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Your Quests: Out West Walkthrough

Your Quests: Out West

[REPLAY] Your Quests: Out West Escape is another point & click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. In this game, you need to search around to find and collect items and use them. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Is anyone playing right now?

yeah, have matches, pencil, crucible, bucket, used pen, key, cracker, coal. now im stuck....

oh yea and used music roll and crank too.

I cant figure out how to use the items. i got crank matches, pencil, pen, plain key. gold hearts, and music scroll

use the key in the saloon door, go upstairs and use roll and crank on music thing, put silver pen in grinder at blacksmiths, put silver powder in crucible

Oh I see how to use the items. I dont like that

you can turn the hearts ino powder too

put the coal into the stove in the blacksmiths room add the silver and gold powder and light the fire with the matches

Well im completely stuck this is the first game on this site im actually posting about x.x.
What is the crucible and such?
I have gold powder, silver powder, pencil, matches, crank, music roll.
stuck from here

Grrr! HOW do you use items? I can't use anything... Am I too stupid or what?

How do you make the gold powder? I have the silver powder but what do you use for the gold?

@bazil: take golden hearts from letter in post office

Can you point some insight my way?
I cant feed the vulture, and i cant reach the lantern.

I've got the fire going, got gold and silver powder in the crucible now how do I put the crucible on the fire? It keeps saying something's missing?

cool thank you!!!

WOO HOO!!! I found a key in the piano, don't know what it is for yet...

@cono: there is a cracker left of the pokertable. slide the chairs. I cant also not put the cubicle on the fire (gold-silver-?)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ok so what you need to do is put the music scroll and the crank on the gramophone thing and listen to the tune then play it on the piano in the saloon and get the key which unlocks the drawer under the gramophone and gives you a knob thing for the water tank so you can fill the bucket from the graveyard... if that helps...

I have gold dust, silver dust, pencil, matches, music roll, crank.
I don't know where that poker table is though, I can't get in the cave, I can't get past the bird, I can't reach the lantern, The door in the bar is locked, the door in the bank is locked, basically every door is still locked lol.

the key to the door in the bar is behind the beer barrel (slide it with your mouse) and the poker room is straight ahead once you unlock the door. move the chairs on the left of the table to get the cracker

go to first screen of desert, click just under rock on left hand side of screen, will find a belt buckle. last ingredient for making key.

get pencil from post office and gold hearts from letter - in one of the boxes, note there is also another 'hole' in another of the boxes.

what must we do with all that hole`s??

has anyone figured out how to move the cart in the mine? u must need to attach something to the loop but what?

how do you get the lantern?

you have to make the key at the blacksmiths with the gold hearts, silver pen and belt buckle

i cant find this belt buckle, i clicked everywhere and cant find it.... help!!! ^^

where's the belt buckle?

@zarah: you must slide some sand

how do you use or combine items?

Blaah, have to play the piano, but I am deaf, not easy xd
Can someone tell me how to do it?

@tosca: finally found it! thanks! ^_^

Hey everyone,

You can get a metal bar from the bank windows if you find the loose one. Use the bar in one of the metal holes (I think the one in the general store) to get another key. The key is either used on the drawer under the phonograph or the bank door (can't remember)

i cant find this belt buckle ^^'

so.. how do i make the key?
i have the silver, gold, and brass powder in the crucible..

When you have all three powders in the crucible, put it in the fire in the blacksmith's store. To light the fire, you need put coal in the fireplace and light it with the matches.

Anyone know what do at this point? I've got the cracker, the gear, the pencil, lantern, and matches. No clue what (if anything) I can do in the mine. Arrrrrrgh...

where can i get the coal?

Can anyone please tell me how to play the piano? I'm deaf..

@safiye: play counting from the left: 9th key - 12th key - 16th key - 12th key

You have to hit 4 notes on the piano in the right order. Counting from the left (not counting black keys), hit white keys #9, #12, #17, and #12 again. I'm pretty sure that's right, if it doesn't work let me know.

I think the coal is somewhere in the saloon. Have you explored all three floors?

