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[REPLAY] Neutral - Lights Escape is another point and click type room escape game from Neutral, who is also creator of RGB, Sphere and Vision games. In this game, you are trapped in a locked gray lab-like room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Lights Escape Walkthrough

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cuity, once the green key opens the green wall panel, you can click the triangle buttons. If they are North South East West, try

did you get your green key from where the scrdrw was

OMG I missed the dog with the key - should i restart now?

nope, you're supposed to miss it!

I've seen several people ask about the mirror, but I haven't seen anyone answer where they found it. Where is the mirror please? I have a key with a sun on it, and on the back is a code. I'm guessing I have to enter it in the yellow box too, but I'm having a very difficult time with it (moreso than the first code). Will that yield me the mirror? Thanks!

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 3:55 AM  

Cuity - screw the board from the door panal to the side of the couch over the red buttom which opens the bars on the wall (where you got the screwdriver before) thereis a green key in there - use it on the green panal on wall ans hey presto - punch in your code - hope this helps - good luck

I'm with you Celeste. My first code, 3714 was do-able. But my second code, 6593, is driving me batty. Can NOT get it into that darn yellow box.

shure - that stuff with the toy-ball was funky

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 3:57 AM  

cuity - take the door panel from your inventory - screw it to the sofa over the red button - bars in wall will stay open - get green key from there for green thing on wall - pop in code - hope this helps

For the mirror i think you have to beat your hi-score on your nintendo game.
Can i get some help with the yellow/orange box?

feminin21, do you need help opening it the first time? or the second time?

Yep, my first code was 3721 (only a few 7s more than yours ;-), but the new one is 5709. I've been subtracting sevens and dividing by tens - nada. I'll try the duck game again, but I got carried away last time and scored about 7000, so I don't know if I can beat that.

look at final key to do yellow box again.

mine got 5902. so hard to put that on.

look at final key for mirror.

RC first time please

I hated that duck game, and do not want to try again. So please, Celeste, let me know if it works. Although, if that's the case, what's the point of the code on back of the key?

RC i think i saw a hint for the key with the number in previous posts i am searching for it can't find it anymore.

Got 8900 this time - same code, so don't waste your time!

how to put the code on yellow box..frustrating

Feminin21 - what is your code for box and I'll see if I can help.

here's what I did to get yellow box the first time (it's easier)

middle button times the number by 10, right button adds 7
for my 3714, I hit right button over again until I had a number that ended in 3
then middle button to times it by 10, so last 2 digits were 30
added 7, so last 2 digits were 37
times by 10 twice, so it was 3700 (because any digits that were before the 37 got pushed off the screen)
then hit right button twice to add 14,
and voila! 3714
then hit the red button and it showed roman numerals

Can i get a hint for the yellow/orange code box please?
Mine is 1714 but every time i come up with 1722 instead of 1714.

First you have to find xx93. xx93=0693
Then reset number to 0000. Then you have to find number last 2 digits is 65-6=59.
yy59=0259. Push left button twice. then you get 5900.
Then keep clicking right button to get 6593.

LAM, did you do it? Did you get your final number into the yellow box? Is that how to find the mirror?

Xenon, I could kiss you! You've given me hope. Now let's see if I can get this...

thnxs RC...

@RC You are my hero!
I get the roman numerals with your hint thank you!

Feminin21 - hit the far right button 3 times to get 21, then hit the middle button 3 times to multiply by 10 each time until the 2 goes off screen and you are left with 1000. Then hit the far right button until you get to 714 (about 102 times ;-).

What to do with the roman numbers?

Thanks Xenon!!! I was stuck thinking I needed to end in 30, to be able to add 63, but couldn't find the right way to get the first numbers in order. I really would not have figured 259 and 5900 on my own, so thank you thank you thank you! (eternal gratitude!)

Glad you guys got the yellow box! Xelkelvos helped me get it by pointing out that it was ok to bump off numbers. I love these collaborative efforts :-)

Roman numerals go in bottom of cabinet with gerbil picture on top

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What do i do with the tennis ball???

Thank you Xenon! Even though my number was different, I was able to use your instructions to get that *&$%@ box open.

Thnx RC i didn't noticed the code on the cabinet.
I have a plate for a dog but no dog in the area.

I've now opened the first room, pressed the red button on top of the grill then the picture drops. I repeated the same things but nothing happened. Stuck there.

power of posting!

The dog run of with my key!
How do i get the dog to listen to me and give me the key?

Captain Xin - when you say you repeated the same things, are you using the new code found behind the door you just came through?

bottom of dog dish has a red spiral. Place it where you've seen the spiral before. (hint: through the doggie-sized door)

Feminin21 - the doggie left you a present near the bowl. If you drop it in a certain hole, you'll get something to fill his dish with. (Don't worry, it's not that kind of dog present.)

