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Seven Lucky Gods Walkthrough

Seven Lucky Gods

SLG WalkthroughSLG - Seven Lucky Gods is the sequel to GOP which is a kind of room escape game type point and click game created by mmoo, who is also creator of Twinkle and Zashiki Warashi games. This game has two language option, Japanese and English. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


anyone playing?

I'm French (sorry for my English) and try to play.
I've foung code (drawer in dressing). Are you?

unlocked the drawer in the closet.

Got key, milk, cards, diary, big purple book, code sheet, ASCII code sheet, blank sheet and pencil.

gave cards to god of victory.

I am pretty sure the card with numbers on it is the code for the computer, but I don't know where to look to decrypt, besides the periodic table.

Thanks for cards to god!

I've opened the diary but don' know what to do with... perhaps the date?

I agree with computer and periodic table but not find code for the moment

I just decoded the computer password.

the paper says:


You should be able to figure out the password from what is given.

give the diary to god of virtue!

the paper says "the password is..."? what paper? the one with the pencil? I don't know how...

I have pieces of the sheet (after drawing)

how did you unlock the drawer in the closet?

I've given everything to the gods, and now I can't figure out the final code.

The paper I'm talking about has a bunch of numbers on it in different colors.


to unlock the drawer, you have to use ASCCI table and the sheet with spots found in the kitchen = binary
purple = 0
green = 1
translate into letters. it's the code

I have three papers (one with lock on it , a white one and one with numbers), a book a key and a bottle of milk, but I can't open the drawer in the closet.How did you find the code?


thanks marie-lo.

decoded the computer. thanks lemon!

but don't know what to do pieces of sheet

sorry ok for the pieces of sheet

i'm confused about how to decode the sheet with numbers using the perodic table. i understand the idea, but the table doesn't go higher than 54

Can someone nudge a little more about the computer password? I'm clueless *blush*

throw away your trash

i gave the milk to the guardian and he destroyed it-- i got a piece of paper in return

now i'm stuck!

give it to god of knowledge

how to decrypt final code? I don't understand anything!!

please someone help with the computer password... i don't know how to figure it out!


but just chance to find final code

marie-lo can you help with the computer?

for computer code :

as lemon says :
translation of first words
it will helps you. use it to decode the last word...

I agree, I need a simple version
spell it out please

which paper has the computer password? i'm confused! and what do i do with the key?

first line :

74 = T
2 = He

but that doesn't make sense... if you are saying that the note that has "74 2 80...." i don't see how that can spell out "the password is". the second line doesn't have enough numbers for "password"


you have to use paper with colored numbers + periodic table (in the kitchen)

the key = open the diary

       Anonymous  12/28/07, 6:20 PM  

Hello, I'm the God of Lazy. I know the numbers spell out a word, using the book as a reference. But, being the GOL, I am too lazy to get to the end. So give me the password and I'll go away.

argh... ok:) i can figure it out now.

For Elle, computer code :



       Anonymous  12/28/07, 6:24 PM  

Thank you!

wow i wasn't even close.. marie-lo how did you figure out the letters? i know that 28= ni from the periodic table.

elle: the password for the comp is ninja

ok now I have only one god lef to please but there's nothing left in my inventory and I can't find anything else around. somebody help

think of what he's the god of, use the computer.

and what's with the gas and tap? aren't they supposed to be useful somehow?

for code computer, I used Lemon's hint!
and so :

Blue letters => P = 80, Q = 81, S = 82...

Green letters => T = 74, U = 75...

Yellow letters => R = 18, S = 19...

final code? do you need to know the names of all the gods?

and for the final password? GOP's box

well the game's comp let's me see the google homepage but I can't do anything else. no select nor write

Only luck for me!
So I can give you the code, but not explain! Sorry
If someone can explain...


in computer, look "tools" (google) and "file" (outlook)

rum- try clicking around to see what works... i think it was history or something. i can't open the computer up again.

how come in the kitchen z=24 when it should be z=26? is that significant in anyway?

and can someone help me with the box? thanks for all the help before!

that's for the guy with the rod. use the e-mail for the guy with the fan


did you fond final code?

oops! 3:39AM France
Have a good night (or a good evening!!) everydody

       Anonymous  12/28/07, 6:41 PM  

Here is a gratitude from the God of Lazy, since you fill me with HAPPINESS for helping me with the other code. ;P

i got it! you need to write out the names of the gods (the japanese name) then look at the numbers above the gods head on GOPs box. count the letters in that gods name (example 3 and god, answer is d because it's the third letter). the gods who are upside down mean turn the letter upside down for a different letter.

ok got it.

lol Elle well done!!!!

