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Bond Escape

Bond Escape is another point and click room escape game from Stone Age Games. "Agent 007 is in trouble. He needs to rescue his last girlfriend, but it's not that easy being stuck in this fancy room. Escape." Good luck and have fun!

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anyone in?

turned off the cameras, got nail line and nail cutter..

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 11:29 AM  


no, you are first

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 11:30 AM  

USB drive in flower

dang,cut the wrong wire!!!

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 11:30 AM  

just starting

stuck with paper, nail file, nail cutter..

@larue, where did you get the chance to cut some wires? ;)

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 11:33 AM  

Same spot im in daph

how do u turn off the cameras?

@Ray, find the green USB key and insert it in the laptop! the clue is it's .. .green! :)

use nail file on screws on wall and get jet pack

now i have a newspaper.. still stuck

thanks dap

AAAAH thanks larue, i tried the screws on the left wall only!

welcome~i have blown myself up 3 times and clicked on adds 2 times lol

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 11:46 AM  

Stuck after cutting the wire.

I am stuck after cutting wire also. Any hints for next step?

open box with clue from newspaper to get diamond ring~~~use on window

What do I do with the newspaper???

how do you get a clue from newspaper

I'm not sure how the Newspaper could be a clue unless it has to do with the number of lines it has.

I can't open the box. any suggestions

news~~direction N E W S to push the color buttons

Out! Thanks larue.

aha OUT...thanks larue. I didn't figure out that NEWS referred to direction!!

I can't even find the green USB :(

@jamos...try looking closely at the items on the tables

you are welcome!!!!
Jamos check out the flower vase!

Yep, got it, cheers! Got papers with 'n' and 'we', from hints I guess there is an 's', but cannot find.

Jamos~try on top of one of the speaker thingies

cut blue wire...so what's next?



how does one switch off the camera

have you opened the box to get ring?
do you have your jetpack?

if so leave James Bond style~~~~~

use ring on window and fly away!

one uses USB port in computer!

Was cutting the blue wire just a case of trial en error then? I didn't see a clue for that.

clue for blue wire~~ is on the picture!

Out with a bit of help from the comments above. I missed a piece of paper

First you need to cut off the cameras. Until you do that, you can’t take anything in the game

Click the table with the rose on it
Get the USB in the vase
Back up

Turn right
Click the laptop in the back of the room
Click the power button in the upper left hand corner
Use the USB stick on the left side where the black port it
Click Off to turn the cameras off
You are now free to rummage around the room!

Back up
Click the table near you with the monitor (TV?) on it
Note the colored box top
Get the nail clippers from behind the box (on the pink part of the case)
Back up -- get the paper off the floor under this view of the bench with the pink pillows (WE paper)

Back up and turn right
Zoom in on the doors
Note the colors/pattern on the picture
Also while zoomed in, get the S paper from on top of the right speaker

Back up and turn right
Click the bench with the pink pillows
Move the right pillow and get the paper N paper -- the papers should automatically combine to read NEWS
Back up and click the flower table again
Get the nail file by clicking the red thing left of the eye shadow case
Back up
Click the statue thing on the back wall
Use the nail file to open the screws on the right wall panel
Get the jetpack
Inside the alcove, you can see wires.
Cut one -- if you cut the wrong one, you will blow up and have to restart the game

Back up
Zoom on the table with the monitor on it
Use the paper clue to solve the box color code

Get the ring

Back up and zoom on the statue thing again
Use the ring on the bottom left section of the right window
Click the opening with the jetpack and escape!

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sorry @kkf, i didn't refresh before post. I've already deleted my wt

Cris don't worry about 2 walkthroughs. It happens a lot (I'm terrible about refreshing).

You didn't have to erase yours. I know how hard they can be to write! If you still have it, feel free to post it again.

@kitkatfox, I have to say this;
You're really amazing, whenever you encounter (during you're weekend catch up or just a game you missed live) a game that hasn't got a walkthrough you just write one in no time.
I just don't know what to say, only can think of things like; I really do love you for this, but that sound so shallow (so American, sorry about that), but I had to find a way to express my feelings and it's going the wrong way. Feelings and words , a match made in hell or something like that.
Anyway; You're more then (than, as? see how stupid a Dumb Dutch Dude is with English) great and I could have post this comment on many other games but for now (and that's not for lopg) this is the most recent one so here it is (of course no strings attached, I'm only sneaky in name).

What sneaksnake said to kitkatfox I agree... You are the best kitkatfox.

@kitkatfox, I too feel that I totally agree with everything that SneakSnake wrote!! It was overwhelming to see 14 new games when I got home this evening, and you had already done walkthroughs for several of them!! Thank you soo much for your hard work!! You are brilliant :D And I always enjoy playing live with you!

@SneakSnake, you are not soo bad either...lol! I don't know if you have seen my walkthrough museum blog... I just had to make one because of the way you have been writing lately :D

awww guys/gals, you're making me blush. You are all so kind. I don't write the walkthroughs for thanks, but it is nice to feel appreciated. I'm trying to think of something profound to say here, but I'm failing wide open. lol

So I'll keep it simple. Thank you so much. :)
<3 Hugs!

Out.. Yeah, Thanks wor awesome game !

Out.. Yeah, Thanks for awesome game !

working link:


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