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Old Castle 2

Old Castle II WalkthroughOld Castle II is the second episode of Old Castle 1 point and click type adventure game from DooDoo.Ru site. In this adventure, you have to explore old castle to find and use somethings in order to leave from old castle. Good luck and have fun!

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Not loading for me

Not loading for me either.

Me either.

I got this link from the Nordhino forum:


it loads in firefox for me. this is what i have done so far:

take candle, 2 sticks, knife, rope, piece of wood
use the wood to make fire and light candle
put burning wood on skull a few times to take crown
with the knife you can clear a message under the picture
use rope on pictures 2 times (and cut it afterwards)
put crown on picture and turn it a few times to make a hole
then take the crown and cut the picture with the knife
take the puzzle piece on the left and look at the crown to go to another place

ty cazoob!

*Nordinho sorry

made a hammer and used cloth on the knight

I clicked something and then it said I was a dead duck and that was it lol

to open the door: set the number on the brick to 1, then turn the dial on the knight and check where the number 2 in the middle ends up: if it goes to the left then set the first lever to the left and vice versa. then set the number on the stone to 2 and repeat....

use the rope with the hammer and smash the door.

am i the only one playing?

I'm playing. Still having trouble with the brick and the levers and the knight.

tom,can you tell me how to use wood to make fire,please?

i've picked up 5 nails and made a sort of ladder. also have a red and a blue pill

@chuchun: to make fire rub the 2 pieces of wood together untill they burn

tom,thanks.got it.

Ok, after losing a couple fingers I've fed the red and blue tablets to the skeleton and I've gone static electricity on the hammer from rubbing it on the handcuffs. What's next?

you can also put static electricity on the panels and put a wig on the skeleton. if you push back the brick with the number you find a gem

put the white gem into the crown to get to a new location

tom,how to use the crown to make a hole? i have been dead many times.tks

lol the skeleton has just painted a picture

shuchun: first reveal the latin phrase with the knife below the painting, then use the rope on the painting 2 times, then put the crown in the middle of the painting and turn it a few times. take back the throne. if you click on the crown again you can spin it to go to another location

i now have found a greem gem to put in the crown

i have a rope, a crown, a skull, a knife, a stick and 2 pieces of wood.i lit the candle and clear the bricks to get message. i can't use the rope on the picture and i put anything on the picture it breaks and the game is finished:(( help me!

tom, thanks. finally got it!
gigi,see tom's post at 07:34

omg.. I must be dumb... !! Dial on the knight ??? I can't find a dial.. also someone wrote use rope with hammer on the door.. I don't have anymore rope.. ??
Help, someone, please !!

i cant use the rope more than once! how do you do it?

How do you start the fire? I have one stick and two boards. I've tried everywhere?

to start fire:
rub the two flat pieces of wood together in the item area. you will hear a sound while doing so.


it doesn't let me do it. just puts the wood back and then after a few more tries tells me i'm a "dead duck". lol. i must be a moron!

do it before you break the picture

where is the green gem?

kingme... click one piece of wood and drag it back and forth on the other...

I need help with the levers please... I can't find a dial ..

christine: rub the chest of the hanging knight with the piece of cloth in his hand a few times.

cat:you get the green gem after the skeleton has painted the 2 pictures and you hang them near the lion

your way ahead of me
I'm stuck at the night and the dial
there is also a rock on the left of a screne that I can pick up but can't do anything with it

need a walkthrough Tom

cat: that is not a rock but a wig, you can put it on the skeleton later. click the brick near the door so that it shows the number one. then go to the night and turn the dial on his chest. if the number 2 in the centre of the dial points to the right then set the first lever (the red one) to the right. if the number 2 on the dial points to the left then set the lever to the left. if the number 2 points up or down then dial again. then put number 2 on the brick and repeat these steps

Every time I'm dead! :-( What's my mistake? Help please!

babe, have you scratched the stones with the knife under the painting? also, don't cut the painting with the knife (you can do that later on)

I have tried the picture about 40 times and always die. I use knife to get the message then the rope 2 times on picture then the crown. The crown goes back to items then I am dead.

