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Heyaka Raderu Walkthrough

Heyaka Raderu

Heyaka Raderu is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Nifty. In this game,you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Search around to find items and clues. Good luck and have fun!

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press left option to start the game!


       Anonymous  5/1/08, 12:35 AM  

Hey Shuchun, thanks for posting. What a nice way to start the day

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 12:37 AM  

Haha, this is the first game in wich you must put something into the dustbin instead of taking something out of it.

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 12:39 AM  

I am missing one last item, i guess it´s one of the pictures of an animal since for the door you need four and i have only three ?

Thanks Shuchun!
It's not hard to find most things, I'm stuck at where I don't have a key for the hidden safe right now, and I need the last animal button thing, but I'm guessing it's not in the safe. Can anyone translate the text you see at the floor near the window when the light is out?

can you find the green key

I meant to say I'm guessing it's in the safe:)

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 12:46 AM  

OUT....... Yoohóóóoóó

I think the green key is in the bin, put the paper that you found on the floor in the bin to make it move.

Guess I am missing the last (possibly green disc) for the door. Anyone find it yet?

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 12:49 AM  

´Julianne, the last button is the one of the bird, i don´t know what i did but i suddenly found it nder the cupboard, you should use the messure thing ( how do you call that )to get it

full,nice to see you in this game..nice little game...have to go..see you.

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 12:50 AM  

Tami, yes it´s green


       Anonymous  5/1/08, 12:51 AM  

Nite, Shuchun and thanks again....

Thanks Full, I think I have to do something else first, the ruler under the cupboard doesn't work for me yet.

I tried using the ruler under the cabinet for the last green piece...found nothing? Is there something else I need to do?

found the cat in the safe, where do I put it?

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 12:56 AM  

Ruler, that´s the word for it , thanks...
You actually first must see it very visible under the cupboard before using the ruler to get it.
Try highlighting a certain item at that scene, i don´t know wich one.

how to get the green thing under the cupboard?

Anyone put the mirror anywhere?

Yw:) I answered my own question huh? lol...onward!

full, you're great!

Highlight the mirror :)

I know the cat goes on the right, but I have no idea where to put the other coins, is it random?

Out! That green disc was holding me back ...then the color combo on the door...pretty easy game...MUCH better than Stealing the money at the bank lol:)

I think mine were yellow at top, pink on left, blue on right and green on bottom...was yours different?

OUT, nice ending, nice little game.

Have a good day, I'm going out with the dogs :)

Just after 4am here now, Ohio says g'night all and thanks for the bedtime escape game, Shuchun!!

finally out thanks everyone

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 1:07 AM  

Goodnight ánd goodmorning all.

Can someone tell me where the yellow coin is please? Thanks

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 1:12 AM  

Under the desk


Hello everyone
I can't find my last piece to finish, it's the green one, help me please...
there is something to do with the gold cat ???

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 1:21 AM  

Axouille, highlight the mirror to look under the cupboard, than use the ruler to get it.
The golden coin and the cute smiling cat are of no use in the game itself before you get through the door, you´ll see

Thanks a lot for the answer ...

A fairly easy game, but I wish I could have understood the clues! Putting the discs in was trial and error (except the cat)...neat and logical.

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 1:57 AM  

Redroobar, at another site i found a comment posted by Doradora;
・memo:the north the top
・bookshelf: Kita fox(kita=north)
・floor: in winter, bird migrate to the south.
・book:3:00 is snack time.

Hi Full, It makes more sense if you know that! cute game, did the door trial and error like red, but the language barrier doesn´t stop you finishing the game.

where is blue coin?

       Anonymous  5/1/08, 3:54 AM  

El, under the bin. But you must first throw the paper of the opening scene in it to be able to lift it up


Sorry 4 my bad english. Im Afrikaans speaking.

Here goes:

1. Pick up paper in start room.
2. Click on painting till it fall
down - get white key.
3. Turn right once.
4. Click red carpet on leftside -
get red key.
5. Turn right once.
6. Click on bed - get white shining
thing = knife.
7. Click teddybear on bed till it
move - get yellow key.
8. Click pillow - get blue book
9. Zoom out
10. Click on clock - set at 03h00
get green key.
11. right once.
12. Click on table - get mirror
on top.
13. Click on drawers and use keys
according to the coulors.
14. Top drawer - get ruler
Middle drawer - get hammer
Bottom drawer - get dog disc.
15. Zoom back - click on dusbin -
through paper into bin. - get
blue cat disc. Note its
position underneath bin.
16. Zoom back
17. Turn to brown Cupboard. Zoom
in. Highlight mirror - look
underneath the cupboard with
it. Get green disc by using
the ruler. - get green bird
18. Zoom in on duck - hit with
hammer - get golden disc with C
sign on it.
19. Zoom out
20. Click underneath the table
left - get fox disc.
21. Move right twice - note square
against the wall (blue border)
Click top left with knife.
Open safe with white key -
get golden cat.
22. Zoom out, turn left once to
face door.
23. Click door twice.
24. Put discs in circles :
Yellow - fox - top
blue - cat - right
green bird - bottom
pink - dog - left
Watch the end : click on green button.

Hope it was helpfull. MY FIRST!!!


Thanks for the fun game Shuchun!
Ah! Full! - You saved me! I had everything figured out but the cat panel, and the trash can kept saying there's nothing in it... I never would've thought of putting something in!

I like the ending! I'm gonna get me some treasure! =D

any1 here??

This was fun game and didnt need no help. what ever the floor said by the window when the light is turned off did not even need to understand,and i got the door plates right on the first time.yayyy!!!!!!!!!! keep them coming creators good job.

Thanks for the walkthrough Sanche you did very well your english is very good.

That was a cool game with good graphics....I just got stuck at the end with the green coin and would have NEVER known to use the mirror, HELL, I didn't even know that was a mirror, i thought it was a scouring pad. lol, thanks for the help

       Anonymous  5/2/08, 2:23 AM  

Lol, when I first started this game the fact that it always goes black and then changes to the next scene whenever I pressed into the next room really bugged me.

how do you put the disks on the paper or whatever it is? i keep trying but it won't work.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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