I mean when the picture drops, there are 3 things in it, the 12 grid, on-off button and a round things for you to turn. I applied the same code as I used previously, nothing happened.

I notice that there is a slot on the yellow/orange box. And I haven't unlocked the chest.

feminin, the dog left something for you....

Lol Celeste!

Captain Xin - forget all the old codes and look behind the door down low (you have to click twice I think). It is a combination of duck directions, on/off lights, and ABC/symbol code.

Is that it?
Can i escape with that key?
That cant be where is the mirror?

I can't figure out how triangles work, I am pressing them according to the code but nothing happens???? PLease helpppp

Open chest for mirror, hang mirror from far left picture (set of 3), go back to plate where key was hanging and open it so that sun can activate.

Feminin, if you've got the key with the sunshine on it, you are now where Celeste and I were. You'll have to go back to the yellow box. There's a new code on back of the key

Oops - for some reason I thought Feminin21 meant the key in the yellow box.

Dunja - have you used a green key on it yet? The buttons can't be pressed until you use a key to get them raised.

Dunja, if you mean the green triangles on the green wall panel, see post #201 (#1 on this page)

Guys, i really need your help! I'm stuck with the second code on the yellow box. My second number is 4885 and i can't get it for like ages!! Please can someone help me?

I don't understand which key you are talking about i just opened the door and got again something behind the wall picture.

Where is the sushine key?

Guys, i really need your help! I'm stuck with the second code on the yellow box. My second number is 4885 and i can't get it for like ages!! Please can someone help me?

@feminin21 - turn back & just behind the door there's the new code for the puzzle behind picture

sk - press the right button until you have 0245. Then press the middle button until you've multiplied by 10 enough so that the panel reads 4500 (the 2 has disappeared off to the left). Then go back to clicking the right button until you get your number (385 is a multiple of 7, and when added to the 4500 it results in 4885).

This game has 2 exits and I gone through both! Thanks everyone especially Celeste.

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 4:45 AM  

help please, where does the dog ball go???

Can anyone pleaseee help me with the number 4885 on the yellow box? i'd appreciate it!!

I'm trying it right away Celeste..thank you soo much!

tartenmark - green panel on wall has false bottom - lift and there is a hole for the ball. Your prize is down where you found the first screwdriver.

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 4:47 AM  

duh again to me .........just fed dogie lol

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thnx for the help you guys whitout you i would have already given up.
Got the sunshinekey thnx ivan.

Could someone explain the comment from Xenon about the secondcode?

Celeste thank you so much! it worked just fine.

For the code, you must figure out how to get the last digit first then use the 10th of that 7 multiplier and substract off the second digit. Eg. XX13, you need 3, only 63 match, so, remember the 9x which is the last place. substract 6 from X1 and you get 5, think where you can get 5, which is 35. Remember the last second time is 5x. And continue to work upwards

for the dog's ty ball look arround, especially where the slingshot was. there's a hint on the paper behind the flowerpot on the shelve left of the door

Captain Xin you lost me.
I don't understand.

celeste, captain xin and ivan, you guys are great for hanging around to help! I went off to solve sk's code, and celeste you beat me by a mile! Good job!

Feminin, if you're truly stuck, tell us your new code and maybe we can help.

RC it is 2479.

To get the 2nd code, I have to think of it as 2 3-digit numbers that overlap in the middle to make a 5 digit number. So if your number is ABCD, look at the CD and think of a 3 digit number that ends in CD and is a multiple of 7 (ex: ECD). Now, take the AB and subtract E from it. Let's say this gives you AF. Now think of a 3 digit number that ends in AF that is a multiple of 7 (ex: GAF).

Press the right button until you get GAF. Press the middle button until G is off the screen - you have AF00. Now press the right button to get the ECD number, except the E adds to the F and becomes B, giving you ABCD.

That made way more sense in my head.

What do u do when u're in the second room??

Feminin21 - press right button to get 518, press middle button to push 5 off screen, press right button until your number appears (I think!).

celeste got it again! 518, push to 180, then add 7 for 187, then push to 1870 and you can hit the 7 button from there to get you to 2479

sorry, hit 7 button until 518
times 10 for 5180
add 7 for 5187
times 10 for 1870
then keep hitting 7 button until you reach 2479

i ma out but whts with the second exit?ne help

@ dunja - read comments 42 45 55 from this page

Was there a use for the dog bone under the dog's bedding? And I could zoom in on the hanging plant in the room, but never got anything from there. I hate loose ends...

dunja, look under bars to press button, which opens a panel

the code for that panel is behind the door you entered

no use of the bone nor plant! i made it both ways - no use

YEahhhhhhhh THnx RC and Celeste!

