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Episode 002 Walkthrough

Episode 002

Episode 002 is another new Japanese point and click type escape the room game. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. There are 2 possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:01 AM  

Opened door and.....darkness is al around.

hi CQ
use the cell phone

Hi catqueen - same here - dont find a hotspot either

how can you use the cellphone - got it highlighted

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:05 AM  

Got cellphone from pocket (inv) and used the light to open door. Many ways to go to but managed somehow to turn on the light. Clues on toiletpaper rolls but it's getting me nowhere so far, exept visiting toilets :)

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:06 AM  

Hi SwissMiss. I highlighted it and pointed at the screen to see the door.

so far
phone numbers on a white machine
a piece of paper written with LRRLLR(reversed)
from toiletpapers

OK - got it now but cannot find a lightswitch

pop did it again

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:10 AM  

SwissMiss: I went left a few times. Sorry can't explain it better because navigation is confusing.
Then there is a white box with a red switch.

hi SwissMiss
can you find a red light thing?

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:11 AM  

I can move the mirrors but what to do with the red couches?
Lottie: where is the paper please?

it's behind 1 of the red couches
red light used to be an emergency light
& don't know the use for mirrors too

the note must be for the mirror
and we need a SD too for flap behind couches

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:14 AM  

Got key from using the paperclue on the right mirror.

ty Lotty - pop did it

Got a key by using the hint on the paper

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:17 AM  

Now in the staff room and got a ladder, glass, and keycard. Need clue to open the safe.

got a SD by using the phone number LOL

any help in how to use the paper?

and a handle thing

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:21 AM  

Your fast Lottie!
I can put ladder under clock but can't get the battery. Ladder can also be used in plant view but we need another key there.

the clue LRRLLR and the 3 red rectangles need to reverse horizontally
then use it on the mirror

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:22 AM  

SwissMiss: the clue is reversed. Use it on the right mirror. (RLLRRL)

thank you

I need to switch off the power supply for the emergency light before I use the handle =.=

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:24 AM  

Can't find the phone number and hoping for POP.
Lottie: there are switches in the staff room but I can't turn them.

oh I forgot to say
CQ the numbers are on the white machine near the door
and when I use the ladder on the power supply,
somehow it said the space is too narrow!!

cannot get battery either

behind cover from clock is a paper with numbers

cannot use phone yet - s'pose need battery

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:26 AM  

POP! Phonenumber is on automatic door system.
SwissMiss, did you open the staff room already?

how did you get the battery from the clock lottie

I didn't get the battery SwissMiss
there is no hotsopt for it

but then how did you get the phone working - I cannot enter any numbers

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:29 AM  

Thx Lottie.
And thx SwissMiss for the paper behind cover from clock.

I think playing this game jet-lagged is not very sensible lol

the phone numbers on Automatic door system machine
use on the red safe in the staff room

How to get the phone working??? pls

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:32 AM  

SwissMiss: use the phonenumber on the toolbox in staffroom.

lol - my brain is really addled today

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:35 AM  

Poor SwissMiss, you can do it!
Lottie do you mean the power supply buttons in the upper view in staffroom?
(I'm also a little bit braindead) LOL

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:36 AM  

I wonder if we need that battery. Haven't found a spot for it and we got the paper from the clock cover. Maybe that's just it.

I think the words in the crappers give you the 8 button safe code... mebbe (no hacking yet)

yes CQ
stuck now and super desperate to find something

there might be a lingo problem

we have the toilet clues (8)
the paper from the clock
the ladder which we can use in front of greenish furniture to get to the top
the glas unused
the card
anything I forgot?

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:40 AM  

Hi GuruOne!
I thought the adler key (6 shaped thingy) was for the red light switch, but I can't use it.
Lottie: My game comments in japanese so I really don't know what I'm doing;)

and SD and a L-shaped handle thing

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:41 AM  

SwissMiss: did you use the sd at the back of the red couch? I have a knob and an addler key (6 shaped thing).

You can do the "copy text" trick.... Hover over it, select all, copy, etc

Lotti where did you get the SD from???

I googled the words from the loo and it is counting to 1 to 8

we probably have to find out the order they are in the toilets

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:45 AM  

SwissMiss: the SD is in the red toolbox after using the phonenumber on it.

The safe in the staffroom has 8 buttons. maybe that's where the clue from the toilets go.

the SD and the handle is inside the drawers of red cb in staff room

but CQ I can only get the knob,where is the addler key?

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:47 AM  

Lottie: I think it was from using the sd behind the right red couch. Can't use my sd anymore now.

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:48 AM  

Lottie: no that;s wrong. Got knob from behind couch. There where 2 items in toolbox. Ohh goshhh my brains suck bigtime, sorry!

