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The Boat Escape

[REPLAY] GamesNitro - The Boat Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Ahmed El-Monofy for Games Nitro. In this escape game, you are stuck into a boat. Look around in order to escape the boat. Good luck and have fun!

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The Boat Escape Walkthrough
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well, as long as I'm up...

Got a remote from under the cushion, a battery (?) from the ashtray, a sd and scissors from respective drawers. Used the scissors on the life preserver donut for a string.

I hope someone joins me soon -- I've found a bunch of stuff, but can't figure out how to use any of it

Loading but i have to leave in about 20 minutes :(

hook from back right of tv cupboard and something from the left speaker

used the hook under the chair by the donut for another tissue? with drawings on it

got another round battery (?) from the red boat

glue under left red chair

..... what am I collecting this stuff for?

placed the round batteries in the door (for some reason). click on the slot where the keycard would go to get to where you put them

Clean round thing from speker with tissue. Gives mirror.

look at the symbols around the room

Found 5 animal signs and cleaned mirror (from box) by making white paper wet and use it on mirror.

Have to leave and finish later.
GL all.

Anyone here?
Help !!!
Now cleaned the thing that I got from the speaker and it turns out to be a mirror

also, at the base of the right stair, there is a button to push which turns on a light. I've tried the mirror there several times, but no joy

And on right rail in front of stairs is a knob which makes a light beam.

I'm here too and stuck with the stuff you got, but only found 4 symbols. Did you find the other hot spot down right in the stairs view? A red button to push.

Tried to use the mirror there too, even with the glue, didn't work...

there appears to be a fifth symbol on the cd player - a whale?

got dirty miror, cleaned with tissue, 2 buttons cells for door code,hook to get papaer uner sofa,
scissor used to cut thread from lifebuoy,
to get
cd to play tv with remote,
sting not used
4 number code
4 direction code

Symbols I found were:
Packman under blue fish picture
Star under potplant
seahorse under red boat
fish by steering wheeel

use sissors to cut string from life preserver, too


where did you find the cd?

Zoom in on wall over tissue box, there is a crab symbol

5 symbols
button on the stair with light?

nayana: how did you get the cd with the string?

crab on corner wall behind sofa

Another symbol of a crab behind the corner section of the sofa by the ashtray

same as you nayana - also got SD and 6 animal sign

to get cd

fish direction code in the drawer
only 2 fish pics, need help

       Anonymous  11/5/12, 6:00 AM  

There is a key in the plant pot for the drawer under the boat, which gives you binoculars. Use them on the porthole for a clue for the fish/arrow box.

Where to use binoculars?

nayana: could you please tell us how to get the cd?

crab, jelly fish, star fish, fish, sea horse

Thanks misscpants, I tried to use those binoculars on every window, but forgot the porthole...

got the CD - there is a key in the pot next to stairs - wash the dirt of for binoculars - look at the round safe for code of puzzle in drawer

There's a key in the dirt in the plant. Clean it in sink.

Thanks, that was getting tedious :)

sorry, still i have to get cd

misscpants, thanks for the kay

What to do with those hints from the tv???

I don not get the tv clue at all

obviously I don't know my left from my right or my up from my down

4 dolphins, one seasnail, one fish, many fishes, a whole swarm of fishes... Makes no sense to me.

       Anonymous  11/5/12, 6:10 AM  

Arrow box spoiler


:) eventually got the arrow box after about 50 tries and yes, I don't know my left from my right as it only worked after I changed my notes to 'watch' and 'spoon' :)

No idea what the tv is on about!

oooh, in the left top corner of the one with lots of fish there is a 6. Looking for more numbers now

No. all of the numbers are in that frame.

Good find RSA! There is a whole number in that picture! Got a box now from 4 digit drawer.

the goldfish goes where the light on the stairs is and then fix the mirror with the glue

Where are seeing numbers?

The picture on the tv with all the lots of different fishes.


I can only see a 6.

from the light, I got a blue key with a ship on it that opened the porthole. There is something hanging there but I don't know why or what to do with it

There is also a paper with the symbol sequence in the goldfish box.

put cd in,turn tv on and use remote. Have no idea what to do with scrolling fish pictures

In the lid of the box where we got the goldfish is also a note - haven't found the wale yet, have we?

I should really refresh before commenting :)

The whale is on the CD player.

Opened the porthole, can't reach the roll of paper.

The hint from the box doesn't help me with the number pad on door.

I should also refresh before commenting.

Where´s the starfish symbol?

