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Escape from the Balloon Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Balloon Room

Escape from the Balloon Room WalkthroughEscape from the Balloon Room is another Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshi-m, who is also creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, and Ground Escape games. In this game, you are in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Search around to find items and clues. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Alice]

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1st!! Sweet! :)


       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:17 AM  

How exciting. I sent this game. My first time!

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:20 AM  

Got a pepper and a bean, some adheasive now Im stuck.

I've got a tack (used), a box, 3 number ballons, helium gas, adhesive and an air pump (used).. and now stuck!

I have a green and red pepper, peapod, tack (used), pear, adhesive, and a safe.. now i'm stuck

i changed all of the lights to blue, but I dont' know what to do now

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:23 AM  

wow! where did you get all that stuff?

try changing the word on the pad near the door

Oh man I want to pop these balls to get them out of my way...

Yes! Ask and you shall receive! I popped the balloons lol

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:25 AM  

got a pear now. I feel dumb!

@ kayla: you'll find something useful on the boat...

Then pop them there's a pin on the boat!Lol

does anyone know what that bright red light is for near the door? or what that white X is for (the one underneath the safe)

use the pump on those "peapods" and "peppers" that i thought they were.. they turn out to be deflated balloons.. if you use the pump on them, they show numbers

The white X is the popped ballon

I've only found 3 ballons, missing a number for the safe combination

if you use the pump on the "pear" it turns out to be a balloon, and it is now pumped up

Hershon how many do you have, I only have 3, I'm missing one!

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:31 AM  

thanks! popped balloons. I swear I clicked all over that boat. Sometimes you just need a little guidance.

I am not finding a pump...is it the bright green thing?

i have 3 number balloons, and one green balloon.. but i just figured out that you can put the adhesive on the top of the green balloon and then attach the pin to it

ok, here i am.... lets get lost!

i can't get the pin...i've clicked everywhere on the boat

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:35 AM  

what pump? you guys are really good!

never mind...got it

Hershon go up in the whale scene to use green balloon.

damnit, i put the adhesive on the balloon again and then the pin disappeared.. i might have to restart the game :S

where is the pump guys? and what am i supposed to change the word to onthe box near the door?

Beth blue circles on the boat.
Alice turn the 4 blue panels blue and have a look around for the pump

guys, i have to restart, BUT i've discovered a blue balloon on the ceiling above the whale and there looks like there's sumthing inside.. that's probably why we need the pin attached to our green balloon.. i'll restart and do this again quickly

Kirsten, you want it OPEN

any idea what the glowy red thing by the door is?

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:39 AM  

Niff. thanks i have them blue (boat clue) but must look more.

ok, i have the panels blue and i cannot find the pump anywhere... what in the world is the code for the closed box by the door?

niff.. thanks, i feel dumb

Hershon you get a coloured sheet from it, but I've tried everything and can't use it or find 4th number!

ok i've restarted and i'm all caught up again with the coloured sheet.. i'm gonna try to figure out the next step

There are 4 panels, the last is inside the panel at the door

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:42 AM  

Thanks Kristen, you too, now I dont feel so slow.still clicking and looking.

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:44 AM  

thanks niff. I thought of that but there were more slots then letters so didnt try. got no guts get no glory!

where do you get the sheet from?????????

hmm, i'm not sure what to do with that colour sheet, i'm really stumped

anyone figure out the fourth number for the safe?

i think the colors are the order of the numbers, from the balloons...but there is no white baloon

And only 4 numbers on the safe

i was thinking that the colours were the order of the numbered balloons, but i can't find a white or a black balloon

This comment has been removed by the author.

can someone please tell me wehre the pump is

got it

where did you get the coloured sheet from tho hershorn

hmmm.. perhaps the coloured sheet is an equation.. and the white colour coincides with the white X on the floor from the popped balloon.. maybe its a multiplication sign.. so red and yellow is 37 X green and red (53) and so on.. i just need to find black

deb, the coloured sheet comes from the blue balloon on the ceiling above the whale

ok, am i supposed to blow up these things that look like peppers? because i cant seem to get them to blow up....

