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Buuka of Southern Island - Episode 2 Walkthrough

Buuka of Southern Island - Episode 2

[UPDATE] CoconutsPark - Buuka of Southern Island Episode 2 is another point and click type room escape games by Coconuts Park. In this game, you try to find the items and solve puzzles to finish the game. Good luck and have fun!

Update: English version is available now!

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Am I missing something here?
just got a bottle opener and a paperclue - found a few numbers

the numbers on the paper correspond with the clouds in window but clicking does nothing

lol I am stuck with a piggy and a few bananas

Look at the cloud carefully, hints for the right cupboard

polly - I AM looking at the cloud
the numbers corresponding to the paper clue so I click
top,r,l,l,top,bottom but nothing happens

top, right, right, left, top, bottom

why should no 3 be r because that is very l on paper?

Is the shape of the cloud, not the position of the number

oh OK polly thank you - got it now
overthinking again in an otherwise easy game lol

you are welcome, yes, indeed it is. lol

       Anonymous  11/26/11, 1:04 AM  

Totally unfair. The left pig wnt to all that work to make sure they had an equal number of bananas and the other pig eats all the chocolate

       Anonymous  11/26/11, 1:13 AM  

I should leave a clue. When you activate the fridge code, have a closer look at the mug.

Isn´t the code for fridge 352? It doesn´t open!

hmmm! add 4 is to the 1st digit, I was adding to last

cant put in the numbers on the fridge, doesnt do anything, help please

nvm finally got it thanks

       Anonymous  11/26/11, 12:14 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  11/26/11, 12:15 PM  

I also keep my chocolate in the fridge!
(I like it crispy, LOL!)
Out without help. I really wonder, what they are talking about, as the one piggy has to sweat a lot...


Right, only because I got stuck and there isn't likely to be any help for this game now......
INTRO [my take on it]:
Two little piggies at the breakfast table.
Smaller pig gets very agitated because he has got one less banana. His rear end is rumbling dangerously. Elder pig says: "Calm down! Your stomach is smaller than mine anyway." Smaller pig remains stubbornly silent. Elder pig continues: "You'll have three when you get to my size, you'll see!"
Smaller pig begins to screw up his eyes in preparation to scream. "This isn't fair!" he begins - Elder pig begins to sweat - "Not another day of tantrums," he thinks. Smallest pig begins to rant "...and you even got the red shoes when I chose them first...." he wails.
Elder pig tries to reason with him, "but only the blue shoes fit you!"
"I don't care! I want three bananas! I'll tell your girlfriend you ate her flower garden - "
Elder pig is lost for words; to think he'd bother hiding smallest pigs crimes again.
Smallest pig continues his ranting, his rear end rumbling dangerously once more " - I'm so upset, I could...." and with that, he spat all over the food.
Elder pig is outraged. "you are a greedy pig and I'm leaving!!!"
[Can you tell I'm bored?] ;)

I coped with the cloud puzzle on my own, but I can only see a 3 and a 5 behind the frying pans and a +4 under the mug. Am I missing a number? Can I really be so bored that I will actually come back to this game?

       Anonymous  11/28/11, 4:03 AM  

there's also a 5 under the table-cloth.
& btw: 3 under yellow & 2 under red pan (not 5).
& I like your piggy story very much!

Thanks premiere =) I may get back to the actual game later.
Oh, could you tell I was in dire need of a detarou game? ;)

cant get numbers to go on fridge...what have I forgotten?

OMG! @rookwings!!! I loved your narration!!!!!! LMBO!!!

I played the English version...so cute to see what they are actually saying! :)

@DKat...Roberto said to add 4 to the first digit? I don't know why though! so it is 752....

Pick up the yellow mug after opening the Llower cabinet with the screwdriver
It says +4 on the bottom

I have a key which doesn't open anything and the paper clue. I've read the clues and don't for the life of me see how you got top, right, right, left, top, bottom from the cloud and numbers. The cloud is top top left right bottom, the numbers are all over the place. Feeling like an idiot...

lilrascal, look at the clouds. I think the far left piece of cloud (which is #3) is actually the Right side, therefore, you click on the right button, not left.

Thanks, that worked but come on, the left cloud is actually on the right? Makes no sense.

Usually love these but didn't care for this one at all. Very poor clue on the clouds and the rest was shorter than they usually are. I do understand being able to eat chocolate even when you're stuffed tho lol! In fact I ate chocolate all the way through working the puzzle.

lilrascal, perhaps if you imagine the window as a you would a flat world map. Since the world is round, what shows on the left of the map actually is attached to what shows on the right of the map.

Buuka of the Southern Island 2: I want to a lot!
Noibu: Let’s eat some bananas.
Buuka: …… *stares at Noibu’s bananas*
Noibu: Aren’t you going to eat?
Buuka: I wanna eat three bananas too! >.<
Noibu: Here we go again. But you always eat only two right?
Buuka: I’m really hungry today so I wanna eat more!
Noibu: Since I need to eat three to get full, I have one more than you.
Buuka: Today I wanna eat as much as you!
Noibu: ….. *sweatdrop*
Buuka: Definitely!
Noibu: Well, then let’s search for one more banana.
Noibu: Now, let’s eat.
Buuka: Yaaay! I get to eat one more! ^_^
*they eat*
Noibu: That was good wasn’t it? I’m full. ^^
Hm? Buuka, what’s wrong?
Buuka: I’m full, so I can’t finish my third banana >.<
Noibu: Eeeehh?! That’s why I told you no!
Buuka: Because I was so hungry I thought I could eat it. Big bro, please finish it.
Noibu: For crying out loud… guess I’ve got no choice
*Noibu eats Buuka’s banana*
Noibu: My stomach is so full I can’t move… X_X
Huh? Buuka, what are you doing?
Gah! You’re eating my chocolate! You said you were full just a moment ago! -_-
Buuka: I still had room for chocolate…
Buuka: Want a bite?
Noibu: You’re impossible…

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