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Jigsaw Killer Escape 2 Walkthrough

Jigsaw Killer Escape 2

Jigsaw Killer Escape - 2 is another new point and click type room escape game developed by Games2rule. Last time, you have escaped from the trap set by Jigsaw killer. So, this time, Jigsaw killer set a new trap in which you will have to save a stranger, who is locked in the spike room to get the key and escape from the place. The sharp spikes will kill the stranger in 30 minutes. Save the stranger before time ends and escape. Good Luck and have fun!

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Jigsaw Killer Escape 2 Video Walkthrough
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anyone playing? Have one gear pin and time is running out!

anybody playing?

i also have 1 gear pin and stuck......help please

I´m in too, afernoon to you

hi annaby...i have the same like yours..

Move the gears to get a piece of key

Hi, started to play.
I moved the gears on the wall in room 2 to the middle, and got a piece of key when they started moving. Put the piece on the cupboard.

I also got some kind of a knob from the right locker there.

Ellie - that's a gear pin for room 5

Oh, and the knob I have was the gear pin. Put it on a gear in the fifth room.

Thanks @annaby!

how to solve the gear puzzle please?

I put the biggest one in the middle upper row,
the two smallest to the lower left, and the medium sized on upper left and lower right.
Actually, it might have been the spots closest to where they were from the beginning.

Same here Bunga, can´t place theme in the right order so they turn

bunga - arrange the gears in room 2 as they appear in rooom 5

There is one gear on the floor in room 5 that moves in a strange way that shouldn't be possible. I thought that putting the gear pin there would open door 3, but nope.
(its the one to the right, on the floor).

sorry - that's not right. The biggest goes in center of top row, 2 next biggest on either side, 2 small on bottom

When you put the pin into the gerars in room 5 then remove it it changes the direction they spin. Change them all to clockwise then click on the glass to open it

Doesn´t work for me Ellie, what do you do to make them turn?

Oh, sorry about the "strange moving gear".
I change the directions of them by placing the gear pin.

Got it, i changed around the 2 medium sized ones and it worked.
Thanks Ellie!!

if you put the pin in a gear and take it out, it moves the other way around. I think that the hint on door 3 means that they all have to move the other way

Make all the gears in room 5 turn clockwise, and then you can open the locker on the wall to get another piece of key.

Thanks @David, I didn't see your comment before.

thanks @Ellie and annaby

and out, not too hard after that.

Then use the numbers of the gears in the locker in the wall on the code panel in room 2.

David - a hint on the color code?

Oh a live one I hope you not out already. LOL

have part of key placed on cup board
have pin wich goes on gear on room 5 I thought it maybe related to room 1 but no luck
any ideas??!!

For the first time in my life i found the solution for a code myself, Gontats Full !!

hey all...anybody figure out the color code yet?

you've got to mix and match the colours green/red/blue to match the chart on the wall in the other room.
When you've got the mix right it'll light up the white box above it and give you a number.

In honesty I just ended up playing around with the buttons till I filled in all the whites since I couldn't figure which ones the lines indicated.

I'm changing the colors in room 1 to get numbers, but i don't understand it yet lol. Only changing randomly and I don't remember all combinations used.
Try for example

I think I'm out... just says "To Be Continued"

The color pad in room one gives me

Blue 8
Pink 5
yellow 7
orange 3
purple 4
Red(brownish) 2

@Full, I got the same numbers, so they are obviously not changing in the games.

to be continued! out

i turned all gears clockwise but room 3 won't open!! what am i doing wrong??!! hepl please

@r2badd, where and how do you put in the color code from room one? I tried clicking the same colors in room 2 but without luck

Answer to colour code - SPOILER857342SPOILER

@Full, use them on the code panel in room 1 to get the last piece of key.

@full - like others said, I just randomly changed the colors until all the white squares had numbers populated.

out - thanks everyone for the help

but we didn't save the stranger

out....thanks for the help

Yes r2badd, i have these numbers from room 1, but where and how to input them?

