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Button Hunt 3 Walkthrough

Button Hunt 3

ButtonHunt 3 WalkthroughButtonHunt 3 is the third part of Button Hunt point and click type puzzle game series. The goal of ButtonHunt3 is to find and click the red button in every level. Sometimes obstacles will come in between you and the button. Click, drag, or push your way past them. If you are stuck, click the blue "?" sign for a hint. Navigate your way through thirty creative stages using only your mouse and your head in search of a red button. Now go hunt some buttons! Good luck and have fun!

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Endeavor to persevere.

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 6:45 PM  

coolies a new one

Ok new game can't wait to start

at the first boss don't know what to do

me, too, sportschic

I just got to the first boss and it took me a long long time to get it but place your mouse over the box with out the red circle so that when you look at the other one the red circle now has a yellow circle around it. right click when your mouse is still there and then move your mouse over the red circle and click.

thanks christine! I never would have gotten that!

for the second boss all you need to do is click on the two tabs one on each side of the box and then click the little tab right above the lock

on the last boss just leave your mouse alone and the red dot will move under your mouse.

Kinda stuck at the third boss. Red dot with small arrow, but unable to touch dot.

oops, nevermind. Made it.

Hi all just starting

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 7:25 PM  

i'm kinda lost on the music stand.. not sure what to do with it

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 7:27 PM  

nevermind, i finally got it lol

oh no...lol i got up to where i place the egg into eggcup, apparently froze and i die...grr the point of this game, click on red circle, and we have 10hints the ? button and restart button...

bbl to play good luck all

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 7:31 PM  

what do you do in the assembly area??

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 7:33 PM  


Hi. In the skull and bones stage. Whay I will do? Im stuck. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks!

Stupid game

I have unlocked 2 of the 5 badges

one is the accurate badge
one is the quick badge

but do anyone know how to unlock the other 3 badges?

for the third boss just put the red dot on the o in the word boss

OK, I feel dumb.

I can't work out what to do on the little red rocket level. My lighter lights the fuse and then nothing - I've done it at least 50 times and tried clicking all over the place.
What am I missing?

Oh geez, nevermind. I *am* dumb!

fun game...love a good challenge :)thanks for the post.

ive got 3 achievements: swiftness for being quick. godspeed for being even quicker (i was under 230 seconds) and accuracy for having not having many clicks. does anyone know how to get other 2?

Good job Paul and Alex..I had 491 clicks in 989 seconds and used 0 hints...lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

In the skull and bones stage. Whay I will do? Im stuck

was WAY easier than the first two. It was kind of cool to be able to do it almost all by myself, but I also wish it were a bit harder.

Help im stuck on the music stand 1 plz help!!!!

I opened the lock of the case:353

stuck on the skull and bone part as well?

ok skull and bones part....
right click mouse in left box then move your cursor onto the red button..finally left click on red button...

       Anonymous  7/2/08, 3:15 PM  

there is no code to the siut case guys!!!!! geez

and reddc you probably already figured this out but you move the cloud over the rock, then the sun over it and a red button grows.

Wow, it was over a lot faster than I wanted it to be. :(

Patient thinking :)

Help ! can anyone tell me what to do in the room with the music stand and Baton? I used a hint and it showed me a moving arrow across the bottom of the stand. Followed it and "marched " across it and nothing :(..

I have unlocked the Speed and accuricy secrets. How do you unlock the others?

Hey Anyone know how to do the cursor and the dot stuck at the end ?.

if you still need help...
put the red dot in the middle of the O in boss and wait the cursor will move then you'll be able to click it inside the O.

I unlocked 3 so far... 1 is perfectionist.

oh boy, a combination of logical thinking, taking action, clicking the red dot ... stuck at the music stand also.

