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Bart Simpson Island Escape Walkthrough

Bart Simpson Island Escape

Bart Simpson Island Escape is another point and click adventure type escape game developed by Inka Games. Help Bart Simpson escape from an island plagued with dangers and savage creatures. Good luck and have fun!

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Got to the monkey in the tree, just trying to figure out what to do next

I'm trying to wake up the snake so I can get the banana but I have no idea how.. also I got the kangaroo

Got banana now, off to the monkey again.

how did you get the banana, sis?

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paulina find a mirror an use it on snake...

nvm, got it!

use a monkey to cross over the swamp...

Yeah what she said ;) Trying to steal the totem now but I keep getting caught.

damn I can't get back over the swamp....

what are we supposed to do with a stunned elephant?

climb on him, but then I need some kind of hook for liana, and I don't know where to find it...

Oh use the log to go cross the swamp..

use the log to get over the swamp

Any idea how to cross the water?

I got the spear from the native, but I can't find any hook. Also I can't get the kangaroo to jump over the lake..

You can get the parachute using the monkey.

Throw a coconut on the native and take his mask and spear...but don't know how to take the totem and bamboo..

@Paulina how did you get the kangaroo?

@sis you give him the red fruit

LOL over the lake and building a fishing rod...

@thanks paulina, thought i tried that!

Got fish now how to get back over lake????

I think we make a totem with wilson and bamboo and replace it with the other totem. Still trying to cross over the lake..

@leroy how did you even get over the lake?

combine spear and wilson for fake totem...now where to use the real one?

LOL put kangaroo down get on and throw red fruit to other side.. But Then the kangaroo split and I dont know how to get back LOL

Leroy combine fish and yellow berry and throe it into the water

Finally worked it out LOL back across the lake

use the real totem on honeycomb!!

Use honeycomb and yellow berry on a bear...

nice trick with the fish!! haha

What am I doing wrong, can't switch the fake totem with the real one!

Now, got bamboo, hooked liana and climbed on top of the rock and don't know what to do...

Somebody tell how to get the bananas from the tree? Ive hypnotised snake but must be missing something Grrrrr

@Leroy ask the snake. :)

@sis you have to answer the question when they ask you....

you all need help

How did you get back over the lake?

@sis just take the real totem and it leads you from the there
@leroy "talk" to the hypnotized snake

Oh LOL I hypnotised snake without the chitchat! hope I can wake it up again dammit

Thanks pamarina87!

Grooooan so simple LOL been looking for a long stick....


to get back over the lake, combine fish and yellow berry and throw it into the water...

pamarina, how did you hook liana?

Many thanks :)

When you cut bamboo with the sharp rock, that you get from bear's cave, you'll find a small branch hiding behind the bamboo...

How did you get the bamboo?

Oh never mind, got it.

if any one needs help. just ask

but now i'm stuck, don't know what to do with the bamboo or when i'm on top of the rock

star help me...

you have to use the monkey to get the parachute. The top of the rock is for you to escape with the parachute

Pamarina, use the monekey to get the parachute and combine with bamboo

parachute and bamboo makes a hang glider

I have a parachute, i keep giving it to bart, but he won't take it...

Oh thanks, now got it...and out...

Can't get the liana and log to go up on the rock, it says it's too high and not long enough...

Dont't give it to bart. Combine it with the bamboo for hand glider


stand on the elephant then use the stick and liana combination

Leroy how to cross the lake back ? i got a fishing rod wit bait .....

Congrads Pamarina.

@RSA Momma Cindy I'm clicking like crazy but can't get up on the elephant.

Did you knock him out?

catch a fish and put yellow fruit on it then trhow it in the lake

sis you have to scare the elephant with the magazine of the mouse

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RSA Momma Cyndi No I didn't, was that using a yellow fruit?

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Like Star said, just show it the mouse on the magazine and it will panic and knock itself out


What do you need help with

use the monkey to get the coconut

thnks star ok how to replace the fake totem

The stunned elephant was so cute lol. Thanks a lot for your help Momma Cindi!

well nikitha,

YOu make the fake totem with wilson and a stick and once you have that in your inventory just take the real todem and tell the natives you are giveing them a new one

i got it thn wht to do

yah thnks star

Just take the real todem and talk to the natives. Select second option

ok tht is over thn wht should i do wit bear?

