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Minoto - Rat of Hamelin 4 Walkthrough

Minoto - Rat of Hamelin 4

Minoto - Rat of Hamelin 4 is another point and click type adventure game created by Minoto, who is also the creator of Cupid of the Mouse, Magic and Cat Escape, Escape Game of RPG, Sleeping Princess, The Moon Princess, Turtle Help, The Four Seasons of Castle, Flowers from Harapeko, Volume of Certain Crab games and many more. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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The moral of the story? I'm a fart? ROFLMAO

Most insane yet :P

The Enema hand? Whatever you do...DON'T...pull it's finger. LOL

Woa... clicked start and I think I started at the end of the game.... my inventory is full and I can't do anything! So far it's happened twice...

Should I be starting with a full inventory??!

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@judy~to start your colon adventure, give magnifier to mouse

Hello EveryBody, is it still live?

almost finish, now am with my wife and the jumping yellow icing looking thing, ;p

give candy to the bear on and it change to "Enema Hand"

same here dark-o-heart.

Explain. The candy is not working on the bear.

ops not bear but raccoon i guess, and use that hand to push the yellow icing thingy.

So sorry @Tinni

the one in the boat? even that is refusing to accept a candy.

oh i didn't see it. and is the yellow icing thingy what i am thinking it to be? disgusted! early in the morning!

now what to do? the mice refuse to move.

LOL @Tinni - am stuck here, i know that sweet potato will make this rat fart but i figure out how.

D-o-H, let me know when you figure it out. tried putting sweet potato everywhere from plate to you know where. but no result

found it,
go back to minoto's broken house which we left teh magnifying glass than put dry leaf on it than put your sweet potato

oh ok.

than if am not mistaken u give the sweet potato to the raccoon or the maggot to produce fart, LOL

inside obnoxious bubble. how to burst them? i am suffocating!

You will be in the air bubble than give Hot Wheel to the giant rat's tail in order to make u float than turn right to escape.

Thank you D_o_H. your name is not right btw, you are very helpful!

hahahah.. Thanks Tinni.

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stuck with enema hand, sweet potato, hot roller and insect. What am I missing?

Oh, POP! Poked at a bit of intestine.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Not sure how I got there.
"marine end only one method"

Walk Through the Rat's Digestive Tract
- Magnifying glass to mouse
- Click lady mouse
- Go right
- Fragment of plate on plate
- Cheese on plate
- Go right (into Giant Mouse mouth)
- Liquid soap on teeth
- Brush on teeth. (devil disappears)
- Go right (down gullet)
- Bear on upper pool to catch fish
- Go right (into stomach)
- Stomach medicine on stomach fluid
- Take "Hot Rollers"
- Candy to raccoon to get "Enema hand"
- Go right (into small intestine)
- Click intestine at top
- Insect (caterpillar) on green leaves
- Take dead leaves (right into large intestine)
- Go back to beginning
- Dead leaf on magnifying glass
- Sweet potato on fire (get Roast Sweet Potato)
- Right to stomach
- Roast sweet potato to raccoon
- Right to large intestine
- Enema hand on yellow blob
- Right
- Enema hand on ?
- Back to stomach, pick up "Hot Rollers"
- Right gas from raccoon ejects mice
- Put Hot Rollers on tail
- Mouse bubbles rise to top
- Right
"Rat's baby ate the house of the cheese"
"Rat's mother's safety was confirmed"

marine end
only one method

OMG I learned something from Minoto, stay away from enema hand.... I would never have guessed this game in 100 years so funny that rat eats everything in sight :-)

Wow, Minoto...your sense of humor sure got crude all of a sudden.

HAHA! This one was funny! I like the "twist" of having a full inventory and getting rid of it as you go! LOVE MINOTO!!!!!


that was entertainment from head to toe, start to finish. top to bottom

The GastroIntestinal Adventures of the Rat of Hamelin
or Who Needs Colonoscopy When You've Got Minoto?

-- Put on your rubber suits, everyone! --
Because an excellent WT has already been published (thanks @Puzzled in CA for that!), we will focus on the educational aspects of today's Minoto. In this episode we learn that:
1. Giant Blue Rats sit in the ocean awaiting someone to come and mend their Plate and load it with Cheese.
2. The Ocean is made of Giant Blue Rat saliva.
3. When the Plate is mended and the Cheese delivered, the Giant Blue Rat eats his benefactor along with said Cheese.
4. The Devil lives in your Mouth and causes cavities.
5. A good brushing with Liquid Soap will chase that Devil away, giving "I will wash your mouth out with Soap" a whole new meaning.
6. The Mouth leads to the Esophagus, which is populated by Flying Fish. At least until a Bear comes along and eats them.
7. The Esophagus leads to the Stomach, where a Raccoon lives in a boat floating on Stomach Acids amidst tons of detritus. And a Hot Roller.
8. Stomach Medicine neutralizes Stomach Acids.
9. The Stomach is connected to the Duodenum, Jejunum, and Ileum, which despite sounding like a DooWop Group from the 1950's, actually comprise the Small Intestine.
10. Small Green Worms with large blue eyes facilitate digestion in the Small Intestine.
11. The product of this digestion is a pile of dried leaves, which can be used to start a fire for roasting Sweet Potatoes.
12. If you give a Raccoon a Lollipop, he'll give you an Enema Hand. Whether or not this is a fair trade is a subject for another discussion.
13. The Small Intestine connects to the Large Intestine/Colon. Here you will find what some would have you believe looks like Yellow Icing. But for God's sake don't eat it!
14. The Enema Hand facilitates elimination of the, er, Icing from the Colon.
15. If you give a Raccoon Roasted Sweet Potato, he will create a large amount of Gas that then travels the length of the Large Intestine and is expelled forcefully, taking any Rats encountered along the way with it.
16. Always have your Hot Roller handy in case you find yourself stuck in a large bubble of flatulence.
17. Rats will go to incredible lengths to ensure the safety of their Mothers.

And that concludes our lesson for today.

       Anonymous  8/5/11, 5:37 PM  


Buahahahahaha!!!!!! *does the accidental coffee/nose trick then carefully wipes monitor and keyboard*
That's a poo!!!!

Who knew they had such sweet faces? =O
And I adore the "little insect"! I want one as a pet! =)

That giant rat is the rat's baby! I don't remember him getting enHUGED like that?
And he accidentally swallowed his mother, resulting in his father's mission to disguise himself in the cheese and dive in to rescue his wife?
Well, babies are notorious for putting things in their mouths, so why should baby rats be any different? [works for baby dogs, too ;P]

This game possibly gets the prize in the "Masimaro[Sakura games]-Versus-Minoto-Rat-Stories-Outrageousness" award, hahaha
*wanders off, muttering*.......it's a poo!.....A rectum escape!.....Fantastic!!!........

And zoz seems to have suddenly gone all coy! *massive wink*

Another enlightening "class" from @zoz! I never realized what I was learning until she so explicitly enlightened me! Sooooo funny!!!

oh my. I don't think I will ever think of the digestive system quite the same way again. I do think this qualifies as the craziest Minoto I've played, and that is REALLY saying something.

Loved the educational-through, zoz!

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