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Gordinho Adventure Walkthrough

Gordinho Adventure

Gordinho Adventure is another point and click adventure game created by Thiago Rocha. Help Gordinho be a super hero apprentice by pointing and clicking on right places to collect some things and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: English version is available to play.

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oh! I need feline to translate lol

hiie all

How can you play if u can't understand it LOL I managed to get the rope tied to the gate now iam stuck lol

its so hard to understand =.="

well somehow i made it to the Batman room~don't know why i am playing this game! lol
Sherry~i think i clicked on the 3rd answer from the gateman

thanks Larue Im in lol

so far i'm stuck with this giant...dragon? and preparing sandwiches..but the dragon keeps eating the sandwich

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most welcome Sherry!
got him into his Gordinho superman outfit, so i think mission accomplished!

now i'm in a room with professor....

bunga~put bowling ball in sandwich

thx larue..but i'm stuck with professor now..how to get something on the pipe above the professor?

bunga~don't know what you have~ there is a secret formula from file cabinet that you give to the professor after adding thingys to the flask
i think there are 3 thingys to add to the flask from the room, then pour in toilet, then flush the toilet and it will drip on thingy in his hand~lol

ok, i guess i'm out....wearing a superhero uniform....

thx larue :)

well done bunga!

i can't do anything.. i talked to the guard and can pick up the rope after lowering the flag.. thats it

power of posting ..got past the gate

Stuck with batman, where did I miss the flask?

hey Cat~the flask is in the room with the professor

who is the professor? I get a bathroom bug, a piece of paper to give to the bathroom guy then I get a pen then go into the elevator to batman and the thing you feed a sandwhich with a bowling ball; what did I miss

let's see~
did you unplug the phone that batman is talking on?
and i think there was a paper on the desk with Batman also

the professor will be in the next room that the game takes you to

thank you Larue

is there anyone still here...im stuck after feeding the big blue thing a bowling ball sandwich...i unplugged batmans phone and took paper from batmans desk....now stuck...

U need to give the paper to the dragon.:)

hi everyone I am Brazilian if you can´t understand the game I can translate it to you. the only problem is that I am stuck too....If I can get anywhere I´ll be glad to help you

Hi desiree.

First of all it would be nice if you could tell us, what this game is about :]

Hi, people! I will try to play and help tell you what the game is about. :)
@desiree, your help is appreciated too, help me translate it. :)

Out. No good game for me.

Get down flag
get coucarach
get money
get pencil
get matricula
get potion
and to be continued

I've completed the game... Lemme know where you guys are stuck, so that I can help....

yay, brazilian game! parabéns ao criador, adorei!

"Jogar" means "Play".
"In a world full of superheroes and villains, a plump boy without superpowers was born. At school, while the colleagues would imitate their favourite superheroes, the boy would raid their lunch boxes. Everyone knew him as Gordinho (Plumpy) and no one else remembered his real name." [cont.]

I know you can finish the game without understanding it, but I thought of letting you guys have fun with what it says like I can. :)
So, continuing:
"Plumpy envied his neighbour a lot, for he had the power of transforming into any type of food."
"And kids with superpowers could enter the Fantastic University of Superheroes."

"It wasn't any fair that skinny boy being able to enter the FUS (the University) and Plumpy not. So he decided to act..." (Understanding the lines make the drawings very funny, IMHO. Notice how Plumpy acted. :P)
"... and went to try his luck at the Fantastic University of Superheroes."

Mouse over:
-Guard: it's the university doorman.
-Rope down pole: this knot keep the flag up.
-Security gate: that's the damned barrier that prevents me from going in.
-Under Plumpy's belly: (it must be a slang from Portugal, I couldn't find a definition)

Talking to the doorman/guard:
- May I help you?
1)I want in.
2)Out of my way.
3)How do I get in?
4)Forget it.
Answers from the guard:
1)You'll keep wanting. (He's not letting you in.)
2)Out of here, stupid plump boy.
3)This barrier (gate arm) is magic, it only opens to super heroes.
4)[Leaves talk]

OK, your next steps are pretty intuitive, so I'm not going to translate everything, only the parts that give you hints. I've translated what is said about the knot and flag, so... Go ahead and get that rope! :)
After tying it to the gate arm, try pulling it, the boy says "The guard is cross eyed, but not blind.". Lol!

Talk to the guard again, and 3rd option will be: "Why is the flag half way?" Guess which option you'll choose now. :)
Cut scene.
Mouse over people in line, from left to right:
Doesn't look good, By the looks he's a clown, Dumb!, He looks focused.
Paper on "Secretary" door: "I need to write my name here to enter the line.".