Got the mirror!
i thought i had to hang it up by the sofa.

couldn't get the bone either. probably red herrings

Oh there is something under the wooden thing in the hallway.

I'm off - good luck to those still in, and nice playing with you all!

I am out!
I want to give a big THANK YOU to RC Celeste and Ivan!
Whitout you i would have quit the game.

Bye! It was fun playing with you all!

r we live

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ooo i am way behind... hope e1 left enough hints to get me thru

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 5:28 AM  

Out at last - thanks everyone for all your help :)

im here. the stupid one

bye to u all those who are left - help the others pls

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 5:33 AM  

cuity - where are you up too? I will help if I can?

asia, for 3506
hit 7 button until 231
hit 10 button for 2310
hit 7 button for 2317
hit 10 button for 3170
from there, keep hitting 7 button until 3506

good luck!

thanks RC
i just worked it out myself
but found another solution

good job, asia! It feels great when you get it yourself, doesn't it?
but maybe someone else will get your number and by posting we will have helped them! ;-)

SORRY but WHERE IS the ruler????

POP got it

i am having trouble with the yelloew box. my num is 2721.

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 5:54 AM  

2721 =

keep hitting the right key until you have 0427
then hit the middle key until you get 2700
hit the right key until 2721 - hey presto

good luck

Got out of first room, stuck in hallway. Got panel open with combination of all the puzzles, can't figure it out, can move cushion on couch, can't get bone and can flip open panel where key was, but can't keep it open. Totally stuck...anyone???

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 6:03 AM  

John - look behind the door you came in through - there is the combination for you to use

john, posts 42, 45, and 55 on this page have your answers for the panel! Good luck!

page isnt loading for me...

oh i lied.. was loading.. just slowly

I'm loving this escape games creator, Neutral. His/her games are allways cool...

Help please! I shoot with slingshot, but key don't fall!

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 6:14 AM  

Babe - just keep shooting it takes several hits to knock the key off

tartenmark: I shot like crazy, but key want fall. Where exacly have the target to be? Sorry for my english, I hope you know, what I mean...

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 6:26 AM  

Babe - through the door panel aim the target just above the key so the acorns land on the key then after several hits the key will fall - hope this helps - good luck!

I got it. Target have to be left above the key!!!

wow i tried to read through the posts..
im stuck and have decided i wont finish this without a walkthrough.lol

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 6:30 AM  

Sweeti - where are you stuck? I will try to help :)

Got it! In hall, code behind door gets key. Use code on back of key on yellow box, get chest key. Open chest, get mirror, hang on left-most picture on wall. Go to hall, open box where first key was, hold open until all three lights come on...OUT! Yay!

what do i have to do for 2721?

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 6:45 AM  

cuity -

I answered this for you on comment 101 on this page :)

thank you soooo much .all of you. i hear there is a mirror and second ending? whats that?

please, I've checked every single place in this room and I can't find the mirror.
And I don't know how to get the number for yellow box. Can you tell me?

I correct, I understand mirror is in chest... but how I can get code to my yellow box? (firs time)

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 7:55 AM  

Andrita - what number are you trying to enter as code?

hello all. I know i'm way behind but i can't get my white box to open with the key on the chest. any hints? is there more than one white box?

oh i got it! i didn't know that after you click on the key you have to zoom in on your box again and try to open it. hehe.

Where's mirror?

This comment has been removed by the author.

i'm stuck on that too @dj. I have 2721 and i can get my number but my box stil doesn't open!

did you figure it out dj? any help?

i got it. after you type it in you have to push the read button for your roman numerals. i kept thinking something was going to pop out of the bottom! oh man i could have moved on ages ago! grr....

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 8:49 AM  

my number is 5923. i tried so many times but i always get 21,22 or 24. never 5923. please help ._.

hmmm...unavailable right now.

Yeah it says server temporarily unavailable :(

Nevermind... it's working now!! Off to escape! :)

I know you have probably all finished by now but could anyone help with the second yellow box code 4886, I feel like I have tried everything! Going MAD!! hehehe

GOT IT! haha Power of posting, how I love you!

I am where the final panel is. But I can't managa to pass it :S I've usen all of the combinations and codes I've gotten, but nothing happens, PLEASE HELP!!!


PS: When I am finished with the game, I'll make the video walkthrough ;)

I can't managa to pass the last panel? I've usen all of the combinations and codes I've gotten, but nothing happens, PLEASE HELP!


PS: When I am finished with the game, I'll make the video walkthrough!

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Stuck on "now loading" ???

but what should I do with the mirror?

