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Gift of Christmas Escape Walkthrough

Gift of Christmas Escape

Gift of Christmas Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game by Games2rule. On Christmas Eve, your parents have bought a gift and planned to present it for you on Christmas day. As you are very eager to open the gift, you have decided to find out the gift while your parents sleep. As it is very offensive, never touch the unwanted objects found in the house as otherwise noise will get produced by objects and it will start to fill the noise loader. If the noise loader gets fulfilled, your parents will wake up and you will lose the game. Good luck and have fun!

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Lets play!

found a key in first sok above fire

You need the book under the bed for the clock, I think.

Key in stocking opens first door

if you pick the wrong items, the green stuf goes very fast, so you have to start over.

Key above fire (in first sok) goes in first door on 2nd floor,

in the room where you start is a book under the bed. And you can change the three buttons from the ring game, also you can put the rings on the stick. All other stuff make noises and make the game ending.

If you press the ornaments in the tree in a certain order a secret compartment opens in the floor.

trying to catch up- hi!

I think the wooden blocks have a significance.. When I restart, they change colors

Can't solve the clock. It's driving me mad!

wow, i am a noisy kid.. starting over

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 8:05 AM  

what to do after going into second floor first room with key from fireplace?

nonsense game

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 8:07 AM  

anyone still playing out there?

Im lost playagain

how to solve the clock carola

I fought it was going to be easy but i'm completely stuck ...

Once I go upstairs I can't figure out how to go back downstairs. So I have to make a lot of noise so that I can start over. Downstairs we need to solve the colored rings and the clock. I think the clock will give us the key for the secret locker in the floor.

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 8:10 AM  

is it me or does the clock move way tooooo slow? Getting frustrated already.

on mine, when it says start over, you can keep moving around and investigating. A good chance to pop and break everything!

Also, you can grag hands on clock to speed up

drag, not grag!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 8:13 AM  

good point Melissa

ok, think we have to solve the buttons in the first room and clock in the second room first before going upstairs, can't go down anymore.

First room, pick up book under bed.
Solve the collorbuttons of ringgame and do we have to put the rings on the sticks? (no solution for collors yet)

second room, pick the key from first sok above fire.
have to solve the clock for secret panel in clock (not solved yet)

Key goes in first door. Click the balls from tree in order: light blue, pink, green to open secret panel in floor.
have to open te box in the panel.

That's all I found now, all other stuff makes noices

you can go back downstairs by clicking beneath painting on stairs

thanks carola im fully stuck

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 8:24 AM  

oh god we need another key for the floor compartment.

sioux, I think that key is in the clock or to win with the rings and buttons in first room, still no progress on previous comment

starting now ... i will try to catch up

I wonder if the 'chains' of different colour balls upstairs on the tree have anything to do with the tower of hanoi downstairs?

Mayberry, shouldn't be hard to catch up seeing as how we're all stuck. :)

Cise - I had thought about that but there's not enough marroon/red rings

did you guys open the diary to the personal info?

Afternoon all.

Mayberry- yes, I think it is connected to the clock. We have to get the hands to point at a bunch of different numbers listed in the diary or something.

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 8:42 AM  

where is kitkatfox with the walkthrough when we need it. Nothing like cheating a little if we are all stuck. lol

mayberry, yes we did ;)

tried all combinations on the clock

hi guys! I seem to be stuck where you all are. Any luck on the clock?

sioux - I prefer the word boost instead of cheat. Just a little boost to help us along! On that note - where are you kitkatfox?!?!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 8:44 AM  

did anyone try adding up the numbers from the book? may end up with a three or four digit number. not even sure where I am going with that.

I've been checking all the other gaming sites this game is posted on to see if anyone's figured it out - but everyone seems to be just as stuck as we are.

I tried every 5 minute interval possible on the clock - no luck

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 8:48 AM  

Miles1, I think the word boost is a good one! Of all the escape games I've played, I still peek at the walkthrough. Should the clock be set at 7pm and 5pm? Oh heck I dunno.

me too! Tried 7 and 5 and 7:25, 5:35 - no luck

I thought maybe the top numbers in the book could translate to 4:43, 5:45 etc and tried to match the times on the three small clocks, but not working.

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 8:53 AM  

the clock hands on the three mini clocks move at different speeds, maybe we have to get them to all be in the same position?
requires a lot of spinning, bleh!

also tried an interval of 5 minutes on the little clock bottom left inside the clock, hmmm, no luck

and thought in the music the clock sounds only 11 times, tried all four clocks on 11 o'clock, but still no luck

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 8:58 AM  

since when do 14 year old kids have their own extension numbers?

I'm getting dizzy

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:00 AM  

click on the red pillow on the couch it says trap door..but there isn't one?

the three little clocks never line up with each other - the closest is at about 12:07

I had to abandon the clock... back to the rings. Do you think the rings could go in a rainbow order? Or in order of the color shades. Each one is a different shade. ex: brown to yellow?

