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Pick Up is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to search the room for items and some clues to find the way of escape. Good luck and have fun! If you are not a member of Gotmail, to play this game you must register here Gotmail.jp

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wow a new game from gotmail!!!!!!!!!

Well, so far for the game
cant play it and cant read japanese to register


Woohoo!!! new game

wish i knew japanese :\

In this game we don't have to know Japanese. It's easy this time.

so far got hair pin and shovel

Hi megipoland, nice to see you again

how do we register?

Heh, just refreshed and now it started.
didnt register, as far as i know

Ok is it Live.. WOW!! Hope I catch it . its my first Live .. YAY!! still loading

Hi Hedwig, nice to see You too!

used hair pin and now have a key

need a lot of keys and codes, haven`t found them do.

Guys, How u start the game?????????? I don't know where to press... there is ared ''!'' ??????? anyone

babydoll, where did you use hairpin?

aw, just wont load for me :(
oh well have fun guys!

wow now have a screwdriver

Sarah, you have to register

hairpin on the box in bookshelf

used screwdriver on grey box in closet, now got purple SD-card

then small key used on the clock

Oh God!! Need a register, so should I have an account on gotmail??????????????? Oh !!!

hairpin on brown box in closet

thanks babydoll

got knife, (screwdriver also on drawer of desk)

have fins something like green frog..

got GREEN DOLL use knife on box in trash

found shovel in wardrobe (right door)

got phone, cut of leaves of plant, than use shovel

found CELLPHONE , use knife on plant than shovel, and put the purple SD-card in it

it also give half a note with code on it

cut the plant

found half note in phone

Easy this time *_* I'm out without help :)

got necles with key, use knife on tale of dog on sofa

i'm out, quite easy game

Necles with KEY goes on pink box, give the other half of the code, insert the code in the GREEN DOLL

green doll give

MINICARD goes in SD-card goes in cellphone thing (don't know the englis word)

oh,to late for a live game..again

charge the MINICARD first in the pc!!!!

i`m out too:)

how do i foind the game once i have logged on, please help me

polly, just hyperlink above here again

Thank you Carola

what to do with code from pc?

nvm, got it

I am so frustrated, I really like these Gotmail games, but the last few times I tried to play, it won't let me, I tried repeatedly what I thought was registering(why I have to,if I've played b/4 I totally dont get) and to add insult to injury ,I do not understand what buttons are saying so I am totally lost,I feel left out like a widdle kid that never got picked to play ball....whaaaaaa

       Anonymous  4/24/09, 2:58 AM  

Can't get into this game. I'm already registered. After I log in and click the link, it takes me back to the log in.

me 2 Arnold, been going in circles like some loony!

allyson, after you registerd of logged in, just click on the hyperlink above here again

let's shake hands, I've got the same problem

Just starting...

Hope this one is fun

Thanks MegiPoland!!

A Bianco-Bianco game yesterday and a Gotmail game for today...I have to stay back at work more often...lol

yep think Iv'e registered and clicked the link above...still can't play,I find gotmail games frustrating

how do I know if I am still registered, that seems to be the problem, I'm just going in circles here, it seems like i'm getting an error message,then I get a page asking for my e-mail,as if it will send my "forgotten" password,i autofill the info and it never sends me an e-mail, I've done this numerous times 2day and in the past,thanks for trying to help me tho.

To logg in :
go to http://www.gotmail.jp/
than logg in on the right side, and if you're in, click on the lock, than click on "play game"-link on this site above here

allyson, go to this site:

only fill in you emailadres, and click orange button.
than he sends you to this site:
(for me he fill in the password self)

click on the upper green button.

Than you're logged in.

Than click again on the hyperlink above of THIS site "play game"

thanks Carola, thats what we are trying and its not working

Allyson, and if you go directly to

oh well, thanks for the info, evidently its working for some but not for all, one of lifes mysteries, lol

Still not working,even after password reset,got e-mail from gotmail but most of it is squares so don't really know what i'm supposed to do

I can't find where to put the final code in. I'm just going around in circles here. So frustrating, I nearly finished without help for a change.

think i'll give gotmail games a miss, thnx for the help Carola

fudgester, in the suitcase under the sofa ;)

kitty, sorry I couldn't help more

Looked everywhere but under the lounge again after I got the code. Saw it earlier *doh*

@allyson and Kitty, I still have the same problem. But I don't understand because I've played games from gotmail before, and I didn't have this problem. But today....

alkmar, I already registerd another time also. I think my pc rememberd the password, when I did what I described in comment 59, he fill in the password automaticly on the 2nd page.
The comment 59 only workes if you already registerd.
Strange that it doesn't work for you...

there are several posts on Nordinho about the exact same issues with signing in to Gotmail, so at least I know I'm not crazy or stuck on stupid,sheesh

Alkmar, did you already tried directly from THIS site to log in?

i cant seem to use either the sd card or the mini card any where, please help

cant play the game, tryed to register - no result!

any hint?

polly, put the mini card in the SD card, and put this in the kind of Cellphone thing. Click on his display than.

