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Bamba Snack Quest 2 Walkthrough

Bamba Snack Quest 2

Bamba Snack Quest 2 WalkthroughBamba Snack Quest 2 is sequel of Bamba Snack Quest 1 really cute point and click type adventure game in Hebrew. In this game you try to help little baby whose snacks stolen by an evil squirrel and your task is to get his snacks back. Currently there are 1 episode available, but you'll have to unlock them one by one to play. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Peter, Shuchun]

Update: New episode available to play now.

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Wow, I am here first.

second =]

i've got the flower but the bug won't let me get to it now =/
any help?

nevermind i got it =]

You have to light the bunsen burner. Then light another match and click on the fly.

My second level is taking forever to load and I think I forgot something to do in the first level.

now i'm stuck in the kitchen lol
ugh i work on it later =]

Any idea how to use the mustard or what the spinny sheep pin does?

nevermind. Use the mustard on the corkboard.

       Anonymous  6/4/08, 4:51 PM  

got the fork to poke the cheese but dont know what to do now...first time poster here!! been using you guys for help a lot though

In level 2 - grab spaghetti from pot, climb up toast ladder (by pushing over stack), put spaghetti in middle hook while on upper shelf, grab hanging piece of cork-board (lower left corner), go back down toast ladder, cover cork with mustard, tie spaghetti onto fork behind toast ladder, put mustard covered cork on butter, grab tied off piece of spaghetti, give to rat, climb toast ladder, push bread (will fall into toaster), climb down toast ladder, push down toaster. done.

Oh i love Bamba Quests..Thanks Yalcin..!~

Welcome to the forums Crackthiscode119..:)

Here I go..!~

Darn..won't load..theyre servers are having troubles..:(

How do I get the plant to grow?

greenmama you have to go right on the silver box. Click the red button, then the arrow buttons to focus the picture. It shows what color test tube fluid to use.

Thanks, I tried earlier, but it wouldn't focus. Weird!!

Would you beleive that just finished loading..lol..

The bee freaked me out..i actually moved..scared me..LOL..

Is there a secret to making the colours come into focus..actually giving me a headache..

Ok figured it out..for some reason it would only focus completely on the one slide..which was the "Fire slide" or so it looked like fire..[flames]. then once it focused on that one..I was able to get in focus the other slides..whew..hard on the eyes..lol

Alright out with the flower..done..

There is another one..after this one.?

Ok..he is way to cute...:)

       Anonymous  6/4/08, 10:02 PM  

really liked it, so much in fact I played all the Bamba snack quest games.Fun, Fun Fun!!!!!

       Anonymous  6/5/08, 12:02 AM  

I am confused I got the plant to get roots but I can't figure the rest out

Great !!!! I loved the first part of Bambas Quest, looking forward for this one. @ mercedes: haven't seen a 3rd part yet.

Oh ok..thanks Jane Doe..:)

You don't need the roots one evildreams..only the flower one..:)from what i remember..played it fast..lol

       Anonymous  6/5/08, 3:52 AM  

while the game loads, and the baby is trying to get the popcorn...it looks frustrating:)

what colors of liquid do I mix to grow the flower? and what do I do with the machine in the right hand screen?

Hi Dreamspinner Gal

You have to..go on top of the machine..after lighting bunson burner..and turn the machine on..using the button on the right...

and using the buttons on the right for focusing..

the flower for me it was green yellow red

i keep putting the liquids in but what do you do next

Dear deb,
Unscrew the bottle-cap and collect liquid in it by clicking on the tubes. When the right combination of liquids is in the bottle-cap, steam should appear to be coming out of it. Then click on the plant in the pot in the corner of the screen to water it. I hope this helps! :)

thanx ellen i was putting them in one by one XXX

No problem, deb! Just glad that I could be of service. :)

Just wondering if you are able to go farther than the two scenes. , and if so ,how? , I redid second hoping to highlight the next scent but did not happen.
Thanks this is a fun one

Next parts will get available as the dates on the photos on the home page state.

hey i only just found this game i'm on the first one and i hav no idea wat to do

do u keep putting in liquids to make plant grow and get to second level? or do u do something else? tell me sum1 please

anybody wanna give me help? cause i need it so bad i need help

After the third level, the one in the garden, there's a page that's filled with words in Hebrew, asking you for something. Can anyone please translate that? I tried and failed.

has anyone started the 3rd level yet? i'm stuck :(

where are you stuck alli? have you gotten the beetle to come up to the surface yet?

never mind, I figured it out :p Thanks!