Got it! Thanks, tosca!!

coal.. coal.. coal.. ???

Also, I where to use the cracker and the gear (outside the graveyard). I've got the machine going in the mine but I can't figure out wtf it does. I think you use it to pull the cart up the track, but I can't find anything to connect the two.

@gbe: explored all the room... didnt find it.. :c

what the combination for the bank?

yeah im stuck at the bank tooo

oh nvm.. found it... looked like a pair of shoes.. :)

use magnet (bank) on the hole (post office) and now?

where is the key of the bank then?
can`t find it :(

I'm sorry I can't remember the position... try up, left, down, right... but I'm not sure...

I'm also stuck at the bank combination. I have a theory though, gonna check it out in a sec.

As for the coal, I really thought it was in one of the rooms on the third floor of the saloon. Maybe in the general store where you put the metal bar in the hole?

use the magnet in all hole... it's correct?

teh coal is in the saloon, when you go upstairs and stay in front of the doors, you go through de left door and in the locker is the coal, that must be right.... sry my english is not very good

doesn't work in the room with table and chairs...

I think the bank combination is determined by comparing the four symbols in the book on the 2nd floor of the saloon to the symbols on the mine. In other words, if the book shows two horizontal snakes in the first position, go to the wall in the mine to see how many horizontal snakes there are, and that would be the number of turns for the first dial on the safe.

Yes Click and use pencil in hole in poker room


thank's my numbers are 24214.
now i'm stuck

I have same numbers but now im stuck too

yeah those are my numbers too, and i've used the magnet on every metal hole i have found, still nothing to move the cart, and those 4 miscolored planks in the top right room dont do anything.
also anyone figure anything out to do to that mirror?

use the code on the boards in the bedroom in the saloon!!
in order

I've missing something where the condor are, on the left, I can't take water... (excuse my bad english...)

well now that it told me something i already knew.. lol

what is the code for the safe in the bank?

placed the rope to the cart and used the bucket w/ water into the engine but it said that the rope broke..

what is the code for the safe in the bank?

placed the rope to the cart and used the bucket w/ water into the engine but it said that the rope broke..

whre is rope?


its in the bedroom!!

i cant find this belt buckle, i'm going crazy^^'


The rope is in the 3rd floor bedroom behind the discolored boards. You have to hit them in the right order - 24214.

I can't find it!!!

where do you put the tnt???

I see the discolored boards but I don't kwon where I must put the number...

found old scroll!!

bazilshach---> use tnt somewhere in the cave


The "24214" code just means you have to click the 4 boards in the right order. Click board #2, then board #4, etc.

Good luck everyone, thanks for the help, g'night all!

can`t finde the magnet... help please!!


thank you so much!

what is the code for the safe in the bank? help please.. T.T

the code for the safe has already bin posted here it is again:
4 turns on first 3 turns on second 2 on 3rd 2 on 4th

I have done everthing but cant find any signs of the gold.....could I have a hint please?

i cant make te key for the door in the jail, i already have the gold and silver pouder in the crucible...

I filled the engine with water, but the rope is broken... Anybody can help me? Thanks!

I'm stuck at the same point... the rope is broke... and now?

Stuck at the broken rope
@kevwales: take the golden hearts from the letter in the postboxoffice

there is a big crack in the wall with symbols...

Anybody? About the rope?

please help with the rope...

I used the magnet in the holein the bank and in the closet in the store. ?????

@Clicksaronno: it seems we were left alone... but I found it out. Use the matches in the width of the machine. Cheers!

@ rafadamian
thank I try and hope !


the rope is used in the mine...don't forget to light the wick

Tosca I meant the treasure gold at the end


you are here again?

Doesn't work...

I'm stuck with this belt buckle :( cant anyone help me please

@Kevwales: The gold is in one of the rooms of the saloon. First, you have to touch with the magnet all the metal roles of the game, then, a secret door will open. Find out the right sequence to open the bars, and voilà.