Cellphone is in plant, use knife and shovel there.

strange, I can play other games from gotmail only not this one...the new one

the mini card goes inside the sd card which then goes in the Orange thing, A PDA i think.

The mini card goes in the laptop

thanks carola again you have been a big help today and thank you too fudester

@Carola,thank you for trying so hard to help us for this game.Yes I tried directly from this site to log in, but nothing

still cant find hairpin

yw! :)
Have to go now, going on holliday, near your country MEGIPOLAND (Tjechië);)

Good luck all, see you arround in a next game

yea where is the hairpin?

Bird is on the back of the board to the right of pc, use screwdriver on the corners of the board

and out :) thank you for your help

mean the hearpinn is on the back of it, but was writing to bird, lol

Thankyou Carola

where to use the hairpin?

@carola, wish you a nice holiday, have a good time in Tjechie (for ski or for sun and walk)

use the hairpin on the box in the bookshelf cupbored

The laptop is turned off and i can't power it. Do we need power cord or something? Because when i insert the mini SD card nothing happens, so i'm guessing it has to be powered.

thankyou polly but what do i do after i have the purple memory card?

thx Alkmar!

Linda, see comment #75, after that you get a batterie for the pc, than you can put the minicard in pc again.

rdnckwritr, pinn on brown box in closet.

Now I really go, lol, bye


put in the pc

@Kitty, if you are still around...

Hit the "Play This Game" link on this page. When the big red exclaimation mark appears, hit the link just under it to go to the log in page.

It should open in a new tabbed window...

E-mail = gotmail_game@operamail.com
Password = letmein

Then hit the first green button with the keyhole. It will take you to a new window. Go back to the page with the red exclaimation mark and refresh/reload the page. It should load for you now.

where is the box in the closet??? i cant find it!

UaUHH!!! Out my self. I like to much this kind of games: boxes, codes but easy. A very nice graphics!!

I love you, Gotmail!!

i have some password, a knife, a screwdriver, a purple SD adapter, and a cell phone and now im stuck!!!

rdnckwritr - the bookshelf at the bottom open the doulbe doors to see the little box and use the hair pin on that to open it

ok now i have the memory card in the phone but now what

rdn..., cut tail dog.

i already opened that

rdnockwritr - use knife on the teddy on the sofa and the box in the bin, use the screwdriver on the box on the bookshelf and the drew in the desk.

Out thanks for the help

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!! im out!! i love Gotmail games but im always so lost while playing them b/c i forget where all the boxes and stuff are! short-term memory loss sucks! i think

polly thanks for the help

I don't understand how the memory cards work : I have used the SD card on phone (or PDA), got the half code for green toy where I found the small memory card. I put it on the laptop (that doesn't work), removed it and put it in the first memory card. I can't use it on cellphone.

Uffffffff i didn't realize i had to open the slot of the phone before i insert the card.

Love Gotmail games!! I had to put mini card in purple sd card, then in phone many times before phone showed the code for the safe..other than that it was one of the easier Gotmail games..Thanks Megipoland

Ok, that minichip thing threw me off.

But other than that I beat this with no help! Yay I'm getting better at this!

where is the battery for the pc?

help! where the heck do i use the code from the computer?
this is a first! found the screwdriver before i needed it and now i have a homeless code

put the black and yellow card inside the purple card. put it in the cellphone - it gives you the code for safe. in the safe take the battery for pc. put the battery and the yellow and black card on the pc.

pc code is for box under sofa

Just played again..You were right Linda..you have to open slot on phone first..Worked like a charm 2nd time around (after reading your post)

Pascale insert mini card into purple sd card,,then open slot on cellphone,insert them into cellphone,,and get number for the safe..From the safe you get the laptop battery..Remove cards from your cellphone,,remove minicard from purple sd card...insert battery into laptop,,insert minicard into laptop to charge... then you get numbers for the briefcase under couch..enter #s and get the key to leave..

woohoooo! new gotmail game. i love them. now start

thanks alot mary. i couldn't find anything

Just started playing, where can I find the knife?

