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Mystery Rail Train Walkthrough

Mystery Rail Train

Mystery Rail Train is another point and click room escape game developed by Game2p. You were caught in a train accident on your way to work and something hit you on the head and knocked you out during the accident. When you woke up, you're trapped inside the wrecked carriage along. Your only means of escape now is figure out a way to get outside help. Good luck and have fun!

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Shovel and battery behind a door.

hey! so far I found a shovel (used), axe (used), stick (from wood) & duck tape (behind stones in cabinet...

and can not pick up the knife behind the box

Axe under seats.
Paper and cable inside a box.

Good Morning! I have a shovel, axe, wire and paper... now what?

@Casual, that is for the hidden stuff minigame in these.

Used shovel to move bag.

and a bug. after removing the panel (with stick), I picked up the key, but it wouldn't appear in the inventory. after backing out, the cursor is gone...

...to get only a piece of wood?

My battery is duct tape???? LOL

Used the shovel for wood, then axe. use the stick in the vent for a key

Used the axe on the wood = stick.

Got key from vent with wood by the way....

Got the key. Tx miles!

restarted and finally got the key (drag the stick out of the screen)

Hmmm... battery or duck tape???

need code for handbag...

Same bug here.
No key and no cursor anymore.

Used key. Need a 4-dig code now.

Yw Edgar! Any idea on the code?

@small-tool: sorry, you have to restart. next time just move your cursor out of the game (to the actual webpage) and don't click...

Put paper under flickering light to read it.

My only idea is the PM on the sign.
Tried that miles, and having B2 on the left and A1 on the right made me think of inverting, but nothing this far.

read the note...

TY Zazie!!

@ST I got the hidden cursor to highlight inventory item and then returned item. That worked for me...

Read the note under light... but I'm so bad at these problems!

But now the math, i am sooo bad.

I assume we have to subtract the date, 1221, from a x b... but don't know what a and b are

For the math, A should have 5 and B 7.

1221 - AxB ???

It worked :)
Got a cell phone.

Thanks guys.
A=7 and B=5, but what to do with it.

Yeah opened bag....


That worked Edgar - Thank you!!

Yw back miles! :)

Very strange, i picked up lots of stuff, but it is not in my inventory :(

On the top left is what you have to find everytime but that's a game inside this game.

Put battery and red cable on cellphone.

@Zazie, you are also playing a hidden objects minigame here!

My battery is horizontally in the phone!?
Is that correct?

Duct tape is battery LOL. Goes in back of phone...

Ahhh thx small-tool !

Where exactly Zazie. I can't do that.

POP, battery at the bottom...

Backside of the phone.

where exactly put cable & battery? front or back of cell? I tried everything, but somehow it doesn't work...

Missing something else for it though.

Why do we still have the stick?

And phone still not working with battery and wire?

ah, thanks small-tool

Causal - turn the phone around then put the battery on the bottom. I still can't use it,though... where was that leaf?

I am stuck with non working phone, stick and paper.

Where is the leaf btw ?

thanks miles1! leaf?

lol miles, looking for a leaf as well in the meantime :P

Leaf is under the stones where the battery was.
Now looking for the rope.

@ Casual - for the hidden object part. I know I saw it somewhere!

I found the leaf. it's under the stones where the battery was. missing the pendrive though...

rope is near the ceiling

Thx S-T! Rope is on one of the hand rail holders

Leaf is behind stones where battery was !

A rope was hanging on the top right and then spoon in the window.
But I want my phone to work.

Pendrive was in bag i guess.

Hook is on bag where we used shovel.

For Hidden Object, I can't find the ring... but I'm more concerned with how to get this phone to work!

Wrench is in the view with shoe, click under the right far seat.

maybe we have to find some duct tape, since the battery was called that...

Hmmm can retype letters on the rail sign?? Is it a code??

Exactly Casual, but its not anywhere...

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 7:46 AM  

The bag has another secret compartment where you'll find a ring and some duct tape.

Oh, thanks Leroy! Now I ponder...

thanks Leroy. Haven't noticed that. an anagram?

thank you lovelygiraffe!!

TY wondering also A1 and E2 on the same sign....

I can see the leaf but cant lift it up is there a bug.

Thanks Lovelygiraffe,
But I can't find it. When bag is open or closed?

I need someone to guide me here. Cant see any other compartment and here where I am now shines too much on my screen!

And 1 A and 2 E's on the stop names....

