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Kutuya - Dwarf Shoes Escape Walkthrough

Kutuya - Dwarf Shoes Escape

Kutuya aka Dwarf Shoes Escape is another new point and click type room escape type game created by Twinkle, who is also the creator of Cindrella Escape , Escape from Pink Door , Escape of Blue Door and Escape of Yellow Door, Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood and Rapunzel's Escape games. In this game you are locked in a room.You need to find a way to escape by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Whee! new game!

got glass, spider white dots and black dots... Found a 3numbred code, but nowhere to put it...
In other words: STUCK!

use spider o top left corner of table legs then u can climb the table
stuck also for now

the code in the book BRB is blue, red and blue, to put in the box under the bed

also found thread now left of the table leg!

there is also a nail upper left side of drawers

you can capture the spider: put the glas in the right side of the drawer an go to the left side and click into the spider, so back to the right side and take the glass with the sipider inside

tnx, got needles now.
put them in the white spots i put on the red square.
stuck again, lol

found roll of sewing thread next to table on the left.

There's a nail on top of the table, can't get the thread on there. Also, a spot you can zoom in on underneath the bed, but nothing to do there so far.

julianne, put the spider to the nail

how you got the needles?

needles on top of the drawers (use spider to get there)

got jar (used), spider (used), white bits from book, thread, book, needle, footprints, pin cushion and I'm stuck.

there is a needle in between the pins

Thanks lis, I tried that, but it won't work for me.

sorry, didn't take spider out of jar, duh!

I think we have to find some scissors to cut out the shapes on the table and to cut the thread??!!

Found scissors, use the code from the picture (count shapes) on box under bed.

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which box is that? I only got the one where I used the BRB code and got the black footprints..

Jaenelle , I dont get the code..you mean the box with the shapes?? And how to use numbers of shapes from picture?? confuzzled..lol

       Anonymous  8/9/08, 4:31 AM  

it's the number of sides on the shapes, and it's the same box from the BRB code.

Ahhhh.. Thanx Gina!!

thanks, gina

I can't do anything with the scissors!!!!

i don't think i get it...

BTW still cant get the thread in the needle ;-)

out with perfect end!

Sorry my English is not that good to explain, hope you got it all.

Out with perfect end.

lisa: you have to add you white shapes to the red cloth on the table. Than add the pins, now you can cut the shape.

lis: there is a number on the face of the picture (603).now choose the shapes with responding sites

duh! got it! just had a mind-numb moment!

I still don't understand how to get the scissors. Please help!

Where are the pins?

and out! although i have the idea that i didn't use everyting...

Sandra look at the shapes and their number of sides.
Circle has no side :-)
Triangle has 3 sides

fyah: on top of the drawers, use spider

My spider is stubborn and wont climb the drawers

top left of the drawers.

I missed some items so I play again, but I only can find a hat, where is the body and the face???

Fyah did you open the book and take yellow shapes?

book had BRB and some circular shapes which i placed on the table. on the red cloth

Did you find nail top left of drawers?

I can't take the 2 shapeds made on the table. Is this normal?
When I get out, I dont get "perfect end". What did I miss?
Did somebody managed to put thread on needle?

Didn't look again under bed...

I cant find the scissors

Help,what to do when I make the shoes and find the cap?there is a message on the cap,but I can't read it...duh...

Oh,never mind,I got out,the doors opened....

to get a perfect end dont forget to take cap at bottom on the rıght sıde of the table..

I think you mean under the bed. But yes, bottom right is correct.

Someone mentioned about the needle and thread. I think as long as you have them in your inventory, they'll be used where they need to be.

YAH! out with perfect end... thanks everyone!

YAH! out with perfect end... thanks for the help everyone!

how do you make the shoes?
I have red shapes on the table, but can't do anyrhing with them!

i can't find the sissors, please help!!!

Nice and cool game. Not bad at all. I did it on my own first time and escaped without perfect end. try again and followed hints, found hat and ended with perfect end.

