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Ugly Americans - Citizen Ugly Walkthrough

Ugly Americans - Citizen Ugly

Ugly Americans - Citizen Ugly is another point and click type adventure game by Zeebarf, the creator of The Visitor an The Several Journeys of Reemus games. In this game, you try to find and combine items and solve cases to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

Note: Due to mild adult content and mild language, this game is not suitable for young players.

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well, it's nto working for me (chrome)
but it could just be my computer

Hey, where's everyone? I can't believe I made it to a live game at the beginning. Hope this is not too hard.

@Blackcat, it's working for me in firefox.

Got a stocking and chewed gum off of headboard of bed. Can't seem to move around room though.

combined them together and got 'sticky whip', lol.

ok, gave it to the guy and he hit the volley ball with it and it went to my inventory.

blackcat, you still here?

loading now.

i am staring hope i can help today lol

Wow, this brings me mixed feelings...I love his escape puzzles, but his games freak me out, too!

Let's see...

What to do with the ball now?

outside now

throw ball at brains takeout on left

use ball in the smoking cup to make it fall.

Have a conversation in the office. Then go out and select the map to go to Star Buks

how to make more power in sweatshop

I am so stuck now, been trying to figure it out, been to Starbucks, and St. Jude's, but can't get any further.

Give the broken part to the guy on the right and asks for something else.
Have to leave now guys, good luck.

Bye Edgar

hi no_reply

This is too boring for me, I think I'll go find another game here I haven't played yet today. Good luck everyone, who ever's playing.

pick the clipboard.. previous cases.. at a sweat shop now

i have been all over this place and havent finish one ting yet lol

how do you get to the seat shop??

ooops sweat shop

pick up clip board and click through all 10 cases then click map

The protagonist looks like Robert Pattinson LOL

lol, funny game.

I have: broken part, broken handle, blood, toy flyer, breadstick, sewing bobbin, garlic soup, cotton ball, formaldheyde.

Made alcohol soaked rug by glass of alcohol + rug doll, gave it to case #2 man
Found trust pamphlets in the office and gave it to the fish man
Asked around about the calamari and now I have to find a missing scarf
Found in the office a book that showed me where to find the caterpillar man

Now stuck.

Gave the broken part at the big-eared guy (thanks Edgar!), then combined stick with cottons, made cotton swab and gave it to him New location found.

broken handle + cotton ball

gave toy coupon and bobbin to the dark alley guy and got the doll for the robot

hell: when the guy at the shop throws you out, go right (press yellow arrow) and read the note on the door.

I've just started... This one seems fun.

ok now im stuck

coffee+formaldheyde=caffeinated formaldheyde (what the hell???)
also give the #2 case man the fork.

nvm get eye from potato lol

where did u get fork

completed # 1,2,3,6
remaining items: blood, garlic soup, coctail
stuck for the moment

I got fork in the restaurant in hell.
To get there you go to hell, go right (there are 2 screens), read what's written on the door, go to the orphanage, give bread to the babie, click the cage and you're there.

combined soup with cookie, gave it to the goth kid

got corks from processingcenter, used on hookman

how do you scare chicken???

Now I'm stuck. I've done all the cases, but now I can't find a new nose to swap the guy for his chin.

Virginia thanks missed the fork

Nevermind, I forgot about the zombie guy standing in front of the store.

finished!!! funny game

Kez, you have to hook up the moon lamp to the car battery from the pier.

And out! That was fun!

i need to scare chicken and get scarf./ i'm stuck with only spare change. zombie guy wont take spare change.

where is the moon lamp and what do I do with the coins

all i have is the blood and garlic soup . ive solved cases 1,2,3 and 6

kez, after you save the octopus-calamari-whatever, you get the battery from the front of the water tank and plug it in the lamp.

the moon lamp is int he sweat shop. make a garlic cookie and feed the kid a garlic cookies when he asks fo ranother one.

I am left with 7, 8 and 10.. there's nothing in my inventory but 2 pieces of cork...