I hate it when people say POP I GOT IT and don't explain how they got it for anyone else who can't get things like that ruler :~(

Ruler is on side of green box in cubby hole.

mine is 5714.....but all i can get is 5712 or 5713 or 5715

cant figure it out

Stuck with second code of 3565. Got the first one, but this is alluding me. Please help! :)

Out at end. Very, very, very good game. I need a lot help for tic tac toe shapes. Thanks all.

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 12:51 PM  

Cannot. Figure. out. The Tictactoe thing.

Please, help?

i just pass the first door game, then i pass the other door at the dog place... i think tehre is a third door.. someone is agree with me???

cause tehere is a plant at the roof, a red bottoon and some photograph not use

heyy... i just pass trhough the 2 possible ends, the one easy and the one at the dogs place, but i think there is A THIRD END... why.??

Cause the red botton is not used at the jail, tehre is a plant hanging on the roff that u can zoom and nothing happen, and some photo.. also when u win at the second door say the same at the first door, and it other game sais.. "True End"

someopne agree xD?

errggg, I can get 5903 and 5904, but cannot get 5909! Hmmm, maybe figure out how I got it from 3 to 4 and keep repeating that one.



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Finished! Great game!
Here are a couple of things to notice:

1. The ducks game sucks, lol, but you need to do 6000 to get the orientation of the ducks to open the green box that gives you the yellow screwdriver to open the door panel.

2. To make the green panel work you need the green key. To get it you will need to get the panel you removed from the door and place it on the red button (the one on the right of the couch that you used to release the green screwdriver).

3. After you get in the second room the code for the new multi-panel is right behind the door.

walkthrough please?

3565 for solar code, and I need help! Please!! :D

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I think I discovered an easy way to beat the...uh, numbers game, but it involves a lot of clicking. For example:

6716 (my second code)=

1. Press 3rd button until you get the ending 16 (616)
2. Take your code (6716) and subtract the new number (616) from it and you will end up with the number you have to find (61)
3. Press 3rd button until you get the ending 61
4. Press 2nd button until you erase the 1st digit and all that's left is 6100
5. Press 3rd button until you get 6716

Well, that's the strategy I came up with. Hope it helps those of you that are stuck.

It works! Thank you so much Angelic!



Press 3rd button until you get 329
Press 2nd button until 3 is gone
Press 3rd button until you get 3565

It seems like my strategy works!

Haha, posted it too late...

Glad it helps you, Jennifer!

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 4:25 PM  

my sun-key says 2869. i can't figure out the combination to click *headdesk*

It's okay Phoebe, it took me several tries to figure out my first code. :)

Press 3rd button until you get 224
Press 2nd button until the 1st 2 disappears.
Press 3rd button until you get 2869

O.M.G. I just have to take a moment to thank Raccoon Kim for post #176. Bless you, Bless You, BLESS YOU!!!

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 4:48 PM  

xxAngelicShadowxx thank you so so much for your help. now i can go to bed in a few minutes (it is 1.47 a.m. here ^^)

You're welcome Phoebe! It's only 7:50 here, but I still didn't do my homework yet (Lights is just too good a game to be left for later)...Better start now.

what a GREAT game!!! Thank you so much, Shuchun! The only thing that would have made it better is if I had caught it live. Everyone's posts pulled me through (I'm waaaay too dense to get through that one on my own).
Thanks again, Shuchun and EG24

Omg...I'm out! Yay! Yippeeh! Yohoho! Holy Moly! Etcetera! lol

Great game it was...veeeeeery challenging...and veeeeery frustrating at times lol.

Thanx for all your hints guys...couldn't have escaped without them.

And now...yaaaaawn...off to bed, finally lol

See ya!

how do u use the code thing behind painting using the paper and ruler

       Anonymous  6/3/09, 12:05 AM  

Man, this is difficult. I know:
- how to use the binoculars and with the code behind the cabinet got the on-and-off light battery
- how to open the bars and used rope-and-hook to get the screwdriver
- the clock is solar
- of the two paper messages with indications of sorts, one for the duck or chick which I can't figure out, and the other for the thing behind the portrait after you use the ruler on the side of the desk code.

But, yeah, the duck /chick stumped me. I can't find the tube in the second note, or the 2nd battery for that nintendo.

Brilliant game so far.

Nice i am out!!!

Nice game! I love that games!!!

