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Escape from the Gallery Walkthrough

Escape from the Gallery

Gallery Escape WalkthroughGallery Escape is another new point and click room escape game by Shatteredgames, the creator of Kitchen Escape and Dream Escape games. In this game, you try to search the around to find some useful things and solve puzzles in order to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone playing??

me just starting

I just started, can't find much.

i've got a spigot handle (used) dental pick and projector lens (used)....got a code used it on the brillo box now stuck

till now I Found a handle(used), Dental instrument(used), projector lens(used) and a suction cup

I´m blocked!

were'd you use the dental pick? cant figure out were?

Whats with the andy warhol clue on the brillo can code. Tried his date of birth no joy any clues?

found a glass cutter

for the code you gotta get the projector lens and use it then turn off the lights and look at the screen

Moved grey "fishes" found lens and used it on projector behind shark. Found code 4968 and added used on Brillo box. Stuck.

got a light bulb...but were to put it?

Found a glass cutter, I think I need a hose to drain the tank

found remote under bench

Light bulb goes in thing with children faces. where to use the handle?

thanks and you put the handle on the thing on the tank

Can't turn it...still water in tank

Where did you find the bulb?? I think it goes in the pictures with wires

i found the bulb on the rabbit statue...keep clicking it...its like the "tail"

were is glass cutter plz. remote under mattess used on top right telly gives hose used on tank. stuck as cant find projector lens or cutter

Used the control in te TV`s found cutter, opened box, got hose, draind tank, used cutter and cup got key!

what do you do with the box?

Where did you find the suction cup and used the dental instrument? :(

sorry telly gives knife use on box get hose but still cant turn handle?

Also have lens but any help were to use it or the dental pick plz.

hey there..dug thru pile of fish to get lens....used to get code..and found pick..and light bulb..

how'd you find the remote??? i dont see it under the bench?

Dental pick on the TV`s, you get the suction cup.

Found a marker and a key. Don´t know where to use either!! :S

Where is the remote in the bed thingy? I can't find it.

How do I attach the bulb to the wired pictures?

Nvm about the bulb....got it. Still clicked all over the padded bench and can't find the remote.

How do you use the dental pick on the TVs?

were'd you find the marker and the key?

use the TAB key to zoom in on bench, black part, click that place again. Found suction cup don't know where to use it. =\

found a marker and drew a door in the corner on the first screen

Marker is in the picture of the kids (you have to plug it in and put the bulb first) Key is in the mouth of the shark (got to open the tank with the glass cutter and the suction cup)

Did it!!!

I`m out!

whereabout in the first screen do u draw with the marker?


       Anonymous  2/10/08, 3:35 PM  

The tab key helps fine the remote on the bench.

Draw door and use key!

found remote..box cutter..both used..have a rope now..have a hose now..what to do..

I did it...yay im out :D

omg dont think my marker has any ink lol it wont draw a door

does anyone know where to use suction cup..im assuming tank..but i have nothing to cut glass with..?? box cutter thing is gone now..

Tab over to the far right area of the first scene and then use your marker there.

go the the three pictures. put plug in outlet. put lightbulb in solid yellow circle.

and im OUT..!!..couldnt find glass cutter..

You draw the door near the very first screen with box..click a little right of right pillar..you will zoom in..down click with marker..zoom in first..:)

*down* should be "don't"..sorry..lol click with marker to finish sentence

I got the code for the Brillo box. It's 4968 and I'm not sure if it changes each game or not.

I got a hose hooked up to the shark tank and I got a suction cup and a glass cutter but I'm not sure how to drain the water.

Merecedes..how did you get out without cutter...? mines gone too now after opening box with hose.

Where Do you find the scution cup?

Use the dental pick on one of the lower left TVs and it will come up near one of them.

Thanks shannon

found the glasscutter

You're welcome. Now I'm stuck with a remote, glass cutter, and a suction cup.

