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Jigsaw Killer Reborn Walkthrough

Jigsaw Killer Reborn

Jigsaw Killer Reborn Escape is the 100th escape game of games2rule and First time there are two ways to escape from one game. Jigsaw killer-reborn is new type of point and click escape game from Games2rule. This time, you have to escape from the trap set by new Jigsaw killer. Jigsaw killer is reborn to make a trap in which you will have to escape from the building. There are two exit door in this game you have a choice or you can try both. Have a great fun on playing the game!

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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

Cool Live at last!

two pieces of wood , a mobile phone, scissors 1 nut ,camera ,spanner and ring spanner . from second door on the right

Thats one angry looking cat LOL

Congrats! on #100 escape game!!!!!!

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 10:13 AM  

Hi all. I have the same items as Bigtank. Stuck for now.
Could someone hand me a flashlight for the first room? :)

Yours and raise you by 1 nut, ice cubes and matches

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hint use those small pink arrows!

I'm in too. Congrats @games2rule!

Finally used an item! Cut a curtain for cloth?

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 10:20 AM  

I put the cloth around the wood. Searching for matches.

Hmmm think I made a torch but cant use matches on it! Do we need fuel?

Matches are inside the box, same room.

Same here Leroy. Matches won't lit my DIY torch.

@catqueen matches in a cupboard...


Oh right. What was in the box then. The compass?
BTW, use the compass on the back of the alarm clock. Got a key.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 10:22 AM  

Thx Edgar, found the matches. Put wood with cloth in fuel on ground and lit torch.

found a fuse box in the dark room but it looks like you need a fuse for it to get the lights on.

Geeze 3 nuts now! Note to self clean this screen LOL

@Catqueen, where's fuel?

Only 2 screws so far here...
Got the torch wet in fuel in the cat's room.

I can see inside the dark room now.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 10:26 AM  
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Fuse and 3rd screw on the floor of dark room.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow, live game. Congtats on 100 times fun for us
And where do I find the curtains

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 10:29 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

How to put fuse in fuse box??

nvm found them :)

4 nuts by the way.


       Anonymous  6/4/11, 10:31 AM  

Use torch on painting with girl(hallway) to see numbers.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 10:34 AM  

LOL @ myself....confused icecubes with popcorn. Worked too hard the last three days.

Thanks for numbers Catqueen. For phone I guess.

Nuts? screws? Look like nuts for use on bolts to me....

Hmm no...

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 10:36 AM  

@Edgar, sorry for the bad hints. I removed them. How to reset cellphone? I put in some wrong numbers.

Leroy, it's the nuts, but I call them screws as the game's captions do. Do you remember the location of yours? I'm missing 1.

Reset phone 1 digit at a time with the right red button.

OH! Phone did work! Look at the other phone in the front room!

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 10:41 AM  

I turned the spots in the back and put all switches down. Bright light!

Colors on phone is the hint for the pictures in cat's room. Got another key.

Yeah I know Edgar Just being facetious LOL

Lights turned on give jigsaw pieces. Can't pick them up though

I see some jigsaw pieces now. Thanks again catqueen.

And the cat's gone

Key from pics opens the nearest of left doors. New room now.

@Edgar saw that but cant pick the order! Spoiler maybe???

Order of colors is left to right - top to bottom.


Duh me LOL Thought they were flashing in order.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 10:46 AM  

@Marie-Louise: be carefull, cat is still there. Whiskers in light above jigsaw.
@Edgar: thanks for the resset button on phone.

And can't do much in this new room. I can see a padlock and a knife under the aquarium, but...

@Edgar nuts? Look carefully at the floors! Had trouble cos of dirty screen LOL

Caught up with you I think.
I went to the former dark room (fuse inserted) and pulled a lever, then clicked 4 switches. That filled a water tank, and I can now get the knife.

Good Ellie! I've tried to do that since long. Will try again :)

Finally did the fuse! This game is a bit pixelly!!!

I could zoom in the fuse box!! And not before?? Why??

Used knife to cut a wire from the iron.

Another wire from TV.

Connected my two wires at the back of the big spotlight in the catroom.

Need some tape for the wires now. TY Ellie.
BTW, still missing a screw... literally.

Ah, no tape needed! Clicking on the wires is enough to get a key from the spotlight.

Just out of curiosity, did you use the spanner to get that 4th screw?

For the four screws:
One in the cat room: big, on right side of the floor.
One in the TV-room: small in the middle of the floor.
One in iron/wood room: small, under the table.
One in the dark room, left side of the floor (use torch or place fuse).