You welcome nikitha

You need to get teh honey comb to give to the bear. Use the real todem to hyponotise the bees

and out.. thanks everybody!

yah thnks star
where to hook?

What NIkitha,

I dont understand what you are asking

i meant where to find hook sorry i forgot to insert find?

honestly, i can't remember. I think you attach the liana to a stick

Did you cross the lake as yet

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yeh star as u said i got the little branch combined with liana.........yah won the game wohoo thnks all of u especially star thank u so much

Take the parachute and follow Bart’s genetic propensity for pushing buttons that say “Don’t Push”. Click on the parachute before Bart goes splat.

Use the chocolate to lure the poor unsuspecting porker over to provide a soft landing spot for Bart. Don’t try to do anything with the monkey or the stick but go straight to the centre hub.

Pick up magazine, Wilson, mirror, boot, red fruit and yellow fruit. Return to hub

Speak to the snake and then show him the mirror. The twit hypnotizes himself! You can then make him do stupid stuff or just hand you the banana – seeing a snake do the moonwalk is worth the extra time though :) Back to the hub

Combine the banana with your kettie and shoot it at the monkey. You can now get both the stick and the monkey without getting your head smashed in. Use the monkey to get the coconut (just put the monkey on the coconut and it climbs up). You may as well use the cheeky critter to get your parachute out the tree whilst you are at it. Back to the hub.

Clonk the poor sleeping tribesman over the head with the coconut. Steal his mask and his spear. Put his mask on and go inside. Combine the spear and the Wilson and take the Eagle Totem. Explain that you had brought them a new and improved totem. Notice that the bamboo needs something tougher than you have to remove it. Back to hub

Taste the red fruit and then go back to Wilson to get another one. Come back and put the new red fruit on the ground. Who knew that kangaroos not only love red fruit but they fit in your pocket. You now have a kangaroo and you may as well go get another red fruit. Back to the hub

There is a croc in the lake so an alternate means to cross is necessary. Take your kangaroo out your pocket and get onto his back. Throw the kangaroo addicting red fruit over the lake and hang on tight. Use your totem on the bee hive. That must be one fugly totem as you now have a bee free hive. Grab the worm, the light stick and the thin rope. Make it into a fishing rod (how that works without a hook is another tale entirely). Catch a fish. A cunning plan would be to put one of those yellow sleeping fruit into the fish so that the croc won’t notice you crossing the lake. That works but why does the croc have a glass? Back to hub

The yellow fruit worked so well on the croc that it may be the answer to the bear too. Get a yellow fruit from Wilson and put it on the honey comb. Throw the honey comb into the cave and wait for the unscheduled hibernation to begin. Take the sharp rock and go back to the hub,.

Don’t forget to disguise yourself. Take your sharp stone from the bear cave and the stick from under the monkey’s tree and combine them with the shoelace out of the old boot. You now have an axe which is capable of cutting down the bamboo. There is another handy stick behind the bamboo screen. May as well take that too

Use the monkey to swing you across – never realised how handy a monkey could be. Pick up the big log and the liana. Show the elephant the Itchy picture on the magazine. Scariest mouse in history! The poor ellie knocks himself out. Use the big log to get back over the swamp if you need to. It’s a bit of a tightrope walk so click on the very end of the log. Combine the stick from by the bamboo with the liana and the bamboo with the parachute. Climb on the poor elephant and use the liana thingy to climb onto the rock. Use the rather flimsy looking hang glider and away you go!

I was stuck at the part where you have to get the totem.
Thanks for your help

What a droll nightmare & hundred funny ways, how to kick the bucket!
Thx L&G for your hints & @RSA Momma Cyndi for the WT!

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Just drag the fruit onto the honey or vice verse. One way or the other should work.

Thanks RSA Momma - I went back and found a comment that I overlooked on how to do that.

BTW - thanks for the WT - it really helped me !!

I want to say two things
1. You have to eat yellow fruit to win this game.
2. You don't have to take big log in the swamp if you have everything you need to escape.

Thanks to pamarina87 n sis
U guys comments were very useful to complete the game. i was stucked at the end n after seeing ur suggestions, made glider n completed
@RSA Momma Cyndi : Ur brief on how to play was very nice too

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