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Pointless Outlaw Escape Walkthrough

Pointless Outlaw Escape

I really don't know why creators create such a short and stupid escape game, but i will post it and show to you. If any creator or sponsor read this, please and please don't create or sponsor such short and pointless escape games, if you don't want to escape gamers hate about your site. This is first time i write such a description, but we all tired of playing very very short and pointless escape games. Please contact to game creators or sponsor websites to send your feedback about any pointless escape games. And please write here your thoughts about these types of horrible escape games. Escape games players and lovers getting lower because of these types of horrible games.

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seriously? horrible game.

Fark, honestly, dont waste your time playing this one. Its crap

In and out in about five clicks. Why?

definitely THE stupidest game i've ever played

Way too easy! Though I've seen worst games...Trust me(wink).

       Anonymous  10/4/09, 9:44 PM  


Is that it?

am i doing it wrong? he picks up the gun, shakes alittle, and then it says "try again?". wats supposed to happen?

Lauren you're supposed to click the gun so it shoots the branch then the guy drops to the ground and that's it end of game

Oh god this was so stupid

       Anonymous  10/5/09, 12:24 AM  

LOL Yalçin, i just love the description you wrote for the game, i never thought you would be able to do so.
Or maybe it´s just because you are in a monday-morning mood? ;.))
Anyways, the creator has certainly put more time thinking of a correct title for the game than the game itself, lol

And he didn't even escape did he. He is stuck on ground with a noose around his neck, a branch ready to drop onto his head and his hands tied behind his back.
What a fantastic sense of balance he has though!

from a POV of a game maker such as myself, I could give points for the animation and the drawing. I wish the effort was put more into coding and longer play. it's like finding where is the button to trigger the next frame! LOL

At least it has no bugs you have got to aknowledge that. ('123bug' could learn a bit
and it is no 'stonehead' "find enough bullcrap so you can leave the room" pixelhunt)
Over all not so bad.

"In and out in about five clicks. Why?"

Why? Maybe you should read the description !

lol Yalcin...The description for this game was right on..What's even funnier, we read it and played anyway...Yes, fast,pointless,game (honest author/creator)), lol...

Oh wait a sec, it was you Yalcin that added "Pointless" to the title.. ROFL...Way to go Yalcin

I just want to note that the jump to catch the shotgun into the noose would have broken his neck... easily

Ahhhh, I get it... the horse escaped!

       Anonymous  10/5/09, 3:14 AM  

Yep Vbranam1, I allready wondered why someone would add the word "pointless" to the title of a game you create yourself. Didn´t realize early this morning that it was added to the original title later, lol

Maybe i´m dedicating too many words about this "pointless" game, but we might not forget that maybe it is made by a very young person? My own 7 years old (young) son for example loves to develope, create and design games himself. He has a lot of ideas ( type Samorost) and i downloaded some progams for him to try to actually really make one.

Ah well, let´s forget about it and wait for a good game at EG24 maybe later today ;.)

lol..Hey Full, long time no see..Nah, I wasn't making fun of game creator,,just yalcin's funny input, That was a good one on his part...

       Anonymous  10/5/09, 4:02 AM  

That´s right, i also thought the input for the game was better than the game itself and as you said yourself earlier we played the game anyhow,
Yalçin´s a good salesman, lol

Ok Full, now you made us all feel really mean. But honestly, if it was made by a kid 10/10, one day you'll be great kiddo.

JAMOS...FUNNNNYYY comment about the horse though. It made us all laugh so I liked it...especially the description and the adding to the title. It was fun(ny) for a Monday morning :?)

Hmmm after a 2nd look, Yalcin is pretty serious here about sending a message to game creators..Hope it works...

Bravo Yalcin! This certainly was a pointless game yet we still played it...lol! Just goes to show just how desperate we gamers really are... ;) Took longer to load than to play and definitely not up to standard of gameplay such as Minoto, Koby, Melting Mindz, GotMail...and the list goes on, but even in its simplicity and "pointless" way, i made it out without a walkthrough....haha!! Kitkat...you won't need to help us with this one ;) Thanks for the great games Yalcin!

Oh dear.......But on a positive note, the graphics were great.

It would be nice if we had more Samorost, Submachine, Gotmail - and my all time favourite, 'Bodilies' - excellent.

I can understand all of the frustration but people, look at the graphics, someone took a long time on drawing this game. And you know, it is not as easy as it seams to create a very hard flash game. give some points at least for the graphics and the idea it self

Seriously, saying people should not create such short games is fucked up. They have to learn the skill somehow, by doing a short game it allows them to get feedback on how they are creating games and ways to improve.

Let us not forget, these games all take FARRR longer to create than they do to play.

If you feel it is too short, take it off your site, but realise that instead of having fewer players, nobody except 123 bug will create them!

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