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:00 AM  

Jigsaw pieces are clear to see but I still can't pick them up.

The key from the wires is for the fish tank, but there's still a pretty angry looking fish holding a padlock inside.

@Edgar no you dont cos you get a new key from back of lamp. Look at the floor to the left in the same scene.

Used my spanner on the machine in the corner of the phone room (after filling the tank with water from the former dark fuse room).

TY Ellie!! Missing nut was the TV one. :)

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:04 AM  

Use wood on machine and then icecubes for another key.

Still dont understand what jigsaw pieces?

Thanks @Catqueen!! I tried the ice, but didnt think of using wood first.

Placed my screws and ring spanner in the new room (opened with key from machine by tank).

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:06 AM  

Leroy: jigsaw pieces in room with spotlights. Click the bright light.
Opened another door. Use 4 bolts and cross to get a jigsawbox.

Got a jigsaw box, and can click on the pieces.

@Leroy, in cats room. Make all the switches in left wall down (til they wont move anymore) and zoom in the bright light from the spotlight. Jigsaw pieces are in a table for you too look, but not to touch :P

Key from spotlight is for the padlock in the aquarium... cute piranha, isn't it?

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:08 AM  

I took a photo of the fish and it swam away. I got another key from the bottle and opened the blue door on the far left and got out. Are there more endings or did I find a quick way?

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:08 AM  

Make picture of fish, he swimes away.

Aaah that jigsaw puzzle! Pieces lite up but dont know order??

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:09 AM  

Opened bottle from fishtank and out. Wondering about second ending.

Lol @lovelygiraffe! I only tried to take a photo of the cat, didn't know I wanted the piranha :) My fish swam away now as well. Thanks!

I'd like to use my jigsaw before I leave... but no idea how.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:11 AM  

Oh, didn't read everything at the beginning. Apparently there are two ways out.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:12 AM  

@Ellie: don't open last door if you want to figure out the jigsaw. I'll have dinner now but will be back later for the other ending.
Good luck to all of you and thanks for the hints.

Forgot I had a camera! lol!
It was hidden in the inventory bar :P

So, I assume this key from piranha opens one of the 2 exit doors. Hm...

If Im out then jigsaw and other locked door give second escape!!
Guess I am going back in LOL

Tried to click the puzzle pieces that look like the three we can see, but I probably need another order.

Edgar key opened right back door (didnt work on left) and I was out!!
G2R did say 2 escape methods

On the jigsaw box, I can see the ones with the same shape as the ones on the table, and the flashing when pressing this ones is not as bright as when pressing the other pieces. Do we need an order or what?

I don't get it :(

@g2r, I really would like to understand your sense of logic!

Hm... can't seem to find the correct order. I have 9 pieces to click. Trying again...

Replay.. Almost back to where you mob are.

I tried with only the three exactly the same, the 9 looking the same but different orientation, also with the ones we dont have. I'm thinking I need something else for this box to work.

Mob anxiously waiting for extra clicking...

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:34 AM  

What's with the mask in the hallway. Can zoom in but what does is mean or do? Hopes Ellie gets a POP.

Back to stuck with jigsaw puzzle. Still wondering about on white face on the wall....

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:38 AM  

When you click the 5 pics in room withh spotslights and make them the same image, three of them go from small to big. Except brown and white. A clue maybe?

Sorry, I don't know more about the white mask either, and no POP here. It starts to feel a bit silly clicking these pieces now. I don't see why our three pieces are not the ones to click. Lost my cellphone too, after erasing the numbers of it... but I guess I wont need it anymore. Have the "emergency key" still.

@Edgar echo your post LOL
Tried the torch all over the place looking for another clue!!

Is this still live?

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:50 AM  

@Enjoy. Yep still live but we're feeling dead because of jigsaw.

I think I'll leave this now. Good luck to find the second ending!

@Enjoy live for the second ending.....

Cant'get the order of the pictures! Have it orange, white, blue, light green and brown.... what am I doing wrong???

Btw... hello everybody

Oh.. ok, I will give it a go then

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:56 AM  

@ testsite. You have to do things in order. Did you use your cell and got buttons on other phone blinking?

Oh, no I didn't.... still looking for matches and number for phone

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 12:01 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

@catqueen, thnx... cb didn't open before (wrong pixel probably) seen numbers input in phone but.... nothing happens???

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 12:07 PM  

Matches in cb in tv room. Number for phone on painting when you use the torch. (combine wood, cloth, fuel and matches).
There is another phone near water tank.

Ok, I'm stupid.... didnt see the 2 top numbers... sorry (blushes)!