I think I need some help in the third part. Got the beetle out, got the snail-and now?

Nevermind, got it

Hey Lasers... Well, I cant get it to load.. Will try back..

Danna-Lee said...

After the third level, the one in the garden, there's a page that's filled with words in Hebrew, asking you for something. Can anyone please translate that? I tried and failed.

may be login? password???

tey ask for your emai if you want the news

Help I am stuck in front of the dog holding the spiny acorn. Nothing happens.

you have to put the acorn on the hook..have the ant take it as well, is wht I did..:) There is alot of going back and forth with items and putting them on the hook in this one..

This is assuming you have made the ladder out of the weed..

How play fouth round? what to do???

Hi Yura..:)

What have you done so far...?

Do you still need help?

yes, i need help.

I'm from Ukraine. and speak english very bad...

that for a question after the third round??? and how on him to answer, what to play in a fourth round??? or that to write in two lines after the third round???

I am sorry for my bad English...

Help me pleasssss! I got the plant to get roots but I don't have the flower and I can't go out.I am sorry for my English...

For the plant to get roots..u need the right combo of liquids..You will find this to the very right of the screen on the top of that machine..Turn it on, and then adjust focus..:)

Let me know if that helps..:D

well that, who will answer my question?

Hi there Nura..Sorry about that, I was awaiting for a reply..:)

[that for a question after the third round??? and how on him to answer, what to play in a fourth round??? or that to write in two lines after the third round???]

Are u speaking of a password to play the third and fourth round?

You have to unlock each level to play the other levels..You have to play all levels..one at a time

Not sure if this is what you mean..I don't remember there being anything else to have to type in..to play game..

Let me know..

Incidently I will look around to see if there is passwords to unlock levels..:) If this is what you mean of course.

i can't get my flower to grow... :(

Hi Liana..

did u go to the machine at the far right...?..

first light bunson burner..

collect cap off of bottle..

go to machine and turn it on..

then focus on the image that is weed..put cap fulls of that slide colours on the plant..

then change slides..to the flower one..is what i did ..

You will see the flower slide and add the liquids to the cap..

and it should grow..

hope that helped:)

Thank you Yura! I'll give it a try.

I play 3 level. a question appeared after the third, what to play in fourth. or that it?

What was the question.. Yura?

So I make sure I understand you..:)

What ever you see that is lit up..in the frame itself..are the episodes that you can play.

You have to play one episode at a time, to move to the next level.

Incidently if you are speaking of language after the game is done..

All that is..is asking you if you want to subscibe to the game itself..so you know when the next episode is..

Enter in email address..

You don't have to.its just asking you if you want to subscribe to the game itself..so u know..

I am assuming this is what u are speaking of..:)

help with dog nose round please!! got ant to get spiny thing, but ant just walks off the screen

HAve you at this point..

made the ladder...so you can add drops of water..

let ant take all objects that will go on the hook..

after that..play with lady bugs on the water..till they all sink..

then everything should fall into place..~

made ladder (2 steps), ant took cupcake, spiny thing, flower bud, mushroom, all ladybugs are under water, but dog keeps blowing me away!

oh ok...get the leaf...beside the hook u hang stuff on..

i pull the leaf-- but it does not come off. what did i miss?

btw--thank you mercedes!!!

oh mercedes, are you still there??

Hmm...Well did u do all with the bug..?

I think u have to use him a few times..not just for ladder I beleive..

Make sure there is nothing on the hook..

I played it fast this morning or the other morning.,.

I think its something to do with the spike thing..in the water..and the ant and the bug..

I remember the ant or the bug making noise when the spike thing hit the ant or the bug..

i was going between the pages when i was playing so i kind of missed how i ended it..

I just saw how theleaf..was blown away in the babys face..and then he uses it to go in the water i think..like a boat..or something..
My short term memory can be horrible..

I'm sorry..:(

Like I said though.u are near the end..its just a matter of using that spike thing..\\

OH..yes..use the nuts..too..



did not do all i could with the bug. thank you thank you thank you

Oh good Glad I could help..:D

Help anyone! I can't get the bug out!!!

you have to move the catapillars..till u trap the ants..force one of them to go towards the bug..

