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Castle Bedroom Escape Walkthrough

Castle Bedroom Escape

Castle Bedroom Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Games2rule. You are trapped inside in a Castle Room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the castle room. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Castle Bedroom Escape Walkthrough
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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

And now: From tower to castle!

got an oil bowl

round stick and a puzzle box

Oil bowl and puzzle box

Three places to insert the rod and a hint in the picture. But I didn't see anything happening :(

hints on cross on right side

Oh, the hint changes and now I got a key.

Stick under table.

@how peke did u get the key?

Some difficulties in posting for the moment!

You can turn around the crosses, don't know for what this is useful.

Think we need oil to fill the bowl.

WHere did you find the stick?

POP: Stick benath drawer!

can zoom on the floor as well

dip stick into oil

Used stick at bowl, and bowl disappeared!

Sry, have to leave now, GL @all, will come back after having coffee with my family.

where is the key?

The stick + oil became a torch (use it on the floor).

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can light candles now

When the candles are lit, you can move the circles in order to see all of them.

The circles seem to show how to set the dots on the box, but it doesn't work.

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same here Pascale
cant do the puzzle

Puzzle box


I also tried to put a black dot instead of a clear dot, but that doesn't work either.

Out now but comments seem a bit buggy.

Tried to post some hints but got an error.

got a key paper
now what?

Thank you Charlie...

The drawing of a key ?! What is it for ?

Second key is behind left ornament on right door. (Maybe after turning all the crosses to face forward)

There are also 2 sets of revolving crosses...

I mean crosses over the bed and right door.

Thank you Peke. I'm trying to find if the other set of crosses gives also something.

have you guys opened the mirror yet?

where is the second key for the door?

No, I didn't, LNS. I'm stuck again. Thanks to Peke, I found the second key of the exit door, but I don't know what to do, now.

stuck with paper key and stick with flame; have found two normal keys. What to do with the paper key. Tried to put it under the door. And what about the mirror?

where do u use the round stick?

God damn this buggy commenting. (Maybe 3rd time works)
Then use 2 keys to open the door to reveal a mirror. Use the paper you got from dresser drawer on mirror and get the last key.

the door with the rods across is not the exit - use both keys and open it

fab, round stick goes into the sets of three holes according to the clue on the painting. not sure if there's a sequence, but one placing in one set of holes for each clue which will change and you can take the stick back.

oh thanx LNS

where is the third key?

No probs, Fab. got to go - good luck!

Hated it. Still waiting for a good game.

One door key comes from inserting the round rod into holes according to the hints on painting.
Second door key comes from ornament above right door after turning the crosses to face forward.
Key for the dresser drawer comes from the puzzle box (hints you can see on pillars after lighting the candles.)
Hope I remembered correctly.

dont understand this:

round stick goes into the sets of three holes according to the clue on the painting. not sure if there's a sequence, but one placing in one set of holes for each clue which will change and you can take the stick back.

My stick (with flame) does not go into any of the holes or do i have to put out the fire and how?

This really was a terrible game. No logic too it at all. And hotspots very hard to find. I'm out finally but will stick around a little bit of others need help.

ok, Dummo! I need help :-)

Use the other stick for the holes Blom, not the flamed one.

Round rod is beside the left stool between the doors.

I don't find the round stick !

Pascale it's under the left stool with cushion on top... it takes a bit of random clicking to find the hotspot. But try to click on the on the right hand side of that stool towards the middle, just under the cushion.

Order for inserting the round rod was for me:
middle 3 holes: oxo
right 3 holes: oox
left 3 holes: xoo
Then the painting opened reveling a key.

cant find anything but puzzle box. Where is bowl and oil and how do you light candles??

Bowl is beside vase in the left, above drawer. Then put in first stick to make a match, use on floor to lighten it

Evans, Bowl of oil is at the very left on the chest of drawers next to the vase

Locations of objects:
Round stick - Left stool between the doors. Looks like a handle on the side of the stool.
Puzzle box - Left side of the bed.
Oil bowl - On top of the dresser.
Stick - Under the dresser.

Not as good as usual. Too finicky and hot spots very hard to find.

"You are trapped inside in a Castle Room... Find the right way to escape from the poker room."

LOL, royalty sure did know how to have fun!

Thank you Dummo !

Peke, how did you guess how to insert this damn round stick ?