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 12:09 PM  

Sorry I have to go. Some friends just came over.
Good luck. All the clues are in this blog.
Have fun all. (I'll be back for second ending)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yes @Morgan, to cut the wires from the TV and iron.

Thanks Ellie just remembered...waiting for jigsaw box clue...

Was away for a while. No progress here...
Hm, I won't try anymore without a good lead on how to do it or what is next.

I'm here too Edgar. I just finished the first exit, but my clicking finger is sore, so I don't think I will go back in :)

Sunny day here in Seattle - must to outside :)

It seems I can´t zoom in fuse box to insert the fuse. Do we need just 1 fuse?
Tried zooming with and without the torch but no go.

@roberto, you should be able to do it both with and without the torch.
Look at the left wall. There are 6 white squares (windows?). Zoom between the 2nd and 3rd square from left, in upper row.
If you use the torch... it's the upper row, middle blue box with a green line at botton (left wall).

Got it, at last. I was trying to zoom in main switch. Silly me!

Thanks Ellie. Good to know you´re near.

Someone said is out already by getting the key from the bottle. How?

@roberto, did you open the top padlock on the fishtank (key from placing two wires)? Use the camera to take a pic of the fish (click red button on camera) and it moves. Click the bottle to get it into your inventory. Click again to view it and use the key from the clock (placing compass) to open the bottle.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 1:33 PM  

just click the key in bottle, when unlocked the padlock around bottle with (I think...) the very first little key found in clock in tv-room, when placed the compass from box at floor in the back side of it.
Anything still clear? ;-)

Oh! The small key worked in bottle.

My small key is hidden in inventory, and a long time there. Had fogot about it.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 1:34 PM  

haha, ellie,
associate posting...

Lol @roberto! You're doing great on your own :)

Lol @premiere, better two confusing posts than none at all :D

Take a picture of the fish

Noone has solved the jigsaw box? oh... maybe later...

and by solving I mean madly clicking until getting the right solution. I don't think there's a good way to do it anyway.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 3:02 PM  

I noticed that if I click the puzzle pieces on the box, They produce a halo flash... except for the three pieces that match those on the floor.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 3:09 PM  

There's a panal on the wall in the second room on the left.

Damn Just checking again for jigsaw! Tried G2r but they havent posted video wlkthru yet LOL

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 3:13 PM  

Or is that the one where I had installed the nuts and cross thing?

@bsaucer there is also a blue handle next to the main switch, you can zoom the white face on the wall and you cant open the cabinet in the tool room. Also 2 tiles in 2 rooms seem to have a darker line along one side of em! LOL
Personally still wondering if the dots below run way (white face) mean anything?
Goodluck for the second escape in this game....

@bsaucer yes I assume you are talking about door on the wall?

Not sure if anyone noticed, but some of the ball connectors on the Jigsaw turn orange and some dont. Maybe some type of maze?

where do you get the spanner? I have the spanner ring but NO spanner

its on the wall with the other tools. 3rd from the left I think

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 3:26 PM  

WT (first end) - Part One
Thx to all posters above for clearing the way...

- first (nearer) open room on the right, pitch dark, need to enlight it somehow...
- second (further) open room on the right, take
CELLPHONE on floor, NUT/BOLT/SCREW-1 under table, 2xWOODPIECE, CAMERA beside wood, SCISSORS & SPANNER on toolboard
- note wire from iron box
- next open door straight ahead, take RING SPANNER on pipe on the right side
- note phone, watertank to the left & boiler
- back & left (click on pink arrow)
- next open first (nearer) door to the right, take NUT/BOLT/SCREW-2 on floor, ICE CUBES in fridge, MATCHBOX in cupboard under tv, COMPASS in box on floor
- put compass in back of the clock on table to receive little KEY
- note wire from tv
- cut CURTAIN with scissors, open (click) it from inventory and add one of the woods for TORCH
- back & to next further open door on the right
- take NUT/BOLT/SCREW-3 right on floor
- turn the two spots with white glass
- have a look at vicious cat...
- push all switches on the left, zoom out & zoom in again to push the red switch again
- when zoom on cat's place, the animal is gone & you see 3 jigsaw pieces, but you can't take them...
- note photos on wall & their colors
- note two holes & closed compartment a on spot
- note non-isolated part of long wire left on floor
- right on floor zoom on a puddle of fuel, the torch in it to receive FLAMMABLE torch
- open it from inventory & light it up with matchbox
- 1x back & use torch on girl picture (she has a beautiful necklage... ;-D) to see NUMBERS for cellphone
- still with torch 2x back & enter nearer dark room to the right
- take FUSE right on floor & NUT/BOLT/SCREW-4left on floor
- zoom on fuse box to the left (for the right spot, look when it's written «fuse box» on black bottom tool bar)
- open fuse box and place fuse in empty slot
- zoom out & in on main switch on wall ahead
- pull lever & turn all 4 switches till red arrows point to «end»
- you'll see water tank filling with water
- zoom out & your're already in the other room with the tank

second WT-part following...

