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Hyokori from the Pitch - Peach Boy Walkthrough

Hyokori from the Pitch - Peach Boy

Peach Boy WalkthroughHyokori From the Pitch aka Peach Boy is another point and click type adventure game created by Minoto, who is also the creator of Cupid of the Mouse, Magic and Cat Escape, Escape Game of RPG, Sleeping Princess, The Moon Princess, Turtle Help, The Four Seasons of Castle ,Flowers from Harapeko, Volume of Certain Crab, Rabbit's Rocket, Bear Catcher games and many more. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm out, cute little game as always :D

love these games!

oml! I'm a retard!!! help me:P got to the part where the moon glows. What next?

oh...nevermind:P I got it now:P hahaha

hmmm how u reach the peach? in the tree?


the tree by the moon

I think I'm stuck:P how did you get the tree?

i gave 1st cloud lollipop then clicked cloud again then painted a apple which i gave to elephant who filled watering can for me which the bee watered the plant by the moon

I have end with little girl (?) out of nut. Any other ending?

Hmm... I got to the giant peach... but i can't seem to figure out what to do with it... and i can't uset he hatchet or the pickaxe on it or the tree...

dunno stuck with giant fruit no idea where to go from here now ive tried everything

I have the same ending

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks aimz!!!:) now I'm out!:)

You get the peach by giving the wooden hammerthing to the rabbit. Collect the orb and place it under on the table under the moon. Use the glove to take the weight fram the moon and give it to the sun. Click themoon and the peach will grow and fall in the river.

Im stuck when the big peach is there and its almost day time any help?

use tha hatch on the gras on the bank.

give an apple to elephant

no, I'm sorry, not the hatch but the knife:P

I think i'm lacking a river...

The peach is on the floor next to the tree i cant pick it up anybody help me please!

we can use an axe on the stone near water

ive done that ive jus got nowhere to go from here given rabbit wooden thing cant seem to use knife or pickaxe at all

omg so stupid ive dont it now!!!

thank you Timo

create a river by using the hatch on the stones in front of the elephant

Aimz have you put the glowing orb (dumpling) on top of the bird house?

SO the peach is in the bank,
Now what?.......

finished!!! girl in fruit ending

xceii : np!:)

aimz: pickax on stones in front of elephant, and knife on gras on bank after you have meade a river with the pickaxe;)

Aimz Put the glowing thing on the bird house and take the weight from the moon with the gloves give the weight to the sun.Click the glowing thing the peach will fall.Use the pixelet thing and make a river.

xcexii: knife in the grass;)

Thank you Timo again, The advice you gave to aimz. I needed afte lets all play the sleeping princess.

awww i got a baby

say yes if your going to play the sleeping princess?


what's the sleeping princess?


take brusch andgo right
use brusch on white board - you have an apple
click three brown pieces near bear - take power glove
take candy from the sun, go left
use candy on sun, click sun
use an apple on the elephant, click elephant twice
go right twice, click watering can
use power glove on 10t weight
use 10t weight on the sun
go right, click box - take an axe and hatchet from the box
click big star and then take mallet
use mallet on rabbit, take dumpling, go left
use dumpling on bird house, and click dumplings
go left twice, use an axe on the stones
go right twice, click fruit
use hatchet to cut the grass (all clumps)
click fruit twice

nice and easy, out with a little fairy inside the peach. are there any other endings?

Awe, I love these games..Got same ending as you Noor...

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  5/31/08, 8:27 PM  

In this game, I picked up teh hatchet but I didn't end up using it at all and I didn't end up cutting up the clumps of grass and then I got this ending where the peaxch is floating out and there is giant rock tat has this evil looking face on it and the peach acts like it's frightened of it....anyone else got this ending? =]

noor - First time I played, I did not use the hatchet on the clumps of grass and just clicked the peach, and it sailed untouched into the next screen, where the ending was just the peach floating and there's a mean looking face in the background...

Played the same way second time, except I did use the hatchet, then got the ending with Momotaro like everybody else...

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 8:28 PM  

In this game, I picked up teh hatchet but I didn't end up using it at all and I didn't end up cutting up the clumps of grass and then I got this ending where the peaxch is floating out and there is giant rock tat has this evil looking face on it and the peach acts like it's frightened of it....anyone else got this ending? =]

maysie Haha, we posted the same end at the same time! :)

So there's only 2 endings to this game?

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 8:32 PM  

Lol, M, that is quite funny. What a total coincidenece! I played it a second time too and got the same ending as the others... =]

I'll try this one..I love this series..so cute ..~

I guess I won't get any endings tonight..can't seem to get past the little fruit..and i don't think i can cut the grass...everytime i go the dumplings they just shine when i click them and the little fruit won't leave its shell..or whatever..oh well off to bed..:)

I made the mistake of cutting the fruit from the tree with the hatchet, and then trying the moon glow. The fruit would go on the river and then wash up, and you could cut it to see a tiny fairy and that was it- couldn't get an ending cos couldn't do anything else!

       Anonymous  6/1/08, 2:15 AM  

same thing happend to me LAME!!!!

Love it. Was able to get both endings on my own. Sprucing up my escape/point n' click skills after my lapse in gaming.

cute game!!!!

i love momotaro.

the rabbit pounded a mochi.

       Anonymous  6/4/08, 7:56 PM  

Seiriously,is it just me,is it the intro or is it that that I'm stupid???I do not get it!

Play I did a walkthrough because I got like three different endings...
(Sorry it's so long!)

1. Get the paintbrush from the elephant
2. On the next scene, break all the little board on the cement blocks and take the orange glove from the bear.
3. In the same scene, take the lollipop from the cloud.
4. Now take the paintbrush, which you took from the elephant, and use it on the easel to get the apple.
5. Go to the last scene with the rabbit and take the red box.
6. Use the question mark to get an enlarged image of the box.
7. Click on the box to open it to get a hatchet and a pickax.
9. Click on the smiling star in the back ground. It'll make a crater in the ground.
10. Click on the giant fallen star to collect a mallet.
11. Give the mallet to the rabbit and collect the dumpling.
12. Now return to the first scene with the elephant. Give the cloud the lollipop and click on it until it rains.
13. Give the apple to the elephant. If he doesn't suck up the water, click on him again and again until the bee flies away with the watering can.
14. Use the pick ax on the rock barrier to create a river/stream.
15. Now click right twice and use the glove on the 10 ton weight and give it to the sun.
16. Put the dumpling in the little hole in the "alter".
17. Click on the bee to water the the tree in the pot.

-Bad Ending

18. Make the peach fall off the tree (you might have to use the hatchet)
19. At that point, click on the little peach.

- Okay Ending

18. Click on the dumpling to make the moon flash. the Peach should grow in size.
19. Continue to click on the peach as it travels to the end on the game.

- Perfect Ending (well the best I ever got)

18. Click on the dumpling to make the moon flash. the Peach should grow in size.
19. Click on the peach once. It will pause by some grass. At this point, use the hatchet to cut all the grass.
20. Then use the pick axe and click on the peach, continue to click until the peach opens.

Sorry if anything's wrong. it's my first walkthrough =P

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