Linda, thanks a lot !

kerry, use the screwdriver on drawer by the pc

Hairpin on WHICH BOX It wont work on bookshelf!!!!

Thank you Martin:)

i cant find the mini chip

aha i found it!

and out. fun game.

Sue, straighten hair pen first..then brown music box inside bottom bookshelf cabinet..

Sweeti, mini card inside green frog doll

help!!! how the heck do you resgister??!!

Hey Bet see post #95 from Martin..Im sure its been posted previously but didnt read that far back..

Arg. What is the code on the papers? I'm putting in what I think it says but I keep getting an error!


Thx. Love U vbranam1 :-)

to everybody who has probs to register: use http://translate.google.com/translate_t#
to translate in english or whatever...

i finally managed...

ok now I really feel like an idiot for asking but I have searched and I can't find hairpin. I found the shovel. Please could someone help me out here

LOL POP Blond moment

       Anonymous  4/24/09, 7:53 AM  

Bless you Martin! I went 'round and 'round with the links and entering my email, and getting no response, and translating multiple pages using Google translate and on and on and on 'til I finally saw your post (#95) and now I'm in!
Unfortunately, I'm also out of time and I've kind of lost any desire to play a gotmail game right now.
But, Martin :D, YOU ROCK!!!

Right on! Finally a REAL game rather than a pixel hunt. I just wish the folks at Gotmail would get these released a little more often!!

Help? I have no idea where the HAIR PIN is. I've only got the SHOVEL. But it doesn't seem to work on the plant.

Wow. Indeed, the POP. It's behind the board with those 4 pictures. just remove some stubs at all 4 corners and it's found!

Yeah I was looping round and round in circles for ages. Gave up...

Found another game - it must have been posted on here (the early episodes).

Been enjoying that lots... they are up to episode 8 now. The graphics are great, its amusing and not too difficult.

Just in case anyone is interested it starts with.. Episode 1

Arcane Season 2 - episode 1 the stone circle.

It must have been on here.. as I found it by Gamershood.. been playing all the episodes now....
Amusing little game. some of you guys might enjoy it too.

@Martin D you rock. thanks.. I can finally get in on this one now.

Guess you guys all finished by now.

Catch y'all on the next.. (hopefully Live)

@Crystal - Check the cork board. Remove the pins holding it on the wall.

I'm out. Will stick around for a bit if anyone is still playing and needs help.

Need translations for Japanese to English - try here


woo hoo! A new gotmail game and it's live - can't wait to start! I LOVE gotmail games - they are superior!! OKAY - diving in in 3...2...

WHOA - just had my first "hatemail" experience trying to play this game! I've played these games before and even registered a long time ago - and my registration apparently isn't good enough to work. I don't see the point of creating a game that frustrates people before the even get to play it. How stupid is that? If it hadn't been for comment #95 (THANK YOU, BTW) I would have NEVER guessed the stupid random email and password that, apparently, works better than the email and password they made me register with. If they're gonna give you that stuff - what the heck is the point of going through the trouble registering. COME ON, gotmail - don't get retarded on us now. You have beautiful games, but that doesn't matter if people can't access them in a way that makes sense.

       Anonymous  4/24/09, 11:39 AM  

Fine, screw Gotmail. They can keep their game to themselves. I can't read Japanese and of course they can't make anything easy so forget it.

What's the password to type into the green frog? I keep typing in "minogasite" from the papers and it doesn't work.

I'm gonna cry... I never get these bloody codes...

It should be the one in the paper for the frog, but I don't get the numbers... I think nother of them has something to do with the clock but I don't get it...

Unless the passwords are random this time, mine was completely different that yours. I can't remember exactly what it was but I know it ended in "tete". Did you join the papers together in your inventory?

In and out super fast! Which annoys me even more since getting the game to play was the worst part. But it's a great game. They really have great artistry when they design a game. More people should make games as beautiful but less frustrating. Are they any comparable english games out there? If so, guys please share the links.

omg i did it without a walkthough!!!!

