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Loom Above Escape Walkthrough

Loom Above Escape

[REPLAY] Akarika - Above Loom Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by Akarika. In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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woohoo lets play!


Ok..... what do we have here??? Hope I can help

long time loading..


service temporarily unavailable?? any other links?

now its loading, but slowly

oh, in at last. here we go;)

Mine wont work at all

Never posted before...

woo hoo live game

Hi every body, can't find anything but a moon(used)

Nope dont wanna play anymore lol
Ya'll have fun :)


found moon

found a moon in cupboard, placed it in the picture. nothing else so far.

cant come in

ok have a moon that I put in the picture and that's it. found a spot that we'll need a wrench...

Is nice!

i am not sure how to load this.

Cabinet with moon seems to have a fish with a 69 inside doors

or perhaps the zodiac symbol for fish??

not finding anything new i wonder how i can move the table so i can look in the drawer

another puzzlepiece in the plant on the floor. put it on the picture, got clue for lamp.

finally now loading

under cover.....bunny head with symbol

On lower part of plant there is a green piece that goes in the pic with the moon

i found a green piece in the tree in the corner

key for drawer on bed in lampshade. got wrench for top of closet.

i am still waiting :-((

lamp shade key NICE!

Grn pc helps to get wrench for wardrobe

For some reason it wont let me play

Do u have to click on somefin special?

how to play the game on top of the cupboard though.....

Stiiiiiiillllllll looooooaaaaaaddiiiiiinnnngggg....

i opened the cabnit woohoowasnt to hard

here too &^%$%^^

Think I have done averything all I have left are the symbols all around, any idea?

how to move bedsidetable to get into drawer????

10 mins for it to start loading!

hmm got code and how have a shovel

robert, how did you open the cabinet?? pls

Hi all ! I´m stuck with a key and four of five symbols, but don´t know the order for the door :(

lissamor, you need the second key to rise up the bed side table

I share, you share..Robert?

boo i dont thinkim going to have enought time to beat the game before work and im so far grrrr

Hi all! Just came in...gonna try to catch up...

Raise frog arm to lift table

Uh.:.oh...service temporarily unavailable...boohoo! :-<

hm, where second key, Gnouche?

Did anyone notice the trapdoor on the ceiling over the bed?

Still stuck with code in trapdoor.
How to use?

got shovel

how the heck do you raise frog arm????

Anyone have a clue how to interpret the chart under the picture?

Once you attach the arm, just click on it once the hook is attached to table

Hi everybody, i managed to open the second drawer under bed, there is a switch which revealed a code behind the picture on the wall. stuck with the code.

opened closet and got pole for trapdoor and frogs arm

got table moved and into other drawer

got code
have to find symbols for the animals

Fish = 69

Now the others...

anyone figure out the code for the door yet?..can't seem to figure out picture on wall....what is the symbol for the bird?

Can´t get the key from the lampshade back :(

found rabbit too

stuck on picture too

nvm...found bird symbol under night stand

stuck with code here too

found dog

found cat

The symbol for the bird is under the table. You can see it, when it hangs on the ceiling

found all symbols, but can't figure out chart...one symbol weighs more than another?...does that mean it comes before another symbol or after?

nice game

Bird is under table at the ceiling.

out and without any help!


matt...how does the chart work?

yess!! Finally manage to open closet. Now have another puzzlepiece, and "key" for trap door on ceiling.

Now I'm in! Gonna try and run as fast as I can..lol

What are the symbles for the door combo?

that make me first one out? i didnt find the rabbit symbol, just guessed it in the end.

69, zigzags, symbol by plant pot, bottom of ceiling table, ohm/omega symbol

live game? i'm on! but must wait till tmr then i could play

Out, but had to get the rabbit symbol through a process of elimination.

stuck with last code.

And out too :))) thx for posting !!

have no clue for last code for door. Any help, pls?

Pisces, rabbit, dog (?), bird, cat.