       Anonymous  11/5/12, 6:32 AM  

There is a key underneath the number drawer

catching up. can't join rod and screw driver to reach scroll out porthole. Anyone find a stick?

roberto: under plant...

use screwdriver on top left drawer under TV. found extendable rod and tied it to hook to get scroll.

Thanks again misscpants! Can get the scroll now!

6217 no. code gives fish key
use iy on stair press the red button
got a ray, fix eith glue on the wall , used mirror, open with sd got blue key

thaks for number code on tv

A sudoku. What is that for?


Now if only we could get that stick to stay extended!

rsa: join stick and hook with string.

looks like a sudoku but can't affect it and have no idea what to do with arrow from drawer under TV

misscpants thanks for the second tim efor the key
now my old enemy - SUDUKO

evans: the arrow is a card, we might need it after inputting the number in the keypad

could the suduko have anything to do with the tissue we found under the chair?

       Anonymous  11/5/12, 6:40 AM  

You have to complete the middle part of the sudoku (not in the game, I had to do it on a piece of paper).

The numbers correspond to the map and where the symbols were found, match it up to the symbol scroll and you get the code for the door.

I think the map tissue is symbolising the numberpad on the door (from 1-9}. Together with the symbol sequence it gives a code (where the symbols are on the map -> number pad). But doesn't work so far. Also, cannot put the card in the door.


       Anonymous  11/5/12, 6:48 AM  

Door Code:


put arrow card in and out at door and then enter#'s. I am awful at sudoku. The # i got is 643829 but it is wrong. could some please spoil the correct #?

POP! thanks misscpants. out

Out at last!
That sudoku was awful to do on paper and matching where the symbols were was a pain

Ahh, thanks again, misscpants, you are right. If you look closely, you can see that the middle part of the sudoku is all greyed out.

Out now too. Couldn't have done that one on my own, but it was a good game!

yes, good games. Thx everyone.

i got ( page not found )
broken link?

nvm..it worked :)

no matter how hard I try I can not get the sd to open the top left drawer under the tv...what am I doing wrong?

someone said there was a key under the number drawer...when i open it it makes a sound but no idea how to get a key?

Jo-Ann, I'm just as stuck as you are. I'm wondering if the key in the number drawer was really the fish for the stairs.

Jo-Ann, Finally got it, click under the number drawer when it's open.

could be, but it says "what's this sound?" when you open and close the number drawer

oh dear lord.... I was clicking INSIDE everytime, not under!

thanks @Robert!

Where is arrow box ? Please

Sorry foud it

@lotjemar arrow box is on lower drawer on left side under tv

       Anonymous  11/5/12, 10:05 AM  

Having same problem with screwdriver, have dragged it over numerous spots but nothing!

Good game !

thanx all for hints...

If i remember correctly, SD opened something that was "too hard to open" or smth. Top left drawer opened with a key.

evans, are you trying to mislead everyone or just chaotic?

TY @misscpants, as I couldn't be arsed to do the last
sudoku puzzle, cheers for the spoiler.

Shame on you Ahmed for what was a really beautiful game
to be spoilt by a dumb end puzzle which could not be played
in the game!

C+P then print FT!

(My opinion)

I can't play it all it's showing is the picture of the boat and the name of the game help please

Nice graphics, but still no idea what to do with fish symbols, never could see numbers on the fish picture in TV, and giant sudoku puzzles give me a giant headache lol. Will just stay on this nice boat and go work another puzzle...

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 6:54 AM  

The access card doesn't do anything, I can't see the keypad !

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 6:56 AM  

Oops, I've just seen RSA Momma Cyndi's message that explains where the batteries go ! Thank you, RSA Momma Cyndi !

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 6:58 AM  

But the stupid keypad doesn't appear, even with the batteries !

There is a button somewhere there in the zoomed view (if I remember rightly) push it and the keypad should light up

       Anonymous  11/6/12, 7:09 AM  

@RSA Momma Cyndi,

Thank you again ! You're right : the small black rectangle is a button !

It was a difficult one and by the time you get to the end, you just want to get out!

Where is the access card?

Lol, never mind, my bad... didn't realise the arrow thing doubled as an access card xD *fails*

I online-solved the Sudoku and used the code from the spoiler *epic laziness* Had I done it the hard way, my blood pressure might well have tripled! Good game, though :)

       Anonymous  5/8/13, 12:02 AM  

This game contains some of the tricks I like!

My glue never worked from the get go. Think it's a bug

Hmmm... found a lot of stuff... used a lot of stuff... went round and round like a thousand times... then got bored, quite frankly...

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