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:49 AM  

Arghhhhh clicked the wrong refresh buttom. Game is loading again, and ofcourse I forgot to save!!!

super thz from SM!!!
I opened the safe finally

CQ, I can't use the sd too but only got the knob

lol CQ - glad I am not alone
missed SD - got it now and knob from behind couch

can anyone agree with numbes on toilets

one row 1,4,8,2 the other 6,3,7,5??

SPOILER: (no hacking!!!)

Ok, they are numbered as 1475 6382

Just click them in order 1-8 :)

Moving on

yes you're right SM!!

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:53 AM  

Replaying and adler key was in upper drawer of red toolbox. Sd was in lower drawer.

I guess this does prove guys have better spatial awareness........ LOL

I tried that combo a while ago - not working
is top left button no 1 and bottom right no 8
and pressing them in that order?

use the knob got from the emergency light box to the hole behind the red chairs

pop did it - its the other way round

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 2:57 AM  

Caught up with you girls and guy. But can't get the big cb open either.

see the below words vertically

this side is the WINDOW
6 1
3 4
7 8
2 5
this side is the corridor (OPEN BUTTON)

C'mon ladies, I've lost the narrative here... Wot the heck are we supposed to do next? Keycard is IMMUNE? LOL

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 3:01 AM  

Boohoo still don't get the cb open after your clues.
So it's not the upper row is 1-4 and the lower buttons 6-8?

I can get now to the fuse switch but they wont stay on "on"

which emergency light box Lottie

turn the middle switch (emergency light) of the power box

and can turn the light with another switch

no catqueen buttons are numbered

top row 1 4 7 5
bottom 6 3 8 2

press 1 first, then 2, etc

Should work, Cat.... Make sure u number the buttons according to my post, then press then from 1 to 8, then Open, dunno... Worked for me

My middle switch just turns itself off all the time

have you replace the knob?

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 3:07 AM  

Yes!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you. And all i got was a broom and a key .))

got it now

turn middle switch on - then go to the red button thingy and you can open it for another knob

slot on side of white box with phone with SD

got glass of water now

don't know how to use the glass of water
and code for the white box is still unknown...

opened box - put in card - numbers from paper not working

and what do we need the water for??

       Anonymous  12/10/11, 3:13 AM  

I'm so sorry but I really have to go. Hubby is pulling my arm we have to go. Have fun you all and thank you so much for the help.


oops caps lock on :(

guru did not mention water on 3.01


water immunises keycard

I still dont get it - my keycard is in the white box and cannot be taken out

I think that "peace"-clue is for the keycardpad
but I have a lingo problem

when glass was 1st filled with water, you hilighted the glass then dipped keycard in and the water vanished = keycard immune :)

ty billy - I might have done that by accident lol

me too SM...

ooh is this still live joining in

have to go too :(
I think we need someone to translate the blue on the Peace-clue

good luck - shall check in later

Stuck! Where do I get the water for glass?

The blue part of the PEACE clue just says "contact number"

I've taken a break to watch TV, sorry guys.... Will return later and HACK, if needed

ok caught up got the key card another s-d where to use that ?

This comment has been removed by the author.

use the fuse from the emergency light switch and switch with fuse found in the box behind the last red chair.

why can we click on the plant under the cupboard

@bigtank, was wondering about that myself...
Now I have a cup of water, and trying to figure out the keypad thingy

so how to work out the PEACE code with the white box?

SPOILER (from hacking):


Got normal end...... I'm too tried for anything else tonite

ah and out too ty guru

empty slot must have something to with the plant

so reason for 24134, guru1 ?

Aaaaah got it!
Look at the cover of the keypad, and you can work out the 5digit code for PEACE :)

For the happy ending, after you input the right code, go back to the plan thingy.. you can now pour water on it and get happy coin

TY mhtyhr
I miss those words a lot!!!

I'm confused how do i get water in the glass? please explain! I'm a first timer in a live game so hi all!

Off to play episode 001 now ^^

@budgie, once you change the fuse, turn on all the switch in the staff room. the tap will now work

Where was my Nini to constantly nag me thru this one? hhahaha

G'nite all

I have big problems viewing there a trick I have missed???
The only way it seems is to double click the item....but it only works every 200th double click and I'm getting tired! lol
I think I'll wait for a WT...Please, somebody make one????

why I cannot turn on middle switch?

@Xenya.. not until you fix the fuse

but where I can find new fuse?

I can see only a black screen !

I mean
"use the fuse from the emergency light switch"
but how get that fuse?

finally got the locker open....not that it helped any! I still don't get what to do to keep switches on....and the SD is no longer there...and I did not open the box with the phone # on it, do I have to start over?????