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 11:42 AM  

Catbless, you have to cut the rope after you use it the first time. Use it on the top left corner and cut the bottom excess off. Then, use the rope on the top right corner of the picture. Once you have it in an "x" on the picture, put the crown in the middle.

catbless, once you've cut a hole in the painting and taken back the crown, you can click on the crown again and spin it round till you see the red jewel. click on this jewel and you go to another scene

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 11:45 AM  

Tom, I'm stuck after I opened the door with the headless skeleton. What do I do now?

Thank you ghcarter7 it worked. I was putting the rope in the middle of the pic... duh!

carter, put the skull on his head. then make a hammer with the stone and the long stick and the leftover rope. go back to the first scene using the crown and smash the knight with the hammer to receive two pills. go back to the second scene and smash the door lying on the ground with the hammer. pick up 5 nails and construct an ezel with the wood. then put the nails on the ezel and hammer them in. put the blue pill between the 2 sticks from the fire and feed them to the skeleton. repeat for the red pill. put the wig in the bottom corner on the head of the skeleton. put the ezel in front of the skeleton and pull down the handcuffs and lock them with the knife in the opening on the left. then press the stone with the number to get another jewel you can put in the crown. yo can also charge the hammer and the sticks by rubbing them against the chain of the handcuffs

also, make sure the skeleton doesn't bite off your fingers. when he has bitten of all your fingers you die. you can continue if you are missing fingers but it makes moving difficult

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 11:57 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

in the new scene pick up the 2 paintings, burn the throne with the candle and pick up the brush. pick up the paint under the haystacks (also pick up all the cards you come across). pick up the rightmost haystack from the second row and rub it against the knight untill a key drops. go back to the red gem spot and give the brush and paint to the skeleton put the paintings on the ezel (one after the other) and the skeleton will paint them for you. go back to the white gem location and hang the paintings to the left and right side of the lion and pick up the green gem.

how in the world do you build an easel?

never mind got it

in the green gem location open the cupboard with the key and pick up two cards and the aquarium key. in the screen with the table push down all the sticks and press the lever. pick up straw and card. go to white gem location and put straw in the mug of the drunk skeleton. pick up map and card. put your hay in the haystack and pick up the middle hay from the 3rd row. go to the aquarium and unlock it with the key. put the hay in the aquarium and stir it with the firesticks until the orange gem drops. break aquarium with hammer and pick up gem and put it in the crown. put the map from the druk skeleton on the table and turn it around (this is a bit tricky). read the 4 names from left to right. each explorer has a matching direction, for instance columbus=west, marco polo=southeast. go to the cupboard and enter these 4 directions using the magnetically charged hammer, left to right. pick up the brain and smash it 2 times with the hammer. go to white gem location and hit his head with the hammer and put the brain in. answer the question he asks you

something's wrong and i'm stuck because of it... or maybe i just can't do a simple thing? how did you make the skeleton paint those pictures? i put a painting on the easel and nothing happens... and yes, i gave him paint and brush... what else?!

did you give him the pills and is he wearing the wig?

oh, now it works, thanks a lot :)

my directions are'nt working.
do they change in every game?

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 1:24 PM  

tom, I can't get the knight to drop the key. I've rubbed the hay over him several times but no key.

they do, cat. Match the explorers to their discovery. For instance Amundsen was the first to travel the southpole =S. Cortez discovered Mexico=W. Tasman discovered New Zealand=SE etcetera

carter, you have to rub the hay on the dagger for 10 seconds or more. are you sure you have the right bit of hay? i don't know if the bit of hay that has the key changes from game to game....you could try it with another piece of hay.

wow, how is the common person supposed to know that. Alot of research for this game

lol, you can look it up on wikipedia.
i have to go now. i haven't finished the game myself btw. good luck everybody.

can someone do a full walkthrough

as far as I can play Tom was doing a great job on a walkthrough. Look back at Tom's posts

I hate games like this. I don't want to restart over and over again.

How do you build the easel?

I have the names Francis Drakus Willem Barents Fedinandus Cortesius and Rooaldus Amundsen. Anyone know what they discovered and the direction?

put the boards on the right wall

Each of those names is a different explorer. Ferdinand, Drake, Cortez... just in a different language.

thanks for easel tip. Needed that too.