i have clicked all over the wall with the tools all i got was a pair of scissors, i have a torch, 4 "screws", cell phone, spanner ring, knife, key and matches and ice bucket... no spanner :(

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 3:29 PM  

WT (first end) - Part Two

- (you can now put away torch, if still in your hand ;-D)
- zoom out & in on boiler (cylinder thingy ahead) & use spanner on little bolt on slim pipe left of boiler
- zoom out, now you see boiler cooking...
- zoom in to it, hammer the cap away with wood & put ice cubes in it to cool the boiler
- zoom once more in it to take door KEY
- 2x zoom out, take cellphone from inventory & put
numbers found on girl pic (with red button you can erase) & click green button
- the other phone in room rings now, so zoom in & look at colors & their order
- 2x back, 1x left, further open door to the right, back in room with spots & 5 pictures
- change the pic order according to the phone colors & take door KEY from now opened cupboard right under the last pic
- 2x back, zoom & open first (nearer) door to the left with the key from pics
- in new open room you'll see an aquarium, secured with padlock on top right edge
- in the water note a bottle, also secured with padlock and guarded by lowering fish with big fangs...
- take a photo of this piranha looking animal with your camera (click on red button) & the fish is swimming away, but you still can't take the bottle out of the water...
- zoom out & in under aquarium to take the KNIFE
- go back to room with iron box, cut WIRE-1 with knife (just under plug) & take it
- same with WIRE-2 in room with tv
- go to room with spots, zoom on spot with the two holes & place wires
- connect the other ends with non-isolated wire left on floor
- now the compartiment on the spot has opened, take the padlock KEY
- go back to aquarium & open padlock with key from spot to take the BOTTLE
- take bottle from inventory, open the padlock with little key from clock & take escape KEY out of bottle
- go out to corridor (start screen), zoom on second (further) door to the left & open it with key from boiler
- zoom on desk on floor left behind big box, put the four nuts/bolts/screws on twists & fix all with ring spanner (click on one of the twists)
- lift the cover plate & take JIGSAW BOX
(for the second end, not discovered yet...)
- back to corridor, 2x left (click pink arrow) till blue door & open it with key from
- first escape end successful!

For second end you have to play the whole game again...

Lower left piece is the only one that does not have the orange tint, perhaps this is the starting point?

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 3:38 PM  

- back to corridor, 2x left (click pink arrow) till blue door & open it with key from...


- first escape end successful!

@jake go back to where you got the scissors!!!!

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 3:49 PM  

If you don't want to play the whole game again for second end, don't open the left blue door yet...

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 3:51 PM  

Even with the walkthrough I hated this game. Too dark. Lost interest and quit before finishing.

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 4:00 PM  

Ha! I opened the jigsaw box WITHOUT clicking like mad
(hi Edgar... ;-D)
but didn't pay enough attention to the order... :-(
have to play again...

btw, if you only push all grey switches & not the red yet, then zoom on cat, you'll see the cat still sitting there, but you also see the first puzzle tile (the one that doesn't have halo flash)...

Hurry up @premiere Pretty please LOL

lol, Hi back Premiere :)

Great you did it! Unfortunately, I closed the game long ago and don't intent to re-open it. Yet, I'm very curious about the solution, lol!

Was it by clicking only on the no-halo ones? or all the rest? Give something in advance!!

Hola Edgar opening box probably only gives key for other door LOL! But I am intrigued to see what is behind the door?

Yes Leroy, and Premiere is still there!
Well, I'm not sure if I want to see what's behind the door, but mostly what's behind the solution, hehe.

Well, as soon as you go through that door, TELL WHAT YOU SEE!!

LOL Will do!

I'm here too... replayed the game and waiting with the box ready. Don't feel any pressure @Premiere, but hurry up!! (Great job opening it btw :D)

This is kinda exciting, lol. A moment deserving a cup of coffee... brb!

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 4:28 PM  

I have to disappoint you, guys,
but behind the door opened with key from jigsaw box, it's only the same escape view like of the other door...
No party there,lol

So what was the solution?????