Ha!! Love POP!!!

Can´t find the hidden compartment either.

OK - so now we have to figure out where we are... it's not NQ or PM

Ah when, it's open. Don't click but drag.

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 7:51 AM  

Pin number is on the note, need location code

OUT!! Thanks lovelygiraffe!!

For the purse.. when it's open click on the back right... you'll see a faint light when it fade out. Click there

miles, it is PM, but make it numbers :)

Edgar - what is our location?!

what miles said, no drag, just click.

Once again - Thank you Edgar!!!

Found it, when bag is open click the middle of the back "wall"

My location code doesn't work?
It is PM right?

I can see knife cant pick up also wrench cant pick up and hook and leaf so it must have a bug . I give up.

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 7:55 AM  

Out too - thanks to Edgar for telling me my location:)

cammy - those are for the hidden object part of the game

Aargh. I'm out.
But I didn't want out yet.
I wanted to find more stuff.

thanks! out now too

I am out too !!
Thx Edgar for the PM hint.

You have to pick up things in the order the top left note tells you.

You're welcome everyone :)
Glad to be of some help - will do some work now, hehe.

@cammy those are hidden objects. Look top left of game box. You have to get em in order! By the way I got em all so will hang around for a bit.

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 7:59 AM  

Too much light in screen here too. Where can I use the key?

I don't want to get out untill I find every hidden object... where is dynamite?

In a panel to the right of the door (don't remember what door anymore).

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 8:00 AM  

And ofcourse POP! Got bag now :)

@CQ back right panel in one of the screens

Dynamite was in the compartment behind the sack you used the shovel on. I think, not sure anymore.

POP! Found it in the back scompartment along with watch

Dynamite in cupboard after moving the rock.

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 8:04 AM  

Thank you again s-t, trying to figure out code for the bag. I want my pen drive LOL

TK all! Of course I found it as soon as I post! Now searching a star...

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 8:05 AM  

@ Leroy thx 2 u 2! Refreshed 2 l8.

Star is on rail sign!!

And out! Also found all the hidden items!

some more hints please for the location-code...?

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 8:21 AM  

Stuck with FB and hoping for another POP. If a=1 and E=2 then what's P or M? ***puzzled***

catqueen, that was my problem too wirh a=1 and E=2, buts its simple A=1, B=2, etc.... ;)

@FB, It actually says B=2 - NOT 'E'

Ehmm... @Catqueen*

@CQ @FB maybe that is a B rather than an E on the sign?? Bit hard to tell.

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 8:25 AM  

Hurray! Message sent... Thanks guys.

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 8:26 AM  

Oh no...forgot about the hidden objects. I try again later, first feed the cats and my hubby. Yeah in that order :) Hubby makes less sound.

perhaps i need some glasses, thought it was an E.

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 8:27 AM  

where is the MOON?

Left window in one scene for moon

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 8:36 AM  

Hello all! Where is apple?

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 8:38 AM  

Moon on left window near schedual, apple on box in the back.

Apple is on the box.

       Anonymous  5/27/11, 8:39 AM  

I really really need too leave now. Thanks for all your help.

Thanks for the help everyone. Sorry Blom, I don't remember where the moon was, I tend to click a lot in games like this, trying to find random spots, and that was one of my wild clicks. :(

5 and 4 also solve math problem for a and b but not final code.

That part is right; A is twice as much as B
And then A and B do not have the equal amount.

It only works this way;

By the way, here's the math how to do it;
The note gives you 2 equations;
1) A+1=2B-2
2) A-1=B+1
Then the math:
A-1=B+1 => A=B+2
Put that in equation 1) and you get;
B+2+1=2B-2 => 3=B-2 => 5=B
And when B=5 it's easy to do the math to get A=7

The code won't work for me! It's SPOILER1613SPOILER isn't it?

Hi help me where ring is,, i didnt use til where ring I couldnt find. please thanks..

@Charlotte, if you mean the last code you're right. The location code for the cell phone is 1613, but before that you need to enter the long number on the paper: 9826205 as PIN code.

If you're you talking about the first code in the bag, you need to take the date minus AxB. A=7 and B=5, so AxB=35. The date is 1221, so the code is:

@Deafcat91, the ring is inside the bag you opened with the 4-digit code. Click for example above the letter.
Click here to see a picture where to find the secret pocket inside the bag.

Ring in a back pocket in bag with tape, click the back of bag on the inside bag shot behind the lipsticks.

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