How do I read the sign to figure out the code for the door?

use the chart with the balances on to work out the order, then find the animals and symbols round the room to work out which symbol for the code, didnt manage to find the rabbit symbol had to guess that 1

Down to the end but the code won't open the door.

anyone one mind giving the anwser to the code

oh, give up!! have tried everything. But LOVE these games. A real room escape, compared to all these silly cigarette and cash escape games. more like this, please!!

rabbit under bed cover

11sam read my post number 91

Hey with the last code, I don't know what the symbols mean.

Yeah, out at last. Thanks everybody for clues and hints.!!


and out! never found cat symbol, used process of elimination.

Fun game..Thanks for symbol order Zazie...Btw I like cigarettes and cash find games..All games, whatevers available...Love most of all of them...Thanks Megipoland...(back to work time for me)

fish have cancer symbol

cat symbol was on the cat button above the tall cupboard.(click this button and you see the symbol)

has any1 found another site... mine will not load. have tried several times

finally.. now loading.. maybe i can catch up to a few of you

out great game

"Service Temporarily Unavailable" !

We have to go back the room, and find the word "Above" somewhere in the room

Okay so i must be slow, I still can't get this...

all I have is a blank page...and "service temporary unavailable" when I try to refresh!

tried all morning to get into game and server is still not available. unable to find alternate link that works either...oh well!

pop... it's finally loading...veryyyyyy slowly but at least I'm getting somewhere. You'll all probably be done and gone by the time I get in!! LOL

If you see the "Congratulations" , click the buttom right corner
You will see "back to the room"

I'm stuuuck, lol. Found some astrological signs (pisces, cancer, lion and taurus) and some animals that go with them: a dog, a rabbit...are we supposed to connect the astrological signs with their order in the zodiac, like pisces 12, cancer 4, lion 5, taurus 3, so we get a code 12453?! But that won't work for the door...

Also, on top of the cupboard I copied the pattern with the cat hanging on the wall, but nothing happens...

I'm not going anywhere Dejavu, I can't get the last code, game was way easy till that...

well I'm finally in so I will make a valiant attempt to catch up with y'all but....well we'll see how I do! WIsh me luck!

Thx for posting this fun little game,Megi.

try to recount the weigh of those symbols again and you will get "above" on the door.

ok, I start the game and try what I can do before use all your hints

Helloho...I was asking a question folks...

wow, can't start the game, try a little later

For the top of the cupboard puzzle you must hit the cats head when you finished the puzzle

Ginger, click the cat once you get the patter right, if nothing happens check it again, I had to do it twice...

argh!!! still can't play!!!

I'm with you ginger, I cannot get the final code.

Alkmar keep hitting refresh, took me a few times before I could get it to load.

Hi all, stuck on door code. I keep coming up with fish, rabbit, cat, bird, lion. Where am I wrong with who is grater to less?

game not too hard.. only had problem with order of code. c yall next game

ok, thank you iL0v3MyK1d5 (it is a very long name, but I like that1)

Aha...thanx Zazie & Ilovemykid...sesame opens now, lol. Silly me..never thought of hitting the cat's head...too much of a cat lover I guess, lol

fish rabbit dog bird cat

Okay so what I came up with from the weight chart was cat, bird, dog, rabbit, and fich, I tried it both ways, what's everyone else coming up with?

feeling kind of dumb here. how does the puzzel on top of the closet work?

go to play office sneak out

Dejavu -

Look at the "wind chimes" above the bed. That's the clue for the puzzle...

Isup....OH...see I am dumb... LOL

Stuck with the door now. What is the order for the signs, can't figure it out from the chart...

Thanks Alkmar, I've got 3 amazing kids that make the name worth while, but you can call me Heather if you'd rather...

Dejavu look at the wall thingy with the dark and white spots, write down the pattern and enter it exactly in the cupboard puzzle, then hit cats head.

Thank you janee318 for the order, I would have been trapped forever.

THANK YOU Jannee318, I'm finally out!!!

and waiting...waiting....

thanks janee318 for the code. Out!

Okay...found code and key, have frog in place, but still can't move the cupboard in front of the bed drawer...anyone?

ok Heather is more easy, my kids are fine with the name alkmar because their names are inside (2 kids)

Ginger, have you attached latch to top of dresser?

Nvm found it...

how do I get the frog hook attached to bedside table?

nvm... found it.