Take binoculars on shelf. Take note four dots on shelf
On sofa take game watch under right couch
Under sofa take chicken head and see pentagon connection
Click on left side of sofa, again at back, take paper ball. It’s a clue used later.
Click on right side of sofa. See what happens on pushing red button. Oooh, a screwdriver.
Look at shelf over sofa. Pick orange ruler besides green box. Put chicken head on green box. Still don’t know how to open.
Turn right
See note on top shelf (three spoilers)
See screw back dog’s photo frame. See roman numbers on cabin. Another screws on door panel
Turn right. Take yellow box in down drawer.
Test light on desktop (right to OFF left to ON) …umm remember the paper clue? ON is O and OFF is X…mmm
Click right side of desktop. Use ruler on letters to get the combination and write it (letters and forms)
Go to initial screen. Click on center picture to reveal 4×3 panel. See paper in inventory and letters/forms from ruler to get the sequence. Take the key.
Look up. Use binoculars and write down tic-tac-toe game. Turn right
Open top drawer with the key. Take hook and rope. Use them on screwdriver thru bars
Go to the red button, push it and grab the rope, screwdriver is out. Go for it.
Go to init screen. Click on leftmost plant and unscrew it. Take white box.
Go to chest. Use white box on key of the lock. White box opens. Take battery and put it on backside of the game watch.
Go to the Door’s screen. Unscrew the cabin (back the photo frame) and put it out. Open the hole on wall and write down the sequence. Take note red spiral on the floor.
Time to decode
Use the sequence combined with tic tac toe as this: if its L you write the tic-tac-toe sign on top right, if its a square, the center, if its an U the top center, if its a C the right middle sign.
Sequence changes every game
Go to the lamp, use sequence on buttons to get second battery. Put it on game watch
Play game and beat the record (6000). This will give the chicken head sequence to open green box.
Open green box turning the head and get…another screwdriver: S
Go to the door and unscrew the panel, use binocular to see the hanging key and series of arrows on hanger. Write it.
Attach the panel over red button on right side of sofa. Go to the hole (screwdriver was) and pick green key on a ramp at right side
Open the green wall box with key, push buttons on sequence written on hanger. Open the box, take slingshot. Pick base to reveal a hole.
Combine slingshot and nuts to shot the key thru hole on door. Two or three shots will take it down. Use binoculars to read number.
Tricky part: Put yellow box on four dots on shelf. Go back and let it charge. Now, its time to put the number written on the wall but we have only two buttons. Red is reset; right one adds seven and middle one multiply by ten…
I did it in this way: First, I got the most left two numbers (XX) adding seven again and again. No matter if you pass 100. Then multiply two times to get XX00 and use +7 button to get the most right two ones (XXYY)
The screen shows three roman numbers. Go for it
Put the roman’s on lock of the cabinet and get blue pet bowl. If you look back side, you will see a spiral (oooh…)
Put the blue bowl on hole on wall besides cabinet, see the dog video and realize the key in its mouth.
Go back and watch again the bowl. A ball will come rolling. Take it.
Time to throw the ball thru the hole on green safe on wall as seen on clue paper
Take the can, open it and feed the pet. It will give you the key.
Open the door and you will find a hall
Click on grid and push the red button on top. The picture frame will fall and there is a control panel…mmm duck, green grid, two buttons, light.
See the new code at backside of the door
Insert code and get the sun key
Use the sun key to open the door and you are OUT!!!

cont.. for 2nd ending


Before opening the door, see the number written on key and write it down
Use the +7 button on yellow box to get the number (maybe push 500 times or more)…buff
The box opens. Get the chest key. Open the chest and get the mirror
Hang mirror on the left one of three pictures and sun will reflect on it
Go to end wall on hall and see the reflection over hanger with arrows. Push and keep the hanger to charge it and it will open the grid in front of the door. Go out by there.

My second code is 2883. Can someonoe please help me?

My second code is 2883. Can please someone help me??

I'm stuck with 2174. I think I had it one time but clicked away before I could open it... blargh.

I have spent way too much time trying to beat the duck game. I GIVE UP! I hate arcade games. If I wanted to play them I would go to an arcade site. I play room escape games because I like the mental challenge. Please game makers do not put games of this sort in escape games cause it takes away all the fun. I liked this game up till the duck game but not worth the frustration in trying to finish. Arcade games no not belong in room escape games. I'd rather play a slider then this crap.

Thank you for the walkthrough.

where the need to aim slingshot? can not confuse the key

       Anonymous  6/6/09, 9:08 AM  

Please, I don't undrstand the chick head sequence. I've played the chicken game and got over 6000. Help!

       Anonymous  6/10/09, 1:08 AM  

Ah. If needed: I've figured a mathematical way for the codes for the yellow box (but you work backwards):

Take Your Number ex: (1743)

1) Find a 7 Multiple that ends with the same number as your code and subtract it from your code
ex: I would choose 9x7=63 for (...3); 1743 - 63 = 1680
If you end with two zeros, go to step 5.