and out

black is the black box on the wall...it's hard to see, but it says -256. add this to the end of the equation 37x53x5 (-256) and you get the combination

Deb, green balloon with glue, then pin and look up in the whale scene.
Hershon I've tried all sorts but to no avail- anyway I've got to go out, I'll be back later for the answers!!Lol

where is the pump?

ohhh ok, so ya i basically had it then! :)

how do you get the blue balloon down xxx anyone

where are these numbers coming from?

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:56 AM  

dang beth..good eyesight...better brains.

Crud...so we never got to figure out what that pimple was for - by the door. Argh.

and out! thanks beth for that last number!! really hard to see it

deb, blow up the green balloon. put glue, then the tack on top of it. then click on the blue balloon above the whale

Quick and easy little game..lots of fun...

i think that is just a setting sun...in a crude sort of photoshop way

ok, seriously, do i blow up the pepper looking things or what?

yes, blow them up with the pump

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 10:59 AM  

got out, still had one item space open. got a retry, think im suppose to fill empty item space.

omg, nevermind. had to get the pump. i thought i had it when i got the helium....... didnt realize there was a different pump

Thanks Beth, just in time- bye everyone...

did anyone get out with all the inventory spaces filled? because i had one left......

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:01 AM  

did everyone have a empty item space? was that the best ending. Retry button makes me think not.

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:01 AM  

I'm stuck where you guys are stuck!! Don't know what black means

how do you attach the helium to the green balloon or the pin

do you blow the green balloon up with helium or pump ive been trying all combos but dont seem to be able to blow it up ??

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:03 AM  

niff your cat looks like it could be kin to kristens cat.


       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:04 AM  

Retrying. Thinking maybe we should open that window somehow.

hummer...... blow up the green balloon with teh helium, then put glue on top then the pin

As we reached the conclusion that the white is the númro 5?

As we reached the conclusion that the white is the number 5?

the white refers to the white x on the floor. this is the sign for multiplication........

I'm having trouble finding a light green balloon... I already inflated the other balloons, do I have to start over again?

nvm, found it,finally!

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:16 AM  

Retrying the game. still havent found any thing new. Tried popping green balloon that replaced blue balloon, changing colors then trying window, and a 10000 other thing to no avail. Still think there is more or why would we get a retry?

hummer have found out how to blow balloon up i think my pump has run out of air ha ha

noor how did you do it pls

i can't find the 4th panel to turn it blue...

Me either Lo...where is 4th panel?

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:35 AM  

at at another site they say to do this : place the safe in front of the picture. then click above the picture and you get a towel ... hasn't worked for me.

i've been clicking everywhere for it...i thought it might be on the door, but i'm not getting anywhere :(

hurrah ive just found the green balloon ive been trying to blow up the one on the floor duuuuuh

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:40 AM  

got towel...put safe on floor under picture then click above picture... same ending must be more..hummmm...

Sorry, not speak or write English and ... I am a website translation .... but must have another final, has a link in the inventory empty ... any ideas?

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:45 AM  

Hi the towel is just to clean something

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:46 AM  

oh i see, if you put safe under picture you use the towel to wipe off picture to get -256... I just cheated off beth.

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:48 AM  

well thats it for me, back to work... good luck to all!

can you please tell me where the green balloon is so i can get the blue one off the ceiling?

never mind, I found it and am out with a full inventory.

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 11:53 AM  

dejavu, click left side of box on floor.

37x56x5 - te number of the panel.
Then te panel opnes and you have te key for the door!!
Follow thecolors of the sheet. The white es the X multiplication.

sorry for my english.
Again: if you follow the patern on the color sheet. You get: 37 x 53 x 5. To that result you substract the number on the panel.
And it gives you the key to the door.

wheres the towel ????