Thanks Mercedes , but I cant; get the ant to turn right!
I try to move the catarpillars to
free thw way fro my ant but it keeps turning left!

Never mind! I just got it.Power of posting , I guess!


1) press right side to get to 2nd screen (dog screen).
2) take piece of cake and move back to first screen
3) give the cake to the snail.
4) return to right screen enter the ant's tunnel on the buttom left
5) move maggots so it will make ants move to beetle and the beetle will move up ground
6) take the stalk on the ground and make the beetle cut it - do it twice
7) the the peices of stalk back to the first screen and put them on the 2 stalks on the up left and make a ladder.
8) take snail and put it on the tendril.
9) climb the ladder and push leaf with water drop. the ant will climb rock and take snail to the right screen and the snail will
stuff the tunnel
10) go to right screen and make all the ladybugs in the puddle sink then take the acorn in the puddle.
11) go back to left screen and put the acorn on the tendril
climb on the ladder again to drop a water drop and rush to the right screen
12) when you see the ant with the acorn on the left screen - push the beetle so it will climb up the stalk, press the beetle again so it reach the top
13) return left screen and push right leaf so the beetle will cut it
14) put leaf on the tendril and drop another waterdrop so the ant will take the leaf.
15) move to right screen - wait till the ant will put leaf on dog's face and you free to cross to the pipe.

never mind walkthrough for level 3 this is the game for level 2

yay, level 4 is here! Anyone else playing?



I'm at level 4.

First walkthrough...((really don't think it's necessary))

1. Click plant on left of sink to climb onto shelf

2. Click first aid kit to get plaster

3. Click plant to climb back down

4. Click sink chain to climb onto bath

5. Click rubber duckie to apply plaster, click again to sail across water

6. Get anchor

7. Climb back up sink

8. Climb back up to shelf and attach anchor to dental floss

9. Climb down to sink, then across to fish bowl shelf

10. Click toilet paper to unroll it, click again to climb down

11. Click on cotton bud and climb back up toilet paper

12. Go back to sink and use cotton bud on compact/mirror to attract the fish

13. Climb back onto shelf and drop anchor into fish bowl to collect diver's helmet

14. Return to bath and dive under water to collect key

15. Return to floor via toilet paper and use key on door to complete the level


Have I helped anyone get through this terribly hard level with my fantastic walkthrough?



does anyone have a alt link, i cant get in this one

       Anonymous  6/15/08, 1:22 PM  

Natasia, you totally did help. I saw the swab in another screen and forgot about it when I was trying to figure out how to prop open the compact. thanx

You are more than welcome evlpopcrnkikr39!


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This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

anyone playin? need help with flower in 1. i know that you have to put the right liquids in the cap, but i can't figure it out

have you played with the machine on the right..It is there that you get sequence of colours..

ya, i focused it and everything. maybe i'm just dumb. lol. i see the colors ,but every order i've tried has failed

Did you do the weed first then the flower sequence...do the weed first then flower...

thanks so much!

this part was nice and easy...although for some reason...It froze on me when i went down to the door with anchor...i had to refresh page..i was just moving around wondering where to put anchor and went down to the place where u find cu-tip and it froze..so..just warning in case it does it to someone else..:)

yeah it forze down on me as well when i went down to get the cotton bud. i thought i was doing something wrong...

4th 1 is easy, :(

when you do a walkthrough can you please tell us what level it is supposed to be for


hello, i am Peter. chapter 5 is very hard (my mind). i don't know how to light the other candles. i got only the left one. any ideas?

@ Kartoffel

Adjust the beetles and clocks so they are at the same levels. When they hit, they will light up each other.

thank you @Jonas EL, but the beetles blows my candleslights out :( ok i will try again....

How do you light up the candles??? I can only setup the clocks and move the middle beetle.

nvm, got it :-))

Level 5

1. Take all clocks.
2. Put green and blue clocks on the middle plank.
3. Take blue clock off, put the red one and take the green one off.
4. Move the middle beetle to light up a tassel.
5. Take red clock off and move the beetle to light up the middle candle.
6. Put green and blue clocks on the left plank.
7. Go right.

Thx Gorka
Now I got it. :}
Good game

I don't understand what to do once you have lit the candles??

Oh I see I was trying to keep both the candles alight!

That was short, compared to the other levels. But was fun!!!!!!!!