I did it)
just I put on first switch
Pascale - use cellphone in the pocket of woman in corner of screen you can see her

Where IS emergency light switch...please?
Is that the ones in the closet???/

I finished that beatiful game
but I didnot use glass with water/ In another ending of gem it willbe for using.. but for what?
thx for clue for CB
I am from Russia and glad to use clues and games from that site)

nokra - emergency light isa white bow with red button in closet - you can find it only after using of cellphone

*white box

@Xenya, thank you, but I can't do anything : I could open the cellphone, but none of the functions is working. And I don't find any hotspot on the stupid black screen.

TY @xenya...I am in closet...but I have seen nothing about using cellphone in the hints!!!!

I have opened the red tool box and the locker....
Guess this game is not for me!!!!

POP, I must let the cellphone opened, of course.

There is, however a box with a red button....on the wall...that is where we turned on the lights in beginning of game!

Welcome to commenting, @Xenya!! and thanks for staying to try to help!!! LOL
I am just missing HOW to do many things...I have the inventory almost full, but things do not work.

AND a big POP...there is another SD!!!!! lolol

first SD you must use behind last red chair
second - on box for automatical door

I got the box open, @xenya...but it won't take keycard!
I'll just go it alone for a bit....

I'm stuck again, with an empty glass that I can't fill in anywhere, a keycard and a stepladder...

box cannot take card cause it hasnot electricity
after using of sd behind chair - you will get fuse, then you must turn on first switch in staff room and get second fuse in box with red button. Then - set new fuse behind red chair and only after that - you will get electricity for white box
Pascale - glass you will full only after turning on all 3 switches

So frustrating!!!1 I keep reading about boxes and switches...and I do not know which is which!!!
I have a knob/fuse that is the "key" to my moving forward...and I cannot find a place or way to use it!!!!

WOW!!! @xenya!!! That did it!!!
I had tried the switches...over and over...and there were comments about the middle one so I kept trying that one...didn't work! then, i read your very good instructions....and it worked!!! TY TY TY !!!!

OUT!!! With the happy coin!!! could write a WT!
You are very good at explaining things!

Thanks, again for your help! are you? Did you get out?

@Xenya, I can see some switches in the "staff only" room, but they won't move. I don't see any screwdriver and I have not the faintest clue for the boxes and safes.

for moving switches you must get bromm from CB. For opening CB - use spoiler in up messages. For getting first sd - you must open red box (open it with clue on paper - 889-5534)
oh I would make a WT but I forgot order of game and where I find many things)


Hah! You would be a superhuman if you did remember, @xenon....It takes a while for me, but I play the game again and write the WT as I go!

Even the simplest games take me a long time, but I am a slow typist!!! LOL

I still don't understand how to get some water.
Only the frist switch can be flipped in the staff room.
And what is this big button (or valve) that we've got from the hole behind the couches ?

I'm missing an Allen key or something of that kind...

Great Game! Could not have done it without all the clues from everyone - especially XENYA !!!

Pascale - Allen key is in red tool chest in the staff room.

Thank you Zoe, I didn't see it !

Well, 2 valves/buttons, now... so what ?

@pascale....put the new button/fuse where you got the first one, behind the sofa...then you can operate the door opener!

I will attempt a WT, now that I sort of understand the game.
With all the great comments and explanations that are already here, I'll try to put it in order!

Ha ha ha...I decided to translate the intro....

It is him and date ♪ today I came to the new building to play
A movie theater, a hotel, a restaurant, a hall, a shop...etc
I meet in various ways and am excited I watched the movie of the topic and had a meal at a restaurant
Even if the talkative person with him takes it, I am happy I am wonderful, and the rest room of here is settled down, too But repair makeup soon It is return to him..

LOL ...and then the door locks behind her...

WT to follow.....

If there is somebody ... How do you open the blue box with red button? What do you use for ?
My 1st switch is on, so I can put off that emergency light but I don't no what use to open the box

Oh no ! there was a 'handle' in red box !!!

Out with happy end (way behind the crowd) but would never have gotten far without comments to
- use phone to get dim light to find emergency switch
- find the paper behind the couch
- find panel behind couches
- phone number on white box
Thanks, @Lottie and @SwissMiss!

Thank you Nokra !
Now, the code ? I have a paper with many numbers and PEACE written on it ?!

@Gazoline, you need to get an Allen wrench from the red toolbox in the closet (there's an SD there as well).

Pascale, see post by Eskiz 12/10/11 7:45 AM.
The words on the security box match the numbers
so knowing ESCAPE = 483124 you can get the numbers for PEACE.

@PuzzledinCA, thank you, but I don't understand how we were supposed to guess that ! This game is not difficult, for me it is simply impossible : I found almost nothing by myselft, this is frustrating and not very interesting.

