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Thanksgiving Room Escape Walkthrough

Thanksgiving Room Escape

Thanksgiving Room Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game by Games2rule. For this Thanksgiving Day celebration, your friends have planned to play an escape game with you. As the major part of escape game, they have locked you in the dining room and they hide the key somewhere in the room. You need to find the key by using the objects found over there to escape from the room for Thanksgiving Day celebration. Good luck and have fun!

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Thanksgiving Room Escape Walkthrough

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Got a turkey coin from the pumpkin... anyone else here?

Ok,lets go!

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 6:27 AM  

Thanks Shuchun ánd Megipoland ( seems you posted the game at exactly the same time, lol)
A lot of "smileys" to be found here. A lot of clocks as well, they are all over the place...;.)

also one behind the pumpkin

this must be a biiiiiggg room, because all the clocks are in different time zones, lol

Found 7 turkey coins up to now...guess I need many more!

found eight smily's

The thing on the wall where you put the coins in has 5 lines,there are also 5 clocks!!! Maybe binairy?

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 6:32 AM  

Yes Elora, acording the board near the door we need 50, only have 10 orso...

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 6:33 AM  

You´re right Lotus, guess we must put the coins as the time on the clocks

i have only eight coins; trying to make times on board, but it doesn't have room for four digital numbers, much less space for seconds...

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 6:36 AM  

seems we need 24 of them acording the times on the clocks, i still miss one,,, ;.(

has anyone found more than eight coins?

i have eight coins as well... don't we need a key also?

only 8 for me too

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 6:39 AM  

Zoz, to be honest, i didn´t count mine but put them at the board right-away,but seem to be missing 1

I can change the positions of the turkey's feathers on the wall.

I believe I found 8 was well, zoz

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 6:42 AM  

There´s also 5 Turkey chiks from wich you can touch the feathers ( ? )

I also can change the feahers of the turkey's.
I guess there is a relation between the 5 clocks, the 5 turkeys and the wall picture above the 5 turkeys, but haven't found it yet...

have found 8 coins also.

i'm stymied by this turkey puzzle! I think the pumpkin carving patterns may be a clue to something...

I have also 8

I tried putting down the turkey feathers according to the hours, but it didn't work. Of course, I am terrible at reading analog clocks so I might have done it wrong lol

maybe the clocks have to do with the chicks?

ohh i am too late :)
Starting right now....

You can only put the feathers in from left to right and out from right to left

am i too late - is it solved yet?

not even close mayberry!

Got it! First turkey leave up 5, second leave up 3, thrird 8, 5 and 4. But leave the feathers from the right up.

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 6:49 AM  

you´re not too late Zazie, we just started

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 6:49 AM  

I only have seven. I can't find the other one.

I am very proud of myself for reading the clocks right. :D Escape games are helping me learn lol

How did you know kitkatfox? now have 10 coins

@chamat74 did you find the one in the wine glass on the table? You have to move the pumpkin

@Lotus I read the clocks from left to right across the room. Then I played with the turkey feathers.

I only have 7 coins :(

good work kitkatfox!


1st turkey 5 feathers down
2nd 7 " "
3rd 2 " "
4th 5 " "
5th 6 " "

I have 10 mutant turkey heads now ...

kudos kitkatfox!

welcome Zazi and mayberrygunslingers :) Help up find more coins lol

@ kkf, what do you mean with: "But leave the feathers from the right up."

I tried 53854 many times, not working...
(I have 53854 down, should this be the other way around?)

I set the turkeys feathers to match the clocks and i got 2 dics in the tray below- on each turkey i pushed all the feathers in first then pulled out from the right 5-3-8-5-4

the inventory on this game is certainly annoying.

This comment has been removed by the author.

zoz - I agree - really annoying

place coins in grid same way as feathers

and out...
this was easy enough...

10 columns, 10 coins ... need to add one per column somehow?

hi kkf :)
I have the two coins from the turkey now.

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 6:56 AM  

key to get another key, lol

how to place them in the grid? i dont get it ff lol

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 6:57 AM  

That was easier as i thought it would be, fun game

thanks lorraine - never thought it would have been that simple!

well done, lorraine!

Sarah - place them horizontally. First row 5, second 3 etc.

and out. Thanks for the help with the coins lorraine.

nevermind lol got it! and out! thank u all for the help, i guess it was pretty easy :)

and thank u annaby! :)

@hanzz did you understand other people's explanation on the feathers?

Yeah and out, this was not very difficult :)

@full, place five in the first line (move them to be the one next to the other), three in the second line, eight, five and four in the last.

i'm out, but that hidden inventory thing drove me crazy

*@sarah*, sorry...

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 7:02 AM  

Thanks kitkat for that last coin. Out now.

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 7:05 AM  

Lol Ff, no problem.. ;.)

The down arrow is at the bottom of your screen, but if you go too low, you will access in inventory
Note the locked door and the locked safe on the floor
Zoom in on the turkey on the table -- get the Turkey coin (looks more like an owl to me) from next to the turkey leg
Back up
Zoom in on the pumpkin on the table
Click the pumpkin and get the coin from the wine glass behind it
Back up
Click the wall art thing with lots of small holes in it -- see this is a place to put the coins. You can move the coins already in there, but you don’t know a pattern yet
Back up
Click the upper left wall lamp -- get the coin from behind it
Zoom in on the shelves in the wall with the pumpkin clock
Read the time
Back up
Click the blue (knight?) clock on the wall -- read the time and get the coin
Back up
Click the fridge
Click the door to open it -- get the coin from the cheek of the right jack-o-lantern
Back up (you are still zoomed in on the fridge with the door closed) -- click the clock on top of the fridge -- read the time
Back up 2 times
Click the blue turkey picture on the right wall -- get the coin
Back up
Click the line of turkeys on the wall under that picture -- get the coin from the chest of the middle one
Note you can click their tail feathers to move them down one by one (starting from the bottom left feathers)
Back up
Click the turkey feather clock -- read the time
Back up
Click the apple clock on the chest -- get the coin from the fruit basket and read the time
You should now have found 8 coins
Back up
Click the line of turkeys again
You need to move their tail feathers to match the clock times from left to right across the room. However, you don’t put down the hour number, you leave them up. Leave up 5 feathers on the right side. So you put down the first 5 feathers. The second turkey, you put down 7 feathers so 3 remain up.
The times were SPOILER53854SPOILER. So you put down SPOILER57256SPOILER feathers
Get the 2 coins (you have found all 10 coins in the room)
Time to tackle that turkey coin puzzle
Back up and zoom in on the puzzle
There are 5 rows just like there were 5 times in the room and 5 turkeys in the line
So you are going to match the times with the coins. Move 5 coins to the top row, filling in from left to right. Continue for each row.
Get the key
Use the key in the safe and get the second key
Use this key on the door and leave

thanx kitkatfox,you're great!!!

glad I could help Lotus :)

Thank god there is a walkthrough

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 10:26 AM  

Thank god? You mean Kitkatfox....

Full thinks I am a god? Oooo @.@

Bow down before me!

       Anonymous  11/12/09, 11:57 AM  

Haha, very g(o)od.

Can someone tell me how I get into this stupid game as all that comes up is a stupid lion and something falls on his head and that has been going on for ages?

great game. thanks kitafox n everyone for ur help :)

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