HELP!!!! I can not work how to get the water or how to work the machine PLEASE HELP!!!

use the magnet also behind barren on bar



do you mean for the machine?


the match doesen't work for me...

Thanks Tosca I missed the one behind the barrel

how do i get water??


use the piece in the dresser and the bucket

I am still missing a hidden hole

i found it in the postoffice

there is something behind the "wanted" advice in post office?

I have clicked the mouse 5025 times! I 'm near to give up....

@Clicksaronno: there is one hidden hole in the boxes in the postoffice also.
I'm out.

tosca said...

How you repair the broked rope? I'm stuck

I got the tnt...must be close...stuck...help?

@clicksaronno: use the matches i think in front of machine or on machine


thank you but nothing, the rope is still broke.
What I have to do with the drawings on the wall?

Drawings on the wall are of no interest

How did you get TNT? I clicked everywhere...

After you used the matches on machine or cord near machine , go the closet at the end , open it = TNT

Ok, got it. Now what with the old scroll?

polly, is water spilt on the sand? if so, you just click on items-bucket, close the items window, and click on the spilt water. it will say that the bucket is filled with it. then you pour it into the machine in the mine, clicking the brown rusty thingie.
If it is not spilt, you have to find a thing in a drawer of the saloon, you get the key to the drawer after playing the right tunes on the piano.

where can I find the magnet?!

This comment has been removed by the author.

belt buckle - 1 cm under the left stone in the dessert. click and hold, move here and there until you see a yellow circle - it's the bb

I know I am probably being very dim, but I can't for the life of me find the crucible!

Can someone help at all?

I'm not sure, but think it was in the saloon, first floor.


Has anyone an idea how to find the magnet???

I've finished. Hard to remember but think the magnet was in the safe..

hmmmm, and how to find the key for the bank?

What do you do with the tnt?

Key for the bank is made with gold, silver and bronze powers (gold hearts, silver pen, belt buckle)

Where is the secret door? I've touched about 10 holes with the magnet. Is there anymore holes?

put the tnt in the crack in the wall (mine-last room on the left).

I used the key I made to open the jail, not the bank...??!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

oh, it's in the comments, missed it:
"Use the bar in one of the metal holes (I think the one in the general store) to get another key. "

You are right mr ease...the bank key was either the piano or the beer...my brain is mush!

I finally got it thanks to your tnt help!

yeah, I'm finally out, too. great game..

where can i find the bar??

Really nice game, just he bar was my problem

i think it's in the bank(if my short memory is right)

This comment has been removed by the author.

where exactly in the mine do you find the rope?

I'm not very good at these games. Would someone mind writing a walkthrough?

       Anonymous  2/2/08, 11:18 AM  

I found scroll and looking for all holes. One hole in poker room won't work. What am I missing?

       Anonymous  2/2/08, 11:33 AM  

Nevermind I am out!

i love adventure games..point and click ones...cant see how to use items here..i see a few others have asked and were ignored..hmm..guess that means noone will answer me..ill try to muster on..

       Anonymous  2/2/08, 12:13 PM  


What items do you have?
What would you like to know about?
Where have you been?

Forgot u can drag things in these silly games...grr...

       Anonymous  2/2/08, 12:50 PM  

And still I don't know how to transform the hearts into powder.

Do you need help?

where is the crucible?

Hey Junior...how are u..thanks for responding..figured out how to use items..that wasnt too hard..lol..but now i just finished sticking metal bar in the wall..trying to figure out how to move cart in underground railway there..:)..but i found a key..someone gonna post a walkthrough or is it too soon..i could do it once im done..almost done i think..

crucible is in closet upstairs in bedroom..u need key from behind barrel in piano room..drag it..

u have to put golden hearts in the locksmith crusher thing on shelf at locksmiths...u have to have three items to make the key..gold silver and metal..from buckle..

sorry..meant blacksmiths..:)

there isn't a crucible in the closet. I can't find it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

actually i think it was on the shelf at the general store..i had to click it a few times to grab it wherever it was ..its just a black pot..thought i remembered it on a shelf..sorry..:(

I looked everywhere and can't find the crucible. I clicked on the blue book and couldn't even pick it up. I have everything to make the key, except the crucible.

really trying to figure out safe combo...grr

If I remember right, the safe combo is 4322

THANK YOU..!! wondering where u found that..i found numbers in the poker room under lamp..once u lift it..but that wasnt it..

those numbers go to the piano

i used magnet..wow that was a lucky guess...didnt do much of anything though..

