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Concrete Basement Escape Walkthrough

Concrete Basement Escape

Concrete Basement Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Embed Games. "One Day Bruce decided to explore old house basement… when he entered, door behind him suddenly closed!!! Help Him get out of the basement!" Good luck and have fun!

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Good evening,I think I am alone here. What a pity :(

HI all

I'm here j.p. but I'm not sure how much longer. i'm sleepy

AArgh, I have some numbers and a note and I am stuck.

I'm stuck


I'm guessing this is for the code?

I didn't want to post like "first" despite being first for the very first time. :)) However, unfortunately, I did not like to being first and alone. I really need help, I am soo stuck out here.

and 6-5
missed that one. . .

4-4, 2-2, 3-9 ????

ooo what a nice to see you guys here, hi kimbly

I'm stuck too. Not seeming to make sense of the note and the numbers found around the room. Feeling dumb. Need coffee.

what about the riddles??? I didn't get it

got the code!! It leads to another code though, lol


there is one 0-5 just right of the locked box on the first scene.

a little help here

just peace, it's a 6-5 in first scene.
To get the code, the first number in each equation is the order in which to put the second number on the locked box.

letters 3-9 on 3rd line spell orange. Is that how to work the code?

nope, I was wrong!

I haven't figured out the note yet, just using the numbers found around the room. If you put them in order they are as follows: 6-2-9-4-7-5

It should read = not - for 1st code. But what about the second?

thanks, kimbly! It's so simple, and I feel like a dolt for having overlooked it. *smacks forehead*

Thanks Kimbly, out too. Have good night, nice sleep :)

yw R C. Still scratching my head over the stupid note!!

wait, mpdlmm is out? Why aren't you sharing?!

A little help with the colour code? All I get is blue.

For color code click the first fourth and fifth boxes blue then click the red box. Not sure why, I did trial and error.

Thanks, Sarsmi. I just wish I could understand why. . .

well thank you, sarsmi.
But I still need to know why.... (there's got to be an explanation for them somewhere, right?)

Well I am out I just want to know why?

At first, I clicked 2-4-5 to blue and clicked red button. But now I have tried to do same thing. it did not work!!

I went through that code about 20 different ways (counting words, counting letters, thinking clue was in capitalized words, etc.) and could not find anything. I give up. Simple, yet frustrating game.

first fourth fifth doesn't work for me

click x time = 1x, 2x-,2x, 1x,1x

ty sniperlad9!

Where did you find the fourth part of the first code?

Hmmm....after getting no answer or help, I found it.

Number locations:

First scene:

1-6 on wall to the right.

6-5 on floor right of box.

Second scene:

4-4 right above second box after removing top box.

2-2 on bottom box.

5-7 on lower half of wall towards the right.

Third scene:

3-9 found on floor after removing the boxes on the right.

629475 is the code for the locker on the first scene.
2.another box will apear it is a colour code box.click the first fourth and fifth box blue to get the key. that is all you have to do now click the key and then the door and you are out.

Explanation second code, the color code:
When you look at the note, it actually says
1 brown toast
2 tigers
2 rangers
1 black gem
1 star fish
Click the buttons like 1-2-2-1-1, the second and third will turn of again.

Well this game was too easy. I like something a little more challenging.

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working link:


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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