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 12:21 PM  

came back to see if anyone got a diffrent ending...Deb, Put safe under picture then click over picture you get towel.

thankyou alice thought id clicked all around there x im not good on maths so i will have to wait for the code hope you gamers wont keep me waiting to long ?

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 12:29 PM  

deb, code is 9549

you wonderful person ive been ages on this one im not normally so long solving them cheers

Hi gamers,
Miss EG24 very much during my vacation!

There are two endings:
1)only three balloons ending
2)Two fairies with balloons ending:
Before you get out,change the "open" panel (next to the door) into "Happy"

Finally out. Thnaks everyone for their help.

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 1:46 PM  


Put the safe under the brown/black picture, and click the top of the frame!

I have seen numerious people ask where is the pump?, and what is the code for the box? and no one has given them an answer. I am also stuck at those points. I hope some kind person will let me know the answer to those questions, Please....

what is the word for the box by the door????

@Dream the code for the box is OPEN (space)
The pump is in the box that looks like it needs a screwdriver but you only need to turn the 4 boxes blue to open it
The code for the other box was explained by Beth at 10.54
All this has been explained in previous comments
Thanks again to Beth for giving the final step- We love you!!!

Use the towel to wipe the picture to reveal the number.

i am soooooooooooooooooo syuck is anyone still playng i can't seem to pump up any thing except the pear used adhesive on pear but still no number help also can't seem to find the tack HELP

nevermind found tack but still can not seem to blow up balloons

@angel gurl code by the door to get the helium for the "pear"
ALL panels blue to blow up "peppers and pea pod"

@niff i can not seem to find the last panel i have only 3 blown up

@Angel gurl- door code panel-take helium ...and....

okay this is what i got.... i have (from top to bottom,left to right)
green thing
light green thing
helium pump
red thing
pear thing blown up with adhesive
on it

and i cant seem to blow up anymore balloons or even get a number off the balloons

oh and i also got -256 number off picture

can't seem to find anything else not even the last box to change to blue

ohhhhhhhhh found last box i never knew the box by the door could change color thanks

i still have two open spots what am i missing

put tack on pear balloon now what

found blue balloon above whale and used the pear balloon on it

scene above whale

and found a card with the word black on it now really stuck whats the code for the box

coloured paper?- math equation- all is in previous comments Angel

nevermind figured it out white = x and black is the number i found earlier -256 thanks for all your help expecially yours niff all your clues helped me out

alice said...

niff your cat looks like it could be kin to kristens cat.

Alice You've probably gone now, but I've got three cats- who do you mean? Kirsten who was playing with us doesn't have photies or mention of cats on her blog- love it if you could clarify your pussy insinuations!!! Will put my address on my blog for cat contacts

Sorry Alice I was away for a few hours and missed you!!(meant to explain that before)


Get pin from porthole and green chilli from window. Go around and pop ballons and collect items
'Open' safe by door using four letters followed by a blank on the end and get helium
Beside the box where the whale is is a green balloon. Blow it up with the gas. Add adhesive to the top and the pin. Click the ceiling and pop the blue balloon. Get a sheet of coloured stripes.
Follow instruction on the boat and change four buttons to one colour (the safe by the door is a button).
Get pump from box by whale.
Place safe below black picture. Click the top of the picture and get a towel. Wipe picture to reveal a number.
Select the green/yellow/red items in your inventory and blow them up to reveal numbers.
Using the stripe picture translate the numbers using white to multiply and black as the number on the picture.
Enter on safe and get key.

where do you get the pin?

WTF is the green balloon you use to pop the blue one?????????

OKay, there are two things I think people are missing and giving them trouble. The first is there are two pumps. One is of Helium. This is only for the green baloon found to the right of the nightstand looking thing. The other pump is IN the nightstand looking thing which is opened by turning all four lights to blue, hence the ALL BLUE on the boat. This is the air pump ad can be used to turn all other three baloons to numbers.