Thanks, Cat.

no problem
any one need any help up to where im stuck?

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 2:25 PM  

Drake = East
Cortez = South
Amundsen = North
And I would say that Barents = north east

Which of the 'mini walkthroughs' posted above relate to the second scene?

The scene I'm stuck at has a suit of armor hanging from two ropes, and a boarded up door.. etc.

I've picked up a few items but can't make any progress past that..

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 2:31 PM  

You take the cloth from the knight's hand and then rub it on his chest a few times. Once you have revealed the dial, go to the other door in that scene and click on the brick to the left. When it has a number one on it, go back to the dial on the knight and spin it. Whichever direction the 2 in the middle of the dial ends up, go back to the door and point the lever on the left side of the wall that direction. Change the brick to a "2" and repeat.

jim, rub the chest of the knight with cloth

Just put the brain in the Skull.. stuck now! the direction thing was a pain!

does anyone know the directions for vasco de gama and fridtjof nansen?

Cheryl I think Nasen is NE... not sure though.

stuck in the same place

I think the first side of the map has something to do with the orange gem. stuck though

I put the puzzle peices in the frame beside the drunk but they are all mixed up and I can move them

I did that too. missing two pieces though

missing two as well

how do you build the easel or w/e the spelling is? I can't get it

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 3:12 PM  

I'm stuck in the same spot. I tried to go in the direction the skeleton pointed, but it didn't let me. I'm also missing two puzzle pieces.

Brendan- take the smashed wood planks and place them on the right wall. once you do that... hammer the nails into the planks.

Found another piece of the puzzle by the fish tank.

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 3:24 PM  

I found another piece on the knight hanging by the rope. I clicked in the area where his head is supposed to be. Still looking for the other one.

managed to get two of my fingers bit off
I really don't want to start over

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 3:42 PM  

I think you have to complete the puzzle before you can go any further but I can't find the last piece. I've been to all the different places and I just don't see it.

got two more pills from the knight and fed them to the skeleton in the hallway
he grew horns and hair
going to try and get more pills

I don't think it does anything other than make the skeletons grow hair

Had to start over because my fingers haha. What are the directions for nansen, cortesius, tasman, and drakus

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 3:57 PM  

Do you think the spears in the first level mean anything? Like do we have to make them all face to the right or left?

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 3:59 PM  

NE, W, SE, E


Drake is S
Cort is W I beleive

not sure about the spears
I think we missed something in the picture frame at the beginning, it was probably showing some clues

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 4:01 PM  

No problem!

Ok I am back and playing and stuck on getting the map to flip, I do not have any names on it just #'s and symbols and it is torn at the bottom?

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 4:03 PM  

If you click down at the bottom right of the map, it should let you turn it.

got it, never mind LOL

ghcharter did you see the piece to the left of the paintin skeleton?

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 4:12 PM  

Yes, I believe I got that one already.

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 4:27 PM  

I'm giving up for now. Will try to play tomorrow. Hopefully someone will have completed it by then.

Ahh this is getting old lol. I might have to come back later! good luck!

we need Tom back

Yes time to quit. Go Bears LOL

my explorers are Drakus, Nansen, De Gama, and Tasman, man i need some help, when i google it or wiki it the page comes up in a different language, i need help!!!!

my explorers are Drakus, nansen, de gama, and tasman....i need help

i have nansen, tasman, de gama, and drakus as my explorers, i need help for the directions

1 puzzle peice is in the first lvl, brake the original pictuer glass, i still need help with the directions

nan is NE
Drak is E

alright i feel stupid. i cant get the skull to go on his head, and i dont understand that spinny thing with the levers. help

This comment has been removed by the author.

smash head of throne skull with hammer then smash brain 2 times then put it in head, answer 2+2 then the skeliton will put up his arms but he wont let u in, also i put 11 cards on grey gem wall, cant find the 12th one tho, im stuck, i will resume tommorow mybe

Can we have a walkthrough. Most of the hints are so confusing, I don't know what to do

Sorry if I've missed this, but I gave the skeleton his skull and everytime I spin the crown, I stay in the same place??