The first person to say "OUT" should write a walkthrough.

I've emptied the tank, have suction cup and drawn the door.... cutter went when opening box for hose.

How do you empty the tank?

Attach spigot handle to tank then hose, zoom out and click on handle. Maybe you have to click on box to see where hose goes in box too.


1). Click Play! (har har)

Okay for real

1). Go right twice. Click the mound of fish. Using your mouse to *push* the fish aside you will find a projector lens . It is located to the bottom right-ish of the pile so concentrate on that area.

2). Go back. Click bunny rabbit. Click the statue a few times till it moves aside. Get dentist pick. Click statue again once moved and click its tail. Get light bulb.

3). Go right. Click bench. About in the middle of the bench on the black framework click to lift up mattress. Get remote.

4). Go back and click the pictures on the wall. (There be some sexy ladies on there Mmmm.) click the obvious dangling coord to plug in To the top right corner of the middle picture is a solid yellow circle. Place light bulb there. Between the yellow circle you just put the bulb in and the one directly below it is a marker. Get marker.

5). Go back. Click brown door to the right. On the top right area of the door is a fairly large hole. Click the hole. (Looks like some nude sunbather?....riiiight) Anyhow. The person is holding up a candle. Click the flame area a few times to move it. Get glass cutter.

6). Go back and click what looks like some glasses sitting on shelf (center screen). Get Spigot handle.

7). Go back again but go left to the TV's. Use remove on top right TV that is on the right side of shelf. Get box cutter. Go back

8). Go left once. Click broken wall area behind shark cage. Place Projector lens on projector. Turn off lights. Turn off light switch. Click beam of light and get code to the Brillo (4968) Go back to shark room.

9). Put code in Brillo box. Go left.

10). USe box cuter on box (it must be that uber cardboard you cant just rip open bare handed.) Get hose. Go right.

11). Zoom in on the black thing on bottom left of sharks cage. Put Spigot handle and hose on it. Zoom out and click the spigot handle. Shark tank drains.

12). Go right and zoom back in on TV's This time use dentish pick on bottom left area and open the closed cabinet. Get Beer bong. Hah not really its a suction cup. Go back to shark tank

13). Click area of glass the shark is facing. Use glass cutter. Use the beer bo... er suction cup on cut area. Get key. Go back to starting area (place with the uber cardboard box)

14). Click right section of wall. Use marker. If your not sure where just drag it around in circles till you get a door. Use key on door.

that was fun and the door was hard to find u have to look to the right and down to draw the door and keyhole.but cool

Out! Thanks for the help with the TVs. It was driving me nuts because I knew it was somewhere there!

was thrown by the wrong spelling in walkthrough when it said REMOVE when it should have said REMOTE

been clicking for ages near left bottom tv screens with dental pick but cannot find any suction cup?

U still here Reddc..need help?

how do u place the light bulb it wont go on

hey anyone playing?
please help it wont let me open the brillo box

This comment has been removed by the author.

the walkthrough above offended me.no that was not a naked sunbather it was a dead person in a crematoria(oven).i'm not sure if any of you realized this but some of the items in the game are referring to the Holocaust.and those sexy ladies all died in the concentration camps.you're making a mockery oo something that is supposed to be serious.no i'm not jewish but at least I don't make a joke out of something horrible

Mercedes need help with dental pick cannot open the box near tv?

I knew that's what that was!...a dead body..but when i saw sun bather..i thought maybe i was wrong..yes I agree, but don't forget the majority of ppl who play these games are young as well, so they may not know of what that was..and whomever made that comment, im sure didnt mean anything by it..afterall who wouldve expected that that was a dead body..If anyone should be ashamed of themselves, should be the maker of the game.Not the ones who play it..Half the time we just play them..just entertainment,I'm sure noone meant to offend.