Found the chart, but where to put in the answers? I like this game, but get so stuck in between...confusing sometimes...

Dejavu, after you attach the latch to the table just click the frog

Ginger, answers for chart go in door.

ohhh, I've tried many,many links, but I think they don't want me to let it play!!!

Thanx Ilovemykid...I must be kinda thick today lol

YAY!!! I'm out!!! Thank you so much everyone for the help!!!!! ♥♥

alkmar. took me 1/2 hour to finally get in. just kept refreshing page and/or hitting "play game" link above.

It is so nice to play a live game, maybe it works for me in the evening

thanks dejavu, I'll keep trying!!

oh, that's funny , I've got a white page with a few black sparks

There's another challenge. Where the hell is the word "above". If you've finished, look at the bottom (in the gardenview). I don't find it!

Still live????

Back to the room. The order of signs will be difference.

Where is the chart to figure out door code? Have found all animals but not the chart.

Took me awhile but I finally found it..And out I go

anyone can post a walkthrought? plss ^^

This game won't load. Is there an alternative link, please ?

whats with the dog cat bird fish lol...

pls some1 tell me the door code..but not with cat fish bird rabit etc...i dont understand what it means..

After solving for the normal password, look at the chart again for a different weight puzzle.
Solution for second password is:
Rabbit, Fish, Cat, Bird, Dog

Finally, the game loaded !
Great game !

still live?

i need the door key now. i think i just need the symbols for fish, rabbit, dog, bird and cat

i think i have the symbols for fish, dog and cat.

how do i get the symbols for rabbit and bird?

im totally stuck!

amg the symbol for rabbit is under blanket on the bed.
Can't find symbol for cat.

For bird symbol click under the table when it's lifted up.

and out! thank you!

@ femini: look on top of cabinet. press the cat-symbol. it should turn yellow and show you the symbol

Yes thank you!
I only can not come out of the room when you enter the room again.

out!!needed help on the last code.couldnt find the chart at first.very good and fun game:)

yeah, it's loading, but now I have to go for work!

hwkp please with the code for the door............ pretty please


simbol for rabbit is under blancket,on bed....click on blanket and it will open and you can see symbol

i cant get table to move can anyone help please

ok, I'v started a little ago, I stucked with a black pieces key, let's see if somebody can help me

the black key Iput on the lamp and the frog with the hook take it

find the picture (still I do it alone)

wow, I am out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amg -- cat symbol is on top of cabinet where you matched the circles from the wall. Click on the cat and it will turn yellow and you'll see the cat symbol.

Now then, why isn't rabbit, fish, cat, bird, dog opening the door for me???

Out! Nice and simple game!

Abigail, if all our poster hints are the same, the order should be fish, rabbit, dog, bird then cat.

Wonder what J meant when he posted for the second password:

After solving for the normal password, look at the chart again for a different weight puzzle.
Solution for second password is:
Rabbit, Fish, Cat, Bird, Dog

Post #172

Abigail, thanks for reminding me there is a second ending (sort of). I replayed the game. After entering the first password (fish, rabbit, dog, bird then cat), "clear" is displayed on the lock. Go back to look at poster and work on second password. Enter 2nd password (rabbit, fish, cat, bird, dog) and got "Above" displayed on lock. Checked the room many times and could not find any thing special after entering second password. I still had to exit through door.

OUT!!! finaly :P thx abigail ^^

If it helps, the symbol order for the door is cancer, aries, leo, capricorn, libra. You can find the symbols for each zodiac @ http://www.astrologyweekly.com/zodiac-pictures/zodiac-symbols-pictures.php

I just found out that I did not have to replay the game to get the "extra" ending. When you are out and see the "Congratulations!" screen, click the two Japaneese characters on the bottom right, you will be brought back inside the room to find the word "Above".

still live??

Wooo, it's been a while for me to play.

Let's go!

I still can't find the word "Above."

Is it in Japanese?

I think "Above" might be translated into something else. My guess is that it's part of the wall puzzle and encoded in morse code.

Ok...the only thing with the word Above on it is the combination lock after we solve the second code...and then what? If we back out of it, it resets itself to Clear.

Anyone figure out what to do while looking at Above?

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