I agree with Boater - a walkthrough would be great if anyone has the time or energy. No way would I have figured that dial on the knight stuff out without Tom's help! I like a challenge, but gheez! Call me dense but I'm not seeing any logic.

i dont think there is a complete walkthrough yet...but theres is a partial one over at nordinho

Thanks Marcy. I know there will be someone who can do a good walkthrough.

Marco Polo SE
Columbus W
Amundsen S
Barents N
Gama SE
Drake W
Nansen N
Cortez W
Venetus SE
Tasman SE

Thank you to Antunes nordinho and page 24 has a partial walkthru

Marcy turn the crown to a different colored jem click the top and it will show you the other jem

I can't put the last nail in the easel, can someone tells me where it goes?

two nails on the front
two nails on the back and one up top

Yellow gem get after mirror smashed
Red gem 2 cards in grass & behind door when opened
White gem behind knight, haystack, skeleton (when you get straw)
Green gem near table, 2 in cupboard, right painting
11 cards

if your still here Redroobar
how do you do the nail thing on Old castle #1

the place for one is here


Thanks Red
I'm already on that walkthrough but still can't figure out the nails
Got frustrated with old Castle 2
now i'm frustrated with !

Oops thanks Mike


First stage:

1. Pick up candle and wood piece
2. Turn left once; pick up knife on ground and rope on the shelf.
3. Turn left once; pick up wood piece, take knife and scrape the message underneath the picture. Take both wood pieces and rub together to make fire.
4. After you made the fire; pull the candle over the fire to light.
5. Turn left once; pick up stick behind the weapon shelf. Pull the fire to the skull 3 times until fire is out. Place the old fire by the skull to get the skull and crown and pick the old fire again.
6. Right once; place rope on top left of the picture then cut with knife. Repeat with the right top of picture and cut with knife.
7. Place crown in the middle of the X you made with the rope. Click the crown until the picture is gone and the crown returns to your items.
8. Break the glass of picture with knife and grab puzzle piece on the bottom left of picture.
9. Click crown and turn it to the red gem stone and click the stone to warp.

Red Gem Stage:

1. Turn left once; pick up puzzle piece on floor.
2. Turn left twice; pick up rock on floor.
3. Turn right once; take cloth and puzzle piece from hanging armor.
4. Take cloth and rub the chest of the armor until it is shining.
5. Turn right twice; on the left side of the door is a big brick. Click the brick to 1.
6. Turn right twice; click the armor where you polished
7. Turn the dial until you see the 2 in the middle is either on the left or right side.
8. Go back to where the levers are and place the first lever on the side that the dial had the 2 on it. (Example: Say the dial had the 2 on the right side; I would pull the first lever to the right side.)
9. Now change the brick next to the door to 2. Go back to the armor and repeat the same step with the rest of the levers. Make sure after each lever is left or right you change the brick for 3 and 4.
10. After each lever is complete you need to make a hammer with the rock, large stick, and the rest of the rope.
11. Open the door by the levers.
12. Pick up puzzle piece in room.
13. Take hammer and smash the wood door 3 times.
14. Collect 5 nails that came from that door.
15. After you have the nails you need to build an easel. (or however you spell it)
16. To build the easel you need to take the wood planks that were on door and place them on the right wall.
17. Once the easel is on the wall… take the nails and place them on the easel.
(use common sense on where to put the nails) but the one goes right behind the small piece on the front.
18. Once the easel is complete… pick it up and place it inside the room with the skeleton.
19. Place the skull on the skeleton, but do not click the skull head after it is attached to the skeleton, you will get your fingers bit off.
20. Click the crown until you see the yellow gem and click on it.
21. Once back in the old room; turn left once; take the hammer and hit the armor in the head.
22. Take the two pills from the armor
23. Go back to the red gem room.
24. Pull down the handcuffs from the skeleton and place the knife on the brick to the left.( This will lock the handcuffs)
25. Click the big brick with the number 4.
26. Take the white gem and place it on the crown.
27. Take the pills and feed them to the skeleton. You do this by putting each pill in the old wood from the fire. After you need the skeleton the pills, he will grow hair.
28. On the same screen there is a hat on the bottom left of the screen. Place the hat on the skeleton.
29. Click the skull and go to the white gem room.