What a game ... long but funny 1 :D

LEVEL 5: You CAN keep both candles lit, but it isn't necessary. I found the middle bug's tassel essential to the completion of the level. It took awhile, but it's very easy if you're patient.

       Anonymous  6/28/08, 5:14 PM  

how do u get the beetle out in the 3rd scene?

In telephone scene - how do you answer? Got both numbers, but when I ring - nobody answers, and I can't talk.

flipped the CD, am trying to blind the spider, but besides being cruel to animals - nothing happens.

is anyone playing?

Push the small button beside the cell phone, and turn the sound off. Then, call the cell phone from the other phone, using the number you've found. With the vib sound, you'll scare the spider. Push the cd up, and blind the spider. After that, get a ride with your new friend.

how do you get the mobile number?

Push the small button beside the cell phone, and turn the sound off. Then, call the cell phone from the other phone, using the number you've found. With the vib sound, you'll scare the spider. Push the cd up, and blind the spider. After that, get a ride with your new friend.

never mind.. got it!

Ok You all got number for cell phone but no one of You say hot to take it...

Oh - thanks. out.

omg stupid me :P I know the cell phone number...

wath is the cell phone number?

Please help me


I've been waiting for this to come back!


This comment has been removed by the author.

And it's over too quickly!

To get the mobile phone number, take the paper from under the lamp, call the number on there from the mobile and your number will come up on the other phone.


Press down the little frog and then open the disc drawer, this will flip the cd.


Level 7 Walkthrough;

Take paper from under lamp

Press down frog and quickly open disc drawer on laptop

Press small button on side of mobile/cell phone

Switch on lamp

Use Mobile/Cell to call other phone using the number on the paper

Note down the number that comes up on the phone

Call it back

This will frighten the spider, now grab the cd and this will send the spider away

Click on the fly and get away


Level 6** sorry!


Thanks for help

i like this game

You're welcome nassi


anyone playing? how to put mustard on the fork ... leel 2... please help.

nvm... did it.

anyone playing? how to put mustard on the fork ... leel 2... please help.

hm...i lost my clocks...are they supposed to dissapear.Wondering if that is a bug..or something..All I was doing was tossing them on the candles..

Yup..was definetly a bug..figured that out...supposed to have all clocks...lol..

I need the number for the cell phone. There is something about my screen that does not let me see the complete number. Is it a 6 figure number?? I have one, but it does not work. I have been trying it putting a 1 at the beginning, then a 2, etc but none of them worked. What is the first number?
Thank you!

turn on lamp
take white paper under lamp
click on frog an quickly click button on laptop to open cd so that the frog will flip it
dial number from the card you got under the lamp on the cell phone
then turn off sound of the cell phone by clicking its button on the lateral side
then dial on the other phone 812 553 46
quickly click un the cd that is flipped remember the light has to be turned on so when the phone vibrates the spider will move and the light from cd will scare it away
click on the fly
btw- FOR bea : the number is 330 72081 and the other one is 812 553 46

Final level (7) walkthrough:

- Click Squirrel who will go up to upper level

- Click tubing which will break

- Click hole to go back to lower level

- Click fly who will go in through tube

- Click small piece of generator and fly will return in to upper level

- Click back to upper level and click buttons in this order;
3 1 6 5 2 4

- Click down again

- Press red button to enlarge fly

- Click fly then quickly click bamba and they will both be in the glass enclosure

- Flip switch to change to shrink ray and press the red button to shrink the fly

- Click the fly and he will fly away

- Flip switch to enlarge ray again and press red button

You've completed Bamba Snack Quest!

This comment has been removed by the author.

ooh ! very last one what a cute little series it's been :D

That was a great series. I managed to get through the last one without any help. There's a first.

i need help

Natasia..........hate to break it to ya hon, but NONE OF THIS WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 7 Walkthrough;

Take paper from under lamp

Press down frog and quickly open disc drawer on laptop

Press small button on side of mobile/cell phone

Switch on lamp

Use Mobile/Cell to call other phone using the number on the paper

Note down the number that comes up on the phone

Call it back

This will frighten the spider, now grab the cd and this will send the spider away

Click on the fly and get away


Are you still stuck..?

