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Find the Escape Men 13: In the Elevator Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 13: In the Elevator

Find the Escape-Men 13 : in the Elevator is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you must find 10 Escape-Men to escape there. Let's find all the Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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just a black screen??

diable Adblock in firefox and refresh the page, works just fine after that

got nine now looking for the last

I have only 7

and a receipt xD

Check the back of the reciept for one and do a little maths to work out the greyed out bit for a code for another

yes, thanks, got 9 now... guess the last one is on the wall... where you can see a square or something that looks like you can open..

i only have 9

Above the buttons you mean?

So, I've found 9
- panel after pressing phone button 10 times
- poster
- ceiling panel above/left poster
- back of ticket
- panel on back wall after using math SP4OI2LE5R
- behind #10 (use screwdriver from under carpet)
- bar below pattern game
- from winning pattern game
- from breaking apart heavy man

where's the last?

found it, zoom in on the grey box above the buttons and wait a minute it'll flash up

Can't find the one on the bar below pattern game and don't know how to break heavy man?

Now it says I have 1, and they're in a pattern. Did I miss something? I'm still in the elevator...

oooh I was thinking that one was from the number code!, was missing the one from the back wall

@ladyofsinging Just like you

@small-tool You have to get the heavy man turned sideways (click near his head, I think), and then break him apart with the screwdriver. after that, click on both pieces. the one on the bar is just barely visible on the top edge, if I remember correctly.

I'm out

@small-tool use the screwdiver on the heavy man

@ladyofsinging examin the 1 green man and theres 10 of them in a pattern, use the pattern to press the <> and >< buttons below the numbers

Thanks David...out now...the little green men spell letters.

Ah thanks ladyofsinging,
Got it, but somehow I think I already had the one from above the bar and I think I got two of them from breaking the having man!?

okay, I'd tried that, just had the buttons reversed on which was first, I guess. Thanks!

nice.. use code on door open and close buttons....out

David - thanks for all the help. "take the stairs" - cute!

Nice one, thanks for all the help.

Yep, played again and you get two of them from breaking the heavy man apart. And the one you get from doing the pattern game is the heavy man. So it is;

- panel after pressing phone button 10 times
- poster
- ceiling panel above/left poster
- back of ticket
- panel on back wall after using math SP4OI2LE5R
- behind #10 (use screwdriver from under carpet)
- bar below pattern game
- 2 (heavy man from winning pattern game and then breaking it apart).
- zooming inon grey panel above elevator numbers and then wait till it appears.

As always, a pleasant little game. I enjoy Escape-Men. Short but a nice mix of solving puzzles and finding things.

White screen, like with the previous "find the escape men".

Nice...just I have a little break..and I cant load the game... :/

Same here - service unavailable :o(

Yess..I am in!

need only one more...cant do nothing with that white thing on the wall...let's see if I find a hint/clue here :))

hmmm..I cant zoom at that panel...do I have to zoom in anyway? it is the one I am missing...have to do the math there...Wich I already know the answer after reading the hints =)..

must be a pixelhunt :S

You have to put the 3-digit number in the elevator buttons, then that panel opens.

and this gives me an : AAARGGHH.....=) I'll return later..

Smalll!!!!!!!! you gonna save me!!! My sweet japanes friend!!! ;-)

Finally!!!! first I used the wrong <> buttons..but I am out with a lovel song =) Thanks Small!! キス

lol...use the stairs..it said..I always use stairs..dont like elevators.. :)

Congrats Alkmar.
And yes in real life I always mess up those elevator buttons too. I'm always pushing the close doors button when I want to go out and then start panicking and just before I press the alarm button I remember it's the other button.
Somehow they look like close is open and vice versa, don't know why.
Anyway have to go see you guys all later.

link : http://www.no1game.net/games/escapemen/game0013.html

Nice one Zoran. Ta x

Thanks to @ladyofsinging for how to open the heavy green man...
Got all the rest on my own...dang those tricky hotspots!!!!!
Love these games!!!!!!!

Now...enable Adblodk!!!!

I don't want to play a game where I have to disable adblock. Too bad, I like these games. Can't play in either FF or IE, too.

Ohmigosh, I'm feeling so stupid.
I can't get out of the very first scene.
I was clicking the phone button over and over and over...clicking everywhere else in the scene...and, nothing.
Came here and read what you guys posted about clicking it '10 times'...so, I restarted the game.
And, still...nothing.
I know I am overlooking something SO simple, I'm sure; but I have to go meet people for lunch, so, I'll just try again when I return.


earlier the link wouldn't work for me, then I tried the temporary link, got in but couldn't get past where you were. Then I tried the original link again. It opened and it worked when I held the button, then was told to press it 10 times, now things seem to be going along well

Ahhhh!!! Thank YOU, Jo-Ann!!!!

Just holding the button down at the very beginning was the tricky trick.
Yay! Now I can play!!

I'm having a 'dumb' day. I won the little flashing game first time through...no problem.
And I've punched the 'remainder' of the receipt into the elevator buttons, which must have been the right thing to do, because music played and all the buttons lit up for a second...but then, nothing happened as a result of that. That I can tell.

Oh, something did happen.
It opened a wall panel.
(obviously, I need a nap)

trying to get that heavy man on his side was tricky. i was trying the screwdriver for so long until i read that hint. thx all

Getting a 503.

Whaaaa! I STILL can not get the game to show up, I have tried all the other sites, everything, no dice! Is anyone else still unable to get into the game? All I have is a black screen....:(

@Gayle, do you have an ad-blocking program on?

Edgar, so close!!! I did and have now turned it off, I still have a boo-boo sad face! Darn it, I thought for sure ya had the answer! Thanks for the imput though!

Out with no help. I love these games!

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