Tell me how this is and I will continue if you want.

good job

Thanks :) is that easy enough to understand?

Hi Cat, sorry missed your comment, trying to get the spears to turn right in the yellow room to get the last card.
Castle 1 was really hard aswell

What is up with the orange scrolling room???

Does anyone know what to do with the numbers above the door in the yellow room?

Anyone get the spears in the right order for another picture piece or get the chain off??

I was trying different combos of those numbers...to no avail as of yet:(

are you sure the spears has a puzzle peice?

Things still unsolved (from any of the sites I've seen)

1. How to get past the skeleton that asks you questions in white room.

2. What you do in the orange room.

3. Code for the numbers door in the yellow room.

4. Axes in the yellow room.

5. Open door in green room.

6. Open hay door in white room.

7. Open door with X boards over in in red room where knight hangs.

No, I'm not certain, but I guessed if Redroo was trying, I'd better as well!:)~

White Gem Room:

1. Take candle and burn thrown.
2. Pick up paint brush from skeleton, and two paintings on the wall.
3. Turn left once; puzzle piece behind armor.
4. Turn left once; pick up paint pallet and puzzle piece from hay pile.
5. Go back to the RED GEM room.
6. Take hammer and rub against handcuffs, until it is magnetic.
7. Take a painting and place it on the easel for the skeleton to paint.
8. Give the skeleton the brush and paint pallet
9. Take the first painting back and place the second painting on the easel for the skeleton to paint. Now you have both painting back from skeleton.
10. Go back to WHITE GEM room
11. Turn left once; Place painted pictures from the skeleton on each side of the lion. This will give you the Green Gem. Place the gem on the crown. Go into the GREEN GEM room.

Green Gem Room:

1. Push the nails down on the cupboard, and then pull the lever down from the right wall.
2. Pick up puzzle piece and straw.
3. Go back to the WHITE GEM room.
4. Turn right once; place the straw in the mug next to the skeleton.
5. Pick up map and puzzle piece.
6. Turn right once; pick up the rightmost haystack from the second row from the top.
7. Turn left once; take the hay stack and rub it against the pick fork that the armor is holding. A key will drop. ( It takes a few tries)
8. Go back to the GREEN GEM room.
9. Turn left once; open the cupboard with the key.
10. Take puzzle piece and silver key.
11. Go back to WHITE GEM room.
12. Put back the old haystack you had from the key.
13. Pick up the middle haystack from the third row.
14. Go back to GREEN GEM room.
15. Turn right once; open aquarium with silver key.
16. Place the hay into the aquarium.
17. With the old fire wood, stir around until the orange gem drops.
18. Break open the aquarium with the hammer.
19. Grab the orange gem and the puzzle piece next to the picture on the right.
20. Turn left once; place the map on the table.
21. Turn the map around. ( you do this by clicking the top right of the map and dragging it to the right)
22. Look at the map.
23. There are 3 explorer names on the map.
24. Marco Polo= SE
Columbus =W
Amundsen =S
Barents =N
Gama =SE
Drake =W
Nansen =N
Cortez =W
Venetus =SE
Tasman =SE
25. Write down the names of the explorers that your map shows.
26. Turn left once; in the cupboard are directional compasses.
27. From left to right place each explorer’s directions on the compasses using the magnetic hammer.
28. Once the cupboard opens, take the brain.
29. Use the hammer on the brain twice.
30. Go back to the WHITE GEM room.
31. Use the hammer on the skeletons skull in front of you.
32. Place the brain inside the skull.
33. Close the skull.
34. Click the skull and answer the question. (2+2)

I am stuck from here! Hope this helped and good luck!

Witty Kitty in nordinho said it was there

wow good job chadillac
this is where everyone is stuck

Thanks Cat! Hopefully we can get this done!

