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Sneak Thief 1 - Prime Catch Walkthrough

Sneak Thief 1 - Prime Catch

[REPLAY] Sneak Thief 1: Prime Catch is another new released point and click type escape the room game from Pastel Games which is also creator of The Great Kitchen Escape, and The Great Living Room Escape games and many more.Use mouse to search the locations, solve puzzles steal the item and escape the locked room! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Sneak Thief: Prime Catch

Sneak Thief: Prime Catch Walkthrough
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Looks very much like the Mattheus Skutnik games (submachine, covert front etc.).

I'm in. Anyone else?

Hi all

Hi all!

got fish net and blueprint scroll

Have fish bowl, lightbulb on coat hanger, blue print. Used SD, cypher, can't remember what else.....

Light bulb and fish bowl.

Screwdriver used to take the note for the drawer code. Drawer gave fish net. Fishnet gave fish bowl.

Blueprint scroll from using the tv code on the monkeys.


Stuck, have clock, chair and telephone as hot spots.

Where's the coat hanger?

Coat hanger by the door. I'm out! I'll hang around if anyone needs help. :)

got clock body after moving clock to 5:00

Knife, bottom left of the table where the fish is on.

I'm just joining - did you get the crystal from the chair?

cut phone cord with knife

Oh wait a minute, you can't take the coat hanger, you just put the light bulb on it. Thanks allison_g and feline.

Out too. @Graham, thanks for the clock hint.

@small-tool, you're most welcome! :D (Not that I did much, lol!)

Welcome, @ST.

According to the blue print I have to hang the crystal under the light bulb, but it won't go!?

Im out!!!

@small-tool, crystal goes in clock body, hang the clock body first. :)

@ST, do you have the clock motor?

put crystel in the clock body

Ah I see, first the clock body then the crystal.

Nice & easy one

Although I pop found it, thanks feline, allison_g and moono1uk. You're all very helpful.

Lol, small-tool, I'm usually leaching from your wisdom! So you're welcome, haha! :D

Ah, now I see (looked at about), the programming is from Mattheus Skutnik.

took me a while to assemble but out. Fun game

No no feline, no wisdom here at all. Mostly it's just a way of explaining quickly what others found when there are questions.

D: i got the clock to say 5:00 but it wont do anything

ahh, it was easy :) but the code, i tipped it
(sorry, my english isn't perfect)

anyone to make a walkthrough?

Is that a question in the way; please make a walkthrough or in in the way; if nobody does, I'll do it?

Grab the [b]screwdriver[/b] below the desk.
Go right.Click the vent to the left of the clock. Use the screwdriver and take the [b]note code[/b] (a box with a dash above it, a 7, and a 0). Zoom out and look at the grandfather clock. Note the time (5:00)
Go right twice. Grab the [b]knife[/b] stuck in the book to the left. Lift the lamp shade and grab the [b]light bulb[/b].
Go Right. Zoom in on the television screen and note the order of the monkeys (speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil). Zoom out and click on the phone. Use the knife to cut the wire. Take the wire.
Go right. Click behind the desk. Click the monkeys to resemble the tv screen. Grab the [b]Blue Prints[/b]. Click down to see the desk drawer. Zoom in and input the code that you found from the vent. Take the [b]fishing net[/b].
Zoom out twice. click the clock on the wall. Make the time the same as the grandfather clock (if nothing happens, take the hour hand and go around once more). Take the [b]clock body[/b]. Click on the chair. Use the knife and get the [b]crystal gem[/b].
Go Right twice. Take the [b]cup of water[/b].
Go Right again. Zoom in on the fish bowl. Use the fishnet on the bowl. Take the fish bowl.
-Now look at your Blue Prints-
your making a teleporter.
1. You'll need a coat hanger (go left).
2. Put your light bulb on the top.
3. Put the clock body on the coat hanger.
4. Place your fish bowl beside the coat hanger.
5. Connect your wire to your clock base.
6. Put your crystal gem into the clock body.

FAIL!! i keep forgetting it's < command> words and not "[]" DX darrrniiit

Sorry blackcat, just made one too.
(chatbox bold and italic is strangely enough different from comments).

- Take the SCREWDRIVER from the ground.
- Zoom in on the vent next to the chair (2x). Use the screwdriver and take the CYPHER NOTE. Also see the clock is on 5 o 'clock. (zoom all the way out).
- Zoom in on the desk, go down, zoom in on the code panel and use the cypher note and open the drawer. Take the FISH NET. (zoom all the way out).
- Go left.

- Zoom in on the screen and see the order of the monkeys (mouth, eyes, ears). Zoom out.
- Go right

- Zoom in on the desk and put the monkeys in the correct order (mouth, eyes, ears) and take the BLUEPRINT SCROLL.
- Zoom in on the clock, Put it on 5 o 'clock and take the CLOCK BODY. Zoom out.
- Go right (2x).

- Take the GLASS from the little table.
- Go right.

- Click the lamp to lift the shade and take the LIGHT BULB.
- Zoom in on the fish bowl and use the net and take the FISH BOWL. Zoom out.
- Take the KNIFE (bottom left from the table).
- Go right.

- Zoom in on the telephone, cut the wire with the knife and take the WIRE.
- Go right

- Zoom in on the chair.
- Use the knife on the back of the chair and take the GEM. Zoom out.
- Look at the blueprint and see you have to put the stuff on the coat hanger.
- Go right (2x)

- Put the light bulb on top of the coat hanger.
- Put the clock body halfway up the coat hanger.
- Put the wire on the clock body.
- Put the fish bowl on the floor to the right of the coat hanger and put the gem in it and that's it.

By the way blackcat;
- Underlined doesn't work in the comments and...
- No fail at all. Your walkthrough (despite the missing Bold) is way better than mine.

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Failed too (meant to say; chatbox is different than comments).

Easy out!

Too short, but cleverly pleasant.

nice little game :D

never knew how to do bold or italic in the comments. Did it work?

it did work! Ellie tried to teach me once lol. Anyway, good game!

A Mateusz Skutnik? Yesssss!
btw @mgkanda a big GONGTATS on the special effects!

Aww...thank you zoz!

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really fun and logical :D

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I never played this last year. Fun game. Thanks Shuchun for posting the replay!

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