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Escape from the Bedroom Walkthrough

Escape from the Bedroom

[REPLAY] EscapeGames24 - EG24 Escape from Bedroom is another point and click room escape game developed by Gyökeres Vilmos for Escape Games 24. Click on objects to interact with them and investigate further. Interacting with objects include opening box, picking them up, and etc. Objects you have picked up are placed in your inventory. You can equip them by clicking on them. You can click on other items in a scene to use the object you have equipped. Can you escape the bedroom successfully? Good luck and have fun!

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Bedroom Escape Walkthrough

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hehe, FIRST!


me three

Have a UV lamp adn used it to open soemthing on the wall

You can also set the clock but dont know what to do with it yet...

got a drill, matches and a dark light

Just got my hands on a Power Drill. (not sure if you can trust me with one in RL XD

ahhh live game :-) ...hi cat ;-)

Have a drill, a black bulb(?), lit match, and a wooden box from safe

Im really geting somewhere here... drilled a hole in the dark bit next to the door and looked through to get a combo for the safe i think

Also found a matchbox above closet

Nice and easy game. out by myself. that was fun.

Found battery under red table

Put the battery in the clock next to the laptop and set the clock above the desk to that time. In the door view, you'll get a block. Put that block in the last slot on the wall.

Hi Goon!

Whered you find the match? I put the box in the place where you use the blackligth (UV lamp)

This game is bugged. The N block showed up again after placing the W block.

Never mind got the matches

bcordone the matches are in the plant

yup, matches, matchbox, drill, battery .... mmmmmm

matches in left plant, combine them with match box from above closet ---> lit match ;)

Matches are found in the left plant pot. You can't light them without the matchbox that's on top of the cabinet.

Now wheres that last block?

Use battery near the computer, and then near the door another cube appears.

       Anonymous  9/5/09, 10:58 AM  

what do u do with the match?

I'm assuming in the closet or something to do with the thermometer....

Yea i think thats how you get the middle block... theres a thermoter in the room so i tried to heat it up with the match but nothing happened

       Anonymous  9/5/09, 10:59 AM  

what do you do with the match?

Still can't use the match ...
Any progress anyone ?

Awww....NO WAY!!!

Some freaky glitch happened and now I have to start over! lol

Never mind i heated it up! you have to hold it fro quite a whiel adn move it back adn froth

       Anonymous  9/5/09, 11:01 AM  

im stuck

keep clicking on the thermometer. The temp slowly goes up.

And I am out! was easy and fun

out !

That's the longets lasting match ever...
Hey guys a new game of mine is supposed to be published here soon (Marroned 2)
Hope you have fun !


Hi all, how did you open cupboard ?

and out! nice game, but a bit buggy. I got a second W- and N-block

       Anonymous  9/5/09, 11:06 AM  

the temp. hasnt changed on my therm. and ive been clicking forever lol

Hmmm, where to use the black light?

you don't have to click, just hold the match on the thermometer

Good and easy game :-) .... nice and clean graphics as well ...

POP and out, no cupboard needed lol.

use blacklight on one of the walls Sienchenunfug

Geesh, how annoying. You'll hurt your eyes trying to watch that thermometer. It goes up very slowly.

sein, use blacklight on the scene with the plants.

What temperature shall we reach? After 10 minutes I have 32. Is that enough?

@Cat it goes much quicker if you just click the little thermometer ball on the bottom a few times.

to move thermometer just move mouse pointer back and forth aiming the finger of your hand over the red bulb. No matter the flame is far from it.

Thanks a lot. I tried it under the couch ;)

@Friwi..nope it takes a few seconds if you clcik the right place and it will go up to 40 or something... click the little ball of the thermometer.

Thanks, I got it at last.

I am too stupid: where do you put the blocks?

out!!needed some help on that thermometer :)
just move it left and right around the bulb and it'll shoot right up to 40.no need to click around it

Somebody still here? I cant find where to set the blocks.

how do you light your match

friwi use the blacklight on wall with thermometer

Ok, its the wall beside the thermometer.

use your blacklight on the wall by them. then click on where the arrows point

OK, What do you do with drill?? and code for safe please

Chris, use drill on wet spot on the wall. It will make a hole. Click on it.

       Anonymous  9/5/09, 1:28 PM  

hi every1

Hi...where's the blacklight? I've been clicking all over the place...

O whahaha...had the blacklight in my inventory the whole time...thought it was a crowbar...cracking up, lol

And out...see ya!

use blacklight above couch u'll see purple arrows then click.......

Where to put the blocks please and what to do after used light on wall?

aaaaaaaaaaa got it hehehhe

i set the time as shown on clock next tot computer but nothing happens?? Can't find the N block

i still don't get how to use the matches :|

yes, that was fun & easy..I liked it

Sanche,now go to front door..block is sitting on a pedestal..

poisonivy,just run your lit match back and forth across the bottom of thermometer..on the red bulb..its slow but temp goes up...takes a little while..

how do you light the match

       Anonymous  9/6/09, 6:06 AM  

Loved this game! Graphics are fantastic, and it was logical - not painfully difficult! Keep 'em coming!

that was funn i didnt get it at first cuz of the thermometer but i got it!

hey guy aim out use the black light up the sofa

Nice game, a bit glitchy, but fun with nice graphics.

Here's a walkthrough if anyone needs it:
1- Click under the red table (in the middle) to get a battery.
2- Click under the bed to get a drill.
3- Move to the right, click on the left plant to get the matches, and notice the the thermometer for later use.
4- Move to the right, then use drill on the darker spot of the wall, then click on the hole to receive the numbers needed for the locker.
5- Go to the locker, insert the numbers, and receive a 'W' block.
6- Turn right, then click above the cupboard to receive a match box.
7- Combine the match box with the matches to get a match lit.
8- Click on the laptop to zoom on, and take the UV light.
9- Use batteries on digital clock near laptop, and notice the time.
10- Zoom out, and click on the analog clock, then set the time same as the one that you saw in the digital one.
11- Turn left, you'll notice some kind of panel has popped from the floor with an 'N' block on top, take the block.
12- Turn right, and zoom in on the thermometer.
13- Use lit match on thermometer.
14- Hold the lit match on the thermometer (the temperature slowly goes up, so have patience).
15- When the thermometer reaches a certain degree, a hidden panel will open, take the final block; the 'I' block.
16- Zoom out, and use the UV light on the wall, then click where the arrowed are pointing.
17- Place the blocks, then get the key.
18- Use the key on the door, and you're out!

       Anonymous  9/18/09, 4:08 PM  

heyyy what is the number to the safe

       Anonymous  9/18/09, 4:26 PM  

heyy umm how do u get the tempature to go up where do u put the match

Poor implementation of use of match, illogical black light use, no indication of missing battery, illogical use of clock. 2 stars.

Nice game!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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