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thank you very much, liat!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Out with perfect end, Gr8 game !!!

@ pinkypotato, look behind the drawers, but first pick up the jar to catch the spider.

anyone still on?
i cant climb the table.
am i doing something wrong?

@ faye ... click the top left side, then you see a nail, click that nail with the spider, you get a wire, then you will see arrow to go up ... hope it works for you

i'll try that.

np youre welcome, i just finished the game, do you want me to stay a bit ?

hold on,
i dont really get what to do with the red cloth.
i already got the white shapes on it...

got the needle cushion yet ? take out the needle in the middle, you see a tiny stripe, thats the needle.
Then use the needles on it

i didnt think on useing the pins in the cushion!

out with perfect end!

Good job ! :D

Where are the scissors? Thanks.

Did you look at the picture yet, the's a code to put into the box, the same as BRB, put the code into that box and there you will find scissors

Thanks Mieke. I kept reading about the number, but didn't realize you used the box twice. D'oh!

youre welcome, i didn't find another box, so must be the same to put in the code :D

I'm stuck because I can't find the hat. Help!

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oops. double post.

How can I catch the spider...I have the glass but can't get the spider into it.

wow...no one left in here?

Becks put the glass on the right side of the cabinet, then go to the left side of the cabinet you will see spider click on it then go back to the right side of the cabinet and the spider will be in the glass

Where's the hat?


How do you pick up the shoes?

you dont pick up the shoes,ellen.

in fact you dont even have to have the hat to escape but where did u find it?

U don´pick up the shoes.

And the hat is under the bed on the right side. Between the legs of the bed.

Hoshi's First Walkthrough!
1. Look around, pick up the book and look at is. Japanese words, and you see a little Spider-Man looking spider.
2. Pick up the jar
3. Pick up the spool of thread on the LEFT TABLE LEG.
4. Look on one side of the drawers. There's Spidey! Now, go to the opposite side, put the jar there. GO back to the side Spidey was on, and shoo him to the other side.
5. Next to the bed there is a picture. Look at her face. Her ears and nose have numbers. I had 603
6. The safe under the bed is used with this. It has shapes.

Example, the Hectagon has six sides
Circle has none
Triangle has three.
Nifty! Open the box and get the scissors.

7. Click the top left side of the drawer, there's a pin. Use lil Spider and he will shoot web(after wondering how, of course) Now you can climb up and get the pincushion!
8. There is also a stray nail on the table. Use Spidey again, and you can climb up. Bring up the pincushion, and click the pins until you find the needle.
9. Now, look at that book again. Keep flipping pages until you find a discolored spot. Click it, and you get material.
10. Place the material on the red thing on the table. Pin them down. Like Grandma did when she knitted the hole in your Pjs. Cut out the little red shapes.
11. Go to the book yet again. Keep going until you see the words 'BRB' this means
Blue Red Blue. Go to the little safe-box and put in pentagon, hexagon, pentagon.
12. Use the needle on the red cloth. SHOES!! Yayyy!! Put the little black soles on them, to make them all nice.
13. Go to the right side of the bed. Ooh, a present. Someone left you a hat! Take it, and go out the door.

This game probably relates to the elf-shoemaker story. Where the couple would leave materials out and find the shoes the next day, made by elves. And then they gave the elves clothes and they were happy.

This was a fun little game..I think I liked your walkthrough even better Hoshi.exe..lol when granma knitted holes in pj,s...Cute

Out! Tnx, every-one!

THX Hoshi.exe
Very good job.

Nice job on the walkthru, Hoshi!

thanks for walkthrough but what do you mean by : Place the material on the red thing on the table. Pin them down. can only get so far on top of table and all it show is a pin I can't see no red thing?

hoshi your walkthrough is not very clear. how do i get on top of the table?what red thing??

fun cute game, i finished it in 11 minutes

use the spider on the nail to climb up the table

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, Twinkle ☺

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