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The House 2

TheHouse 2 is the sequel to The House 1 scary point and click game from Sinthai Studiı. The legend has it that there is a house in a small town that has been closed and left empty for decades. The house belonged to a wealthy family. But then, one day, all family members committed suicide. From that time, some said that they have heard a women's screaming voice from that house. Yet, no one dare to enter the house..are you? Good luck and have fun!

Warning: PG13. This game contains a creepy scenario, so it may not be suitable for young players or the faint of heart people.

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       Anonymous  4/20/10, 7:56 PM  

lets play!

hi! I'm new

can't do anything after entering living room

       Anonymous  4/20/10, 8:06 PM  

well you can click the not picture and light switch

       Anonymous  4/20/10, 8:08 PM  

well you can click the note, picture, and light switch

Click below note on chair to get a ghost..
Then blood comes out of hole in wall..
Another maid ghost appears after you click the button on wall..
Then paper falls near kitchen door that says year of daughter's birth.

Note on chair changes after that..

Wow.. click photo again and it pops up and makes a noise..

Then click note on couch again.. another scary message and ghost.. onto bathroom scene.. kind of creepy.

nothing happened... no ghosts.

Can open shower curtain in bath, but it closes again and you can also click on bible in vanity above toilet.

WAY TOO CREEPY! If anyone figures a way to solve this game, walk us through.

Really? I clicked a few times and it did.. You have to click below note and below arm on chair.

ok, got blood on photo..
still no ghosts

Can flush toilet in bathroom..

thats it?

You will get ghosts Yong.. I had my volume up to high and it scared me. Let me know if you need help.. I am trying to post as I find things.

ok, finally got it.. must click many times!

Can also turn on sink and lights seem to flash a little afterwards?

It's not easy to find spots.. I have clicked many times too! I am glad you found it.

Stuck in bathroom now.. nothing happening?

You can click on Bible, but it goes back onto shelf after you click on it again.

Gotg blood in the sink

How did you get that bhy2?

       Anonymous  4/20/10, 8:19 PM  

im out. a lot of repetitive clicking. and creepy as all get out

Turned on water a few times and a guy pops up in the window...I think...I clicked on bible and shower curtain first?

Crap! Scary shadow in window after I clicked sink then toilet.

quite eerie....

Yeah I may have done that too.. There doesn't seem to be any logical way to click?

I think you ahve to click on things in a certain order? Im just clicking everywhere from one to the next

now in bedroom..
I think just need to keep clicking repeatedly..
eventually things change

Oh.. Bible then sink to get overflowing blood in sink.. Did you get that bhy?

Click blood in sink and get a note in blood..

Ok.. click again on sink and curtain and get a shadow on curtain and man hanging in shower..

Click blood again and shadow in shower and man is gone when you click curtain... spooky!

Finally with you Yong..

yep, thats what I got...in the bedroom now...watch the walls, clickable things pop up...keep an eye on the dresser...clickable pic shows up there also

Thanks bhy!

workroom...dark...clickable item little to the right from the bottom middle of screen

lightswitch on left

just joining in... almost midnight here and this is super creepy!

ok I don't like the little girl's face.. freaky..

click on rope and move up

Hey zoz! I've read your posts many times! It's great to finally play one with ya!

Thanks again bhy!

EWWWW...The note on the chair 2nd time around is my birthday...spooky...Jan 4

got the next step if u guys want it...don't want to spoil


I just screamed.. Oh wow! Too late for this game. LOL

Stuck!! Safe room suggestions?

thanks @c7me9c, it's nice to meet you!
i'm in the bedroom, and other than playing the music box and seeing the cert of adoption on the wall,there's nothing happening...

I may need your help in a second.. Once my heart stops racing! This is sad.. I am a little too old to be scared by a game:(

oh, jeez! I take my last comment back!

Is there a paper yet in the dresser zoz?

Not at the safe yet.. still have a girl that's just hanging there:(

u can go back to the other rooms...LOL

@c7me9c, no, but a scary shadow just zipped by and made me jump

Ah... you need a key to get into the safe room.. check lights in work room.

Don't worry, it gets worse zoz! LOL.. She will want you to play hide and go seek with her soon..

bhy, how did you get out after getting the key from workroom?

ok.. got it again after MANY clicks..

i've been in this bedroom an awfully long time it seems, still clicking on teddy, blood stain, adoption cert; music still playing. No note on dresser...


Oh my! Finally in safe room.. But, is it really safe?

Wait.. I think I know code.. Let's try..

I have the code if anyone needs help or wants a clue.

zoz.. I kept clicking music box and teddy and plaque on wall, I think until post its pop up on walls.