The moon lamp is in the sweat shop. The coins are for after you've brought the caterpillar to the counseling room.

ok used coins at vending machine and gave burrito to caterpillar in councelling room

moon lamp is the round thing at the right of the door at the place where the chicken man is.

where is the cookie?

Never mind, POP. I guess it was a bit of a piele hunting. Corks went on hookman.

cookie was in the orphanage floor, I think.

thanks suzanne

POP found the cookie!

where is the soup?

i like those games

ok,have done everything, what to do re: nose/chin??

for soup you take card from man in front of saks then go get the soup and bread sticks

Out.. that was actually quite fun.

unplug moon lamp get hair off floor give to zombie outside get nose give nose to man in bar get chin

thanks but i got it. i'm out. without help too.

lol hbear, I don't even know what saks is

saks is the store with rude lady

i would have to rate this game high in intestign fun. i liked doing the find this and that to trade for certain items. the frankenstien juicy girl is usually most girlfriends to most of these guys in the games.

ok, I don't have it on my map, how do I get it? Have completed cased 1,3 and 6, have cookie blood and wallet and totally stuck

I think I also need a fork from somewhere :(

cookie + blood give to kid at blood bank take wallet to bar

for fork see virgina's post at 426

ok, now I am moving, where is fork?
b.t.w. thanks all!

ok, I have solved cases 1,3,5, 6, 7
stuck with burrito, blood and wallet

ok, baby doesn't like burrito, too spicy :(

ok, visited girl, stuck with burrito and blood now

I'm with you, JustCurious.

How do I talk with the Sak's lady??

Ok, I just needed to show her the wallet... All this time I was stuck there lol

ok, need scarf and scare chicken man. Have only burrito now

How do I do the cocktail at hell, how do I get the scarf and how do I get the burrito? Can someone tell me? I'm stuck.

I have no itens left. I gave the book to the hell guy, I took the silk guy to counceling but I can't get the burrito he ordered.

ok, got all 10 cases solved, now need beard

and finally out
almost without any help!

hint: keep going around different locations. If you don't need a location any more, it disappears. It turns out red head smokes, what a turn off :(

scarf you get from the silk guy after getting one of the old burritos from the vending machines. you have to make a cocktail for thr hell guy to get the book from him to give to someone else.

Thanks! I ended up figuring it out. Where is the facial hair? It's sold out!

facial hair where the chicken was

Facial hair unplug the moon lamp.

I couldn«t see the facial hair in the floor. Thanks!

Is somebody still around? I have the mixed blood and a burrito. But the caterpillar does not want it, and the bartender does not give me a martini glass. Any ideas?

Ok, there is no martiniglass. Just pour the blood into his wine glass.

Hey I'm here as well

I can't find the vending machine to get the burrito! @friwi: can you tell me where they are?

Still stuck with spare change, can't find vending machine anywhere, solved all cases but 8 en 10

finally found vending machine!

Out :)

Where is caterpillar man?

@Jamos caterpillar man is demonstrating in front of Taco place

Haven't got Taco place yet. I am at the bit where Girl wants scarf back.

How do I get a scarf for girl?

And what do I do with the hell coupon, hell is no longer on my map.

What do I insert the eyeballs with?

Give the Hell coupon to Caterpillar Man, then you can bring him in for counseling.

TBTabby I can't find caterpiller man.

good game....more like this pls

tabby, you repair the eyeballs then put them in zombie guy.sorry i dont remember where i got the box to repair eyeballs from..

jamos,click on caterpillar man magazine in office and you should get a new location to find him

walkthough please anyone?

Back to do a bit more. Can't give hair to Zombie outside store.

Mever mind I did it. Out. Not sure what happened to chin though.

Sorry... meant to say, thanks for help.

Still no walkthrough? Was a fun game and surely deserves one. Might start one but´ll take a while. Let me know if someone already is writing...

where is the cotton ball?

Stuck with blood and burrito. Worm guy won't take my burrito. Says he's to mad to eat. How do I get him to the counselling room? How do I make the cocktail? Help Please.