Full walkthrough for Bamba Snack Quest 2

level 1
1. Take match, light match and light candle thing by the beakers.
2. Click on the fly to make him run into the candle.
3. Take bottle cap off bottle. Click on projector in top right corner.
4. Turn it on, then use the arrows to adjust the quality until you can see the recipes.
5. Copy the recipe (white yellow white blue) by using the bottle cap and knocking it into the right colored beakers.
6. Use the cap on the plant. It should make it grow large roots.
7. Do the same for the next recipe (red green yellow do NOT add white). It should make the plant grow even more.
8. Climb up the plant and you're out!

level 2
1. Knock over the bread, then go to next stage and take noodle hanging out of the soup, then go climb up the bread.
2. Hang the noodle on the middle hook, knock over the bread (standing vertically), and tear the corner off the corkboard. Head back down.
3. Head to the screen with soup, use the corner on mustard, then go back to previous screen and use it on the butter. Click on fork hiding under toast.
4. Untie the noodle (the end wrapped around the screw), then take your corner (now resembling cheese) and give it to the rat.
5. Hop up onto the toaster and you're out!

level 3
1. Go to screen 2, and make it so all the ladybugs are hiding under the water. Leave the nut for now, and take the cupcake.
2. Give cupcake to snail on screen 1, then hang him on hook.
3. Go to screen 2, and click on ground. Solve the puzzle by making the ants run into the beetle, using the caterpillars.
4. Once the beetle is out of the ground, click it to make it snap a piece of grass. Click on him again to make him cut it again.
5. Go to screen 1 and click on the left leaf. You'll use the grass as a ladder and drop a drop of water on the hole, making them take whatever is hanging on the hook.
6. Take the nut on screen 2 and use it on the hook, then block the hole again. Once the nut scares the beetle, go over to it and click it.
7. Go to screen 1 and click on right leaf, the beetle should snip it off. Use the leaf on hook and block the hole again.
8. Once the leaf blocks the dogs nose, go up the drain and you're done!

level 4
1. Climb up plant and open First Aid box, you'll get a bandage.
2. Climb down chain hanging out of the sink and use the bandage on rubber duck. Click rubber duck again and you'll be taken to the toy boat.
3. Take anchor and climb back up to the sink. Climb up the plant and use the anchor on the floss.
4. You'll automatically throw the anchor into the fishbowl, but the fish will just toss it back up. So climb back down the plant and go to bottom right corner of the screen.
5. Click on toilet paper to unroll it, then click it again to climb down it. Take the stick.
6. Go back to sink screen and open up the makeup box. You'll prop it open with the stick and the fish will be interested in the mirror.
7. Go back up the plant and use the anchor again. This time it'll work and you'll get the diving helmet.
8. Go back down to the tub screen. Click on the key, and you'll dive down to get it.
9. Make your way back to the screen where you got the stick. Climb down the toilet paper and use the key on the door and you're out!

level 5
1. Grab all three clocks around the room.
2. Put big clock and small clock on right candle. This should light the left candle.
3. Take off small clock, put medium clock on, take big clock off.
4. Swing the middle bug (any idea what it is?) around so that it lights the hat on fire.
5. Take off middle clock so that all three clocks are on the ground. Swing middle bug around so that it lights the right candle.
6. Put big clock and small clock on left candle. This should light the rope, make the platform swing into the fire alarm, wake up all the bugs and make the door swing open.
7. Go through the door and you're done!

level 6
1. Tear piece of paper out from under the lamp.
2. Close the frogs mouth, then quickly pop open the CD ROM from the computer. This should cause the CD to be flipped over.
3. Enter the phone number on the paper (33072081) into the cell phone.
4. This will call the telephone, and the cell phone's number will pop up on the phone (81255346). Remember it, and make sure you have the cell phone on vibrate (press the button on the side), the lamp is turned on, and the CD ROM is open.
5. Enter the cell phone's number into the telephone. This will call the cell phone, and make it vibrate, drawing the spiders attention. Quickly pick up the CD, reflecting the light into the spider's eyes. This will scare the spider off, and you'll free the fly.

level 7
1. Click on squirrel, then make him chew through the tube.
2. Click on hole, then make the fly fly through the broken tube and pick up the battery.
3. Click the buttons above the batteries in the right order to power the ray (if you need help, press these buttons in order from left to right: 3 1 6 5 2 4).
4. Go down the hole, and press the red button. It should make the fly grow.
5. Click the fly, then quickly click the baby. Turn the knob by the computer, then press the button to shrink both of them.
6. Make the fly fly out, then flick the knob and press the button to return the baby to normal size and beat the game!

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