2) Ignore the last 0, you continue with step 1 only once. Make sure that you end with three digits.
ex: For 168, I would choose 4x7=28; 168-28= 140
Note: If you ended with two digits, I haven’t figured out how to do that in a mathematical way, sorry. ex: (1234)
Step 1: 2x7=14; 1234-14=1220
Step 2: 122; 6x7=42; 122-42=80

3) Ignore the last 0, so with your few digits, you need to supply a number before that would be let the number be a multiple of 7.
(A way to check w/o calculators is something like ex: 161, 16-(1x2) = 16-2 = 14 (which is a multiple of 7; all the digits minus the last digit times two)
ex. Since 14 is already a multiple of 7, I don’t have to do anything. If I had 34, I will have to supply a 4 so it would be 434

4) If you look at the numbers you've multiplied and your last number (without any 0):
63, 28, 14
You first type in your last number (so 14 or 2x), move it over once, add your second number (so 28 or 4x), move it over once, and add your first number (so 63 or 9x).
And you are done

----If you ended with two zeros
ex: (1721)
Step 1: 3x7=21; 1721-21=1700
5) Ignore the last 0 but subtract a matching multiple of 7 from the last non-zero digit (7 in this case)
ex: 1x7=7 so I would subtract as: 170-70=100; NOTE if it was 440, I would do 14x7 so it would be 440-140-300
6) You do step 3 but in similar fashion of step 5
ex: I’ll add a 2 so it will be 21
7) Looking at the number you’ve multiplied and the last number (without any 0):
21, 7, 21
You first type in your last number (so 21 or 30x), move over twice, add your second number (so 7 or 1x), move over twice, and add your first number (so 21 or 7x). And you are done.

Sorry, it’s a bit complicated looking but it’s actually simple math. :D I like mathematics.

Please help me ive got code 4772 and have tried and tried to get it and i cant!

for 4772:

first press the right button until u get 42 (7x6)
then press the middle button to get 420
press right button until u get 441 (7x3)
press middle button once to get 4410
press right button until u get 4473 (7x9)
press middle button once - 4730
press right button until u get 4772 (7x6)

i cant figure out the order to put the code in for the light on the desk

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my number is 3721
please help!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ah! deleted my comment because I found a way to do it- a far less mathy way! If you hit the 10x enough times to make the number more than 4 digits (like, if the number showing is 4200 and you hit 10x, making it 42000) the screen will bump off the first number; for example showing 2000 instead of 42000. For me, since my number was 2714, I then just had to keep hitting the +7 as the 714 bit is divisible by 7. I was worried at first that the game would consider this cheating and not give me the code but, nope, worked perfectly :)

So, framey, your issue is like mine- for yours, hit +7 until you get to 63 (9 times), then hit 10x 3 times (63000, but the screen will show 3000). again, 7 goes into 721 so after that just keep tapping that +7 until you reach your number!

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 3:39 AM  

I found a web to get the code of the solar panel calculator.


If you put the number, it says the keys you have to push!!

Im so lost i have the ruler, the nintendo, the paper behind the coach and the binocs. ive found the letters on the side of the desk but i use the ruler and dont know what letters to use or whtvr, i found the tic tac toe, dont know what to do with it , found the duckie but it only turns round and round, found the green deck behind the picture, the red button on the side of the coach, the yellow box but i cant find the code also found the paper behind the pink jar but cant understand, cant figure out the roman numbers either.... f*ck im so screwed hahahahahaha heeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Someone mentioned that they had a hard time with the game in spite of the walkthrough. Here is a more detailed walkthrough in case people are really stumped.

This is an awesome game!