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:05 AM  

put them in rainbow order.
very pretty but no use /:

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:05 AM  

trap door is upstairs next to the xmas tree. Still can't get in that box

lol drankcontrast! Maybe a different order.. I'm still trying

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:10 AM  

i keep getting frustrated and purposely waking up this mystery woman!!
RAHH -bangs drums-

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:11 AM  

OMG!!! I got another key lining up the rings on the right hand stick!!!

this boy should obviously just be patient and wait til Christmas to open his present. Why are we helping him anyway?

HOW?!? Please share!!!!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:14 AM  

the second key opens the compartment upstairs. Justs gives me a present and a merry christmas message. That's it?

For Rings see http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/8471/renkm.jpg

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:17 AM  


stack the rings on the right side stick as follows: First the lite pink ring, then follow with dark purple, then med pink, then red, then lite green(almost color of sage), then the flourescent green ring. Key pops out of drawer right there. Then run upstairs to floor compartment and open box. Kinda anticlimactic. No click action for us or is there another way to get at the present? Still don't know what the present is.

Frank - I have that but no key? Did it just pop out?

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:19 AM  

I think there is more to escaping this game. Like what to do with the clock and the mysterious numbers in the diary. Also what's behind door number two upstairs? Hope it's that new bike I wanted for Xmas. lol.

haha I just went on that website! I was trying to translate the Turkish but my Turkish isn't that good!

great, got it. THX!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:21 AM  

Miles, the key should just pop out a small tray on the right of the pole base. Lemme know if you can't get it to work. Hope the color order is the same for all of us playing?!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:21 AM  

well if that was it, that's pretty..lame

out, that's all???! What about the book and clock and panel in the clock??!
hmmmm disapointed :(

sioux, I think behind door 2, are the parents sleeping LOL

for some reason it's not working for me. Frank had a different order - maybe it's different for everyone. Either way, the end sounds a bit lame, so I think I'll call it a day - thanks!!

miles1 you have to put rings on both sticks, Franks picture worked for me.

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:27 AM  

I replayed the stacking sequence and now stacked some of the rings on the left pole and a key popped out. The color of the three spots on the left are red, blue and gold if that helps.You still get the same key for the box upstairs.

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:29 AM  

gotta go but will look at the walkthrough tomorrow when it is posted and replay the game in boost mode. hehe

There is nothing in the clock, just click three tree ornamets in right order (you wil hear the sound when clicked right)and the floor will open. Use the key from the rigs box....and out. That's all.

My ring order was this.. http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/2041/ringd.png

i can't bekieve that so good graffics could be such an easy game... maybe more than one end


that's what I did:
Wood toy on floor
1 - change colors to : red/Blue/Yellow
2 - Left pole: rings yellow, orange, tan and brown
3 - right pole: rings purple, light blue, dark blue, pink, red and red
4 - remove brown and tan rings from left pole
5 - get silver key from the compartment
6 - open the door (no keys needed)
7 - fireplance zoom on clock
8 - click on the first sock on the left so I had a golden key
9 - go upstairs - use golden key on left door
10 - go inside to the tree
11- shining oval ornaments in order: pink, blue and green
12 - safe appears on the floor
13 - use silver key on safe
14 - out
but too ease maybe another ending...

I miss Kitkatfox walkthroughs.... and spoilers

Type: Simple Walkthrough [5 Steps]
Time Used: 20 Minutes [More or Less]
Written By: Prid



1. There is a Green Board with 2 sticks ["Tower Of Hanoi" if you rollOver it]. You see the 3 Circles on it's Left-side. Change them from Left to Right:


You'll also see 2 Sticks, and alot of Discs with different colors! Put the Discs in this order:

- Left Stick -


- Right Stick -


Once done, remove the BROWN Disc from the Left Stick, and take the Key [Remove the Disc after the Brown one, if the Key doesn't appear]

2. Open the Room Door, and click outside it to get out. Look above the Fireplace, and you'll see a Clock on it's Top-Middle! Click on the Clock, to zoom in

3. Click on the Left-Side Socket [The 1st One from Left - Color RED], and make sure to click on it's Outer part and not the inner part! Take the Golden Key. Zoom out, and click on Stairs to Move Upstairs [Near the Left-Side of the Screen]!

4. Click on Door on Left-Side, the one Nearest to you. Put the Golden Key on the Keyhole, and wait for the Door to open! Once opened, click inside it, to get inside!

5. Look at the Middle of the Christmas Tree. You'll see a BLUE and a PINK Decoration Ball surronded by 5 Blue Decoration Balls! Click on both of them, to Highlight them. Now, if you look at the Center of the 2 Decoratin Balls [Where PINK & BLUE meets together], and from that point, you move straight Down, you'll meet a GREEN Decoration Ball on your Way on the Christmas Tree. Click on that GREEN Decoration Ball, and then click on the Locker that just appeared, to zoom in. Use Silver Key to unlock it, and you're Done!


