some help please.....

use wand to make strong sword.. use on window bars...
stuck... any ideas how to get out window?

stuck too..dress up that lovely party dress..it ll go along with your wand..then take a picture..and send it to me :D

Ha ha!!! i use it on the bra & got a gigantic woman's bra!!! Stuck again! ;p

maby the gigantic bra is your parashut :D

i'm out!!! Thanks misty!!! Ha ha! Funny end!!! ;D

You got it Shade!! ;D ;p

Good nite every1, thanks for your help! Never thought i lasted so long...now can go for my beaty sleep using the magic wand!!! Ha ha ha!!! ;D ;D ;D ;p

Triple D's to the rescue...


where is the 1 in the toaster?

stoke sue..u click on the toaster..and when the toasts flip out..u can see a bit of a chip in the right spot..u just have to click wery fast..to get it before the toasts fall back in :)

the safe wont open 4me.i put the numbers by the order of the tv and nothing.what am i doing wrong?can u please help me?thanks

i have 709251 or 709257 i cant understand the shoe.is seems like 7 and 1 but either of this opens the safe....why?why?what am i doing wrong?

any tips on how to solve the picture puzzle. I cannot get it.

Hey guys. I've tried my hardest to find the last piece of the puzzle and it seems to be the one in the beige footstool- but I can't find it! I've zoomed in and everything! Can you be more specific as to where it is? Cheers :)

joanna try 892071. open the safe and get that stick out make your sword big on your screen and go to on your sword with that stick and make your sword big.you can cut window bars...i stuck there

..maby u sorted them wrong..
-on the wall..between 4 red dots...BLUE
-on the glass candle holder beside the bed, YELLOW
-on the knitting below the bed GREEN
-on the curling iron PURPLE
-on powder RED
-snickers WHITE

stress jess try to click between that two pillows..you are on the place

i need help..i can not go out of the window

Ah found it :) Just needed to click on the exact right spot... that was ridiculous lol

stress..this is hard to explain..in english..

..try this..

it was my first game here..game over..thank you shade...:))

i cant seem to openthe safe either!:S
i ookthe colors from the tv, all in the tight order! eventried it the other way round, but it wont work !! :(

got iiiiiiiiit !! the 7 was a 1 !!:P

ok now i DO have a prob!!
the sword wont work on the window!!!

figured it out!
for those who get stuck u need to click all the way around the bars for it to fall out!

How do u get out of the window?

wat cushions are you talking about?

Yeeeehaaaa!Thanx everybody! Took me a while, but thanx to you guys!!!OMG!Struggled to get into that safe to get the wand...think Iæll have to check my color vision! Pillowtime!

@Cusack: There are three bras in the drawer, use the wand on the D-cup-bra, then you will get a super-bra. Use it with the window. :D

where is the hammer ??????? help meeeeeeee

HELP !! I have read all the comment found all but 1 puzzle piece could someone please do a walkthrough on the puzzle pieces I am going crazy but looking for over 1 hour
thank you

hmmm.. hammer? what hammer... where did you find it? also, confused about the safe. found the safe with black square to store puzzle pieces, but no place to imput numbers I've found. Is there another safe hiding somewhere?

the list so far.. still missing one puzzle piece -

-bedside table, the second drawer..u get one chip
-behind bedside table..another chip
-on the bed..remove pilows and blanket..u get the 3 chip
-below bed..click on the beds left leg few times..u get a sword
-click on origami-get the 4 chip
-cut the coconat with sword..got the 5th one
-turn one palm branches..now u got 6 chips
-the 7th is in the pink dress..u have to turn it around and unzip it..
-the 8th is in makeup kit (cut it with the sword)
-and also get the nail file-use it on a vibrator and get the 9th one (the wibrator is in the drawer)
-10th is below the table..u have to clik on every item on it..and then on the table-it falls on the ground
-11th on the shelf near the window
-12 between handtowels
-13 in the toaster
-14 in the cushins tan footstool

-one number in the "carpet" on the wall..between 4 red dots
-another one on the glass candle holder beside the bed
-number..on the knitting below the bed
-number..on the curling iron
-number..on powder in makeup case
-dont know..if there is a number 0 on the sneekers..or is it just a circle

...did anyone else find the number 7 on one of the red shoes near the bed?

To Sweetgracie

Thank you, Thank you
You are a lifesaver !!!!


you must be missing the same one as me.
I guest all we can do is keep looking.

Where is the "snickers"? It won't let me click on the safe. I guess I have to find that before I can use the safe.

15th puzzle piece is green jacket right sleeve... keep clicking on the small V-shape mark until it comes out it's sleeve.

also solved the second safe/hammer problem. It just came to me... try solving the puzzle in the first safe...lol found hammer... found other safe...

by the way... no snickers.. they were trying to spell sneekers... you know... the white tennis shoes by the coat hanger...lol took me a while to figure that one out too...lol

now.. trying to imput TV color code into second safe in wall. not sure how to get it to imput code. nothing is happening...

grrrrrrr... it wont let me imput TV color code into safe in wall. Any suggestions out there?

stienbabe. you are BRILLIANT!