Part 1
Note the locked chest
Click the up arrow in the middle of the screen and see the skylight, but you can’t read the tiny writing
Click the left white box on the shelf under the pictures
Click to zoom in again and see it has a screw on the side
Click the second object from the right and get the binoculars (note the holes on the shelf)
Zoom in on the middle picture
Click it and see the buttons behind it
Look up again
Use the binoculars to see the tic tac toe sign
Click the picture of the binoculars in your inventory to put them away
Turn right
Zoom in on the wall to the left of the couch
Now click behind the corner of the couch -- get the paper
Zoom in on the couch
Click the right pillow and get the game system
Click the corner that is next to the picture of the game system where it says new in your inventory
It becomes a magnifying glass -- click it to see the about item view
Click it to flip it over
Click the battery cover on the right side
Note the batteries are missing
Click under the right side of the couch -- get the bird’s head
Zoom in on the green box on the shelves over the couch
Place the bird’s head in the hole on top of the box
While zoomed in on the box, click the orange thing to the right of it
Zoom in on the plant beside the couch
Click the button on the side of the couch to zoom in further (note the holes above and below it)
Press the button to see it frees a screwdriver, but it won’t keep the door up long enough
Back all the way up and turn right
Click the bottom of the right door of the brown cabinet and see it needs a code
Zoom in on the rat (?) picture on the cabinet and look behind the frame to see a screw in the cabinet top
Zoom in on the shelf over the cabinet
Look at the note behind the vase (there are 2 clues here: 1 about rolling something down a shaft and 1 about a weird globe thing on a stand with the note O = on and X = off)
Note the door has a screwed on panel
Turn right
See the trapped screwdriver to the left of the desk
Note the locked desk drawer
Open the bottom desk drawer and get the code box
Look at the about item view of it and see it is solar powered
Click it until you see the bottom and note the 4 little feet
Note the green panel on the wall
Zoom in on the round light at the end of the desk -- hey! This is the globe thing with the stand from the vase note!
See the left button is on and the right button is off
Click the right side of the desk to look at it
Zoom in on the letters on the side
Take the orange ruler from your inventory and place it over the letters until you find a line of letters that match up
Note the shapes and the letters
Use the about item view to see the couch note
Read the note and see a grid of shapes and letters
Figure out which boxes would be filled in based on the letters from your ruler/desk side (it helped me to draw this)
Turn right
Zoom in on the middle picture and uncover the buttons
Click the buttons that match the squares you would have filled in
The order you click them is the order from your ruler
Mine was diamond A, heart A, star C, diamond D, and heart B
So my pattern (0 will be empty squares and the X will be filled in ones) was:
And my order to press would be:
When you have your pattern right, a key will come out of the slot below the buttons
Back up and turn left
Zoom in on the desk drawers
Use the key on the top one and get the rope and hook
Zoom in on the trapped screwdriver
Use the rope and hook on it (through the middle bars)
Turn to face the couch
Zoom in on the button on the side of the couch and press it
Now click the end of the rope
Turn 2 times back to the desk and get the screwdriver
Look at the about item view and see the screwdriver has a cross head

Part 2
After getting the screwdriver using the hook
Turn right
Zoom in on the planter on the left end of the shelf
Use the screwdriver on the screw there, click the bottom, and get the white box
Zoom in on the chest under the shelf and see there is a key on the lock
Click the white box on the key
Now look at the about item view of it and it should be unlocked -- click to open it (thanks, David!)
Get the silver battery
Note the weird acorns
Turn 2 times (so you face the door)
Zoom in on the rodent picture
Use the screwdriver on the screw behind it
Back up 2 times and click the cabinet
Zoom in on the hidden panel
Click the cover to open it
Click the shapes at the bottom to see them
Hmmm….odd shapes
Turn 2 times and look up at the tic tac toe in the skylight again
Match the shapes from the hidden place to those in the tic tac toe board and note if that square has a O or an X in it (thanks, Michael!)
For example, my first shape was like an L
That is the upper right corner of the board (since is has no line above or right of it) and my shape in that square is an O
Go this for all of the shapes
My order would be OXXOXOOXO
Turn left
Remember the note from behind the vase that had the picture of the light on it and said O is on and X is off?
Time to put that to use
Zoom in on the light
Press the left button (turn the light on) or the left button (turn it off) in the order of the tic tac toe clues
Mine would be left right right left right left left right left
If you have it correct, the light will flash and something will come out of the little arch in the bottom of the light
Get it -- it is another battery
Look at the about item view of the game system
Put in the batteries and play the game
If you want a challenge, click start and play the normal version -- you have to beat 6000 points. If that is too hard, play the easy start version.
Once you beat the high score, the pattern for the bird’s head appears
Turn to face the couch and zoom in on the green bird box
Scroll right of the head and see a counter clockwise arrow. Scroll right and see a clockwise arrow
Use the arrows to copy the pattern from the game
Once you have your pattern correct, the box will open and you can get the second screwdriver

Part 3
After getting the second screwdriver
Turn right to the door and remove the panel from it
Use the binoculars to see down the hall (note the key and arrows)
Note you still have the panel and screws in your inventory -- how odd!
Turn back to the couch, zoom in on the red button on the side of the couch again
Hmmm…2 hole and 2 screws in your inventory
Place the panel on the button and the screwdriver box opens up again (thanks, Hannah!)
Turn 2 times and zoom in where the green screwdriver was
Click on the small opening inside the box to the right -- get the green key
Back up
Zoom in on the green panel over the desk
Insert the green key
Press the code from the rack with key outside the door (press the way the arrows are facing and not their locations around the key hole)
For example, the left arrow is pointing right so it is the “right arrow” and the right one points left so it is the “left arrow”
Get the slingshot from behind the panel when it opens
But you need ammo?
Look at your box on acorns in the about item view and add the slingshot to it
Use the combined item out the door and repeatedly shoot the key on the back wall until it falls down
See the writing on the wall where the key was? It is a code
Note it down
Turn to the shelf with the pictures over it
Zoom in on the place where the binoculars use to be
Place the yellow code box in the holes
Turn around the room and come back
The box should be powered
Click the right button and see it goes up by 7
Click the middle one and see it moves the numbers over one line (multiplies by 10)
Play with the buttons until you get the number from outside the door
(use this if you need help getting your buttons right, http://jagt.php5.cz/lightscalc.php?) thanks, artax!
The box will display Roman numerals
Turn 2 times to the door view and zoom in on the lower left corner of the right cabinet door
Enter the numbers
Back up and click the handles and get the blue dish