I hope you really enjoy this walkthrough, even though the game wasn't that fun to play... I don't know what more to say, just ENJOY, ENJOY & ENJOY!

And thanks for the Wood Toy solution, Cris ;)


Hi Prid didn't you think this game was too elaborated to have hust this one ending??

oh and your walkthrough is awesome!!! I loved it

Hey Prid ,really, Prid you write a very clear and easy wt. If there were a contest you and Kitkatfox should be tied in first place...

@Cris: Thanks! And yes, I too think it should have more than one ending. But some people just make very bad games with awesome graphics (123Bee & Games2Rule - although, 123Bee is kinda improving) - If only games would have easy and logical ways to escape with wonderful graphics, I would envy it ^^

Anyways, I would've never made a walkthrough if it wasn't for your help on the Green Board with 2 Sticks, thanks alot ;)

And the reason why there aren't so many walkthroughs by me lately, is because I just get too tired after writing long, detailed walkthroughs for everyone to understand. At least I help people, but walkthroughs from me won't be seen everyday. Suddenly, I feel that I can start with something else. I think I should break my Walkthrough Buisness and move on. Maybe I will write a 1 or 2 walkthroughs a week!

There are quite alot of Differences between me and KitKatFox/KKF (even though she/he helps me sometimes on some games). I write with Steps, KKF writes all she/he can, whatever her/his heart desires (and people like that). I write walkthroughs with explanations and highly detailed information on things that are hard to accomplish or find (other people with a low knowledge or normal people would prefer these kind of walkthroughs)! I am not saying that KKF writes bad walkthroughs. All I am trying to tell you all, is that there will almost be always walkthroughs by different people. KKF writes more walkthroughs than me, I can't do that because of my age (yes, I am not an adult), school and other stuff. I also make Flash Games/Movies! Me and Keybol, we are working on an Escape Game with alot of rooms, but he hasn't replied to my messages lately. Keep the Walkthroughs coming, by Me, KKF, and alot of other people and/or even new walkthrough writers ;)

Okay, maybe I went too far -_-*


Hi Prid, sorry if i ofend you anyway. It was not my intention. I love to come home and play this escape games . It is an extra fun to find a really good WT just like yours, even better than the game itself.Although the graffics are fantastic. Well KKF usually writes for fun, and ofcourse you explain the reason behind everything. I like both ways. Last year I wrote one or two WT, but they are very time consuming although my stile is similar to yours, explaining things. Again sorry for maybe said something in a wrong way, mostly because english is not my native language. I just love to find a good WT like yours... I have to go now, see you nexta game, your next game, maybe?

Thanks for talking

Cris, I don't know if you will check back and read this, but sorry I didn't get to this game yet.

Between Thanksgiving holiday last week and being sick with a cold this week, I got 2 pages behind in games. I'm about caught up now lol

Prid, I'm a she ;)

@kitkatfox: Oh, LOL (about you're a she)!

Even if people miss you, they have to remember that you're a human being like everyone else here (maybe there is an alien among us, who knows!

Keep writing walkthroughs to HELP people, and I'll try my best to also write some walkthroughs.

I'm a He xD


wow that was..... weird.

i didnt really enjoy this game, and i cant believe the diary and the clock had no significance to finishing...

PS: ill try my best to help with the walkthrough business in the future too! i like writing them sometimes, especially if i enjoyed the game im writing it for. and yes, prid and KKF make very good walkthroughs, ive read them in other games :)

The Diary and the Clock are used to get the clues for the Tower of Hanoi as follows:

Get into the room and click on the clock found above the fireplace.

Open the diary and turn the page to read the information which is written in it.

Note down the birth date and favorite number.
Both the numbers are same and it is 21.

In clock, place the long needle in 1 and small needle in 2.

As you place correctly, timings of three tiny clocks found in the main clock gets changed.
Note down the timing of tiny clock found in the right side.

It shows 3:30 i.e. small needle is in 3 and long needle is in 6.

Note down the numbers 3 and 6.

In the fireplace, Christmas stockings are found.
In that, click on the left most Christmas stocking. It will reveal a key.
Store the key in the inventory panel.

Come back to main view and click on the Tower of Hanoi toy found on the floor.

In Tower of Hanoi, add six discs in the right side rod and three in the next rod.

Then, Note the color found on the nearby toy.
The toy has three colors (red, blue, yellow) in it. Note down the colors and use it in buttons found in the Tower of Hanoi.

Click on the buttons found in the Tower of Hanoi. From left to right, change the color to red, yellow and blue.

As you change the colors, it reveals a key.....

This is from Games2rule website.

CORRECTION: Change the color to Red, Blue, and Yellow.

change to red blue and yellow
left yellow,orange,tan,and brown
right purple,light blue,dark blue,pink,red,red
remove brown and tan from left....put the key
go through the door
left sock is the golden key
go upstairs,
open the door by using the golden key
click the ornaments pink blue
makes a green one
open the case....that´s it

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