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Secret Path of the Forest Walkthrough

Secret Path of the Forest

Forest WalkthroughThe bypath of the Forest aka Forest Road Winding Past is another point and click type adventure game from Coo's House, who is also creator of Nezumi room escape game. In this game, you try to find a way in the forest. There are 5 ending in the game. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Full]

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hey second! lol

OK lets give it a go

i got this wooden piece, wooden stick and the bag...

hey, i'm also starting now!

what are we supposed to do with this?

found a sleeping bear!

cracker, lighter, t-shirt/...

where is the sleeping bear?

yay found it too.
isnt that a squirrel?

i don't know what it is... you can wet the shirt in the river with the fish

Alternative link?

Hi all,
So far, i have a lighter, a t-shirt (used), cracker pieces, a worm (stick may be), something like a piece of map.

Buena did you try to refresh, I only got a white screen the first time and that worked for me.

i lighted the tshirt and then i weted it... lol

oh.. that is a piece of a map.. i thought is was a wood block or something..

clean log with wet shirt

i don't know what to do anymore.. i have cleaned the tree with my wet shirt and now i'm just clicking everywhere...

ya i did that too, what next?

Elaine lit the shirt, are we supposed to start a fire?

break biscuits

lemme restart this game...

there must be something in those bushes by the bird with the sign.. i've clicked everywhere!

Yeh, but I can't feed them to anyone!!

light the shirt? i don't have my shirt anymore... i cleaned the log with it and then it was gone... but i did break the cookie and fed it to the squirrel

i restarted the game, lit the tshirt but cant seem to light fire anywhere?!

Got the t-shirt lit now,but can't seem to do much with it!

Igua I had to restart

Hello! where did you find the lighter?

where is the squirrel

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 2:14 AM  

use the broken cookie at the bubble o f the squirrel, he looks very sad ....LOL

aaahh, didn't go through my pack pack properly!

yeah i restarded now as well, i lit the shirt.. couldn't do anything with it.. so now i've wetted it again..

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 2:15 AM  

Lighter is in the bag and the squireel is in the tree above the bird

and now i don't have a lighter or a shirt anymore

Hera Check in all the pockets of your rucksack

what else can u do with lighter?

i'm getting a little frustrated by this game...

Hi Full, long time. Do you still have the broken biscuit in your inventory?

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 2:21 AM  

When i subbed the game from another site there was a comment made by Doradora, maybe it helps in the game....

EDIT:A turn to give a cookie is SHIRITORI game.
shiritori; a word game played by saying a word that starts with the last syllable of the word given by the previous player.

bird → squirrel → sparrow → killifish → frog (Tori-risu-suzume-medaka-kaeru)

Thanks Doradora

i've restared (again) and now i've lit the shirt and then combined it with the log/piece of map

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 2:25 AM  

Hey Niff, ¿que tal?

I still have the bisquit, yes.
I can´t find the secret way out though, whatever i do

click all the animals (also wake th squirrel with the cookie) in the order like full said it. then u can get a piece of a map from under the leaf the frog is sitting on if you use the stick

thanks for tip. I've tried both lit and wet shirt but not getting anywhere....

Thanks for the post Full, I'd just been over at Nordinho too. Thanks everyone, until the next game.

u can combine the two pieces of the map. it says u have to get to a house.. and in front of the house is a sign.. but when i click the sign it does nothing

Got it!

OMG there are 5 endings! Here goes..

and then suddenly.. there is a road between the bushes.. don't know what i did to get the road.. but anyway I'M OUT! Thanks full for your tip!

o.. but i left my bag in the woods...

1. open the cover of the rucksack and leave it.
2. close the cover of the rucksack and leave it.
3. With a T-shirt, one piece of board and a lighter, put up a beacon in the side of the river.
4. put the branch near a stump before putting a rucksack.
5. take a rucksack after you found the way to the mountain hut.

These are thanks to Doradora as well- she always kicks ass in these games!! (having the language helps)

@Full, muy bien, tengo fiesta hoy!! Juegos, juegos , juegos!!!!

i tried to play again and then take te bag with me, but i can't take it..

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 2:39 AM  

I got out with one ending of the 5 posible ones, don´t know wich one though, lol...

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 2:42 AM  

@Niff, funny, i have some days off as well

Just got the fire to make and finished them all.
@Full Unfortunately things have to be done, like pick my Dad up from the airport, so if you see me here this afternoon give me a reminder or He'll kill me!!

Just a note... if you leave the stick you I think you have to make the beacon to get out, but the ending is still different than if you make the beacon without leaving the stick. I still can't figure out how to get the backpack after finding the way either.

pinopicle- When I had the path showing, I clicked WITHOUT having the map selected, then went back for the rucksack. Once I just left with it, and once I left the stick behind. No matter what you, do select the map to go down the path to the cabin. (Except the fire because you will automatically go to the cabin with that one)

       Anonymous  5/19/08, 7:18 AM  

@Niff, i don´t see you here now, but i´d like to remind you not to forget to pick up your dad from the airport.

What is a Rucksack????? Looks like a Book bag to me. Used wet T-Shirt on tree stump.

@Full- que bueno, yeh I wasn't here because I remembered to pick him up!!
@sorry no can do- I guess that depends on where you come from. I've never had a "book bag" in the north of England- that would be a satchel. For me that's a walker's rucksack- as opposed to a hiker's rucksack.

Well, whatever you want to call it, IT WON'T OPEN NO MATTER WHERE I CLICK ON IT. Is anyone else having that problem?

Am I the only one who is not able to open the rucksack? How so you do that?

Ah ha ha, apparently not :-D

Joerg & Tabby:

I was having the same problem then I found out by chance that you have to place the sack down by the cut tree in the 1rst screen - THEN it opens, sort of silly isn't it?

Is anyone still playing? I have only one part of the map, can anyone tell me how to find the other part? Thanks

Thanks, Coop. Yeah, that is silly ...

       Anonymous  5/20/08, 7:52 PM  

1st time n here

       Anonymous  5/20/08, 7:53 PM  

1st time n here

How about a walkthrough???

i lit the t shirt then i put the wooden thing it worked!!hehe but nothing happens..hehe...

To niff,, here in the U.S.A. we call it a Book Bag, kids use it to carry there books, pens, homework in. My adult child uses it to carry his PSP3 & Games in. Where is the Axe???

working link:


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