For all those who are stuck (even though this is a really easy game)
1:Simple Click the big red button
2:Click the bottom of the scroll drag it down the red button is at the top
3:Use the torch to light the two pits at each side of the door the door will open and theres the famouse red button aha
4:put the coin into the coin slot on the gum machine turn the handle open the slot at the bottom and there it is
5:Before you light the firework notice the star flashing just above it then when you do light it quickly press the star when the firework explodes
6:Click the on button on the camera then the flash button which looks like a lighting strike then click the top of the camera to take the picture and theres your button
7:Press the timer butoon on the microwave and set the time 0:10 then press the button which looks like a flame wait ten seconds then open the door and there you go
8:Take the cork out of the bottle and put it on the table then pick up the bottle pour the wine into the glass the just click the glass
9:Be quick put the egg into the egg cup then turn the lamp on then wait for the egg to hatch and theres your button
10:Put the balloon on the helium tank then pop it with the dart
Boss1:put your mouse in the left box so the red button has a yellow outline then press the right button on your mouse and go across
11:Shoot the newpaper not his face then shoot the red button aha
12:Open the grey box at the bottom right side and attach the red wires together then click the light
13:Click the coconut so it falls then use the stone to open it then take the top off the coconut and there you go lol
14:Use the scalpel across the yellow lines then use the twezzers to get the red button out
15:Drag the cloud over what looks like a stone then drag the sun over it and you shud see the button
16:Just click the wings at the top then the button will fly straight up
17:Pick up the batton then wave it from one side of the screen to the over and you should see music notes untill a red one comes it should stop at the top right of the screen and there it is
18:Click the blue pin holding the picture up and dragg it out go into the tunnel then two red dots should appear on the top click one
19:Drag the slide under the microscope then click the eye lense use the knob to adjust the focus and there you go
boss2:click the clips at the side then the one at the front and there it is
20:Add all the chemicals into the large beaker then press the beaker
21:Drag the egg on the end on the right then drop it off the ledge then its inside the broken egg
22:Turn the temperature down on the top left then turn it up again then press it
23:Drag the base into th eassembley area then the LED then click the LED then put the glass then the outline
24:Pick up the black spary can then follow the arrow till a circle appears then go round the circle then pick up the red spay can and follow the arrows again then fill the circle by following the arrows inside it then click it
25:Drag the cone down then open the window then get the scoop and put it inside the ice thingy then put the scoop inside the conethen drag it to the rasberry thing and click twice on it
26:Drag the recipe over then put in the flour butter egg and red food colouring in the pot
27:click open on the telescope then click the box again then alert military then the button will fall from the sky
boss3:dont move your mouse and the dot will come to you

This is my first walktrough hope you like it.

Achievements: Speed, Accuracy, Godspeed (175ish sec), Perfectionist (110ish clicks), Wings (175s AND 110 clicks)

I'm stuck on the stage with the patient's arm. I can't get the red ball out. Maybe because I'm playing on NotDoppler. I don't know. I feel so stupid.

I am so stuipuid! I'm using the wrong end of the tweesers but I still found it out.

I beat the game and now have beat it twice and have the Swiftness and Accurate. How do I get the other ones? I know I can get more than that.

i click right on the left white rectangle then right click on the circle it dosent work

1105 seconds
484 clicks
without any help


See you

i am addicted to button hunt realy i am!!! i also need help on geting other awards ( e.g godspeed, accurecy, speed but the rest i need!! help plz)

and the suergery lvl fells like trauma center second opion (rly)

i think the tewessers are forseps

I won with 131 clicks and 312 seconds. beat that. have fun with this awesome game.!!

       Anonymous  8/3/08, 1:15 PM  

I got 173 seconds 109 clicks,


       Anonymous  8/4/08, 2:34 PM  

104 clicks-168 seconds

anyone got a better score?

Achievements: Speed, Accuracy, Godspeed (175ish sec), Perfectionist (110ish clicks), Wings (175s AND 110 clicks)

whoooooo!!!!i got accurate!!!!!

       Anonymous  8/10/08, 11:49 PM  

to paul:
another badge is the perfect badge–dont make any extra clicks to get it

With flash9, no way to right clic so do i have to be stocked on the first boss for that?? Is there no solution??

I don't understand what you mean by flash9

Reallly easy game :)
got 134 seconds and 106 seconds no help xD

and whoever needs help on the music stand one (cuz I've been seeing TONS of them) You just grab ahold of the baton, then swing it left and right, left and right until a red note appears. Then click on the button.

Hope I helped, even just a lil bit xD

I'm stuck on boss 3! SO ANNOYING! XD

what the heck do you do with the box qith the lock idk what numbers to pout in!!!!!!!!!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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