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Minoto - Rapunzel 3 Walkthrough

Minoto - Rapunzel 3

Minoto - Rapunzel 3 is another point and click type adventure game created by Minoto, who is also the creator of Cupid of the Mouse, Magic and Cat Escape, Escape Game of RPG, Sleeping Princess, The Moon Princess, Turtle Help, The Four Seasons of Castle ,Flowers from Harapeko, Volume of Certain Crab games and many more. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay, Minoto!

Wow... totally crazy, as usual. I love them!


I really did enjoy these at first, thought they were cute but no offense to anyone but these are getting pretty boring in my opinion.

I don't agree. Yes they are easy, but I like the imagination of the storylines. It's refreshing from all the usual "you're in a room and you try to escape, just find the screwdriver" stuff.

HaHaHa... rofl...!!! This one was great!!!(imho)

A few points to ponder...Was there supposed to be a drinking convention at the hospital, I wonder? ... This is also a rags to riches story (do you know of any cats that went from a rooftop to eating out of "a usual wineglass")? I personally only see that on TV.- and it's a wonderful world where witches can be accepted alongside wino uncles and trees can grow (but still fit inside houses) - Ah, only in Minoto!!

@ Valerie no offense taken. They still are my favorite games, not because of any challenge but they are so darn funny.

Of course the only thing that makes them better is zoe. I always come back to see what she has written,

Wow, that one was easy, even by Minoto standards.

Oh Oh Oh wait a minute... I forgot all about the "pediform tree" that was a new one to me! I will be checking back for comments ala zoz!!

wow..a live Minoto..and again too late :D

pssssttt...@alice..I think you mean ZoZ ..to see what she will write for us ;) I am ready for it!! Got my guitar...yoohooo..zoz..are you coming? Dont let me sing here..I will distroy peoples ears..otherwise =)

@alkmar - you are so funny (I already have my headset volume way up.. just waiting)

Is it a wee bit sad that I cant figure out what to do with Uncle's cheeks?! Help please!

Michjean...becarefull!! you play with your life..it isnt worth that ;)

I will whisper my song..it hurts my heart if I know your ears has to deal with my talents ...

@sian..make a draw with pencil in the birdview..than use uncles cheek for to color it =)

Just chillin' at the doctors office with my wine.
Makes the wait times so much more bearable. :)

@Sian: Have you filled the dip pen with ink yet? Use it on the canvas to draw an apple, then use the blush sticker to color it in.

Yea - Minoto!!!! So cute as usual. I don't think these are boring at all!! They are very funny and entertaining!!

BTW - it is ZOZ that is so clever with her songthroughs, not me. I once posted a walkthrough and embarrassed myself!! lol!!

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I must say...pediform tree with hands and feet....so typical Minoto!!

@dumb - climb the ladder and dip the pen in the large ink pot

draw an apple on the sketch pad and then make it red with the uncle's red cheek ink (if I said that anywhere else I'd probably be arrested, but here it's ok)

The pen is used twice - once on the sketch pad to draw an appli, and again on the book where the ladder/ink pot is.

ilyen egy szart!!!

méghogy vicces jaaaj

Ah, Minoto! I wish I had my usual wineglass to fill while relaxing in the hospital waiting room! You made this dreary rainy Wednesday so much better!

I absolutely love Minoto, but for this game I think he/she might have been using some psychotropic drugs while designing it lol!!!!!

What on earth does this have to do with Rapunzel – Through
To the tune of A Hundred Million Miracles from Flower Drum Song by Rogers and Hammerstein
For the tune, click here

Minoto says
That trees keep on growing
Wine keeps on flowing too
Minoto says
That we don’t know why
But somehow or other they do
They do
Some how or other they do

A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
Are happ'ning ev'ry day
And those who say
They don't agree
Are those
Who don’t frequent EG
A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
Are happ'ning ev'ry day

When a large grey key
(It is key, so they say)
Unlocks a box to reveal
A dip pen
That then can be dipped in ink
Some would say that it’s no big deal.

But the pen with ink draws
A magical sign
Which brings a Witch hastily
From the ER where
She relaxed on a chair
She sets a
Fire and grows a tree
(From a seed)

A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
Are happ'ning ev'ry day
And when the tree
Grows to the sky
The Green
Kitteh gives out a cry
A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
Are happ'ning ev'ry day

Green Kitteh’s feeling hungry
So much is going on
He finds some food and eats it
From a Wineglass then moves on
A hundred million miracles

We find Uncle Combover
He’s looking kind of ill
He’s waiting for
Big Nurse to fill
The order for a pill
A hundred million miracles

Meanwhile he’s got a bottle
Of wine but has no glass
So we hand him
Our Wineglass
And he drinks that wine up fast
A hundred million miracles

A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
Are happ'ning ev'ry day

To be continued

Minoto says red paint
Can be taken off of
His redd’ning cheek
Minoto says
This red paint can fill
The apple
The pen drew with ink

When the apple’s drawn on
The easel beside
A hole that some
Bushes have blocked
A Blue Pachyderm
Steals the fruit and then
Green Kitteh’s
Paw unlocks the lock

Then we get a Bird Cage
That is anywhere -
Any place that we want
It to be
A dove flies in
With the Medicine
Recipe that’s for Uncle C.

A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
Are happ'ning ev'ry day
The pill works well
For stomach woes
So down Elephant’s
Throat it goes
A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
Are happ'ning ev'ry day

Blue Elephant feels better
By way of thanks he blows
A capsule that has seeds in it
That flies right from his nose
A hundred million miracles

The capsule doesn’t open
But we know what to do
We give it to the Golfing Bird
Who breaks it right in two
A hundred million miracles

The seeds that land cause feet and hands
To grow from among ground
We give these limbs to pediform tree
Who lets his fruits fall down
A hundred million miracles

A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
A hundred million miracles
Are happ'ning ev'ry day

The makers of Minoto have not only survived a horrific catastrophe (one that is still unfolding), but they continue to create these great games that delight and amuse people all over the world. A hundred million miracles are happening every day!

zoz words cannot express how grateful we should all be for what we have and what we are given... I just wanted to say Thank You for a wonderful songthrough from a wonderful person...

zoz, that may be your best work yet. Applause!

And as to Minoto: Statler and Waldorf

You go zoz. I came back to see if you had done your magic yet. As always inspiring. We hear so little on the news about Japan now. But I still am sending good vibes their way.

To zoz:
Thank you for arriving so fast, and creating yet another funny song for this new Magic Minoto! =)

And, by the way, I've never had a blush in my inventory before - I feel really quite special now ;P

@kkf, your Statler and Waldorf link is perfect for Minoto!
And thank you's to you and @michjean, alice, and Rookwings for taking the time to make me feel good. As I've said before, if I can make one person smile then I'm happy!

@zoz..you make more than 1 person to smile ;-)

@zoz - You make very many people smile each time you post these wonderful things!!! Whenever I think "this time she's really don it" you come up with something even more wonderful!!

Playing catchup, so no one may read this, but ...
zoz says "What on earth does this have to do with Rapunzel?" By going back to Rapunzel 2, I discovered that the witch is the one that was keeping Rapunzel in the tower. Rapunzel and her strong man are the couple with 2 children (her hair has been cut).

Guess this is the "happily ever after" bit -- even with a hundred million miracles it's hard to feed the family!

Oh, and I was stuck for a long time with where to set the bird cage -- there's a table by a window (in the far right scene).

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