Trial and error. :)
The hints are on the painting but I had to just try which three sets of holes to insert the stick every time.

More than welcome Pascale. To answer that last question to Peke when you look at the painting the first time the middle circle is blackened, then once you poke the stick into all 3 middle circles if you go pack to the painting it's moved so the right circle is blackened, so then poke all 3 right circles, and then the painting move against so the left circle is blackened.

certainly not much "logic" in this one!

@Dummo: Exactly the way I did it!

Anyone writing a WT yet?

Hi SwissMiss!

I think, we need a new SD this weekend!

Hi Katharina - I am already an addict - how will it end with SD??

I'm not writing one. Stopped doing WTs long ago. :)

No need to use the stick on all available hole there. Once you hit the correct set, move to the next position. It's all trial and error, like Peke points.

Thank you Peke and Dummo !

@SwissMiss: That's what I am! I hope, SD will have a neverending life!

These games aren't known to be logical, and this one certainly didn't disappoint... :(

Even though this was a bad game, at least next time I have a power failure and I don't have a lighter or matches, I know now that I can dip a stick in oil and rub it on a certain floor tile to get a flame to light those spare candles.

out with soulution XD

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No wonder. Even if you were the world's most intelligent guy, this puzzle box COULD get overlooked easily.

I had to read 4 of your guys' comments to finally understand what puzzle box you guys were talking about. :-O

Meh, that was nasty!

If you're desperately looking for the THIRD set of holes, look at the ceiling (resp. the wall in an "elevated position")

Took me minutes to find that spot.

Step 1: Find the Objects
Zoom on the table at the left edge of the screen
Zoom under the table and get the STICK
Zoom between the chair and the left side of the bed and take the PUZZLE BOX
Click the light green stool that is left of the pillar between the doors

Step 2: Solve the Peg Puzzle
Zoom on the picture over the bed
There is a light/dark/light circle clue on it
In the room, there are 3 sets of holes you can put the peg in.
The first is in the upper left part of the room on the leftmost wood piece hanging from the ceiling. The second is in the middle of the pillar closest to you. The third is half way up the pillar between the chairs with light green cushions
You need to put the peg in the position shown as the dark circle on the painting over the bed. The painting shows you putting the peg in the center of the 3 holes.
If you try this in each of the 3 sets of holes, you will find that putting the peg in the middle hole of the near pillar makes the painting change.
Take the peg back.
The new pattern on the painting has the dark circle on the right end.
Put the peg in the right hole on the pillar between the chairs with green cushions makes the painting change again.
Take the peg back.
Now put the peg according to the painting in the left hole in the holes near the upper left corner of the game.
This will open the painting over the bed
Take the FIRST KEY

Step 3: Solve the Puzzle Box
Click the oil bowl to open the about item view
Use the stick in it for an OILY STICK
Zoom on the floor in front of the table
Use the stick on the floor to get the LIT OILY STICK
Zoom on the 3 sets of candles in the room – right of the table, middle pillar, and right pillar between those cushioned seats
Light all of them at the using the oily stick
Each set of candles when lit will show a pattern of light and dark circles behind them
Click each to zoom in on the 4 circles shown
Now click the circles so you get a pattern of 7
These are the patterns for your puzzle box.
Like before with the peg, the middle pillar is the first one – so the top row for dark and light is -- SPOILERDLDLDLLSPOILER
The second and third row take a bit of trial and error. They are:
Second row is from by the mirror -- SPOILERLDLLDDLSPOILER
The third row is from the pillar by the doors -- SPOILERLLDLDDDSPOILER

Step 4: Solve the Crosses
There are 4 crosses over the right door, and 4 over the bed – turn all of them so they have the symbols facing you
Now zoom under the left cross over the right door – get the THIRD KEY

Step 5: Escape!
Zoom on the right door
Use the smooth light gray keys from the cross and the peg puzzle to unlock the bars on the door
When the door opens, there is a mirror out there!
Zoom on the drawer of the table where you found the oil bowl
Use the key from the puzzle box to unlock the drawer
Get the PAPER with KEY IMAGE
Zoom on the right door and use the paper on the mirror to get a REAL DOOR KEY
Zoom on the left door
Use this key on the lock to escape!

i have clicked the oily rod all over the floor under the table and it still will not light. what's up?

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