You can only talk to the clown guy. Last option always leaves talk, so not including it any more.
1)What's people's problem around here?
2)Can you lend me a pen?
3)Why the clown nose?
1)Maybe it's you.
2)I don't have any.
3)Because I am a mimic. (Which leads to...)
1)I want you to mimic a pen.
2)I want you to mimic a pig.
3)I want you to mimic Sílvio Santos (popular TV entertainer, famous for throwing money to the audience).
1)I don't have any ink. (Lol!)
3)"Who wants money?" (Guy throws money).
Now to the bathroom. (In game, lol!)

Get the "very nasty cockroach", you need that money from the girl's hair. Wow! "I think she lost her mind once and for all." ROFL!!!
Buy from Nico, use it on the paper, and... Zap! Into Batman's office! "Wow! It's Batman!"
Several jokes about characters from Batman stories. (Guy is two-faced, man doesn't let the umbrella go etc.)
Get something from bat-bag, then get Batman to talk to you. Options:
1)Why the heck are you working as a secretary?
2)Can I forward my appliance?
1)Because I'm Batman and do what I want.
2)Here you go, now to the next room and get the coordinator's signature.
Get the paper from the desk. Go to next room.
OK, you can make a sandwich with the ingredients on the table. The coordinator is that purple octopus. Try to figure out how to make the coordinator listen to you (he can't hear you from up there). "Don't forget to go through LASP to take the aptitude (skills) test."

Exit, and you'll have to take the egg of the teacher's hand without him noticing it to prove you have superhero's skills. Hints:
-Tablets on desk, orange flavour.
-ET head on wall is dusty. (Talk to it: "ET, phone, home". Lol!)
-Drawer full of secret formulas.
-Pipe leaking right over teacher's head.
-Invisibility formula on blackboard: vitamin C, intergalactic dust and secret formula; mix it in a flask and apply over object.
You need to apply the invisibility formula on the egg. You'll find a way. ;)

Teacher: "Congratulations, you are ready to start your training!"
"And thus Plumpy got his first uniform and joined the newest class of apprentice heroes.
The saga of our plump hero continues in Gordinho Adventure 2...
...or not."

The End!

P.S.: Some things I thought better not to translate. ;)
And you need to talk to the mimic about all things before getting the cockroach in the bathroom, it seems... At least for me, I had to.
I hope you enjoyed! :)

feline good job. u from Brazil?

lol feline! I didn't play the game because of the language barrier, but I loved reading your translations. Thanks!

After all that work fe did translating, I decided to go back and play the game. Cute when you know what's going on.

I feel so stupid, I understand everything they say but I can´t go on. This guard isn´t polite. so stupid... gordinho means chubby....

Finally I am not so dum as I thought. Cute game.... expecting for number 2. Dica para o criador.... Faça em ingles para que todo mundo entenda e possa ajudar imbecis como eu...

TRanslation: hint to the author: do the next one in English so everyone can understand and help stupid girls like me

Everybody is welcome! Kit, you can write a full walkthrough, if you wish. I can send you the full translation. :)
Thanks! Yes, gordinho may also be chubby, it may be other things too, lol! I just liked plumpy better. :D
Let's offer our translation services to the creator? I liked the game, it is worth being translated so more people can play it, IMHO. :)

Hi, everyone. I´m the Gordinho´s creator. I´m working right now on the english version.
Desiree´s translation is great! It will help me a lot.
Thank you all for playing Gordinho Adventure.

Atention: O jogo é divertido, mas da mesma forma que eu, que muitas vezes recorro a dicionários para continuar ou compreender algum jogo, acho que não é esforço demasiado que pessoas que falem outro idioma também o façam.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ah, I see you were responding to backtomyst's post that he or she has to use a dictonary to help with some games.

The game was playable without understanding the text by just blindly clicking. But what was the point of playing a such a text heavy game without being able to understand half of what was going on?

I would point out 2 things -- I speak some Spanish so if a game was in Spanish, I might have to look up some words. I don't speak any Portugues (and it is not enough like Spanish that I can read it very easily) so I would have to look up almost every single word.

-- Also, if you want me to use an online translator, then put the text were I can copy it

Lololol! When you feed the monster the bowling ball sandwich, if you mouse over the dudes shorts it says, "My pee-pee". And if you click it is says, "Trust me, it is just my pee-pee"

Anyone found out how to use the invisibility potion on the egg ?

NM got it...

OUT ! nice games, I liked it.

I liked it too, now I understand it. That invisibility bit didn't make much sense though. And why did the girls head fall off?. Silly! Looking forward to part 2.

I managed it without much help, except the bowling ball part.

What I don't understand is - how come flushing the toilet make the egg disappear?

@Tzechuk you dump the invisiblity potion into the toilet, and the pipe from the toilet leaks everytime you flush. So some of the potion drips on the egg.

This comment has been removed by the author.

feline~~thank you very much for translating the story that went along with the adventure game!

i've completed the game its boring little

working link:


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