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Cuties Room Escape Walkthrough

Cuties Room Escape

Cuties room escape is another new point and click room escape game from Games2rule. Unfortunately you are trapped inside in a cuties room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from room by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the Cuties room. Have a fun game play!

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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

wont load.

Coloured paper in stairs drawer. 2 keys in red things above bed (one of them is inside the envelope).

Hair dryer in cupboard you open with key.
Gold key in right cupboard.

Torch in middle cupboard.

wont load either! perhaps in a different browser. ST what are you using?

Cotton under pillow and codebox in drawer (open with gold key) inside right cupboard.

Internet Explorer.

yes its workong on IE!

Used bottle (next to little statue) on the cotton ball.

y its not loading

Used wet cotton on the hanging bottle and now my cotton is gone and nothing has changed!?

after the cotton, dry it;)

ya working in google chrome but not in mozilla

and light up the torch, after put the cloth on it, on the picture.

Can't use my hairdryer?

The jevelin from the little zeus statue can be moved. I put it in all the positions with no luck. Thoght that the big zeus will show me something!

put the ping cloth first and the push its button

POP. The javelin in the same position as the big zeus, gives you a red crown stone

But my pink cloth is already on the torch and can't take it back!?

going in..

you dont have to take it back. Did you push the torch button? The light the picture.

Yep VK, I did, but I can't use my hairdryer?

an the javelin as much the red stone must be according to the bid Zeus statue. Suppose that you could get the stone from the begging and the trick is to reorder them

oh I thoght you were talking about the tourch. You need battaries for the hair dryer. I cant remember where I found them. Let me play again

aha! in the little statue, move the javelin and the red ball position, according to the big statue

Battaries in the little drawer on the right side of the little cupboard, above the bed.

where is the dryer and the batteries?

Ah thanks VK, missed that drawer because of the open cupboard door.

Read back I posted that.

where to use javelin and the stone

So now, we're only looking for the symbol for the seagul in the drawer.

ok, POP and out

i got remaining 3 clues.. last one left

Hm, I'm out, I bruteforced the seagul symbol, was there a hint for that?

you do not need the drawer actually. Just light the picture with the torch for the seagal

stuck with clue box red bouncy ball and torch

After you've seen the three hints you can open that box.

POP nvm Got it i'm out

The three hints;

- Use water on coton and batteries in hairdryer. Use wet cotton on hanging bottle and then use the hairdryer on it.
- Put red cloth on torch, click torch on and use torch on picture.
- Look outside to see big statue. Take spear and gem from little statue and put them back in the same position as the big statue. So gem in the middle and spear in second hole from the top (hint appears in little hand of statue).

the bird went with the keyhole symbol because the keyhole symbol was on the envelope that the key for that drawer came in

FREAKING PAUSE BUTTON!!! every time I go to inventory or down arrowo it comes on.
Game maker WE DO NOT NEED LIKE NOR WANT THE PAUSE BUTTON!! We have posted this complaint 100 times on this site. Please make it go away. Thankyou.

Ah great find Unknown, now the game is really solved.

Really confused. The box I was holding suddenly opened by itself and gave me the key, never solved drawer under statue puzzle nor window puzzle. Will wait for walkthru...

very good Unknown! I did not have notice that. also you can not get out without open the drawer with the seagul. So, appart of the three ST's steps you have to open the envelope, find the key, open the drawer for the line sign!

Lol VK, I even noticed, even when you know from the previous game where the spear and the gem should go, you don't get the hint in the hand of the little statue if you didn't look out the window.
The funny thing that happened was; I placed the symbols on the box and did all the other stuff, but didn't look out the window. And when I did look out the window the box, while it was in the inventory, opened.

@Tiquer I suppose that you have changed the signs and when you discaver a hint it opend! I have made an video playthrough but I dont publish it yet. I dont like to give the solutions immidiately. Usually I am upload them in about a week from the publish day here!

I thing that the programmer is very good. You cannot get out of the room even if you know the answer and every place is needed to open the box. Very good game! I played the game again too, ST and the same happend to me:-P

what box???? I have seen 7 shape clues but ... box ... what box???

There is a drawer in the middle of the closet. I had clicked on that spot NUMEROUS times, then while madly clicking around - by chance hit the exact pixel and there it was -- the drawer. Used little gold key and opened drawer and NOW have box.


- Click on the 2 red hanging boxes and grab metal key #1 + envelope
- zoom enveloppe, note the symbol on it (0) and click it to grab metal key #2 at its back
- click drawer below the statue and use key #1, note the symbol (checked)
click the drawer behind the bed next to the door and take the color paper
- go back, zoom the pillow, clik it and grab piece of cotton
- go back, click the window and note the symbol (s). Also, note the position of the bottom of the spear (second slot from right) and the possition of the gem on its crown (middle slot)
- go back, click the statue next to the bed, take the bottle. put the spear in the same slot as above, put the gem in the right slot. Note the symbol that appears on its hand (sun)
- go back, click the cabinet on the right, open the door and take the golden key
- go back, click the right door of the cupboard on the left of the cabinet and take the torch
- go back, click the left door of the cupboard and use metal key #2
- go back, click the drawer left to the cupboard and take the batteries
- click the drawer inside the cabinet and use the golden key. Grab code box
- go back,click the hanging decor with a symbol, in front of the window. Zoom your cotton ball in inventory, spill water from bottle in inventory. put the wet cotton on hanging decor. Zoom your hairdryer in inventory, put batteries in it. put hairdryer on the hanging decor. Note the 2 symbols (snake and star)
-zoom out, zoom the picture wall with the symbol (chinese hat). Zoom your flashlight from inventory, put your red cloth on it. Put the flashlight on the wall picture and note the symbol (double wave)
- zoom your code box and enter the appropriate symbols. Take the key, zoom the door and you're out


chinese hat -> double wave
S -> sun
snake -> star
0 -> checked sign

rubbish game

all the hints:
1: take wet cotton and wipe glass bottle hanging in window then take hairdryer and dry it
2: take colored paper put over torch(aka flashlight) and shine at dotted painting in back
3: match the statues up, red ball in middle of little statue crown and point of spear it second hole from right side.
4: is a givin one but the hint and stuff is if u noticed the thing to the right of the little statue is the symbol and in the drawer right under that stuff is the last sybol key u need but it is given as long as u get the other three.

where do you put the spear and crown stone

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