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Fairy Princess Escape Walkthrough

Fairy Princess Escape

Fairy Princess Castle Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Games2girls. The beautiful fairy princess is kidnapped and locked in the ancient castle. Whatever she does, she must get out of here immediately before the evil queen arrives. Collect items and use them to find a way out. Good luck and have fun!

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New game - hurrah!

i'll join you!

Hi @duscharoo...starting...

Looking for something to clean with my wet sponge...LOL

And @mayberry....

This is fun...

Just need the yellow gem now!

That was quick but fun... magic wand is VERY helpful - several times. :)

and out! very cute game :)

been on the phone ... just starting

Off to bed now...g'nite all!

how do i get the big chest to move on floor 3?

Won't load on Firefox

nevermind, using the hints

Can't get it to load in IE either :(

i had to put sword as lever, that was crucial thing i didnt know

Shows a flash of white then stays pink and says it is loading but I have been waiting 15 minutes. Did it load fast for you all?

challenging and fun

Cute little game.

out easy little game

Whew! Hard to find ones I can do without lotsa help! Won't do the pixel-hunting ones...life is toooooo short! :D Enjoyed this one!

I have problems - stuck after finding the yellow and the pink gems...


• Take the map (it will go right of the inventory boxes. Click on it to see where you are in the castle).
• Open the curtains and take the sponge.
• Click on the chair to make it move to the right… follow that chair!
• Take the nail from the picture and the gold coin.
• Go left two times.
• Get the SPONGE wet in the bucket and use the NAIL to open the door.
• Go down; take the sword.
• Go right; use the WET SPONGE on the dirty mirror and see a CLUE.
• Go right; see the COLORS ORDER in the flags.
• Go right and move the yellow levers on the wall as seen in the mirror CLUE, put the SWORD in the slot and use it as a lever to open the gate.
• Go up and to the left.
• Click on the armor’s helmet to make it fall and grab the key.
• Go right, down and left twice.
• Open the door with the KEY.
• Go down and to the right.
• Take the magic wand from the shelf (to move heavy objects).
• Use the WAND on the right side of the shelf to see three buttons; click on them to change their colors like the ones in the flags to open a secret passage on the wall… but you can’t go inside due to the darkness.
• Go left, up, and left.
• Use the WAND on the chest and take the torch.
• Go back to the secret passage and get inside by clicking the arrow with the TORCH in your hand.
• Take the Orange Gem (after putting the torch back in inventory).
• Go down and left twice.
• Take the Pink Gem from the armchair and go down.
• Use the GOLD COIN on the phone and take the Green Gem.
• Go right.
•See the GEMS ORDER in the pictures on the wall (Yep, you’re still missing a blue gem… let’s get it!)
• Go all the way up, to the right section of the 4t floor, in the room with the headless armor.
• Use the WAND once again to move the heavy cupboard and go inside the hole (with the TORCH in hand, of course).
• Empty your hand to take the Blue Gem.
• Go out and to the right.
• Place the 4 GEMS on the slots in the round board in the order seen in the pictures downstairs to get another key.
• Now go all the way down and to the right, until the main door.
• Use the key on the padlock to open the door and escape!

Strange - I'm no able to get any key...but thanks anyway for the walk-through! :-)

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!

short and cute

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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