Good to know @Premiere, but the most interesting thing... what's the order?? I'm back to clicking like mad and get nothing :)

I'm sure we'll be able to set up a great party behind that second door, if only we get there...

back now... how was it?? We could party on anyway! :P

@Premiere Why not do it

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16

and giving the button order??

Assuming 7, 10 and 13 are the ones where cat was - the ones with no bright halo in them, of course...

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 4:39 PM  

Sorry, l&g,
I tried again for a longer while, but now I'm really too tired to repeat my first success...
It was just luck, I suppose...
I only remember that the last piece clicked was this one

At my place it's already after half past one in the early morning...!!!
so I have to go and sleep - will give a try tomorrow again...
May someone of you will win the jigsaw box opening gold medal... ;-D

Thanks anyway @Premiere! LOL, now we have the last one :D But how many to click before that? And why those? Might remain a mystery to all of us. Goodnight!

Just say, did you click them all?

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 4:43 PM  

Was that really that???
Unfortunately I can try it again, maybe one of you?
13 15 7 10

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 4:44 PM  

... *can NOT

Hmmm... now I opened it, but clicked 13, 15, 7. Maybe some others before that since I've been clicking for a while now.

I'll need someone else to confirm that or restart again lol.

Finally Party time guys!! Yippee! Reckon they should have made the endings different though as it is very anticlimactic.....

@Ellie @premiere I think you only need 13 15 7....

Ooops, I already had another game open, and it seems 13, 15, 7 does it! Thanks a lot @Premiere!!
So, maybe a mistake?? It should be 13, 10 and 7.

Well. I did replay after all. 13-15-7 does it.

@g2r, how can I be mad at you in this your special 100th game? But well, huge mistake from you guys...

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 5:01 PM  

WT (second end)
thx again all posters who helped solving the code!

- follow first end wt till receiving jigsaw box
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16

- push the pieces 13 15* 7
- take KEY for blue escape door on the right & go there
- second escape successful!

*15, 'cause place with 10 is exchanged...

Now, I REALLY have to go & sleep...

Good night @Premiere :)
You did great.

Well this is crazy! I'm playing for the 2nd time, but when I click where the cat used to be, instead of it zooming in on the 3 puzzle pieces, it zooms in on one of the spotlights! I've clicked like crazy and can't get it to zoom in on the puzzle pieces. AND....I have the jigsaw box and have clicked 13, 15, 7 over and over, but the box doesn't open! :-(

       Anonymous  6/5/11, 1:02 AM  

as I wrote in wt above:
«- turn the two spots with white glass
- have a look at vicious cat...
- push ALL switches on the left, zoom out & zoom in again to push the RED switch again
- when zoom on cat's place, the animal is gone & you see 3 jigsaw pieces, but you can't take them...»

and later:
«btw, if you only push all grey switches & not the red yet, then zoom on cat, you'll see the cat still sitting there, but you also see the first puzzle tile (the one that doesn't have halo flash)...»

logical consequence (for me anyway, lol):
as long as cat still sitting on jigsaw pieces, you can't open the jigsaw box with the mentionned code...

- cat sitting on only two pieces, the visible is the one to start with at code (pieces numbered from 1-16, it's #13)
- positions of puzzle tiles #10 & #15 are exchanged, on cat's place #10 is lying on the #15 position, so you have to click that position (#15) on jigsaw box, even if it's no the same shape as on cat's place...

anything still clear? ;-D

Premiere, I did all of that. I played the game through once and exited the door on the left. When I replayed, I did everything exactly the same...turned the 2 spotlights toward the cat, looked at the cat, clicked all the switches and turned the lights on.... When I went back to full room view, I could see that the cat was gone, but when I clicked where the cat was - where on the first time through, it zoomed in on the 3 puzzle pieces...this time it zoomed in on the side of a spotlight to the right. I backed out, clicked on the lighted spot again...but it still zoomed in on the spotlight. I absolutely could not click on the puzzle pieces and could not open the puzzle box. Oh well....someone said the 2nd ending is the same as the first, so I'm not missing anything. LOL

out pretty much just following the walkthrough word for word. Thank you so much, @premiere.

I wouldn't have bothered to finish the game without the walkthrough!

The key from the box doesn't work on the blue door! Anyone have an idea on where to use it?

Also noticed that the sign under the white mask is missing an 'a'. Unless the meant to say "Run way... or... die."

can find 4th screw looked in all the rooms they are supposed to be in and still cant find it.

       Anonymous  8/2/11, 10:14 AM  

If you go to the room with the telephone in it and dial the number you found on the painting of the girl by using the torch it causes the telephone to light up. What it's for I'm not sure, but just trying to help!

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