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Nick Toldy and the Legend of Dragon Peninsula Walkthrough

Nick Toldy and the Legend of Dragon Peninsula

[REPLAY] Nick Toldy and the Legend of Dragon Peninsula is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by RedHerringLabs for GamesGames. In this game, Nick Toldy wants to slay a dragon, rescue a princess and live happily ever after - but first things first: paperwork and problem solving. Use your noggin and help guide Nick to noble knighthood. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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       Anonymous  9/5/11, 4:51 AM  

lol, funny intro!

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 4:56 AM  

& lol, funny dialogues!
(only hoping that they won't be too much...)

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:04 AM  

- talk to swordsmith, walk alley up, break into swordsmith's shop for SPRING & LIME
- talk to sir moak behind alley in practice range, get ARMOR & SPEAR

well, this will last longer than I thought (guy will be very busy the next time, lol)...

there's also a hamer in swordsmith's shop. Spear gets you the apple, which gives you a worm.

also put horseshoes on the anvil.

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:12 AM  

- KEY under tavern's doormat for CHEST in alley, you get PADLOCK & COFFEE
- go to captain, give parrot coffee & take the bird
(always talk before action...)

hi, yvon,
& thx!

spear on the dummy (where sir Moak is), you get the wooden sword and a wooden arm.

Got Metal Sword and now i dunno how to built the fishing rod

or how to get fire in the stove

key under doormat in front of tavern, it opens the chest in the backyard, there is coffe in it for the parrot, but i need to heat it up with the stove

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:16 AM  

- also tongs next to hammer in swordsmith's shop...
- need wood for make horseshoes hot...

premiere you don't need wood... just put the wooden sword on the sand an heat up with the blasebalg ^^

Happy Monday! We need something to spark the coals.

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:21 AM  

ah, wooden arm = wood for making fire!

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:22 AM  

btw, greetings L&G!
glad you are joining me

put wooden sword into the hay looking thing on the left in shop. After that, you can make the metal sword.

Oh, thanks Kommander...

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:25 AM  

thx, kommander heftig,
now I've got a SWORD!

ok wooden arm did it... ok coffee from chest to parrot, took parrot and eyepatch

got ship ready (cut rope, click on anchor and ship). Now how to get on the ship?

You put the sword back into the fire and get it red hot, then into the bucket of water = tempered!

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:29 AM  

didn't need to heat coffee for parrot, he/she drank it cold as well, lol.
same place, yvon...

rofl, got it, lift anchor, lower sail, than lower anchor again and lift it up again und you get the troll head ^^

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:32 AM  

maybe ship for later...
I need the SMOKED HERRING for salesman, then I can have the horse & paint it white, I suppose, lol...

From pulling down and up the anchor I got the troll head, then I put the eye patch on it and STUCK.

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:33 AM  

great find, kommander!

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:33 AM  

& MissPepy!

Then, spear + string + hook + worm = fishing rope&bait

wow...good going Kommander. Got troll's head, too.

Where's the hook?

Before going to fish, you need something to put fish in, so go back into the swordsmith's shop and get the empy bucket. Go to the ocean on the left an catch the errings.

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:37 AM  

where did you find the hook?

Put the herrings inside the chimney in the swordsmith's shop, walk outside and when you walk back the herrings are ready!

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:38 AM  

I pushed down the chandelier in swordsmith's shop with spear for WHEEL & CANDLES & HOOK!

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:40 AM  


Great Premiere!!!

Yeah, with my "white horse" (paint your mule with the lime) and the knight permit from the training camp, I can go outside the village.

paint the mule white

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:42 AM  

give salesman the herrings for MULE

next chapter is easy...

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:44 AM  

lol, white painted mule = white stallion

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:45 AM  

shrink armor in hot water

How do you make the armor fit? It's too large...

can't get into capital :/

lol @Premiere - you answered me as I was typing...

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:46 AM  

lol, zoe!
answer before question...

And now I'm stuck again. I already explored the witch house, the cemetery and the mill...

       Anonymous  9/5/11, 5:50 AM  

well, family business, gotta go, will play on later...
CU & GL L&G!

The witch's name is Rhonda Ghonos - wonder who that is???

Ok, i gave something from the cemetery to the witch, then i found a diamond in a grave by using the witch book.

Bye Premiere - thanks!

@zoe: what do you mean?

ok now i'm in prison ^^

OK, with the chain&lock i got upstairs in the mill and got a plank and a egg (something new for the potion).

@MissPepy: When you hover over the witch, it says "Rhonda Ghonos" so I assume that is what her name is, but I wonder if that name means something special to the author, that's all...

If you go out of the mill and then you go back, you can catch the cat and the blue feather (something blue for the potion).

Hi. I've got a permit and a white'horse'. How do I get out of the village?

Ok zoe!

And now i need the royal stamp...

POP! Got it!

@KCH go to the left where it says to the wilderness or something like that...

So I've got something old, new and blue, but what's borrowed?

@Zoe the Diamond which u get from the grave by using the book on it

zoe, diamond is.