       Anonymous  2/2/08, 1:37 PM  

What do I do to make the key?

I cant understand the drawing in the cave. How can you use that on the combination on the safe in the bank?

oh i get it..use magnet in all holes...

its the amount of times u click it to make for the combo on safe..the line will move..

You need three ingredients to make the key, gold, silver, brass..

gold is the hears
silver is the pen
brass is the buckle..find that in the dessert near rock

Also need crucible..(black pot) matches..coal..

for those of you asking about the rope breaking --it doesn't matter. You just need the cart out of the way so you can open the cabinet it was blocking.

       Anonymous  2/2/08, 1:42 PM  

I already have tose stupid things. but i cant figure out how to to get them in the cubicule. any ideas?

       Anonymous  2/2/08, 1:43 PM  

Where is the black pot? I can't find it!

Did u find crucible yet..Nicolette

Mercedes, do you just keep clickeng on each button thing on the bank safe?

No I haven't.

haha..ok Jake easy now...u have to crush the ingredients first..in at the blacksmiths..then add to crucible to melt them on the fire

yes..bashfog..can either one of u guys remember where u found crucible..im sure Nicolletter would appreciate it..:)cause i cant

I already crushed then. I need the crucible to put them in so that I can put the crucible in the fire to make the key.

       Anonymous  2/2/08, 2:03 PM  

Where is the black pot????? I can't find IT!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

how do get the key for the bank?
fix the rope?
and sharpen the pencil?

is there something under the wanted poster in the post office - the cursor highlites, but nothing happens.

you don't need to fix the rope - just open the closet at the far end of that tunnel.

You don't need to sharpen the pencil - you use it in one of the un-metal holes.

key for the bank is found once u find bar..that is found at the bank..then once u have bar..put it in the general store hole beside shelf..there u should get bank key ..or u get it from playing piano..lol..

the pencil is used in hole in poker room to raise light..w

where is rope?

thanks susan and I don't think the wanted poster is anything

And Does anyone know where the bank key is?

I seem to be missing one of the magnet-on=the-metal-holes....no treasure -

1. saloon, left of first door
2. saloon, behind beer barrel
3. one behind hidden door in store
4. one in jail
5. one in bank
6. none in the blacksmith shop
7. one in postoffice in PO box
8. saloon, one in upstairs bedroom on left in closet
9. saloon, one in upstairs bedroom on right near bed.
10. saloon, one behind lamp in card room

I guess I'm still missing one. Anyone?

mercedes where is the bar?

dayhead - did you get the bar from the teller's window in the bank - I think you need that to get the bank key...

yes the bar is at the bank..window..one is loose..

where is rope man...!..lol

mercedes - the rope is in the saloon, upstairs bedroom on the right, behind the hidden beadboard panel.

You have to click the panels in a particular order...

       Anonymous  2/2/08, 2:37 PM  

Where is the "black pot"? what are you talking about with the arrows?

the particular order for that is under lamp in poker room..yay..

Mercedes the code for the boards is behind the lamp in the poker room.

How do you move the cart in the mine?

This comment has been removed by the author.

yay..moved the cart...use the rope..

nevermind i moved the cart

Im off to find gold treasure now...yay..ive taken my time playing this..really enjoyed..ate dinner....cant wait for next series..

IM OUT..found the treasure..nice game..!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Finally done and it only took 2046 clicks

for the love of
god where is that magnet

2051 clicks for me..:)

u can be sure theyll be more of these games too..they always make like a trillion of them to follow..

I'll be here for a bit if anyone needs help..:)

Mercedses where is the magnet help

Ruth magnet is safe at the bank..

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