Still stuck at wall safe. combination lock wont move.. I've zoomed in.. clicked everywhere.. but nothing happens. I can't figure out how to imput TV color code into safe. Help!

I know someone figured it out.. you found the magic wand inside.

sweet gracie,

Forgive me if you already know what I am about to say, but you must put the numbers in the color order on the TV which remains the same, but the numbers change game to game. I would double check every number and make sure you view them all before trying to put them in the safe. I had a completely different number than what is listed in previous poasts.

sheesh... had to go to another website to find answer to safe/combination problem. Use rope to pull safe out of wall, this will allow you to imput TV color code into combination.

now, Im having a hard time getting the sword to cut all the bars. the blinds seem to be blocking some of the top bars. I'll keep trying. Anyone else figure this one out... let me know...

thank you, viper! I knew about the different numbers for each gameplayer. was just having troubles getting the combination to accept my numbers. had to figure out I needed to pull safe from wall with rope first..

now.. back to those troublesome iron bars. cant seem to get the top ones to cut with sword... lol

FINALLY !! cut bottom and sides of bars.. they fell away! (never thought I would be saying this but.....)... Thank goodness for that BIG pick BRA !!

Great game. quite a challange.

Thank you, everyone !

After all the help i got from the rest, i thought i should post a walkthru to benefit those who play later & need some help. ;p


Scene with bed:
1 under blanket
1 behind bed table
1 under bed origami
1 inside bed table

1 number on oil lamp (Yellow)
1 number on yarn under bed (Green)
1 number in centre of 4 red dot (Blue)

* Get Samurai sword from under the bed - left leg (knock couple of times)

Scene with window:
1 on the bottom right side of the shelve
1 between purple tower
1 in toster (got to click real fast before the toast pop back in)
1 under table (got to move all object up & click on table to get it; glass, candle, bottle & table)

1 number on curling iron (Purple)

* Safe behind picture (use samuri sword found under bed left leg to cut the hanging string); put the puzzle pieces into the black box on the safe

Scene with door:
1 inside the make up kit lining
1 on the left top sleve of green jacket (click the clumb & move it down)
1 inside summer dress (turn behind & unzip)
1 between seat (where the middle vertical line meet the bottom horizontal line; NOT the top line where it form a cross but below)
1 inside vibrator which is hidden under the pregnant dress & red underwear (use nail file-inside make up kit)

1 number on white shoes (White)
1 number inside compact power which can be found inside make up kit (Red)

* Get Nail file from the make up kit (Red bag on dressing table); also get D-cup bra inside the dresser (the 1 with a red flower in the middle).

Scene with tree:
1 behind the leaf
1 inside coconut (use samuri sword)

* Turn on the TV & note the colour sequence (Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue & White); You'll need it later.

=> Put all puzzle pieces into the black box on the safe & complete the sliding puzzle.

Get a mallet/hammer from the safe & use it on
torn wall beside the TV. Knock it till you see the safe.

Get rope from 3 drawer of the bedside table & use it on the safe.

According to the TV colour sequence, input the numbers you have found according. Get Magic wand.

Use Magic wand on Samuri sword & turn it into "a strong samurai sword". Use it on side & bottom metal bars of the window.

Use Magic wand on D-cup bra & turn it into a "gigantic woman's bra". Use bra on window & you are out!

The End. ;D

Still trying to figure out where this bra is located. I have completed everything else up to that point. Wnere is the bra?

As i've mention, bra is inside the dresser. Be in the scene where you face the door, open the dresser & click on your left bottom corner.

I can't find the bra I've only got a red dress handcuffs and a vibrator in the dresser draw

that woulda been a really good game..same for the slide puzzle..i quit.

Woulda been a great game except for the stupid slider puzzle. And I wonder how much the game designer's fiancee appreciated all the sexual innuendo. A bit TMI, IMHO.

Have you lot used all the vibrators because there is none in my drawer, there is everything else but that?

I'm out! Nice final! :))
Thank you guys for all the hints!

to authors:
Your games are excellent, and the mini puzzle add a lot to them. Keep up the great work!

where is the one behind bedside bed

in the view with the bed
-->click behind the table till you see the condom
-->click the grey thing on the back to get the chip

it was a tough one =P

I tried to put the numbers on the safe according to the colors but it is not working! Is it the code 747777? I found all seven

ok i have all my numbers and i have triple checked them! they are right! and i have them in the order that t.v. has the colors! nothing is happening with the safe! HELP!

How do you get the little chips out of the oragami, dress, etc etc...???

When I pick up the oragami, it just goes into my inventory, and then I can't figure out what to do with it from there.

Please help!