thanks for how decrypt final code katwomyn!

bye and sorry again for my english!

au revoir marie-lo. bonnuit1

bye all... need to close up my shop

merci katwomyn! à bientôt!

congratulations and thanks for these words in French ;-)

it was happiness for me.
liked the epilogue anyway!!

how did you unlock the drawer?
I tried to convert the lines of the note in the kitchen to numbers and then to letters but I didn't make it!

rum, the code is gop
I guessed it by clicking on the boy in front of the gods

- Turn around
+Help the god of prosperity:
- Open the first drawer in the desk
- Get paper and pencil
- Give paper and pencil to the girl (I forgot her name), she'll draw.
- Give the drawing to the Ninja, he will tear it.
- Put the torn paper to the garbage can, get the piggybank.
- Give the piggy bank to the prosperity, he will give you a box.
+Help the god of knowlegde and study:
- Go to the kitchen
- Open the fridge, get the milk
- Check the milk, open it
- Give the milk to the guardian, he will break it, get the paper fast or you have to replay that scene.
- Give the paper to the god of knowledge and study, she will give you a test, choose the second answer
+Help the god of virtue:
- Get the the paper on the shelf, use the ASCII table to dicovered it, like:
purple, green, green, purple, purple, green, green, green = 01100111. then find it in ASCII table, you'll find the password of the drawer in the closet(I don't belive the password is so easy)
- Get the diary and the cards
- Get the key from the right drawer on the TV desk
- Check the diary, use the key to the keyhole
- Give it to the god of virtue
+Help the god of victory
- Give the cards to the god of victory
+Help the god of longevity:
- I don't know about the password on the computer so... just type the password "ninja", if you want to explain, ask "lemon"
- Click on the Internet Explorer icon
- Click on Tools on menu, then History
- You have the copy of games you have played
- Give it to the god of longevity
+Help the god of childbirth:
- Go to the computer
- Click on the Mail icon
- Choose Files on menu, you'll copy the message
- Give it to the god of childbirth
+Open the secret box from the god of prosperity:
- Use the name of the gods in the hint

-You win!!! See the funny ending.

hey does anyone have an activation code i can use?

for the computer password,
green number: check the third row of the ASSCI and you get,74=t 73=s 64=d 61=a
blue number: check the first row of the ASSCI and you get 80=P 73=I 78=N 74=J
orange number:check the hint of the kitchen A=1 B=2.... so you get 23=W 18=R 19=S
red number:check the purple book and you get 2=r 33=as 8=o

were u respondin to me for the activation code or was that for something else?

sorry for the red number :2=He 28=Ni

Hello? Anyone with activation code so i can keep playing...please

if anyone has it please email it to me emarald7@yahoo.com

Everyone is getting twisted on the binary purple/green dots it is a simple binary to text conversion (google) with three letters for the padlock
The computer has been given, but you can guess with the first letters Ni from the red book
The box code makes an appropriate English word, so work out the first few and last couple

Thank you Numbah1 for the walkthru

redroobar? Do you have an activation code? Please i love this game but my hour is over.

please i cant afford to pay for it!!! Im going crazy

i must have missed something cos i don't know what the code is to open the green box. help!

Password for green box is HAPPINESS. Hope it helps.

What am I doing wrong entered gop into the code box on the lock but it keeps disapearing so still cannot open with the key?

Managed to finish the game but the walkthrough was a bit misleading as it said the names of the gods was the clue to open the box so if you take all the 1st letters of the names you get bdbjeh so were does the word happiness come into it?

reddc....can you help me out with the activation code? Im broke and cant afford to pay for but i love this game!! Please help!! emarald7@yahoo.com

As usual, a cute game. Thanks for all the hints!

Happy New Year!

Reddc, notice how in the green box it has a picture of the god, then a number above it? As someone described before in earlier post, the number stands for the letter in the japanese name of the god, and if it is upside down, turn the letter upside down(for example, e=a).

I did need help lol but this was a fun game =]

I like mmoo's series hehe


A word to all of you..

IT'S NOT A PERIODIC TABLE! The link she gives takes you too an ACSII table. There is a HUGE difference. Even I could tell those two apart.

You guys had me confused beyond help because I kept checking the freaking periodic table rather than the ACSII.

Thanks numbuh1 for the walkthrough,
but you should have make the words

"Grab the paper FAST in this kind of letters, now i do need to start over tommorrow, its to late now, going to bed.

what is the code for that darn box

hello?!a primary school student here,i haven't learn tat kind of calculation or watever ==
giv me the pass n i'll leave u alone n i won't make u stupid cuz i'm the god of make every stupid accept me LOL XD

p.s i wan the all of the pass ALL

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