Wow....okay...I'm gonna go watch a disney movie now geeeze

ok.. She looks like the girl from the Ring movie..

Wow OUT! Crazy ending! I didn't want to click! This was definitely crazy... Gonna look for the first one just for the heck of it.

Zoz, how are you doing?

thanks c7me9, it was the music box that did it/ i wasn't clicking because i thought it needed to wind down, doh

I did the same thing zoz.. I will stick around if you need help. They say there is a House 1.. Going to look so that I can definitely sleep with the lights on tonight lol.

Found first game.. Here is the link if anyone is interested.. http://www.sinthaistudio.com/thehouse1/

even though i knew from your post that there was a girl at the end of the rope, i still jumped when she popped up, lol. I won't be playing House 1 tonight!

LOL.. I just wanted to get her down! Playing one now and it's not too bad.. A little easier and not so scary. Did you get out Zoz?

not yet, but in the working room now...

Ok.. I am still here if you need help:)

um, i meant the safe room. the twilight zone music was a nice touch. but the best part was the disclaimer at the end - "this is not a true story".
Well, Thank Goodness!

thanks for your help @c7me9c. have fun with House 1. I'm going to bed!

It was pretty funny.. At least I won't be looking for her under the bed! Have a great night zoz! Hope to see you soon.

       Anonymous  4/20/10, 9:14 PM  

how do I remove the 2 pieces of wood off the door

       Anonymous  4/20/10, 9:18 PM  

nvm i'm in the house now

This game was made just for scary us (sorry for my english) I´m Brazilian.. lol

       Anonymous  4/20/10, 9:24 PM  

what about the safe room? what we shoul do?



In the room where the girl gets pulled up from the rope, there's a key to be found...click the girl's dress when you see something glistening there...after the safe room you'll be taken to the special room, where at least some explanation about this tragedy is given. It's called the conclusion...

See y'all...


       Anonymous  4/21/10, 12:22 AM  

Whoever created this is severely deranged.

Am I missing something in the work room?
Got the girl hanging there, can click the birth certificate and poison also can turn the light on and off but nothing seems to change

I'm stuck since the beginning ! I can't even enter the house !

Worst sort of monochrome stitch together, not for me.

I'm really, REALLY annoyed.
I'm in the workroom.
Have the key, the girl is gone, I see a noose, the note is now a dead baby photo and I can't do anything. Just keep clicking over and over and I can't seem to move on to the safe room.
What do I do???? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

can't go from livingroom... i have seen 2 ghosts but cant go to bathroom... help plz

What is the code? I thought it was october 8, but that doesnt work.

       Anonymous  4/21/10, 1:33 AM  

Oh grim.. good creepy stuff, but just too s.l.o.w. for me. Lost the will to live waiting for the workroom to load, might come back and try again when I'm really, really bored!

Whoops. POP. Read the note wrong.

whats the code?

       Anonymous  4/21/10, 2:38 AM  

@tesen87, the year mentioned on one of the certificates: WARNING SPOILER ALERT:


I don't like this game... Too much random clicking, no logic (at least none I understand).

Stuck in the working room. No key glistening...

I was stuck in every room so far.

The creepiness is ok, but after 100 random clicks on everything this wears off.

anybody ter to help?? i usually don come to comment but i'm struck badly in workingroom.. got the key and the girl still hanging there for 15 mins or more.. pl help..

@nanthini: how did you get the key?

       Anonymous  4/21/10, 2:53 AM  

This has nothing to do with logic. That´s just thrash from a psychedelic mind...

oh finally after 25 mins of clicking i got hre down from the noose and finished game in another 5 mins...

I give up...

       Anonymous  4/21/10, 2:59 AM  

To get the key, turn of the lights again and you will see a shiny stripe at the right of the girls dress, that´s where the key is

Thanks @ full, but now I have to go through all of it again, I've closed the game totally frustrated...

heyy guys ... still working on it ha? :)

       Anonymous  4/21/10, 3:19 AM  

I agree with you Escapism that it´s a little bit of random clicking without any logic, just untill you are lucky and something happens...
Have to say that although i was expecting some scary parts, they did surprise me anyway. I don´t remember wich part but i found myself 3 meters from my screen and my chair even 2 meters more...

Finally out!! Wow, that was a hard piece of clicking work, even on the second time and (nearly) knowing what to do.

Thanks again a lot @full for the hint with the key. I've tried it before to turn out the lights but didn't see the glistening on her right hand.

I keep with my first impression that this would be a very good game for the creepiness and the graphics, but the randomness of clicking is just too ennoying.

