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Escape the Basement Walkthrough

Escape the Basement

Escape the Basement is another point and click room escape game. You, of all people, were chosen to die. A cruel man named Kane has locked you in his basement with no thought of letting you free. Can you outwit his evil plan and escape? Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:01 AM  

is anyone joining?

joining you JJ

is it only one scene game?

how do you make the flashlight work?

@Dr. A: no, there are other rooms. you have to find a flashlight (in cb), batteries and magnet to get a key out of drain

ok i missed out the batts got them

escaped the shack so far

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:09 AM  

hello all. in the 2nd room trying to log into the computer. the hint? peas and tacos.

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:10 AM  

5 silver bullets unused. gun, box, doubtful choc bar, memo. key(used)

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:11 AM  

hint inside diploma

Why a gun that I am collecting bullets for??

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:15 AM  

found nemo- by clicking on fish

I ate the chocolate. nothing happend, but maybe the poison isn't working yet.
also stuck on computer password. thought it would be the missing letters from grocery list, but that would have been too easy...

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:16 AM  

note inside coatpocket turn off lights and use blacklight

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:18 AM  

the invis message works on comp

thanks @JJ

use box on lasers

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:19 AM  

now a key from the hydra statuette from on top of cb

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:21 AM  

key works on bookshelf for a game cartridge now playing laser tag

got key from small dragon next to candle now (press button)

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:21 AM  

where is blacklight?

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:23 AM  

in the relaxed retreat now room 3

can anybody help with first room. Have everything as somebody above explained, but can't find key.

lol, after the improvement (> 9000 points), I realized this can't make sense. so try to disable the lasers

POP works as usually.

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:24 AM  

blom, blacklight is that light hanging over the bookshelf

@Urban: bottom of the game screen there is a drain, use flashlight to have light

Blacklight??? Im playing with white screen buttons left of game console LOL

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:26 AM  

found and iphone in the beer dialed 87(billiard balls) but no go

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:26 AM  

i lost my secret box and i got a red lamp but that is gone also; bugs?

@Blom: no bug. just look at the dragon heads in view with candle

the letters with numbers (e.g. on diploma) are the same as the missing ones at grocery list

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:29 AM  

thanks JJ, but i do not see a bookshelf so i must be in the wrong room

@Blom: correct room, but maybe differnt view. there are two desks and the one which has speaker boxes, look at the right side of room. above the games is the black light (you can't take it, just switch it on/off)

got drunk from the beer - got the phone and have now hints E4, A2 Chalk 0 and k1, 21
dont know the phone number

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:32 AM  

cellphone, clues in the closet and on the pool table? someone figure out what to dial on the phone yet?

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:34 AM  

thank you i see it now

no, I tried 111145 (K=11, A=1, etc.) didn't work on phone or window

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:35 AM  

also n3 on the pool table

tried 21 from shirt with 78 from balls :(
also tried it with 51 for K1 on short
no luck

Tried zigurous in numbers, also doesn't work.

tried Kane21 in numbers on phone 5263/21

I think I have a bite to eat and hope someone finds the solution in the meantime :)

I was thinking value of balls in billiards and 8 ball LOL but the colours dont quite fit....

maybe we have to lotion our hands and do something right away?

What is with that box we have in inventory?

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:50 AM  

cheated- for the cell # SPO2108734ILER

@Leroy: tried the same.

and I just exploded, but game continues after that :-)

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:52 AM  

the spoiler for the text is SPOITURTLELER

@Urban: use it on lasers

I still don't get the hint to log in to the computer in the 2nd room....help please?

thats it???

@Caroline: do you have the paper from coat? use it under black light (first turn off the lights)

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 3:55 AM  

and out from the WT... the cellphone is supposed to be in order KANE from matching the numbers in order
21=k1 0=a2 and so on

Thanks @JJ. Is there any explanation on this number?

thanks for the explanation @JJ

@Casual...ahh, thanks. I just wasn't looking at in the room with the black light.

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 4:05 AM  

YW @Casual. Going back in to see if there is a werewolf. lol.

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 4:08 AM  

yw @ urban =)

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 4:09 AM  

unable to receive all the credit I peeked at the WT.

but in the WT aren't hints for the achievents?!

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 4:16 AM  

dunno, if it is achievement activated. just didn't enjoy trying to bruteforce the codes.=)

oops had guests suddenly so had to disappear...

Great game until the end, came too fast

how do i disable the laser ? shall i reach a certain score in the game ?? :D

Make sure you take the gun before leaving first room, you can't get back

Shoot the laser switch from within the video game

Hi, how did you inactivate the laser ? Played shooting game already...

thx tiquer .. never thought of it ! i like this game !

Thx Tiquer !!! Saw your post right now.

After you use the computer you can get the dragon key

so 'turtle' n u r out !! no need to use the iphone !

I am out, nice game.

Missing one achievement, must have something to do with the gun that was never used.... hmmm...

somehow i felt lots of things were yet to be done..like unlocked drawers and a door..but out anyhow

HUGE THANK YOU for the blinking light warning! Tried it but, quickly went back and disabled the lights. Seizure free since May!! I miss driving....hope to be able to sometime next year.

I would like to play this game, but it doesn't load anymore.

       Anonymous  8/28/12, 6:17 AM  

Was there a point for the elevator? Oo

Tried calling 911 on phone. Didn't work.

Found a golden bullet...not that it does any good, just an achievement.

Achievements (besides the obvious ones)
killing the spider
finding nemo
finding the golden bullet
scoring over 9000 in laser tag
drinking all the beer

there are 2 I haven't gotten

You can shoot the hinges in the closet (7 bullets are needed)

Lost interest halfway through!

Well dang! Bloody game is stuck on *0%...LOADING* PFfffftttttt!!!

LOL @nokra...if you lost interest halfway through the game perhaps 0% LOADING isn't such a bad thing after all ;P I am anxiously awaiting a new Selfdefiant game...I am ready for one of his condos and this week I think I will just relax by the pool, or find some delicious wine...oh, maybe he will leave some tequila in the cupboard....lol!

same with me won't load grr it looks fun

I'll join the club. Doesn't load for me either...

I need help switching on the computer.. Someone please help!!

Where do I find the golden bullet?

ok were do i find the 6th bullet for the achivment?
just need 2 more

Where are all the bullets?

pc password: jabuzy


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