The second point is that the fourth light is under the place you got the helium where you put the OPEN_ The light there also changes colors and can be turned to blue. I hope this helps.

now I am totally confused it says use the helium to blow up green balloon near whale, but were is the green balloon?

Hey anyone here..gonna play this one instead.:)


At first you will only see two panels that you can change blue..

Take the thumbtack that you find on the boat..[appears as a button or window i guess]

Pop all balloons that you see..At this point you will have picked up three extra deflated baloons..

You need a pump to get to inflate them..

In the place you see where you change letters..[box on the wall]Leaving the last one blank, make letters say OPEN..

Now go back to where you find the box that looks to have screws in it..There will appear the pump..[Where the whale is]

Is where i'm at so far..~


There is an extra deflated baloon near the place you found the pump..Near the little desk..on the left of it..You inflate this one with the HELIUM ..put adhesive on it..then attach the thumbtack..Above the whale is a baloon...you click that with the new baloon you find..and now there is what looks like a flag..

to get into the safe...little one in the inventory..

the combo was for me..


this gave me a key..~

Not sure if it's the same for everyone..~

hey yah its e same.. mercedes.. how did you get 9549?

the pw to the thing beside the door is open with a blank space at the end.
it originally says closed.

there's a lot of extra things in here to throw you off.

there's a lot of extra things in here to throw you off.

gr8 game ... @pinkypotato,
you get the code like this ;

look in the inventory, the balloons who are pumped make numbers ... all in different colors.

(Red 3/Yellow 7/Green 5)

Look at the striped card in the inventory, there are the same colors except the last one, thats the black one, is the number you found in the picture. The white color is to multiply the numbers.

- calculation for the code 9549,
red 3 and yellow 7 become 37.

White multiply ... 37 x green 5 and red 3 = 37 x 53 = 1961.

White multiply ... 1961 x green 5 = 9805.

9805 minus the numbers on the picture 256 = 9549.

Hope i helped you.

it worked 4 me!!! thx (thanks)

did both endings 2 wrds 2 ez

i found this walkthrough on another site....some of the clues on this site were appreciated but vague....took me a long time to figure out that there was a third green balloon. hope this helps.....Here’s a quick walkthrough, based heavily on various posts to escapegames24.

Hide ▲

The third porthole is a tack. Use it to pop the yellow balloon and get a deflated balloon. Get a dark green deflated balloon from the windowsill. Notice the ship’s name; it refers to four square light things around the room. The first one is on the ship.
Hide ▲

Turn right. Get a red balloon and some adhesive. Notice that you can look up, where there’s a blue balloon with something in it, but you apparently can’t reach it with the tack. Don’t forget the light.
Hide ▲

Turn right. Pop the balloon, get the locked box. OPEN the safe on the wall, get the helium, fix the light.
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Turn right. Pop the balloon, fix the light.
Hide ▲

Go to the whale scene. If you got all four lights, the cabinet should now be open; get the pump. Get the pear-shaped balloon from the left of the cabinet.
Hide ▲

Do “about item” on the balloons. Inflate the long ones with the air pump; they turn into numbers. Use the helium on the pear-shaped one, then use the adhesive to attach the tack. Look up and use the green attack balloon you just made to pop the blue balloon. Go back and get the clue (you can also get the tack back).
Hide ▲

Go to the island scene. Put the locked box on the ground under the dark picture, then click above the picture to get the towel. Use the towel on the picture to wipe it off and see a clue: -256.
Hide ▲

The sheet from the blue balloon is an equation; the colors correspond to things in your inventory and around the room.
Hide ▲

Red, yellow, and green are the number balloons (3, 7, 5), white is the ‘X’ where the safe used to be, and black writing on red is the formerly-dark picture (-256). This gives 37×53x5-256, which is 9549.
Hide ▲

Use the code to open the safe, get the key, and go out the door.

Can´t put 'open_'en safe by the door?????

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