@Full, put them in room 1, in the code panel to the right of the gears on the wall.

Oh my lord, Full..... At the codepad just next to it!!! You´re slow, very slow today

Loke Annaby said, we just go out and leave that poor guy tied up there?

To be continued, guess to save him...

to be continued..thanks to all :) :) :)

I don´t know about all of you but this game made me very nervous, don´t know why. Also wonder what would have happened after 30 Minutes, lol

We havn´t save the good looking guy yet. How can this be the end???

i really do not understand why i can't click the color thing! the gears gave the numbers 1,2,3,4,6,8???
help me please!

Full - you missed the keypad? You lose your Gontats!

where are the white squares! room 2 or room 5? is it possible to go in room 3, 4 etc?

mina - the numbers are for the keypad on the cabinet

white squares in room 1

To get the numbers from the colors:
Dark Red:

The "-" indicates that any color may be used.
So we need to use R,B and G around the number we want to see, but the order still seems random to me lol.

NO Annaby, the thing is i´m so incredebly experienced in escape games that i automaticly asumed i would have to input the code in a totally different room and that the codepad would be used very, very much ahead somewhere in the game and not right next to where i found the code. HAHahahaha

i know annaby, but i can't solve the color puzzle. and the code i read above doesn't work for me, maybe because of the unsolved puzzle

how do i enter room 1? misses one peaces of the key.

anybody, walkthrough please;-)

@Annaby, i was just kidding (I know you know)I must confess i overlooked that codepad totally!!

@Mina, look at the gears in room 5, and see the numbers on them.
Use them in the lock in room 2 to get another key, that will open room 1.
You can't do anything with the colors in room 2, it's in room 1 you solve them.
The code for the lock in room 2:


@Full, we forgive you this time, just because we know that you have your brighter moments as well (and we might need your help soon enough lol).

So, you get your: Gongtats!! You found the panel!

lol Full - I know that was totally unlike you!

Lol Ellie, i´m so glad you still believe in me.

I´m going to make a VW (Video Walkthrough) right now, hope it´ll be added to the game soon

This was a great game! Got to end with only hints and no WT - a first for me!! Thanks for all the help!

thanks annyby and ellie! i'm out, thanks to U 2!

Congratulations @Zoe!
You're welcome @mina!

Click on door 2 to enter.
Zoom on the cupboard and open the left door to get a gear’s pin.
Zoom out.
Zoom on the gears on the wall.
Move them to the middle and get a piece of key when they start turning. Solution below.
Zoom out.

Leave the room and click on door 5 to enter.
Place the gear’s pin in the middle of a turning gear. Remove it again and see that you made it change direction.
From start they all move counter clockwise, use the pin on them all to make them move clockwise.
When done, zoom on the wall locker and click to open and get another piece of key.
Note the numbers on the gears.

Exit the room and enter door 2 again.
Zoom on the cupboard and once more on the code pad. Enter the code to open and get a key. Solution below.
Zoom out and exit the room.

Zoom on door 1 and use the key to open it.
Open the cupboard in the wall and zoom once.
Change the colors to get numbers in the small white squares.
The clue to this should be the colors in room 2 but I don’t totally get it, and got the numbers by trial and error. Solution below..
Zoom out.
Zoom on the code panel to the right of the gears on the wall.
Use the numbers from the colors to stop the gears.
Zoom out and get a piece of key from the lower right corner of the gears.

Go to room 2.
Zoom on the cupboard and once again on top of it.
Place the 2 pieces of key to get a whole key.

Use the key on door 3 to exit.

This seems to be the end of the game, but I’m not sure since we didn’t save the guy.
@Anyone, feel free to continue the walkthrough after you saved him :)

Gear Puzzle
- Move the upper left gear (medium sized) to the upper left spot in the middle.
- Move the biggest gear (upper middle one) to the upper right spot in the middle.
- Move the lower left gear (small one) to the lower left spot in the middle.
- Move the lower right gear (small one) to the lower middle spot.
- Move the upper left gear (medium sized) to the most right spot in the middle.