But make sure u have other items first.
In your inventory u should have;

The lens from dead fish
use it in the room with projector

Enter code u get from it in box of brillo pads, that'll activate

Click bunny and u will get light bulb and dental pick
the dental pick can be used in place on tv. the very left side at the bottom.its got a green trim around the tv and its above the little brown door. Now make sure u put dental pick back first before grabbing item.The item is the suction cup.

Use bulb on wall pic..turn it on..and get.marker while your there.

Now use tab on matress thingy and get remote..that is the other item needed for tv..u get box cutter.

That can be found on the very right tv at the top
use remote..put it back and grab box cutter..

Hope that helps u Reddc..:)

Let me know..bye for now

Actually I didn't realize that was what it was portraying. As for making a mockery of it I believe the quality of this game well surpasses my walkthrough on that. Either way I'm Irish. Holocaust? Nah gimme a pint I'm good.

The overall goal of the walkthrough was the make it more fun for the readers. I guess creative writing classes didn't pay off after all? Nahhh. Take life as its handed to you and interpret it through your own minds. Either way My reality is what I say it is and yours is just as twisted as anyone elses.

well in this world today you have to be extremely careful of what you put on the internet.by the way the humor was unecessary.but i'm glad you took the time to reply.i just take this particular subject immensly serious...so srry if i made a big deal.

This comment has been removed by the author.

anyone here?

yes...do u need help..? stuck

I´m out now too!
Thanks for your help nod.

Wer von euch kann Deutsch?
Ich jedenfalls.
(Kein Wunder wenn man aus Deuschland kommt.)
Ein Gruß an alle Hamburger.

i nedd help in opening the brillo box~ it won't budge even if i spam click on the box with the box cutter...

anyone still on i need help trying to find the door i took the marker and just keep clicking and i still cant find it

SAMMIE, you have just to going around in the area on the wall... the door is there and appears by itself... (sorry for my english)

Thanks for all your walkthroughs ^__^

Xmandie_candieX and NOD:
don't worry... that painting is just a Marcel Duchamp work... his major work. It doesn't represent the holocaust...

see http://www.freshwidow.com/etant-donnes2.html

"Étant Donnés by Marcel Duchamp"
In 1943, Duchamp rented a studio on the top floor of a building located at 210 West 14th Street in New York City. While everyone believed that Duchamp had given up "art," he was secretly constructing this tableau, begun in 1946, which was not completed until 1966. The full title of the piece (in English: Given) 1 The Waterfall, 2. The Illuminating Gas. It consists of an old wooden door, bricks, velvet, twigs gathered by Duchamp on his walks in the park, leather stretched over a metal armature of a female form, glass, linoleum, an electric motor, etc. Duchamp prepared a "Manual of Instructions" in a 4-ring binder which explains and illustrates the process of assembling/disassembling the piece. (See Duchamp, Marcel. Manual of Instructions for Étant Donnés: 1º La Chute D'eau 2º Le Gaz D'éclairage..., Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1987). It was not revealed to the public until July of 1969, (several months after Duchamp's death), when it was permanently installed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. No photographs of the interior of the piece or of the notebook of instructions were allowed to be published by the museum for at least 15 years.
The viewer of the piece first steps onto a mat in front of the door, which activates the lights, motor, etc., and then peers through two "peepholes" to view the construction behind the door. The voyeur strains, unsuccessfully, to see the "face" of the eerily realistic nude female form which lies supine on a bed of twigs, illuminated gas lamp in hand. In the distance, a sparkling waterfall shimmers, backlit by a flickering light, part of a realistically rendered landscape

So, the woman represent the illuminating GAS! with peace of all of us...

       Anonymous  10/10/08, 2:25 PM  

I know this is irrelevant but it is a riddle using modern art.. those are not fish. They are candies. I don't know if this interactive piece is at other museums but it was at the museum of art in Tucson. As people take a candy the piece changes.

it,s soooooooooooooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg, how to find a bulb in 4th level? i can find it, i tried all nite!


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