@Pascale, I've felt that on some games as well. Especially ones that involve finding "hidden" views (like behind the couches).

I figured it out by the arrow pointing from the number to the word PEACE and then by noticing that the number of letters matched.

Grab cell phone from your pocket, turn it on and use dim light to find you way around....

Keep moving around until you see a red square, zoom it and click just below it and then press red now have Emergency Lights!

Go left and zoom a box on the wall, zoom bottom left and make note of the #'s...889-5534...seems to be a phone # but the cell doesn't let you call it!

Go left twice and zoom red behind them to find a paper clue...and that you will need a SD!!!

Zoom out and right, zoom sinks
reverse paper clue and click the right mirror accordingly... for a key

Zoom out and enter the Staff Only closet
Get a glass and keycard from the shelves,
Grab the step stool and open it
Click red tool safe, the combination looks like the phone # you wrote down...use it and get a hex tool and a SD!!!!
Look up to see 3 switches you can't reach...and ladder won't fit there
The locker needs a special combination to open it!

Zoom all the way out , go left and then right around the wall...(use grey arrow)

Go right and see you can enter all the stalls and that each one has something written on the shelf!
Make note of them and the position from the window and door...
Since there are 2 rows of should be able to match them up to the locker combination...
if not, spoilers are posted at end of WT!

Go back to closet and open the locker for a broom and a key! Look up and use the broom to turn on the first switch(the others do not stay on yet)

Leave closet and use step stool under the clock so you can remove the back...not for battery but for the note taped to the battery cover

Use the (X)SD behind the last red seat for a fuse

Go to the Emergency Lights Box and turn it off
(the switch you did in the closet are the lights so you will not be in the dark!)
Now you can use the hex tool on it to open and get a good fuse!

Go left 3 times and put new fuse behind the red seat... Then back to closet and use the broom again to turn on the other 2 switches!

Go out and around the corner to the yellow counter
use step stool and key on top door for (-)SD!

Go to Automatic Door System Box and use SD on the right side to open it!

Use keycard there and put in code (this is to be derived from the note you got from behind the clock!)

You may now leave the Ladies Room!!!
But if you want the Happy Coin, you need to do a couple more things first!

Happy coin spoiler:
go to sink, fill glass with water, use it on flowers on yellow counter! Thanks to:
mhtyhr 12/10/11 4:04 AM

For the happy ending, after you input the right code, go back to the plan thingy.. you can now pour water on it and get happy coin

Exit code ( 2 4 1 3 4 )

How you get there...

mhtyhr 12/10/11 4:02 AM
Aaaaah got it!
Look at the cover of the keypad, and you can work out the 5 digit code for PEACE :)

Eskiz 12/10/11 7:45 AM


Locker Spoiler
GuruOne 12/10/11 2:52 AM

SPOILER: (no hacking!!!)

Ok, they are numbered as 1475 6382

Just click them in order 1-8 :)

See what I mean about escape game designers and toilets? ;P
Apart from that -
Beautiful game, with lovely logic all the way through.
If you take the extra time and wonder a bit more, you will find all the answers in the clues.
For instance, if you like puzzles you will have encountered cryptograms. The note with "PEACE" at the bottom is a reverse cryptogram. Translate the other text on it [I saw it in eastern characters - Japanese?] and it becomes obvious.

The "Happy" end message, translated [to round off nokra's translation]:

"A difficulty with this or go through now?

Returns to seat
Did I accidentally came snob
What is a fine course meal

What is it with a token of apology
Gave us a cake and coffee

He also "I was worried," What
Me and you ♪ Urgup

I can likely do something"

Yeah - you tell ME!!!!!????? haha

You're NOT stupid. I too wondered (FF here) why I had to click like a lunatic on the About Item thing to view an item.
**GLADLY** there was no combining of items involved. How cumbersome might that have become then!

OK, one more for the "non-spoiler readers" if you want to think yourselves:

First of all, imagine the safe buttons to be toilet cabins seen from bird's eye view, as if you flew above them with a helicopter.:) The four upper edges make SQUARES.
And you're right: there could, in theory, be TWO ways to solve the safe, depending whether you imagine the windowed wall right or left.

You can get the numbers from the toilets wrong easily, unless you have a certain bit of spatial sense.

Supposed you're facing that section with the two crystal (?) windows (?) where there are ONLY toilets (and no way to go left or right).

Once you leave that section, you will have made a 180 degree turn!

This means, if you count ONE ROW on the RIGHT starting from the wall side (facing the "window"), you will have to continue counting on the LEFT side!

This is why some of the players got the first part of numbers right, but the second part wrong.

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