Mhm...how to get into the outhouse?

Kees Cees - walk all the way to the left out by the tavern to the "wilderness"

@Kommander - thanks!

Use the tongs.

The dialog is hilarious!

Do you think there's a stamp in the outhouse?

Small-tool, when i use the tongs it says that he wants a really good reason to go in there :(

There are several things that I don't know how or where to use, like the empty sack or the candles...

Hi small-tool! Use the tongs for the outhouse? They don't work for me...

You first have to talk to the dead guy in the grave. To do that you have to wake him up with the grammophone you steal from the guard.

Mhm, steal the grammophone....ok i'll try that, thanks!

Ahahah the ampliphied parrot is genius :D

Combine the funnel with parrot to get the gramophone

Combine wood sword with old sign for new signpost...

Well, that's great. I think I did something wrong. I'm in jail and all my items are gone!?

So I guess, don't talk to the second guard in the city. Hope I don't have to start over.

Ask Kommander, if he's still here: He got to jail a while ago...

stuck with the glider

I'm stuck in jail. Caught the mouse with the bread and have a tin bowl. That's it. Don't know what to do?

I talked to the guy in the grave, dressed it up, talked to him again and he said something about a stamp, but I didn't get the permit stamped. What do I have to do?

Oh..pop...go to the outhouse..

yeah theres a tunnel behind the poster ;D

you can get a string from the mattress and use it with the mouse, than use on trap than use trap with string on drain

I found the tunnel Kommander Heftig, but still can't go on. The gate behind it is closed. I guess I need the chisel to open that, but the mouse won't help me to get that.

Ah thanks, for that string Kommander Heftig.
That worked.

How do we get past the gate in the tunnel? We have no more tools.

Yeah, got all my stuff back. Just could walk into the cell and take it. Lol, the guard didn't do anything to stop me.

WTF? got the thing with the glider but why is a cat with a buttered bread a machina levitatio? ok going on... btw, really nice game

I'm so dumb...how do you get the mousetrap?

Put mouse on string and use that.

But there's no mouse in the mouse hole? I tried putting bread there, string, bowl. Is there something else?

first put the bowl, then the bread, go away and come back and you caught the mouse.

Please help me, i think i need some flour for the guy in the tavern...

From the pub I have Butter, Yeast, Gum (from the bench) and hair (from the sink).

Got it...thanks! When I first tried to put the bowl down, I couldn't find the right place to put it, so I didn't try again!

Combine gum and hair and put it on the Lord in jail as mustache and use the roadkill as hair.

Gave him the clothes too, but he still won't go out with me. Not sure what to do now?

Ok, i'm trying to make a new outfit for the other prisoner...i already made mustaches and new "hair" cut...now what?

The cell's locked...how do I get to the the lord?

Stuck too MissPepy.
The clothes you get from the shop by trading the bottle from the vending machine.

Zoe, there's a key in the drawer.

POP..got the key

Ah, found a new view. There's a palace in the city too.
Go in and open the fireplace with the code that was on the flag outside.

The witch is gone...can now get red curtains and broom

There's a dead squirrel lying on the street outside the vendor's. Pick it up and go give to the prisoner, and he uses it as a hair piece. ;)

Yep small-tool, then you have to set the dials to 34.
And then, stuck again!

Opened the secret doors behind the fireplace with the code(s) from the vending machine, then from the grammophone and then from the bull.
New room now.

Oh, i went back and the witch is no longer there, i could get the broom and the curtains.

Things click on the fireplace in the palace, but nothing happens

Use the red curtains on the bull....

Do it in the right order;

thanks s-t I'm in the new place...how did you know dragon-horse-sword?

I've got the code from the bull and the bottle, but not the gramophone...I don't remember seeing that one

It was on the flag outside Zoe.

Used the thing from the new room on the mill stone outside the mill. And the wheel and the bull horns and the sadlle and now the mill is working.

pop...got it now the painting is a gramophone. Now what?

There's an about item magnifier.

Oh...never saw that.

thanks (again, and again and again)!!!

I grinded the wheat and flour now.

where is the wheat grinder?

Made bread in the kitchen of the pub.
Put flour and yeat in the sink go away, come back and then put it in the fire.

Inside the mill. The two big mill stones.

lol, have a cat with buttered breadslice on his back.

Oh, at the windmill - grind the wheat there...

I cut the bread with the sword and did put butter on it. But no idea where to use it?

Ah thanks Yvon.
And now where to use that buttered cat?

I put the wheat on the mill and have an empty sack, but don't have flour. How do I get the flour?

Hello, everybody! I am looking for the bellows to heat up the coal.

ST, use cat on slider you made.

POP..got it. Rigged up a thing to turn windmill

POP! It is right at the entrance of the blacksmiths shop to the left!

friwi, use the note.

ok, friwi is in another scene...

lol...the bun's in the oven....

Thanks again Yvone.
Used the glider now and on a new place. Used the spear (like it said so on the note) on the rock and now I have a spot on the ground.
No idea yet what to do with that spot.