I cant get the one out of the green jacket. How do I get it?

How do i get the chip for the jacket?

To get the puzzle piece in the origami, pick it up then double click on it in your inventory. Double click on the bottom right part of the origami, then double click the bottom part and it will unfold to show you the puzzle piece.

To puzzle piece in the green jacket is in the right sleeve. You have to click on a crease near the shoulder and it will come down a bit. Click it again until the piece eventually falls out of the sleeve.

To get the safe out, use the rope on it to pull it out. The rope is in the bottom drawer next to the bed.

As for the numbers, every game changes the numbers so there's no set code for the safe. You have to find all the numbers (they're listed a few posts above) and put them in the order of the colours on the TV screen from left to right (there's no number for black).

OMG yes after a few hours and funny thing was...i got two of the C cup bras before the D cup...but thanks for everyones post because the only thing i did on my own was put in the numbers and did the game...but thanks again!! :)

ok... for the record. I SUCK AT SLIDING PUZZLES!!
how do i beat it??


       Anonymous  10/28/07, 11:40 AM  

i cant find 1
i cut open coconut
i did the toaster
i got 1 under bed sheet
i got the 1 from the origami
2nd drawer pink dildo summer dress beach palms 1 next 2 window table cuson towels green jacket behind bed table sword + makeup kit n cant find last 1

       Anonymous  10/28/07, 11:40 AM  

can some 1 tell me where all r i need 1 more please

I have no idea how to get into the safe i put in all kinds of number combinations the order on the tv is black 1, purple 5, green 8, yellow 6, red 6, blue 3, white 9. but thats 7 numbers my safe only has 6 digits, i put black first and didnt work purple nope how do i get it to work? and i think i have all the right numbers

       Anonymous  10/28/07, 4:15 PM  

I hate the slider!!!! i can't do it

i cant seem to get the chip thats in the bed side table. please help

I can't get the piece from under the table! I lift the glass, candle and bottle, make the table shake, and nothing. Do I need to click in any particular place?

Rachel, make sure you have space in your "inventory box"

how do u get th chip oot o th coat?

the only thing in my drawer was the handcuffs where is the vibrater!!!!!

never mind i found it, but where is the chip on the window??r

       Anonymous  10/29/07, 4:23 PM  

What is the freakin purple tower?

I have two more chips but i cant get the one in the green jacket please help.

The chip is on the shelf to the left of the window,the towers are the 2 towels on the towel rack, and click on the little v on the right sleeve of the jacket until it falls out.

Okay so I can't seem to find the number on the white shoes or the pink/red compact

there is a puzzle piece behind 1 of the palm tree leaves

i cant get the one behind the bed side table please help ive been at this for a while, i head someone say something abou the gray spot but all i see is a reflection and a condom, ive tried clicking everywhere

i need help with the one behind the bed side table please respond soon!

You go bag the bedside table and look in the bagcorner, you can only see a bit of it

cant bit slider pzl! hlp!

ok am i stupid? i cant figure ou tthe slider puzzle but i got EVERYTHING else.

ok i figured everything out except it wont let me get the bra. damn.

OK, I solved the puzzle, found the save but where can I find the combination????

I can't find the chip in the cushins! Please someone help me!


omg! what do you DO with the Dcup Bra??? I need one more chip, I assume it is some how in the Bra. I CANT GET IT OUT!!!

lol NVM found the piece! imatard FTW

ok GUYS just a heads up in the drawer there is ALOT of langurey (bras) in the drawer with the hang cuffs and there is a pink dildoe also behind the dresser is an over used condom and at the bedside is a sex lubracant (oil 4 sex)
im perverted XD o adladies ;) lol

       Anonymous  11/22/07, 7:33 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

This is like so hard!!!! I cant even go 5 mins with out gettin confused maybe its b/c i have the common sense of a poodle haha jk!!! :) even with the walkthrew!!! idk

How do you get the one in the makeup liner?

how do you get into the make up lining?

i cant solve the puzle!!! ugg its so annoying!

how to get the game chip in make up bag

there is a stichy thing in the makeup bag use the sword to cut it pick up the chip the end (lol)

P.S the puzzle suuuuuper hard!

Help i need a walkthrough!!!

Help i need a walkthrough!!!

Help i need a walkthrough!!!

There is a walkthru check the comments....

How do you get the one near the towels????
I really need help!!!


where is the safe???

i cant find the one behind the palm branch. thats the nly one i need. please help!!!

to get the puzzle piece imbetween the towels, right click the screen and zoom in two or three times, then click around the top and it will show the middle of the towel on the left-- thats where the puzzle piece is!! = ]

i need help on the puzzle igat duck

where is the vibrator?????
i cant even find the red underwear
and is the red dress the dress for pregent??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

please help!!!
i cant find the vibrator! it's the only piece missing!

this game rox! thanx 4 the walkthrough mel. it helped lots!

This comment has been removed by the author.
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