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Escape From Room of Hesitation Walkthrough

Escape From Room of Hesitation

Escape From The Room of Hesitation is a new point and click type room escape game from Strawberry Cafe, who is also creator of Heart Escape, Escape From Rooftop Sakura Flutters and Rainbow Escape games. Find and use items to escape the room! Good luck and have fun!

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anyone out there?

About to try this. lol

don't know what to do with scissors

stuck with scissors button and two colour patches

I don't know either. So far I've found a key (used), scissors, gold coin, and yellow and green panels.

I want to pick up the hammer in the pantry and hit something!


Lol So do I. I looked at the lights on the wall and it looks like the panels fit in the white spots but they wouldn't go there for me.

where are the scissors?

hi all...im stuck with the scissors too.

managed to break the scissors!!!

Use the key on the reddish-pink door to get the scissors.

tried that too Heather

gone into next room!!

ha..ok...where is the key then? LOL not doing so good at this game today

ahhhh...nevermind...i found it...ty

can't decipher "blue" code

Go to where the teacups are and click up. The key is next to the teapot.

I broke the scissors too and opened the yellow door. Found a blue panel.

gone into blue room and have open tea tin now. I guess we make tea?

about item on the scissors,then use the large coin on the screw of the scissors,the use the broken scissors on the yellow door

I got a small gold coin from the yellow room and placed the green and blue panels in the 2 lit lights in the first room which revealed 2 numbers (8 and 2 for me, might be random). I also got the tea from the blue room.

where and how do you get the scissors and the hammer?

placed green and blue glass pieces and got numbers for them

i have the blue and green panels in the lights, but can't turn on the lights for the other panels

This comment has been removed by the author.

where do you place them?

heather, I have the same numbers so possibly no randomness here (which just tickles me silly!!!)

able to get teapot which I couldn't do before I got the tea

I put the tea in the teapot from the shelf and then placed the pot on the white table.


For the yellow room, type in SU in the blank field.

sp -> SU -> au -> wi

so I found a pink chip. has anyone figured out how to turn on the second set of lights?

i'm so stuck. all i have is a coin, a green glass and a yellow glass! i can't find anything else.

Thanks jase. I suck at formulas. lol

Oh, I highlighted the tea and click on the pot and when I zoomed out a red panel was on the floor.

how did you figure SU jase?

had to put pot on table before using tea can.

@ jase. please post a walkthrough.

Out. I wonder if there are various endings as I didn't open 2 or 3 of the doors.

yayyy im out!!

out thanks to Jase!

It's just an abbreviation for the seasons:


jase, how did you get the code?

for the life of me I cant find the tea

hahaha....easy enough!! thanx jase!

Cute game, thanks shuchun

I was trying to come up with something phonetically, and just kept getting the giggles

Thank you, Shuchun!

thanks for the help folks!

can someone please post a walkthrough? please?

played it again and got a pair of glasses from green door, but can't seem to find a place for them. Thought I might SEE something on the blue/red artwork......

okay, got two of the glass pieces from the lights and placed them in the eyeglasses to get another code

Hi Vbr,
didnt open the pink and green doors...maybe another ending?
Try tomorrow....
and my pleasure!See you next game!

Need to use eyeglasses to get "Happy End" by opening all the doors except the GREY door next to the control code box thingy


Go left, click on white area, click on big coin. Click back.
Go left, click on bottom of hutch, look carefully along bottom shelf, click on yellow glass, click up, get key, click back.
Same scene, click plant, look for green glass, click on it, click back.
Go left, highlight key, click reddish pink door, open door, click scissors.
Highlight scissors, click about item, highlight coin, use coin on scissors and break them, put part back.
Go left, highlight scissor part, click on yellow door, open door, click coin on base of lamp, click on ball on sofa, click on dark blue glass, back out, click on picture, click on bottom blue heart, type su in blue rectangle, click on other heart, back out twice. Aha, lights are on.
Go left, click picture with colored lines, click on colors on bottom right, get hole, put small coin in hole, back out.
Click blue door, go in, click on tin of tea on floor, back out.
Highlight tea tin, click about item, highlight big coin, use on tin and open it, close it.
Go left, click on bottom of hutch, click up, click teapot, back out.
Go right, click on white table, highlight teapot, click on table top, highlight tea tin, click on teapot, back out.
Click on red glass now on floor.
Go right, click on any light fixture, try different glass pieces until one fits and gives you a number.
Go right twice, click on code panel, click on the numbers you got, click on enter arrow on panel, back out, click on door, door is open!

I managed to get out the first way relatively quickly but can't get the green door open for the eye-glasses. Any hints?

       Anonymous  4/23/08, 11:10 AM  

norman - where/how did you find the eyeglasses? how did you get into the green door? thanks

To get the happy end with the eyeglasses punch in the code you get from the lights but DON'T open the gray door. Instead open the green door and take the glasses. Then take 2 panels from the lights, put them in the glasses, then look at the weird painting for another code to open the purplish-looking door.

After you put in the code from the lights, open green door not grey to get glasses. Using this on painting give another code to open pink door.

When you enter the code from the lights, DON'T exit. go back and open the green door. Notice anything funny about the glasses inside they have lenses the same shape as the small inserts you put in the lights. The red and blue picture? It's like 3-D drawings. So, go back to the lights and remove the red and blue inserts; this will cancel out the colors, leaving another code. Put that code in, it will unlock another door, which is the pink door. That's your happy ending door.

Did both endings nice game thanks for hints

thanks for your hints-----get the happy ending,too.

hi is anyone else playing?

funny ;)

Hey hey all, new here to the blogging thing but not the games. Might i just say that you put me to shame at how you guys can figure this stuff out.

I can't get the second set of lights to turn on... I did everything in the walkthrough and still can't get it to work.

hey for anyone that can't open the second set of lights this if you fallow everything in the walk through but when you come the blue code enter su just like they said but don't just click the bottom one click both of them

actually no that i read the walkthrough a gain i states to click the bottom heart before typing in *su* then once *su* is put in click the other heart and that is what turns the lights on thank you everyone that put information on!!!!

Gr8 game !

working link:


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