Code pad in room 2
Use the numbers from the gears in room 5 after you stopped them.
Code: 842361

Color code
You need to change the three squares to a combination of red, green and blue around the white squares where you want to see the number.
Here is a solution, but I got it from trial and error:
G=green, R=red, B=blue and "" =any color.
Cyan (upper left corner): Number 8
Pink (upper middle): Number 5
Yellow (upper right corner): Number 7
Orange (lower left corner): Number 3
Purple (lower middle): Number 4
Dark Red (lower right corner): Number 2

Code: 857342

I hope you don't mind a text walkthrough here even if you made a video walkthrough.
I'm sure that players appreciate different ways to get help.

I thought i had to save the stranger!
Instead of doing that i saved my self.
Oh dear poor stranger :(

You´re absolutely right @Ellie...

Very good walkthrough, i like walkthroughs myself a lot, especially in games that are not "live" anymore and if you´re stuck a walkthrough is always so nice to find.
You, Zoz, Zazie, Edgar, Kitkatfox and some others are exremely good in making them and i always love to read them, sometimes they are even so much fun reading that i totally forget to play the game itself, lol
I have just uploaded my VW, if Yalçin checks his mail he will add it.Tell me what you think of it. Although, and i don´t know why, something strange happened to the sound so it´s a little noisy in the background

What do you mean move gears to the middle? Not getting it at all.

opps just saw ellies post. Thank you Ellie!!!!!

Thanks a lot @Full!
I agree that walkthroughs should be in games that are not live anymore. I don't like it when games come with a walkthrough from start, since it's more fun to solve them together.
Many times the comments are enough to escape, but it's good to have it all together in a wt anyway. I don't use them much though, I prefer to read one comment at a time when I'm stuck, but I always read them (and all other comments) afterwards.
I will check your video when it's here!

yw @adivawoman!

A very good job on the video @Full!!
It's totally clear and straightforward!
I didn't have any disturbing noise, and I'm glad that you didn't add some hysterical music to it lol.

I only have one small complaint,
I wanted to see the way you went around to find where to use the last numbers, you should have made a video of that hahaha!

Haha, you wanted to see how i suffered before didn´t you?
Well to tell you the truth i really felt stupid there, but i´m not blond. Well, dark blond so i guess i better paint my hair now or look for a big hat before i go out on the streets so nobody will point at me, lol.
Seriously, could you hear the sound of the actual game? And the sound of the arrow clicking? I just ask because i´m not home now so it could be the computer i´m using. In that case the owner of this computer has something to worrie about and not me, haha

Glad you liked it!!

The other ending (no difference in the end scene):

After the time passes 30 min, you can walk around to collect the pieces of the key without solving any codes, they are just lying there to be picked up.

You also see some blood stain on the man, and the spikes are close to him, but it doesn't seem enough to actually kill him imo.

Ehm, @Full... no I couldn't hear the sound of the game nor the clickings. I didn't hear a thing. Thats what I meant when saying there wasn't any disturbing noice lol.

It doesn't matter. You don't need the sound of clicking to understand the video.

Wow Ellie, you really tried to find out what would happen if you wait 30 minutes, lol

Wonder if we´re able to save that poor guy in part 3

lol @Full, that goes with the insane curiosity and stubborness that makes me play these games in the first place. I never clamed to be other than a lunatic lol.

Hi all, I suppose everybody skipped the beginnig. It says that the task is to save the stranger and escape, but you have the choice to escape without saving his life and let him die. I tried to find something to brake the window, but I still can't find a way to save him

It seems like the way we save him is to make the spikes stop moving. I don't think there is a way of actually release him. We'll have to stay happy that we saved his life, even if he still is in a bad position. I hope he likes being trapped as much as we do :)

what is the thing in the room with the spinner puzzle or whatever

so what happens to the guy? to be continued???is there another game to finish this one?

just finish by ur help friends

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