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Another Bathroom Escape Walkthrough

Another Bathroom Escape

Another Bathroom Escape is another point and click room escape game created from Bored. Stuck in another bathroom with no escape. How will you get out of this modern bathroom? Explore the space and look around for clues and objects. Examine items up close for further inspection. Can you escape this room? Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Small-Tool]

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       Anonymous  3/29/12, 2:32 PM  

Yay! Another live game! Anybody else here?

yep ...game is loading ...

hi open drawer for an ax

       Anonymous  3/29/12, 2:35 PM  

Found a note in second drawer. It's backwards...

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  3/29/12, 2:36 PM  

hi kapnias and raasti. I don't know how much help I'll be

The note is is not backwards, but upside down.

       Anonymous  3/29/12, 2:38 PM  

this game is dark. need a light...lol

did u people solve that puzzle with ship and water ..how to solve it ,i dont get it ,..

       Anonymous  3/29/12, 2:39 PM  

Thanks s-t! At first glance, I thought it was backwards

a torch and make a hole right from the mirror

got the key open drawer for blue cloth ...

clue on the miror ...for wht dont kno ...

raasti i dont like theese puzzle me either

Can't find key, can't make hole and can't find torch?

where is torch ?

torch is down from the mirror up and right from towells

one key i got accidently from behind the that puzzle small -tool

where kapines i dont get the torch .. should i randomly click around the towels ?

       Anonymous  3/29/12, 2:47 PM  

I think it's battleship. I'm working on it

Thanks for the torch.
Tried the pick axe on every pixel to the right of the mirror, but can't make a hole!?

Hi :) Any help on the puzzle, please?

Hello all... I'll try to catch up

above the towells righ side raasti

finally got the torch ...

Small-tool: When zoomed out, click between toilet and mirror :)

Sorry, ment cabinet :/

at the scene wiht toilet and the other think ( i dont know its name ) you can make a hole down left side

This comment has been removed by the author.

where is the key ?

Aah thanks trinebekk.
I was trying on the spot to the right of that other mirror.

wht is that clue on the miror ?

YVW Small-tool :) Fun to actually help for once :) I usually suck at these games, so i never post :/

There`s also a hotspot on the rigth, over the drawers, but don`t know what to do there..

anyone got the puzzle?

and sorry for my english

       Anonymous  3/29/12, 2:57 PM  

I'm still working on puzzle. I think the number in each column/row is for the number of shapes

key ,cloth ,axe ,note used ,,puzzle and clue dont understand ...anyone wht to do next ?

We don't have the key Raasti, so we can't see the clue.

its smewhere on the glass door of that bath tub or may be behind that puzzle ...i get it by random clicking ...

found it at the top of the puzle small-tool

If you use the torch on the paper, you get a zigzag clue
I got torch, paper, and axe only. Can't find where to use any of them (ok, paper was partly used)

did u find key small-tool ?

u can use paper code on last drawer Ginablack

Thanks for the key, kapnias :) Don`t get any of the clues..

caught up

Yep Raasti, got key now.
Thanks guys :)
Still working on that battle ship puzzle :(

top drawer right side another view

yw trinebekk
any luck anyone with puzle ?

GinaBlack u can use papercode on last drawer of the cb..

I did, that's how I got the axe.
hadn't found where to use the wave arrow on it yet, though.

I don't see a way that the first column with a 6 can only be 6 squares

I'm working on the puzzle, probably ready in 10 mins

This is what I consider as sure stuff so far, I'm working on the rest. the non-matching reds are red squares of undefined shape.

sorry, maybe this link;s better

did I mention I've had root canals more enjoyable than this?

Still figuring out these last ones :p
Btw for those who don't understand:the numbers around show the number of the red boxes in each row and series. For example, a row eith a 0 has no red boxes.
Also, every boat has X alla around it, like this, if OOO is the ship:

I'm wondering if the two ships made out of one square (circle) that are already in the picture count as 2 of the 5 ones we have to use. Or do we have to use 5 single square ones

s-t - I assume they count as part of the 5

That's a good question...I think they're in the count.
Glad to see there;s still someone else here besides me, s-t! Respect to the one who never gives up! (that's you, I give up other times :p)
The maths of the grid aren't just right, I'm restarting it :(

Got it, :)
Will make a pic

Thank you s-t!!

This is how the boats puzzle should look like;


The black squares should be white (no X on them either)

Well, got a magnet (I think) now.

oh cr#p - I just closed the game tab

Probably not a magnet, but a handle/switch. It goes on the pipes in the hole.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Did the handles like the clue on the mirror and now the bath tub is empty.

Thanks ST - worked perfectly!

When the bath tub is empty you can zoom in on the handles there, but you can only turn the top one. Not sure what to do now. Probably using the clue from the paper (when you use the torch on it), but not sure how.

Thanks, small-tool!!! These last squares were driving me crazy :p

Oops, something more happened when the tub is empty. The spot next to the mirror above the drawers is open too. Got some round thing from there.

Made the tub full with water again (put handles the other way around as the clue) and used round thing to get water from the tub. Use water in flower vase and have a wire or something like that now.

I turned a knob on each side in the tub ..somehow

Huh!? How? I can only do that top knob/handle.

I clicked on the bathtub knobs a few times then zoomed out and when I zoomed back in they were set like zigzag from the paper (with the flashlight) now they wont move again.

Yep, same here Princess, but still can do the top one!?

Yes top one still moves, but cant get the water back in the tub.

princess - did you just reverse the way the levers were when you came back to them? (next to the sink)

To fill the bath tub again, do the opposite;

red down - red down
red up - red down
-- red up

Ahh got it, the handles in the hole in the wall - flip them around opposite to get water back.

I filled the tub again, and have the little wire, but am stuck again!

Cant figure out where to use needle - but if you go back to the hidden area to the upper right of dresser, there is another purple thing there.

I am trying to pick the lock

lol @enjoy- me too

That's a bug. Don't take that purple round thing again. Your inventory might get full.

use pin/wire on back of flashlight get sd

"tab" works, but not much help.. we have already found all the hot spots

oh nice one Philomena

Turn the torch and then use the needle on it.

Lol, too late :)

or lock pick or something that doesn't work on door or top drawer...

and out - thanks s-t and Philomena

ahh use on side of cb while zoomed on top drawer. out

well, I am still stuck in this darn bathroom.. and it's cocktail time here :)

Ah great Philomena, thanks.
Finally out.
Quite good game from Bored.com

lol enjoy - get out and come back to cbox

well - it was different, that's for sure

thanks again Philomena.. that is the only view I didn't use the "tab" on! Out now too.

Thanks for the help everyone- especially small-tool for the battle ship puzzle and Philomena for getting me out of this darn bathroom

Hey what happens with the toothpick - anyone there yet?

Nevermind - thanks for the tips everyone - I'm out

       Anonymous  3/29/12, 6:46 PM  

Where is the wire/toothpick. I seem to have done everything else but can't find it!

This comment has been removed by the author.

may b im the last one to b out from that bathroom ....
thanx for the puzzle Small-tool & GinaBlack ....

raasti you were trapped in there all day! now the bars are all closed.

Maybe its my pc but all I get is a white page

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