WORKING ROOM, after clicking the baby pic (clicked on it bottom right side) , Ghost hands came and took it and then took me to safe room....

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  4/21/10, 3:49 AM  

WLC @Escapism, but we should thank @Ginger, i got the hint from her at 07.49

not a game for me. I know I am faint of heart :P

Click click click click click click bloody click!!!

Lol, the build up was nice. It had me jump at certain parts, definitely. But I felt the end needed a little work when she had her face covered. I didn't think that part was scary because it was highly expected.

The Special Room key is a nice find. It gives you the full story and bonuses when finished.

       Anonymous  4/21/10, 4:24 PM  

What an...annoying game. Random clicking, not scary (except for the annoying @ss loud noises). Why would they make a t-shirt of this? Ugh. This is my first time commenting even though I've lurked for a while, but this game really annoyed me.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I hate that they made it so dark in the waiting room, you have to like look closely at the screen to see.

       Anonymous  4/22/10, 7:08 AM  


Yes, an interactive ghost story...with random clicking. I'm not the only one who thought so. Yes, I have a very negative attitude towards this game. Did you create it? If not, you shouldn't be so insulted by some random person on the internet criticizing a game.

Yeah I know. I expressed myself quite harshly. Sorry about that. I wasn't insulted at all.
I probably should have phrased that in some other way. Now that I read it again, it doesn't really express what I was really thinking. Again, sorry.
(I really need more practice in expressing myself in english)

good game i found all ok i had fun

what is the code...????

Is code daughter birthday?
Please.. i done all game without hints.. i really like to finnish that last level ..but i try all nr 1965,1964 they not work..:S

       Anonymous  4/23/10, 3:10 AM  

23 comments above Full posted:

@tesen87, the year mentioned on one of the certificates: WARNING SPOILER ALERT:


       Anonymous  4/23/10, 12:28 PM  

@Peke No worries. I was in a bad mood, so the game annoyed me more than usual.

       Anonymous  4/24/10, 5:28 PM  


       Anonymous  4/24/10, 5:32 PM  

ready to play.

i dont like this game. it sucked. i did complete but a waste.

i am stuck in the workroom

ok i am in the workroom and the lady popped up what nx

I cant get the ghost when i click the note


soo..? what am i supposed to do with the special key!?

what is the keey for. i already finished the gamee ;

I really need help!!
I'm in the living room and blood went down the wall
and i found a different note and the previouse note changed.

Please tell me please!!!

Never mind!!
I just got freaked out which means i made some progress!!
I'm a girl and I'm playing this freaky game!!
Well, anyways...ummmmm...
Can you please tell me what to do in the bathroom it's best i know whats going to happen before i freak out...Or i just freak out anyways...


never mind again!!!
In the creapy bed room now!!

I finished the game!!!

at last i finished it*O*

Mann this sucks i've been clicking on the tap in the bathroom for ages and nothing comes up !

help me ! what do i do ?

What to do next?I have opened the safe and what next!?!?!?!?

I have completed it.The game is a bunch of SHIT!

done playing but nothing happened .. after the girl came out in the box whatsoever..

in living room ? what i must doing ? click the note until the ghost come ?

1947 for the code

bored. too easy.

i really freak out .
i was so scared .
or i already freaked out anyways

' SO now ?
What is Special Room ?
it is onLy PaPer .. Duh !

I was so freak freak freak freaked Out !

i'm not scared what ever it is only edit dah!!! ;-[
but so creepy!!!
add me in facebook charlenedaluz@yahoo.com

What's special room???
i cant find it...
ya... this game is a shit...
btw what's inside special room???
can someone tell me

where can i download this game.... pls tell

im stuck in bathroom. what should i do to get out of there?? need help. urgent !! :((


       Anonymous  11/18/11, 4:55 AM  

$hibu, download this game

HOW CAN I ENTER THE BATHROOM?! I am so stuck here in the livingroom!

       Anonymous  4/18/12, 12:00 AM  

haha this game is fun !

What Should I di in the living room? i was clicking the note several times, then there was a ghost. what should i do after that?

i'm in bath room. i got blood then, what should i do

Im freaked out i am on bedroom how do i get past that what do i need to do i keep on clicking The teddy,music box,adoption cert what should i do nothing has come up

im not playing no more i am soooooo scared it is really scared as i am only 11 years old.I wonder how my friends can handle how scary it is

I was soo stupid i am so annoyed at myself
The post it notes appeared just as i closed the tab

At the end of the bedroom, be careful, when you see the girl ghost and the screen goes black. Don't relax. I did and ended up ripping my headphones out the computer and running a mile!

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