I'm counting on someone to get this done
I'm completely stuck

This is a hard one

have you tried Old Castle #1
I'm stuck on that one too

Not yet Cat. Maybe after this one!
: )

I got through Old Castle 1 with quite a bit of help...but I can't figure out these axes. I keep getting them all facing left, or all but the middle one facing right.. Still quite a ways to go on this one and I'm getting VERY frustrated!

cj could you help me with the nails on #1

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 10:13 PM  

Apparently there is a safe in the zodiac room (orange) you have to press the signs in conjunction with numbers in a certain order then hit somewhere with the hammer and u come across a safe. I did an online translation from the russian forum. Someone has gotten out the numbers and colours and zodiac signs in the orange room have something to do with it - still trying to work out what they mean to do.

same here with the axes
stuck at this point

       Anonymous  12/17/07, 10:15 PM  

direct translation for what to do in the orange room - still working it out myself.

It is necessary to extract numbers on the colors.
white: 4,5,6
dark-blue: 1,8,5,9,10
red: 7,5,9,4,3,2
green: 2,6,7,4
yellow: 3,7
4 several times played - they identical must be in all.

But it is further simply. Under the number the initial letter of color. S - dark-blue. It is above - if pointer it is upward necessary to drive into the greatest of the dark-blue - 10, if downward, then smallest - 1. If the sign of sum - it is summarized all sinii - 33. If equal sign, then it is necessary to drive into a quantity of numbers themselves - 5.
Well it is analogous with others.

This comment has been removed by the author.

CJ, I think you might confuse people with using numbers with the first "Old Castle" haha. You might want to delete that after Cat gets it.

Yeah...I was going to...this one is confusing enough!

I almost soiled myself when I saw all those numbers! HAHA

thanks sammi I saw your post
still don't get it
thanks anyway

well, I'm off to bed...I have to get up for work in 4 hours. Have a good night and I'll be checking back to see if anyone has unlocked any more secrets. Cat, I hope my post helped before I deleted it. If it didn't, I'll try and help again tomorrow if you still need it. Night all!

mikezaun.com, what about the message(clear the message with knife)
in the yellow room, do you think it is a clue? you check it from the "wikimedia"

It said The finger of god is here and then something else that wouldnt translate well.

you can use the red and blue pills with planks again in the white room. one of the skeletons have horns now (i used blue pill on his head)..the other skeleton looks like jimmy hendrix now^^

I just restarted it, and I've noticed that before you turn over the note in the green room to get the explorers, there is a message that has the taurus symbol -> a picture of the jug in the first room -> an urn with a #1 on it -> pisces symbol. I went to look at the jug and there is an aquarius symbol on it.

i'm finally out. thanks to the people at nordinho, i would never have figured out that last bit myself.

go to the orange gem location and press virgo and sagitarius on the upper line and libra and scorpio on the bottom line (all 4 signs are near blue 1 and green 2). then hit all 4 signs with the hammer and the safe will appear.

R=red, B=blue, G=green.
= is the number of numbers in that color
↑ is the biggest number.
Σ is the total number added.
white: 4,5,6
blue: 1,8,5,9,10
green: 2,6,7,4
yellow: 3,7
red: 7,5,9,4,3,2

open the safe and get the final puzzle piece. solve the puzzle on the wall next to the druk skeleton. notice the number on the puzzle and go to the yellow gem screen location an press the number on the door and take ticket. go back to white gem location and stick the ticket on the horn of the skeleton in the doorway (if he doesn't have horns make them grow by giving him a pill). enter the hall and pick up the blue gem. stick this in the crown and you're out.

Its not working...I have all zodiac symbols highlighted, I hit them and nothing:(

Where does the safe appear? Orange room still?

Does it matter in which order they are lit up and/or which order they are hit?

tami: yes, the safe appears in the orange room. the four zodiac signs you have higlighted make a square, and the safe appears between this square. is your hammer magnetically charged when you hit the zodiac signs? I don't think the order matters...i just clicked them in random order.