Part 4
Once you have the dog dish
Look at the bottom by clicking the dish in the about item view and see the same spiral design as the hidden compartment next to the cabinets
Go there and place the dish
Back up and watch the puppy come to check out the empty dish -- he brings you the key!
But he runs when you try to take it (bad dog!)
I backed all the way up, opened the hidden door, and looked at the dish again
This time there was a ball -- get it
Now, if you can’t remember the second part of the hint paper that was behind the vase on the shelf by the door, go look at it again.
See the diagram of something rolling down a shaft to a low box?
Turn right and see the low hole where the screwdriver was ---hey! That had a shaft to the right. So Look up right from there and see the green panel
Open the panel and sure enough, click the stand where the sling shot was and there is a hole
Drop the ball down that
Back up to the screwdriver hole and see a can of dog food
Get it and open it in the about item view
Go to the hidden panel by the cabinet in the door view and fill the dog’s bowl
Back up and doggie will come again (I back up and then opened the panel again to see him)
Look at the bowl and see the key!
Go to the door and use the key
Go into the hallway
You can turn left or right and see the way you came
Look at the barred hole to the right when facing the door
There is a button there, but it doesn’t work
You can see a another doorway at the end of that hall
Click behind the door and you can zoom in on a code
Turn around
Click the arch where the penguin picture was and see a code box
Zoom in on the lovely dog couch and move the bottom cushion and see a bone
Zoom in on the coat rack on the back wall
Click it and see another code box
Go to the arch puzzle
Hmm..these are the same controls as the bird’s head box, the code behind the middle picture, and the light
Click the left circle button and the light turns on and the right one turns the light off
We can do this!
Use the code from behind the door to get the order to do things
(For example, mine was left, down, diamond D, O, heart A, X, left, up, star B, O
So I would turn the little triangle on the yellow circle to face left and then down. Then would click the upper right box of the green buttons for the diamond D, and then I would press the left button of the circles to turn the light on. Then the middle left button of the green buttons for the heart A, and then the right circle button to turn the light off, etc.)
When you have it right, the sun key will come out of the slot under the green buttons

If you want all the endings, save the game using the save button under the inventory

Ending 1
Use the sun key on the door in the hall and leave
(You can refresh the page and then load the game if you want ending 2)

Ending 2
Look at the sun key in the about item view and see a another code on the back
Go back to the yellow box on the shelf under the pictures and enter your new code
(use the link again if you need to http://jagt.php5.cz/lightscalc.php?)
Hit the red button and get the diamond key
Use the key on the chest under the shelf and get the mirror
Zoom in on the left picture and use the mirror on the hook (thanks, Celeste!)
Go back out the door into the hall and see the mirror light it hitting the coat rack
Click to lift and hold the coat rack up and the light will begin to light up
This isn’t a code box but a solar panel!
After all the lights are lit, you can let go of the coat rack and turn around
You can go out the door down this hall and escape with the puppy!

When you get the paper from behind the couch, and find the thing behind the blue picture, go to the desk w/ the lamp, puppy-picture, etc, and click to the right side of it, and you'll find a group of A's,B's,C's,& D's. You'll need the kid shape-thing from behind the green box; above the couch. Use the shape-thing to "decode the letters", (you should find "A-Heart,A-Diamond,D-Star,B-Heart,& C-Diamond),then note where the type of shape, w/ the letter, is on the paper. That's the code to put in the keypad, from left-right;top-bottom. If you done it right, a key will pop out of the slot below it.
Hope I helped!

how to get 5516 ?? >,<"

How on Earth are you supposed to work out that the white pattern behind the cabinet corresponds to the tic tac toe box? that's impossible to know unless you look at a walkthrough.

I need a walkthrough!!! I dont know how to enter the code on the green panel, the one with the arrows.

Thanks Hannah! I placed the board on the red button just like you said and now green board can be used!!

Yellow box is hard!!! The right button adds 7 and the left Multiplies by 10. I need the number 3762.

My getting out did not involve a mirror at all.

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