ST, use sword to get some wood and a stone. First wood, then note and last the stone. This will make a fire.

Ah, made fire on that spot.
Use sword to get wood, hammer to take flintstone and use wood, paper, and flintstone on the spot.

@Yvon: how do I make the slider?

Inside, move levers. Make car crash against brick wall.

Ah, the fire made a door appear.
In the tunnel now, took oil and planks there.

I have a cat with buttered bread on it's back. Can't use it on the glider yet.

used curtain and broom. Maybe something else too, can't remember. Last put cat with buttered bread slice on back on it.

My cart won't move?


ST, there are severall levers you must turn.

Thanks Yvon, just found out and have coal now from letting the cart crash.

Made the furnace burn with coal, oil and flintstone and fixed the leaky pipe with dirty rag and tongs and now what?

Well, got through it. Fun game.

Ah did the valve inside the tunnels and now the lever filled the cart with rocks.
Guess I have to make it crash again?

inside where dragon is, there is a spearpart where skeleton is. Combine it with fishingpole (spear). Put planks on wood.

I let the cart go on the right and the other right track (after I put the crank on the track) and have the crank now. What to do with it?


s-t: how did you make the cart fill with rocks?

GuruOne: YES!!! But it's a great game - lots of help from ppl too, which is good in a game like this.

can't get the crank.

I can make the cart crash (go left), but nothing happens

You have to make the furnace burn and fix the leaky pipe. See my 7:48 AM comment.

Btw I took the bend piece of rail (with tongs), but can't open the brick wall?

First put it on the track and then let the cart filled with rocks ride over it. Then you can take it and the cable too.

to open brick wall, use right track first, then left track (so you take rail number 3 from top). Use empty car.

I got the new signpost and tried to give it to witch, but it is not new enough. Then I tried to place it somewhere, but no go. Stuck.

on the top of view (when you see brick wall), use left track.

friwi, give witch the diamond (something new). Talk to witch and use book on left grave.

Ah finally opened the brick wall. You have to set all the switches in the correct position and then let an 'empty' cart crash into the brick wall.

The diamond is borrowed. I need something new first. What shall I do with the signpost?

OH...there's a little tiny switch at the top that changes so the cart goes into the brick wall.

I've got a complete spear now.

Made a crossbow.
Put planks on wood in dragon cave. Use bend rail, cable and crank. Then take spearhead from under skeleton and combine that with spear/fishing rod.
Shot the dragon now.

friwi, go to the windmill. Take an egg from the nest.

ST, still no crank for me. What do i put on the rail?

How do you get rocks into the cart to get the crank?

zoe, there is a hole in the pipe near the furnace. Close it with dirty rug and tongs.

after it's closed, you can use lever next to car (in the beginning).

somehow i now can move crank/cable.

Make the switches so that the cart goes all the way right. Put the cable with cranck on the track and then let the car ride over it and then you can take it.

Btw I'm out GREAT GAME.
After shooting the dragon talk to the man and go through the door.

Combine padlock and chain and go up the second floor of wind mill. There is the rest for the potion.

Ok..I pick up the dirty rug and go near the pipe going into the furnace. It says "hole" but I can't do anything with the rug.

Funny ending.

zoe, first make the furnace burn.

I am really getting frustrated. I have run over the cable multiple times, and I can't pick it up. It keeps telling me that the damaged cable is off the track or the damaged cable is on the track. What am I doing wrong?

maybe you have to switch the valve inside the tunnels first. Don't remember exactly anymore, but really think I did dirty rag on the hole and then the tongs.
Or maybe you have to make fire in the furnace first.

The cart that runs over it has to be filled with rocks to break the cable.

It says there is debris in the bottom. Are there rocks somewhere else that I missed?

I must be missing something. The flint and oil say "maybe later" and everything else says "that won't fire it up"

The rocks go in the cart if you pull the lever above it. But to make that work the furnace has to be burning, the pipe has to be fixed and the valve inside the tunnels has to be switched.

SoMama: apparently you get the rocks from above the cart, but you have to fire up the furnace, and plug up a hold with the dirty rug and tongs, but I can't figure it out yet.


Zoe, you need coals first. Make a car go to the 2 rail i think (first lever to the left, second to the right). Then use tongs to get the coal.

You need coal. Let the cart crash on one of the left tunnels. I think it was the second tunnel from the top.

I think I'm missing some coal.

Please forgive me; I'm not usually this dense. I have let the cart crash also, and I can't find the coal. Help!

Anybody brave enough for a walkthrough?? (I'm not.)

SoMama, use tongs.

Remember guys; Almost 200 comments, so new comments will be on the next page.

If I make it so it will crash into the second tunnel from the top, it says "Pretty sure there's a problem with the track that way."

Zoe, go to the 2 tunnel and use tongs there. You already crashed a car in that tunnel.

Oh...duh...got the coal now!

I didn't even have to use the tongs...just went to the 2nd tunnel and put my hands in there..

OMG! I finally found it! I was trying to look in the tunnels by the furnace. Got to go back to where the crank is. Thanks all!

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