Yes, it's still magnetically charged, yet no safe

give me a minute, i will make a screenshot

Thanks, been working on this for hours...went to work and came home to try and finish:)

Ok, I will read the rest of your post tomorrow. I think I may still need a picture puzzle piece as well...the illusive one. It's 7am...bedtime:) Thanks again:)

This comment has been removed by the author.

here is the screen with the zodiac signs:


Another walkthrough:

Full Walkthrough:

- pick up candle and panel, turn right
- pick up stick, turn right
- pick up 2nd panel
- drag one panel to the other one and keep dragging it until you get fire
- use fire on candle, turn left
- use burning panels on skull three times
- pick up crown, skull, and panels
- turn right twice, pick up rope and knife
- turn left, use rope on mirror, use knife on leftover rope
- use rope on mirror again, use knife on leftover rope
- use crown in the middle of mirror, turn it a couple of times, pick it up again
- drag knife over the stones below mirror to reveal letters
- use stick to smash mirror. pick up card
- click on crown and click on red gem
- turn right, pick up stone
- turn right, pick up another card
- pick up cloth and drag it over the armor until it shines
- click on armor and you should see a spinning wheel
- now open the door next to the levers: click brick to the right of door and set it to 1, then spin the wheel until number 2 in the center points left or right, then set the top lever in that direction, next set brick to 2 and do the same thing with the next lever (pointer on the wheel is always the 2 in the center), levers 1-4 go from top to bottom
- click on door to open it, be careful with the skeleton or it bites off your fingers
- pick up card behind door and use skull on skeleton
- manufacture a hammer by combining stick, stone, and rope
- use hammer on door 3 times and pick up 5 nails
- drag the pieces of the door to the right and use nails and hammer to make an easel
- pick up easel and put it on front of skeleton
- drag down handcuffs and put knife in spot on doorframe to keep it down
- turn left and pick up another card
- use crown again and click yellow
- use hammer on knight to get blue and red pill
- go back to the red location
- use red pill on panels and drag them to the skeleton
- the skeleton grows hair, put hat from the lower left on skeleton's hair
- drag hammer and panels over handcuffs to charge these two items
- push in brick with numbers now and retrieve white gem
- drag white gem onto crown and you can go to the next location
- burn throne with candle and pick up brush
- pick up the two pictures by clicking on them repeatedly
- turn left, pick up card behind knight, turn left
- from haystack, pick up set of colors and a card
- also pick up the rightmost haystack of the second row from the top
- turn left and rub the knight with that haystack for at least 30sec
- a key falls to the floor, pick it up
- return your haystack and now pick up the middle haystack from the third row
- go back to red gem location
- give paint set to skeleton
- give him both paintings consecutively and he will modify them
- pick them back up and go to white location again
- turn left and put both paintings on the wall, to the left and right of the lion
- pick up green gem and go to the green location
- push all sticks and pull lever on the left
- pick up card and straw
- open cupboard with the key and pick up two cards and a key
- that last key opens the aquarium
- while at the aquarium, pick up a card behind the right painting
- put your current haystack into the aquarium
- use your remaining panels and drag them through the hay covering the water
- if you do it long enough, an orange stone will sink
- now use hammer on aquarium and pick up orange gem
- travel to the orange location and click the following 4 zodiac signs: virgo on the upper row, libra on the lower row and the two signs that are to the immediate left of those two, which is a sagittarius and a scorpio
- these 4 orange circles form a square, use hammer right in the middle of that square, around the "V" that is inbetween the blue "I" and the green "II"
- you should see a safe with three symbols on top and three letters below
- the letters correspond to the colors of the numerals Yellow, White, Green, Blue, Red
- the colored roman numerals in the room are

two yellow numbers (3-7)
three white ones (6-5-4)
four green (4-2-6-7)
five blue (5-8-1-10-9)
six red ones (9-5-7-2-3-4)

- meaning of the symbols

'Sigma' means sum up the numbers of the corresponding color
'arrow up' means take the highest number of that color
'arrow down' means take the lowest number of that color
'=' means take the amount of numbers of that color

- figure out your 3-number code and type it in
- then press the the lower part of the safe
- pick up a card
- now go to the white location and put the straw into the mug of the drunken skeleton
- pick up card and scroll, you should have all 12 cards now
- go to green location
- put scroll on the table and read it, the back of the scroll is more interesting
- when you see the scroll on the table, click it at the middle right and drag it to the left, this should turn it around
- read the names of four explorers from the left to right (nevermind that they are in two different lines, read them from left to right)
- each explorer has a corresponding direction, here are some