U make the cocktail by scaring away the vampires by mixing the garlic soup wit the cookie and giving the cookie to the vampire boy and that will scare the vampires off then go inside the place and find type A blood and combine with type B blood

Walkthrough (part 1):

- After you got rid of the cheap handcuff remover take chewed gum from top of bed
- take stocking of bed
- combine chewed gum + stocking gives you sticky whip
- use sticky whip on soccer ball
- take soccer ball
- use soccer ball on food container on other side of bed

- enter your office
- click through all 10 cases (now on our map you´ll get 9 new locations)
- enter pamphlet rack
- click rack
- click cocoon flyer - new location: TACO SKULL
- take trust me pamphlet

- talk to brain
- click TV - new location HELL
- take broken handle of floor

- talk to fishman
- give trust pamphlet to fishman

- talk to braineater
- take Formaldehyde of table

- talk to man
- take cotton balls of table

- talk to hydra-man with less than 3 but more than 1 head - you get broken part
- give broken part to long-ear-dog-creature
- combine broken handle + cotton balls - result cotton swab
- give cotton swab to long-ear-thing - new location DARK ALLEY

- take rag doll
- talk to robot - you get toy flyer

- talk to the poetic rat-ear-demon
- try to enter Bloody Mary´s
- go to alley
- read note on door - new location ORPHANAGE

- talk to caterpillar

- talk to small-horned demon - you get new part
- give toy flyer to demon

- talk to squid - you get wallet, new location SUB CLUB

- take cookie
- read note on cage
- click baby

- talk to goth kid - you get B blood

- talk to chickenman
- take sewing bobbin from right table
- click plug

- talk to barman - you get shot of whiskey
- give wallet to barman - new location SAK´S

- give sewing bobbin to small-horned demon - you get vomitface

Walkthrough (part 2):

- give vomitface to robot - you get price tickets
CASE 6 closed

- enter your office
- try to take wand
- give price tickets to leonard the wizard

- click Vito-Ad-man - you get Vitos´s flyer, new location VITO´S
- enter shop
- talk to Miss Piggy
- give wallet to Miss Piggy - new location: GIRLS APT

- open door
- give wallet to girl

- use wand on braineater - new location: DWAYNE REEDE

- give new part to siamese twin - you getcoffee
CASE 1 closed

- take breadstick from table
- give Vito´s flyer to Vito - you get garlic soup

- combine cookie + garlic soup
- give garlic cookie to goth kid
- talk to goth kid - new location: PROCESSING CENTER
- enter blood bank
- take A blood

- talk to goth kid
CASE 5 closed
- take corks

- use breadstick on baby
- click cage
- enter door
- take fork
- talk to earmon
- combine A + B blood
- use blood on earmon - you get hell coupon
- take book

- give book to brain
CASE 4 closed

- give corks to fishhookman - you get spare change
CASE 7 closed

- give hell coupon to caterpillar
CASE 9 closed

- take eyes from stair
- enter counseling room
- talk to caterpillar
- go to vending machine
- use spare change on machine - you get burrito
- go to counseling room
- give burrito to caterpillar - you get silk scarf

- open door
- give silk scarf to girl - you get immigration papers

- give papers to squid
CASE 8 complete
- take car battery

- use car battery on lamp
- click car battery - full moon light
- click battery to unplug light
- take hair of ex-werewolf
- take resume of table

- give resume to Miss Piggy
CASE 10 closed

- enter shop
- take zombie eye repair set (left shelf)
- combine eye balls + zombie eye repair - you get new eyes

- give new eyyes to braineater
- use wand on braineater
CASE 3 closed

- give fork to man
- combine coffee + formaldehyde
- give this to man
- combine rag doll + shot of whiskey
- give this to man
CASE 2 closed

Back in office

- talk to friendly guest

- talk to friendly zombie outside
- give hair to zombie

- give nose to friendly guest

Enjoy your flaming kiss - well deserved and let evil continue to rule over this world forever!!

That was great.Reminds me of the old Fatman game.

finished!! great game and thanks to you computer fags i won XD

sweets i finished with NO help pretty easy lol

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