(for a detailed explanation on how to register and start playing, see comment #95)
1. Go right
2. Click on board with the 4 pictures
3. Click on all 4 corners to remove the nails
4. After the board falls down, click on X
5. Take hairpin.
6. Double click hairpin in inventory and click on it again. You get a small wire
7. Go left and clock on double doors of cabinet
8. Use wire on lock
9. Click on lock and take small key
10. Zoom out and click on ancient clock
11. Right side of clock you see a small protrusion
12. Use key on protrusion
13. Zoom out, notice something fell into clock
14. Open and take screwdriver
15. Zoom out and click twice on grey box lying on bottom shelf
16. Use screwdriver on box
17. Take SD Adaptor
18. Go left and open closet doors
19. Zoom in on Scarf lying on floor of closet
20. Click scarf and get shovel
21. Go 2 times right and click around until you get the view of the drawer at the right edge of the table with laptop (under the board). Use screwdriver on stuck drawer and get knife
22. Zoom out twice, go right and click on puppy sitting on sofa
23. Click on puppy (or is it a bunny?) and make it turn around.
24. Take knife and make a small incision at base of tail (ouch. I'm sure it hurt me more than him…)
25. Collect key on chain
26. Zoom out twice and in on pink box
27. Use key on chain on pink box
28. Click lock and get 1st part of a code
29. Go to plant standing at left side of table with mirror
30. Zoom in twice. Use knife on leafs (this game is cruel )
31. Use shovel on dirt and get cell phone
32. Use SD Adaptor on right side of phone and take 2nd part of code. Combine with first.
33. Go back to first scene on click on red trash bin to the left of the cabinet
34. Use knife on box and collect a green puppet
35. Click on puppet to turn it around and enter the code you got from the 2 notes (minogasite). Take mini card
36. Go to laptop and insert mini card in slot at right hand side to charge it. Remove, zoom in on SD Adaptor in inventory and insert mini cars in adaptor.
37. Zoom in on telephone and insert SD Adaptor. After you insert it you must click it again to push it in until it doesn’t show.
38. Click on screen of phone, get 2 lines of numbers.
39. Click on cabinet under clock and discover safe. This is where you put in those numbers
40. Open safe and take battery for laptop. Attach it to the left side of laptop
41. Zoom in again on cell phone and reverse procedure of 36-37. Remove minicard and insert it at right hand side of laptop
42. Zoom in on screen and find number (846514)
43. Go to sofa with lonely puppy and click under it. Enter the number in suitcase
44. Zoom out and click on lid.
45. Take key, use on door. YOU'RE OUT!

       Anonymous  4/24/09, 3:19 PM  

GREAT game as usual from Gotmail! I wish they would make another one but a different scene this time (instead of an office).

what is wrong with this stupid site I keep trying to register but it is not accepting it?

       Anonymous  4/24/09, 4:18 PM  

@reddc, see Martin :D post #95.
I finally got in and played the game and it was a decent game, but I'm not sure it was worth the headaches caused in trying to play it. It's just a game, for crying out loud, not national security. Why the registration, password, etc?

       Anonymous  4/24/09, 4:19 PM  

btw, elisabeth, great walkthrough!

Thank you Martin D. for a gotmail password.....I went back and played all the gotmail games that I hadnt been able to play!!!!!!!

For those still stuck see 95.

For those trying to play, for me comment #95 from Martin :D worked a bit differently. I entered the login and password, then clicked the first green thing (with key hole), just like he mentioned, but then I was sent to a page with a list of games.
I just clicked the "PICK UP" name on that list, then the picture of the game in the next window, then it loaded.
By the way, the login and password are (thanks, Martin!):
Login: gotmail_game@operamail.com
Password: letmein

thanks Zoz

I think I am going to blow a gasket aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgh flaming hell fort knox would be easier to get in, entered the email/password but they disapeared and the same page was there asking for the stupid email/password again I give up.

@reddc, maybe you have cookies turned off or the security setting set too high if you are using IE.

Just came back to see if anybody had problems with the login/pass account setup and if it could be used again by multiple people. Looks like it can so...yay.

game has been changed, like the last 3 gotmail games; bulletin board has 6 pictures, and doesn't move, to start with. I found nothing but a USB cable, an iron bar, and a strange code in a book. None of these things are mentioned in the WT.
Bird bookmark on bulletin board has hint to click on bird pic - get a 'tablet'.
Either there should be a 2nd tablet (as pic on b.b. indicates) or I should be able to hook it up w/ computer via USB, but can't. Anyway, can't find anything else to do, so I'm out.
Still wondering why they go to such trouble, to change around these old games. Maybe just to be difficult. Sounds like Gotmail. Anyway, gl to all who try it!

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