Marco Polo SE
Columbus W
Amundsen S
Barents N
Gama SE
Drake W
Nansen N
Cortez W
Venetus SE
Tasman SE

- now go to the cupboard and enter these directions in order into the different compasses, use the charged hammer to change directions there
- if you did it correctly, a board comes down, and you can pick up a brain
- go to white location
- use hammer on skull at the doorway (where throne used to be)
- now you can insert brain, close skull again, and click the skull
- you will be asked a question, probably a too difficult one
- so retrieve brain again, and use hammer on it twice to make it smaller
- insert brain now and click the skull again, it will ask you an easier question
- answer "2 + 2 = ?" by 4, the skeleton will raise its arm, you would like to go through but it won't quite let you
- turn right and put all cards into the frame
- solve the jigsaw puzzle, not too difficult
- finished with the puzzle, click the frame and read off a 4-digit number at the bottom
- go to the yellow location and type in that 4-digit code above the door
- get ticket, this is what the skeleton wants to let you pass
- go back to white location and face skeleton by the doorway
- first make sure that he grows horns; put blue pill between panels and drag that to the skeleton
- put ticket between horns
- click skull to answer his question again
- click forward, you will be allowed to pass this time
- free? not yet! gates block the way
- pick up blue gem
- use blue gem on crown and you are done

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many thanks,tom&tosca! I cant finish it without your help. *-*

Finally out thanks everyone!

I can't get the safe to show up...I keep hammering at the "V" but nothing happens. My hammer is charged and everything...any advice?

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In the middle of the square

thanks to everyone for the walkthroughs and tips - you guys rock! (I c/p'd them to word and it was 3 pages long - that's a lot of work!)

       Anonymous  12/18/07, 10:16 AM  

Thank you so much! I knew if I waited until today, someone would have solved it!

the orange gem room thing isnt working for me either, i did the exact thing he said to do.

I can't get the damn safe to come up either:(

Do you have to make the zodiac signs light up in a particular order? If so, what is it? And, I am clicking that damn hammer around the "V", in the center, near the zodiac signs...EVERYWHERE...I can't seem to make that safe appear. Anyone here to help? pleaseeeeeee...:)~

You must drag the hammer , hold it and release him when the V appears.You should see sparkles, if you missed it.

I see sparkles every time...lol...I must be missing it constantly.

Anyone have any straight jackets? This is gonna send me to the insane asylum...hahaha...

i had the same problem.
It is, i think not near the V but to the middle of the square. I needed to retry also several times. How they ever solved this riddle completely in one day , i cannot understand. Combine also the walkthrough of Tom and mine and read the comments between them.
I was stuck on other places. Sometimes you need a bit of luck.
Persevere. this game is worth it. Even a restart. I restarted it 10 times. If you have the walkthrough you need three houres to get it finished.

By the way.
Thanks Megipoland,all the honours are yours.Tom and i were watching you at nordinho. I cannot understand how you fixed this walkthrough. Chapeau. Hat up.

missing one nail. help please.

thanks all walkthroug

i translatet the latin sentence under the picture in the first scene. its like
" the finger of god is here. its nice to sit, but better to act/ do something. BEWARE!"
what the... does that mean?
(sry for my english, i'm german)

If you lose all your pills, you can still get thim again by going back to the knight in the yellow hem room and hitting him on the head with your hammer, and if I were you, I wouldn't charge the hammer until you get to the compasses. Alos, lol, when you die by it saying "Ditting Duck" That means you did something that made it impossible for you to completer the game, like breaking the mirror. The only other way you can die is by getting 4 of your fingers bitten off. I completed the game, and the ending made me ROFTLOL. Good luck!

i don't understand the first question in the white room:( what are these many numbers?? help me!

not understanding the red gem room at all. i cant quite get the whole turn the brick to 1 and go to the knight to change the code. the directions are really hard for me to understand. can anyone explain it to me better


Okay, ive got the monkey and im now off to find the wizard.

i just put the easel in the room with the skeleton, but there is no head? HELP!!!!

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